Ch 32 (Part 1): Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Flowers Blooming

Don’t be fooled by the stern demeanor of Old Lady Wang now. After all, Jiang Ding is her own son, and no one knows her better than him. To Jiang Ding, his mother is all bark and no bite; she can’t get over things easily.

When the village chief called him yesterday, he casually mentioned the conflict between her and Uncle Su’s daughter. It’s probably because of this that she adamantly opposes the matters of homestead and land sale.

Speaking of which, Old Lady Wang has also had a difficult life. She was born into a prosperous landlord’s family and enjoyed carefree days for a few years. But later… During that time, her family was labeled as landlords, and it was difficult to find a suitable match for her. She ended up marrying Old Man Jiang from a poor farming family.

Life became tight, but the two of them were loving and content. However, this kind of life was soon shattered. The arrival of a famine led to the failure of crops in the fields. Just after she gave birth, there was not enough food or nourishment. She couldn’t produce breast milk to feed her child. After a few days of feeding rice soup, the child fell ill. In those days, the chaotic outside world made it impossible to find a knowledgeable doctor, and the child couldn’t survive in the end.

The twins, born in her arms, took their last breaths.

Old Lady Wang’s eyes nearly cried themselves blind. Old Man Jiang fought for survival, venturing into the mountains every day to search for food, battling wild beasts, eating tree bark and digging for roots. Somehow, he made it through that year of disaster.

After five or six years, she became pregnant again, and this child was Jiang Ding.

But Old Man Jiang had been worn out by his previous struggles. His health was severely compromised, and not long after Jiang Ding was born, he departed from this world, leaving behind a weak mother and a young child. A woman raising a child alone is challenging even in modern times, not to mention the 80s or 90s. The personality of Old Lady Wang, who was tough and liked to take advantage, was shaped during that period.

Jiang Ding appreciated everything his mother did for him. Seeing her resistance now, he didn’t press on with the matter of selling land. He simply coaxed her with childish behavior, and before long, Old Lady Wang was smiling again.

Yu Jiao was anxious beside, this time she came back with a determination to win, determined to get that over a million. However, her husband was obedient. While her previous secret struggles with her mother-in-law were one thing, if it came out in the open, her husband wouldn’t spare her.

Therefore, she was in a hurry, but she also didn’t dare to provoke her mother-in-law at this moment.

Not to mention Old Lady Wang, villagers kept coming to the village chief’s house, and the signature line on the opinion form gradually filled with distorted and crooked names.

At the same time, two or three villagers had already agreed to sell their own land to Su Mu. Even villagers whose fields were not near the Su family also wanted to sell land. They asked the village chief to mediate. Even Liu Qiang, who had rented twenty acres of land to Su Mu, called after hearing the news, asking if he could change the lease to a sale.

The village chief only said he would ask on their behalf, whether it worked out or not, depended on Su Mu’s decision.

He felt a little melancholic. The era where land was life had come to an end after all. He didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

But he himself was swayed, not to mention villagers with worse conditions than his.

Compared to the bustling village chief’s house early in the morning, the Su family was still peaceful. As usual, only Su Mu, her father, and her mother were up.

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When Su Mu, full of energy, came downstairs, he noticed that the seeds scattered inside and outside the fence had bloomed. Overnight, the Su family was surrounded by flowers.

Tall and strong sunflowers, colorful bellflowers, cornflowers, and various types of lilies. The most eye-catching were violets the size of a plate, and of course, there were various types of tiger-striped African violets.

When Su Mu sowed the flower seeds, they were mixed and densely packed. But with the help of her spiritual energy and the careful care of the little violet fairy, these seeds grew exceptionally sturdy and vibrant, and the size of the blooming flowers was almost the same.

With so many flowers at home, apart from the two fairies being particularly happy, Big Orange was the happiest. Don’t forget, it used to love playing with flowers and grass.

Now, watching butterflies fluttering around the flowers, it wanted to join in, but it had been scared by the little violet and little orchid, and it could only whine and move around the flower wall reluctantly.

