Ch 47: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Snapping Turtle

“But now it’s impossible to eat duck. This batch of ducks has only been raised for a month at most, and their down feathers haven’t even shed completely yet.

As for fish, you can eat them often. There are quite a few fish in the pond. The mountain spring water is clear, and you can see their swimming figures from the shore.

However, none of the precious bait that Gu Shi bought seems to attract any fish. Last time, he went fishing by the river using earthworms as bait. He was so afraid of them that he asked He Fu to bring a few boxes of them when he returned. These were high-quality goods, but it turns out the fish in the mountains don’t recognize their value.

On the other hand, Su Mu used neither bait nor earthworms; she used the hollow stems of vegetables from the garden. Within a few minutes, she had fish on the hook.

She exerted force on the fishing rod, flipping the fish onto the grassy bank. However, there was no struggling or flopping sound. When she looked closely, it was quite a sight. Upside down with its legs in the air, it could only be a turtle.

This turtle was quite large, its shell resembling a medium-sized bamboo basket. Perhaps sensing danger, its head and limbs were all tucked inside its thick shell. The fishing hook had vanished, leaving only a silver-white fishing line winding out of the shell.

Turtles were truly a treasure, especially in this semi-wild environment. They were a delicious delicacy for the dining table, a premium ingredient for fine banquets, and even used as medicinal materials, possessing numerous nourishing and therapeutic effects.

He Fu also saw the catch and chuckled, “Mu Mu, you’re really something. You even caught a turtle.”

“But now there’s a problem – how do we remove the hook?” Turtles were definitely carnivores, and with their small, sharp teeth, there was a real risk of getting fingers bitten off accidentally.

Everyone exchanged glances, but they didn’t have a good solution for the moment.

Su Mu thought for a moment and said, “I’ll take the turtle to my dad; he’ll probably know what to do. So, are you guys going to keep fishing, or head back?”

“I want to keep fishing,” Tang Hui raised her hand.

“We’ll stick around here for a while. You go ahead,” Gu Shi said warmly.

“Alright, just don’t stay out too late.” With those words, Su Mu turned and left. Holding the fishing line in one hand and the fishing rod in the other, the turtle was quite big, and its weight had reddened her hand.

Back at home, Mother Su was busy weeding the flowerbeds. Seeing her daughter carrying something big, she looked closer and her eyes lit up.

“Did you catch this from our own pond?” She knew her daughter had gone fishing.

Su Mu nodded, “Yes, it got greedy and bit the hook itself.”

“No wonder. Your dad was muttering earlier that the fish in the pond seemed to be decreasing. It’s probably the doing of this turtle.”

“Oh, there’s such a thing?” Su Mu was surprised. She had thought there were already plenty of fish, but it seemed there could have been more if not for this big fellow eating them.

“Yes, turtles hunt and eat fish in the pond.” Mother Su reached out and lifted the turtle a bit, estimating it to be over ten pounds. It takes thirty to forty years for them to grow this big, but our pond has only been around for twenty-something years. It must have come from somewhere else before settling here.”

“How do you plan to deal with it?”

Without hesitation, Su Mu said, “Of course, we should eat it. Turtle isn’t that valuable.” Besides, after releasing it, there’s no guarantee it won’t return to the pond and harm the fish.

Two members of the family are not in good health, and her mother’s health is a bit delicate, so it’s a good opportunity to strengthen their health together.

Mother Su nodded, “We’ll have to wait for your dad to come back. I can’t handle this thing.”

The mother and daughter together put the turtle into a wooden barrel, along with some water to prevent it from crawling out.

Seeing that time was getting late, Su Mu knew that stewing the turtle would take some time. She greeted her mother and went to the construction site to find her father and deal with this matter.

The construction site was still bustling, and the basic framework of the house had already been built. Only the finer details needed attention, and Su Mu had high expectations for this house. Therefore, the workers were meticulous in their work, which naturally slowed down the pace.

At a glance, she saw her hardworking father and headed in his direction.

“Dad, are you still busy?” Despite his simple appearance, her father got along well with the construction team and had learned a fair bit of professional knowledge from them. He often teased her and her mother, saying that once the house was built, he would be a little construction expert and could help others build houses in the future.

Su Mu couldn’t help but smile and sigh at his words. Both she and her brother didn’t need to worry about him anymore. He kept himself busy every day. If they tried to stop him, he wouldn’t be happy.

Father Su dusted off his hands and asked, “What’s up? Is it time for dinner?”

“No, dinner is just being prepared. There’s something at home that needs your help.”

After a quick greeting with the workers, Father Su followed Su Mu back home.

Back at home, Su Mu led him to the wooden barrel. “I want to use this turtle to make soup. Both Mom and I don’t know how to handle it. Dad, I’m leaving it to you.”

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“Where did it come from?”

“We caught it in our own pond. Well, I won’t say anymore, Dad. I need to go water the vegetable garden.”

Su Mu hurriedly made her way to the vegetable garden; it was close to her house, so she didn’t need to walk far.

The over 100 acres of land were too vast to be watered manually, so during the land preparation phase, Su Mu had arranged for the villagers to dig several small channels to direct water inside. By opening the water gates, the water would automatically flow into the vegetable plots. Running for just over an hour ensured that every spot received adequate watering.

However, this simple method had its downsides: the spaces between the vegetable beds and the path where people walked would become muddy and messy.

Su Mu wondered if it might be a good idea to install a drip irrigation system in the field for more convenience in the future.

The 20-acre field near the village entrance wasn’t connected to this one. After finishing the irrigation here, she rushed over to the other field.

This field was home to a variety of vegetables. Vegetables like pumpkins and bottle gourds, which were vining plants, were already starting to be available. Eggplants and peppers had longer growth cycles, so only a small amount could be harvested each day.

As the production increased, Fu Da was preparing to open a San Mu Vegetable section in A City’s Rui Shang. The opening was imminent. However, these decisions were not within Su Mu’s purview. She only wanted to enjoy her days in the village. Even watering the plants was something she was considering hiring someone else to do.

After working like an old ox for decades, she was tired. She spent her days overseeing the flower shop, managing deliveries, and in her spare time, experimenting with new plant varieties. This kind of life was what she aspired to.

As the last rays of the sun faded, she leisurely walked back home. After closing the water gates, her tasks for the day were complete.

The fishermen were also back. Su Mu took a look and saw there were four or five large fish in the bucket. They had quite a good catch.

The turtle had become an ingredient for stew, slowly simmering on the stove. Su Mu lifted the lid, and a delightful aroma wafted out. She glanced at the pot; the ingredients weren’t overly lavish. Apart from the turtle, there were only ham and mushrooms, along with the usual seasonings like green onions, ginger, and garlic.

Mother Su was busy frying tofu. This wasn’t ordinary tofu; it was stuffed with a seasoned meat mixture, known as stuffed tofu.

Stuffed dishes were a part of Hakka cuisine, and since Muru Cloud City was an economic hub with people from various ethnicities living there, its culinary scene was a blend of many regional specialties.

Dinner was as lavish as usual, especially the clear stewed turtle soup, which was particularly popular.

There’s a saying that goes, “Carp eats meat, while snapping turtle soup nourishes.” Turtle soup is considered very nourishing, but those with weak constitutions shouldn’t consume too much. Everyone only had a small bowl, and fortunately, Mother Su had only made a small portion, with the rest stored in the refrigerator for freezing.

The gradually scorching May passed like this, and June arrived. The lychees on the mountain turned red.


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Ch 46: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Underlying Concern

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse, with a crescent moon hanging in the sky, emitting a faint and gentle light.

Gu Shi enjoyed standing on the balcony and admiring the moonlit sky. The rural sky seemed to be brighter than in the city, and the scattered stars added a touch of charm. Faint conversations from the neighboring balcony reached his ears, and he looked over to the balcony next door. Shielded by orchids, he couldn’t see her figure, so he assumed she was in her room and didn’t avoid being overheard.

Su Mu was unaware that someone next door was enjoying the moon on the balcony; her focus was entirely on the phone call. After hours of mental preparation, Chen Guo finally mustered the courage to contact Su Mu. She couldn’t understand why her idol was at her friend’s house, and from Su Mu’s tone, it seemed they were quite familiar. Moreover, Su Mu wasn’t a star chaser, and her idol hadn’t appeared in public for years. How could they have any connection?

These questions were like an itch that Chen Guo couldn’t scratch, and she was too preoccupied to feel embarrassed. After the call was answered, she voiced her doubts.

Su Mu chuckled, “Actually, it’s nothing. I indirectly helped him with a small favor. He and his two friends are staying at my place for rest. By the way, he’s very grateful that you like him.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Guo’s excited heart rippled once again. She wished she could rush to her friend’s house immediately for a close encounter with her idol. However, the various speculations she had read online about Tang Hui’s health, including rumors of anorexia and the stark thinness seen in the last batch of photos, made her uneasy. Her mood turned sour. Her idol probably wouldn’t appreciate being disturbed, so she decided to leave him in peace. Having received an autographed photo and a personal message, Chen Guo felt thoroughly content.

“I’ve liked him all along, no matter what he looks like. We, his fans, will always support him! Su Mu, please take care of him.”

Su Mu never pursued celebrities, so she didn’t understand the journey of star-chasing girls. Yet, she had her own feelings for someone—Gu Shi—and as long as he was happy, so was she. She imagined Chen Guo’s emotions for Tang Hui might be similar. However, Chen Guo seemed more noble. She was content to be an ordinary fan among many, whereas Su Mu’s feelings for Gu Shi were more possessive.

“Guo Guo, I understand. Don’t worry. He also has a nutritionist taking care of him, so he won’t go hungry or cold.”

“Mu Mu, I believe in you. It’s just that after finally getting news about him, I can’t help but worry, like a mother hen.”