As soon as Little Violet saw Su Mu’s figure, it quickly flew over with its transparent wings, and Little Orchid followed like a small wife, trailing behind.

The two little fairies even had matching flower crowns on their heads. You could tell they were a couple.

Su Mu’s mouth twitched. Little Violet was indeed quick; it managed to bring its wife back home in such a short time. Did it have some secret technique for wooing a spouse? She even wanted to learn from it. As for Gu Shi, he was like an ice block, showing no signs of melting.

“Master, master!”

Little Violet shouted loudly in her ear, startling Su Mu. She rubbed her ear and held onto the wings of its destiny, saying irritably, “My ear’s going deaf.”

Seeing this, Little Violet vigorously flapped its wings against Su Mu’s fingers, “Let go, let go, quickly let go!”

Fairies had almost no effect against human strength, but Su Mu still released Little Violet.

Fluttering its wings, Little Violet spoke with a very serious tone, “Master, our flowers can be pruned now.” After the blooming flowers were trimmed, the plants could have enough nutrients to nurture the next flower bud.

Considering that the results of the land purchase would take another day or two, during this time, she had nothing urgent to attend to. She decided to satisfy Little Violet’s wish and put the flowers up for sale. This would also help replenish her funds; expenses without income wouldn’t do.

She patted the small head of Little Violet, “Alright, I’ll start working on it after I finish breakfast.”

Little Violet nodded happily, satisfied with her attitude, and left with Little Orchid.

Su Mu’s parents each prepared a bowl of rice noodles. Su Mu walked over and leaned half behind her mother, and when she saw the ingredients in the bowl, her mouth watered instantly.

The rice noodles were topped with a thick layer of ingredients: shredded lettuce, stir-fried peanuts, chopped green onions, minced garlic, and chili flakes. But what attracted Su Mu the most was the alternating layers of fatty and lean crispy pork.

The crispy pork was made from top-quality pork belly. While the preparation wasn’t overly complicated, it wasn’t simple either. This dish was a specialty of Father Su—crispy skin, tender meat, savory and salty, with a rich and diverse texture.

Whenever her dad made this dish, Su Mu knew they would have braised pork for dinner.

By adding a few more steps, the crispy pork could be transformed into a completely different delicacy. Thus, her father usually paired crispy pork with braised pork.

The golden crispy pork in the bowl looked very crunchy, connecting the tender white fat with the slightly pink lean meat. The fat and lean were evenly distributed, and the father had sliced the pork thinly, revealing a layer of light green lettuce underneath.

A special sauce was poured on top, infusing the otherwise plain rice noodles with rich flavors.

“Dad, why did you suddenly decide to make this dish today?” Su Mu looked at her mom’s bowl of rice noodles with envy, wishing she could take a bite right now.

Her father slurped his noodles noisily, glanced at his wife who was enjoying her meal, and raised his chin in her direction, giving a meaningful look to his daughter.

Su Mu:… I’ve already been fed twice with dog food early in the morning. That’s enough.

Feeling full of dog food, but still empty in her stomach, she turned and dashed into the kitchen.

Su Mu’s parents had already prepared and cut all the ingredients. Su Mu used chopsticks to fish out the white rice noodles from the clear water and adjusted the flavor to her liking. Eating too spicy in the morning wasn’t good for the stomach, so she added fewer chili flakes and plenty of crispy pork—she was definitely a carnivore.

Perhaps anticipating that the crispy pork would be popular, Father Su had prepared a whole plate of it, making sure there was enough to go around.

The three of them sat under the grape arbor enjoying their delicious breakfast. When Su Mu finished the last piece of meat, she still felt unsatisfied.

“Mom, Dad, do you have any plans for the day?”

Father Su: “I’m going to town to buy chicken and ducklings.”

Mother Su: “The corn in the garden is ready to be harvested. We can dig the ground and plant some peanuts.”

“What’s up? Do you need our help?”

Su Mu shook her head. She originally wanted her parents to help with cutting the flowers, but she realized that the flower shop was empty, let alone any orders. Cutting flowers could wait for now.

“It’s nothing, just asking.”


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