“It’s only natural,” Su Mu mused. After all, she was like that too, unable to help but care deeply for Gu Shi. But she was luckier than Chen Guo; Gu Shi had responded to her feelings as she had hoped. However, it wasn’t a matter of who was luckier than whom, because Chen Guo’s love for Tang Hui was selfless, while Su Mu’s feelings for Gu Shi were premeditated.

“Oh? Su Mu, judging by your tone, it seems like something’s up?” Chen Guo resolved one concern but quickly reverted to her usual gossipy demeanor.

Su Mu admitted openly, “Yep, something’s up. Guo Guo, as a fellow single dog, you better seize the opportunity.”

“Wow, are you serious or kidding? You’re really off the market? This is too sudden!” Chen Guo bounced off her bed, hugging her plush toy, her tone brimming with disbelief.

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“Cough, it’s definitely true. Sister here made a move, and it happened in no time. Well, not quite off the market yet, but it’s happening soon. Love comes like a tornado, so fast I can’t stop it!” Su Mu was rolling around on her bed in delight, her laughter reaching Gu Shi’s ears and causing him to chuckle softly. Love like a tornado? Perhaps.


The incident with the uploaded photo on the internet quickly found its resolution. It turned out that someone from the construction team took the photo and uploaded it. The photographer was the nephew of the team leader, who had found the scenery beautiful and had studied photography for a couple of years. He captured the beautiful scene in a photograph and shared it on his social media moments. It was then re-shared to the internet by one of his friends, sparking the whole series of events.

Once the investigation results were out, the team leader pressed his nephew to come and apologize to Su Mu. The team leader dealt with many wealthy people and knew that they valued their privacy. Since it was his nephew’s fault, they had to apologize.

Facing the sincere apologies of these two, Su Mu waved her hand and said, “It’s alright, it was just an unintentional mistake.”

Anyone could take pictures of the scenery; it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

After the flower-picking incident, she placed a sign by the roadside. Villagers were allowed to pick flowers, but they couldn’t pick more than two at a time, and they could only do so once a month. This served as compensation for using the public resources. Tourists were not allowed to pick flowers. If anyone picked a flower, they would have to compensate at ten times the price, and she made it clear that her flowers were very valuable and not cheap.

Although the news about Huayuan Village was deleted from the internet, smart people had already saved it. As expected, over the weekend, quite a few strangers arrived to visit. However, after seeing the sign, they obediently took photos and didn’t pick any flowers without permission.

When they encountered flowers they really liked, they politely knocked on the door of Su family house, inquiring about the price. Su Mu stated the price one by one. Some thought she was asking for too much and left. Others truly liked the flowers and weren’t concerned about the price. They happily paid, and after Su Mu cut the flowers for them, they left in high spirits.

As time passed, the beauty of Huayuan Village gradually faded from people’s memories. He Fu, after being cautioned by this incident, specifically had a conversation with the village chief.

Given the high standards of the sanatorium for its surrounding environment, especially because the patients coming here were severe cases, noise was particularly undesirable.

He talked to the village chief about the need to prohibit large numbers of tourists from visiting. This was explicitly stated in the contract, and if the terms were violated, the sanatorium would hold the village accountable and demand compensation.

The village chief had held his position for many years, so he understood the significance of the situation. The compensation the sanatorium had paid to the villagers for land acquisition was already a considerable sum. It wasn’t worth offending the sanatorium for the sake of some small gains.

Furthermore, the sanatorium was located within the village, and the procurement of ingredients was based on proximity. Dealing with the villagers for these supplies was a sustainable source of income.

With these thoughts in mind, the village chief hastily assured He Fu that he would handle the villagers, discouraging them from guiding tourists to the area. He also promised to implement corresponding measures to control the villagers’ behavior, ensuring that they wouldn’t disturb the tranquility of the place once it became popular.

Seeing the village chief respond positively, He Fu was satisfied and after a few more words, he left.

With the sanatorium as a strong protective barrier, all the hidden concerns in Su Mu’s heart were completely dispelled. With the presence of the sanatorium, Huayuan Village had nothing to fear from potential coveters.

The houses at the foot of the mountain had taken shape after over half a month of construction. Gu Shi’s house had an imposing and bold appearance, while Su Mu’s had an elegant and gentle charm. Although they seemed quite different, they complemented each other beautifully.

When designing the houses, Tang Hui had subtly incorporated this connection into the architecture. It wasn’t overtly noticeable; even Gu Shi and Su Mu hadn’t caught onto it.

In any case, both of them were quite satisfied.

The lotus flowers in the pond were also in bloom. Some hid shyly beneath the broad lotus leaves, as if wanting to speak but too embarrassed to do so. Others stood tall and graceful, standing out on their own.

A group of white ducks were playing on the water’s surface, weaving skillfully through the lotus leaves and creating turbulence on the water, much to the annoyance of the people fishing on the bank.

“These ducks would make good ginger duck dishes.”

“Fatten them up for roast duck.”

“White-cut duck is the most authentic.”

Su Mu was amused by their conversation. Weren’t they just three big foodies at heart?


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Cantonese roast duck

Ch 45: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Childlike Innocence

As the wood turns into charcoal, it releases a tremendous amount of heat. The bamboo tubes are buried in the charcoal ashes and are gradually heated from the outside to the inside, layer by layer. The rice inside the tubes continues to expand. Fortunately, Su Mu has abundant experience, and she only fills each bamboo tube halfway. As the glutinous rice expands, it gradually fills the entire tube.

If too much rice is packed in, the banana leaf used to seal the tube’s opening might be pushed off by the swelling rice, allowing dust to enter the tube, contaminating the outer layer. However, after removing the dirty rice from the tube’s opening, the rest is still edible.

Gazing intently at the buried bamboo tubes, Gu Shi and his companions occasionally flip them. When they use their hands to turn the tubes, they are sometimes scalded due to the heat, causing them to grimace.

Su Mu tidied up the bamboo pieces she had shaved and walked out, only to be met with three large gray cats covered in ash. They also had clothes soaked with sweat from the intense heat, looking pitiable.

“You guys don’t need to keep watching the fire all the time,” she said, holding back her laughter.

All three of them looked up at her and chimed in unison, “It’s interesting.”

They had grown up in the city, receiving various lessons and activities arranged by their parents since they were three or four years old. Playtime wasn’t non-existent, but it usually involved building blocks, puzzles, or trips to amusement parks and zoos.

They hadn’t experienced anything as interesting as roasting bamboo tube rice before. The bamboo tubes heated up, emitting steam, and a faint scent of bamboo being roasted could be detected. They found the process extremely fascinating.

Su Mu chuckled, “As long as you’re having fun. Oh, wait a moment, I’ll fetch something that will make you even happier.”

Turning back, she entered the storage room where her mother usually kept things. Grabbing a small basket, she skillfully filled it with dried corn and peanuts. Spotting some sweet potatoes in a corner, she grabbed a few of those too.

Returning to the fire with the half-filled basket, she smiled, “Just waiting for the bamboo tube rice to cook can be dull, right? How about we eat some snacks while we wait? What do you think?”

Eyes brightening, Gu Shi and the others nodded enthusiastically, “Sounds great!”

After burying the sweet potatoes in the charcoal ashes, she moved on to the corner of the fire and sprinkled a small handful of corn and peanuts, using a wooden stick to mix them with the charcoal.

She said, “You guys can also fashion some makeshift chopsticks out of wooden sticks. We’ll have popcorn in no time. Just remember, slow hands won’t work here.”

Beside her were the bamboo pieces she had shaved earlier. Gu Shi, He Fu, and Tang Hui fashioned the bamboo pieces into makeshift chopsticks, their eyes unblinking as they stared at where the popcorn and nuts were roasting.

Indeed, in no time, bursts of white popcorn appeared on the dark charcoal ashes. Su Mu quickly scooped them up, placed them in her palm, and gently shook them to remove any ash clinging to the popcorn. Then she placed them in her mouth to taste.

They weren’t as sweet as the ones sold at the cinema entrance, but the satisfaction came from making them by hand and enjoying their natural flavor – soft, crispy, and fragrant.

Corn popped one after another, and the three big men were just as competitive, snatching popcorn eagerly.

“This is mine, don’t grab it.”

“What do you mean yours? Your name isn’t written on it.”

“That’s right, it’s only yours once you grab it.”

“Hey, hey, hey, the dust is splattering.”

Gu Shi was quite clumsy in this aspect. Every time, he was a step behind He Fu and Tang Hui. He only managed to get a few pieces of popcorn into his mouth. When he was feeling down about this, a small hand appeared before him, holding a handful of fluffy white popcorn.

As he lifted his head, he met a pair of eyes brimming with a joyful smile. “Here, for you,” Su Mu said softly.

Gu Shi felt a bit embarrassed and pushed her hand back toward her. “No need, you have it.”

He, a grown man, being helped out by a girl, felt a bit embarrassed.

Seeing his hesitation, Su Mu grabbed his hand with her left hand, using her right hand to place the popcorn from her palm into his. “Go ahead, eat.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Mu Mu, I want some too.”


With just a glance from Gu Shi, the two teasing fellows quieted down.

A faint blush spread across Su Mu’s face, but she wasn’t overly shy. It was perfectly natural to openly show kindness to someone she liked.

“Thanks, let’s eat together,” Gu Shi responded to her kindness. Su Mu nodded, and they began eating the popcorn from his palm, taking turns.

By this time, the peanuts were nearly roasted as well. The group set them aside and let them cool slightly before peeling off the outer shells.

Su Mu was about to try a peanut when her phone rang. She answered it, and Chen Guo’s excited voice burst through the line. “Mu Mu, ahhh, where did you get the autograph? I’m so happy!”

Su Mu had sent Chen Guo Tang Hui’s autograph not on her birthday but a day or two later.

Initially, Chen Guo had wondered. In previous years, Su Mu never forgot to get her a gift for her birthday. Why hadn’t she received anything this year? Later, she thought that Su Mu, busy with farming back in her hometown, might have forgotten. However, two days later, she received a small package with Su Mu’s name as the sender.

That was when Chen Guo understood that Su Mu hadn’t forgotten her birthday after all.

With a sense of guilt, she carefully opened the small wooden box and found an instant photo inside. The person in the photo was her idol — Tang Hui!

On the back of the photo was a line of text:

“To Chen Guo: Happy Birthday! Best wishes for your work!”

Signed with Tang Hui’s charismatic name and the date.

As a devoted fan of Tang Hui, Chen Guo would never mistake her idol’s handwriting. A signed photo of her beloved idol! And she was holding it so lightly in her hands?

After a few seconds of being stunned, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Inside the box, she saw a beautiful piece of letter paper with Su Mu’s handwriting.

“Hey there, Guo Guo, do you like the birthday gift I got you? Haha, even though my words can’t compare to your idol’s, I still want to wish you a happy birthday! Don’t get too worked up. Take a deep breath before calling me, alright? Be good~”

Feeling the playful and teasing tone of her friend between the lines, Chen Guo’s heart swelled with even more gratitude.

Following her friend’s advice, Chen Guo took quite some time to compose herself before making the call to Su Mu. However, as soon as the call connected, her excitement overwhelmed her, and she couldn’t help but let out a scream.

On Su Mu’s end, there was a brief silence. Although she hadn’t put her phone on speaker, Chen Guo’s voice was still audible to everyone.

Tang Hui couldn’t help but hold back a chuckle. “Mu Mu, your friend has the potential to be an opera singer.”

Su Mu chuckled awkwardly and brought the phone to her ear. “Guo Guo, you should try to be a bit more ladylike. Otherwise, you might regret it.”

Chen Guo was still lost in her ecstasy, and she wasn’t really paying attention to what Su Mu was saying.

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“Mu Mu, Tang Hui! My idol! I love him the most!!! Thank you, I’m so happy. By the way, how did you get his autographed photo? And it even says ‘To’! I can’t handle this, I feel like I’m going to pass out from happiness.”

Su Mu’s expression was hard to describe. She spoke up, “Guo Guo, listen to me first.”

“Hmm? What do you want to say?”

“Your heartfelt confession just now was heard by someone. There are others around me.”

“That’s fine, I like Tang Hui, and there’s nothing embarrassing about that!”

“Well, what I mean is that Tang Hui himself heard your confession.”

“Who? Who!”

Su Mu could only hear a commotion and the sound of something heavy falling on the other end, then the call was hung up.

Tang Hui smiled and asked, “Was that your friend?”

“Yeah, she’s a huge fan of yours.”

After hearing that, Tang Hui nodded without saying anything. His face showed a rare trace of perplexity.

The entertainment industry was an ever-changing field, and he had been out of the public eye for four or five years. He hadn’t expected that there would still be fans who genuinely liked him.

It would be a lie to say he didn’t hope to return to the screen, but at the same time, he was also afraid. What exactly he was afraid of, only he knew.

Su Mu thought Chen Guo would call back soon, but even after the bamboo tube rice was ready, her phone still hadn’t rung.

“These bamboo tubes are charred. Can we still eat them?” Hearing He Fu’s confusion, Su Mu snapped back to reality and smiled, “Of course, they’re still edible, and they’ll be especially delicious.”

The outer layer of charred rice was crispy and fragrant, much like the crispy rice at the bottom of a pot. Seeing their disbelief, Su Mu put on gloves, took a knife, and lightly scraped the charred surface of the bamboo tube. The golden sticky rice underneath was revealed, and the aromatic essence of the ingredients burst forth. The fragrance of the sticky rice mixed with the unique aroma of preserved sausages and cured meats was mouthwatering.

In truth, the bamboo tubes hadn’t been charred all the way through. A thin layer of membrane inside the bamboo held the sticky rice tightly, much like the outer layer of the White Rabbit candy, and it was also edible.

Su Mu easily tore the bamboo tubes into pieces, completely peeling the sticky rice away from the bamboo. The whole roll of rice was round and steaming, placed on a clean banana leaf.

“This is bamboo tube rice. Divide it and enjoy. I’ll peel a sweet one for myself.”

He Fu and the others didn’t hesitate, dividing the bamboo tube rice into three portions and starting to eat.

The outer layer was charred and crispy, with a rich rice fragrance bursting with every bite. However, the rice inside was soft, encapsulating the essence of the ingredients. The preserved sausages and cured meats offered a satisfying chewiness, leaving a lingering aftertaste.

They finished one bamboo tube in just a few mouthfuls and then eagerly watched Su Mu, drooling.

Giving both of them a sideways glance, Gu Shi said, “Do it yourselves!”

Asking a girl to do such rough work – how could they be okay with that!

After hearing Gu Shi’s words, He Fu and Tang Hui each chose a bamboo tube, imitating Su Mu’s actions to clumsily peel the tubes.

Taking over the task from Su Mu, Gu Shi said, “Let me do it. You can just wait and eat.”

It was rare for him to offer help, and Su Mu was naturally grateful. She stood by and observed his movements.

In reality, what seemed simple wasn’t as easy to do. He Fu’s bamboo tube ended up in a mess, so he simply used the bamboo pieces to pick at the remaining sticky rice. Tang Hui’s had occasional damage, but it was still largely intact.

Gu Shi’s movements were slow, but his completion was the best. The inner membrane of the bamboo was completely undamaged.

Su Mu gave him a thumbs up and said, “Impressive.”

As the temperature of the fire gradually dropped, everyone placed the cooked bamboo tube rice, peanuts, and sweet potatoes in a basket. Su Mu’s impromptu bamboo tube rice-making came to an end.



Ch 44: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Bamboo Tube

Gu Shi couldn’t help but chuckle at her satisfied smile and asked, “Are you this excited?”

“Of course! A greenhouse is the ultimate dream for anyone who loves plants,” she replied confidently. She had already made up her mind to use one room for displaying ordinary yet somewhat precious greenery, while the other would house Golden Crystal and future newly cultivated species.

Once the greenhouse was constructed, she would start cultivating various plants such as orchids, violets, and wild plants. All of these would serve as materials for cultivation.

Oh, she also planned to plant two Gatekeeper’s Trumpet flowers at the entrance of each greenhouse.

This type of flower wasn’t related to plant fairies; she would nurture them with spiritual energy and imbue them with defense consciousness. If anyone tried to enter or damage the greenhouse unauthorized, the vines of the trumpet flower would entangle them. The more they struggled, the tighter the vines would wrap around them.

During her time in the interstellar, she had used these vines to guard her house. Their effectiveness surpassed any traditional security measures.

Glancing at Zhao Lei, Gu Shi asked, “Did you understand?”

Zhao Lei looked at Gu Shi, recognizing his distinguished demeanor and his surname Gu. He presumed this might be the rarely seen Second Young Master Gu.

Rumors had it that he was in poor health, but now it seemed those were just rumors. Apart from being slightly thin, he had a healthy complexion and a vigorous spirit. There was no trace of illness in his appearance.

Various speculations flashed through Zhao Lei’s mind, but he maintained a composed expression as he stood up respectfully and replied, “Understood.”

Since he had come here, no matter how difficult the employer’s request, he had to complete it. The Gu family was not to be trifled with, and he couldn’t afford to change his mind now.

Gu Shi looked at Su Mu and said, “Aunt is preparing lunch. You should help her. I’ll entertain Mr. Zhao here.”

Su Mu didn’t oppose him and nodded, saying, “Sure, I’ll head to the kitchen. Mr. Zhao, after lunch, I’ll take you to inspect the site.”

Zhao Lei naturally agreed verbally, but he felt a sense of bitterness inside. He didn’t dare to let Second Young Master Gu personally entertain him.

After Su Mu left, Gu Shi’s demeanor returned to its cold appearance. The two of them sat in awkward silence, with only the occasional rustling of leaves in the wind breaking the stillness.

Luckily, Mother Su worked quickly. In no time, the meal was served.

Heard that He Fu and Tang Hui, who had been strolling around the village, were back as well, and they helped bring the several large pots of dishes onto Father Su’s three-wheeled cart.

The construction team that came from a distance to build the house was managed by Su family, as they needed to be accommodated and fed. There wasn’t enough space at home for dozens of people to stay, so they were arranged to stay in villagers’ houses. They were charged 20 yuan per night, and the cost was covered by Su family.

Originally, Su Mu planned to let Grandma Li and others prepare the meal, but her mother took care of it.

Once Father Su took away the food and soup, the Su family’s lunch began. Everyone took their seats, and Mother Su warmly greeted Zhao Lei, asking him not to feel restrained.

The meal was still sumptuous today. In consideration with Gu Shi and Tang Hui’s health, soup was an essential component of every meal. Today’s soup was to nourish the liver and improve eyesight – three fresh ingredients with Wolfberry Leaves.

The main ingredients are lean fresh meat, pork liver, sausage, and wolfberry leaves. It’s very simple and easy to make, and it tastes great.

Knowing that Gu Shi doesn’t like to eat meat bought from outside, Su Mu proactively served him half a bowl of soup and said, “This soup is delicious, without a hint of gaminess.”

Everyone at the table pretended not to notice and focused on eating.

However, Mother Su’s mood wasn’t that great. No mother would be happy to see her daughter making such an effort to be kind to another man.

Fortunately, what followed from Gu Shi somewhat eased her emotions.

Gu Shi picked up a bite of vegetables and said, “These greens are delicious. Auntie has excellent culinary skills; they’re both crispy and sweet.”

Su Mu’s face immediately turned bitter. While the vegetables she grew tasted good, she was an avid meat eater. That’s why she persuaded her father to raise chickens and ducks in the lychee orchard, just to have plenty of meat to eat.

Gu Shi didn’t pay attention to her expression and finished his soup. He slightly raised his bowl, indicating that he had finished the soup and it was her turn to eat the vegetables.

Mother Su said indifferently, “It’s just a mouthful of vegetables, not medicine. Is it really that serious?”

Hearing this, Su Mu didn’t dare to hesitate anymore and quickly finished the vegetables in her bowl.

Meanwhile, the other guest, Zhao Lei, who had been eating diligently, couldn’t maintain his table manners anymore. He couldn’t fathom why Miss Su disliked vegetables so much. Green vegetables tasted much better than meat!

After the meal, Su Mu planned to take Zhao Lei to the location for building the flower house. Gu Shi, Tang Hui, and He Fu also expressed their interest in going, turning the two-person outing into a group activity.

The chosen site for the flower house was by the pond, covering about five acres of land, which was quite spacious.

The pond was located behind the house. The lotus roots Su Mu had planted earlier had already grown, and large lotus leaves stood on the water, occasionally revealing pink flower buds, though they hadn’t bloomed yet.

“This location is excellent. There are no large trees blocking the sunlight, and the lighting conditions are good,” commented Zhao Lei. With a pond nearby, once the flower house was built, they could directly draw water from the pond for irrigation and watering.

He walked around the area, evaluating its suitability. The location was appropriate. The next step was to discuss the size of the flower house, its design, and the choice of construction materials, among other things.

Su Mu explained her ideas and requirements to him one by one, and Zhao Lei carefully incorporated them into his creative design. Two days later, he presented the final draft. Using computer technology, he transformed the envisioned flower house into a 3D image and showed it to Su Mu for confirmation.

After looking at it, Su Mu expressed her delight. The flower house had a semi-enclosed elliptical design. Of course, through technology, it could be fully enclosed, turning it into a greenhouse. This design effectively combined the concepts of a flower house and a greenhouse.

However, it would be more costly to build in this manner. But Su Mu didn’t mind the extra expense and instructed Zhao Lei to proceed with his design.

With the confirmation in hand, Zhao Lei soon left Huayuan Village. After returning, he needed to customize the building materials for the flower house. Once the materials were ready, it would probably be around mid-June before construction could begin. This was already the fastest speed his company could manage.

After seeing Zhao Lei off, Su Mu noticed that the bamboo segments next to Grandma Li’s house were slender and smooth. This triggered a memory of a dish related to bamboo.

Without delay, she changed direction and walked into Grandma Li’s house.

Grandma Li was currently shelling corn. Seeing Su Mu, she smiled and said, “Mu Mu is here, have a seat.”

Su Mu sat on a small stool and picked up an ear of corn. As she slowly removed the kernels, she spoke, “Grandma Li, can I cut down some bamboo from your place?”

In reality, when she was a child, she wouldn’t inform the owners when she cut bamboo from their yards. The villagers would occasionally cut some bamboo themselves since bamboo had strong vitality and grew quickly. If left unchecked, it would gradually spread and damage the foundations of houses.

But now that bamboo could be sold, she couldn’t cut it without notifying the owners.

Grandma Li’s hands didn’t stop as she replied, “Sure, why not? Your Grandpa Li was even saying we should cut some down in a few days to use as firewood.”

Su Mu asked, “Why not wait for it to grow bigger and sell it?”

“Bamboo isn’t worth much these years. When it grows tall and its leaves become dense, it blocks the sunlight. My yard still needs sunlight for drying things. You can go ahead and cut it. The knife is here if you need it. Do you want me to help?”

Su Mu waved her hand, “No need, I’ll do it myself.”

“Alright then, be careful and stay safe.”

“I know, Grandma Li. You can rest assured.”

With a knife in hand, Su Mu walked to the bamboo grove and chose two evenly sized bamboo shoots. They weren’t very large, and after a short while of chopping, they fell down. She trimmed off the side branches and the ends.

She didn’t cut them into individual sections because it would be difficult to carry them back home. Carrying the bamboo shoots back to Grandma Li’s house, she returned the knife to her. “Grandma Li, I’m done, here’s your knife.”

Seeing the bamboo shoots she had selected, Grandma Li immediately smiled, “Are you planning to make bamboo tube rice?”

Su Mu nodded with a smile, “Yes, it’s been a while since I had it, and suddenly I started craving it.”

Grandma Li responded, “That’s right, the kids in the village nowadays aren’t like you were when you were young.”

Back in her childhood, food and entertainment were relatively scarce. Su Mu and her friends would go up the mountains and down the rivers, making their own food. Bamboo tube rice was something she used to make frequently, and she loved the crispy outer layer of rice, especially when it was nicely roasted.

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Su Mu said, “I’ll use some to roast and some to boil. Once it’s done, I’ll bring you some.”

“That’s wonderful, I’m looking forward to your bamboo tube rice.”

“Alright, then I’ll head back now.”

It was still a bit of a struggle to carry the two bamboo shoots. Su Mu tied them up with vines from the roadside, making it easier to carry them back home.

When she arrived home, He Fu and the others were still in the process of dealing with the grapes. They were planning to turn the grapes into grape wine.

Seeing her come in with two bamboo shoots, Tang Hui curiously asked, “Mu Mu, what are you planning to do with those?”

Su Mu used a knife to cut the bamboo shoots into sections and answered, “I’m making bamboo tube rice.”

Now, the three of them couldn’t sit still. They left the grapes and rolled up their sleeves, indicating that they wanted to help. Su Mu handed them the knife. However, after seeing the clumsily cut bamboo sections, she shooed them away and decided to handle it herself. It seemed that no bamboo tubes would survive intact.

The outer skin of the cut bamboo sections was quite thick, so she had to carefully thin it out. After thinning about thirty or forty sections, it took her a considerable amount of time. The glutinous rice that had been soaked in warm water had expanded significantly and was ready for use. Su Mu then diced sausages and preserved meat, mixed some of the rice with them, and prepared a savory version of bamboo tube rice.

For the sweet version, she added crushed peanuts, crushed nuts, and raisins. Since making bamboo tube rice was a spur-of-the-moment decision, she didn’t include red beans because they required too much soaking time.

While mixing the ingredients, she added a bit of salt to the savory version. For the sweet version, she added some white sugar.

She filled each bamboo tube with the mixture and sealed them with banana leaves.

Cutting bamboo sections might have been a challenge, but filling bamboo tubes with rice was something a group of grown men could manage. With his keen observation, Gu Shi quickly noticed the difference in the bamboo tubes.

“Mu Mu, why are there a few sections at the bottom without holes?”

Su Mu answered, “The ones without holes are for roasting. When we roast them, if they run out of water, we can add more inside. The ones with holes are for boiling. During boiling, water will seep into the bamboo tube so that the rice doesn’t dry out.”

With assistance, they quickly filled all the bamboo tubes with the mixture. Su Mu neatly arranged the bamboo tubes in a pot, added water until it covered the tubes, covered the pot, and turned on the heat. Boiling over high heat for about two hours would result in delicious bamboo tube rice.

Next, she moved the firewood outside the courtyard and started a fire.

Tang Hui asked, “Don’t we need a grill?” He thought that roasting bamboo tube rice was similar to barbecuing, done on a grill.

Su Mu shook her head, “We’ll wait until the firewood turns into charcoal. After adding water inside the bamboo tubes and sealing them, we’ll bury them in the charcoal heap. Of course, we’ll need to turn them occasionally, or else the bamboo tubes will burn. So, who wants to watch over the bamboo tubes now?”

The sun was quite intense today, but Gu Shi and the others hadn’t experienced anything so fun before. They all expressed their willingness to stay.

As a result, the three grown men put on straw hats, sat on small stools, fanned themselves, and stared at the fire intently, surrounding the charcoal heap.

Thankfully, there was a patch of shade overhead; otherwise, they might have suffered from heatstroke.


Ch 43: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


Su Mu returned home with a heavy heart. Everyone noticed her unusual mood and started asking what had happened. She recounted the incident from earlier and the online news, ending with, “I just wanted to live a quiet life without so many tourists coming to disturb the village’s tranquility.”

But the villagers were undoubtedly pleased. Tourists meant income from meals and accommodations. City folks also loved the local specialties like native chickens, ducks, and dried goods, providing another significant economic source.

In truth, the village’s scenery was no worse than that of external tourist spots: babbling brooks, scattered houses, unique peaks, and even the slender waterfall from the water source. The villagers were used to this scenery and saw it as ordinary. Yet, to outsiders, this picturesque village was an excellent weekend getaway.

Furthermore, Huayuan Village was easily accessible, only about an hour’s drive from the city.

Upon hearing this, Tang Hui’s expression turned grim. Though it couldn’t be hastily concluded that it was the construction team who had taken the photos and posted them online, he decided to call the team leader to investigate.

Gu Shi consoled her, “Perhaps the situation isn’t as bad as you think. I’ll have the trending topic taken down.”

“You can do that? Remove a trending topic?” Su Mu widened her eyes, as if she had learned a peculiar trick.

She had been away from the modern world for a long time and had only returned two months ago. She was still a bit shaky when it came to typing and naturally couldn’t remember these unwritten rules.

“Yes, I can.” Gu Shi said casually and made a phone call to his brother.

Before long, when Su Mu searched again, the images, topics, and comments were nowhere to be found. When she typed “Huayuan Village,” the search returned an error message.

“Gu Shi, you’re amazing!” Su Mu looked at him with shining eyes. He was quite pleased by the admiration in her gaze, though his expression remained indifferent. “It’s just a small matter.”

Tang Hui and He Fu watched him play it cool, not exposing him. What puzzled them was where this kid had learned these flirting techniques.

Regardless, the online issue was temporarily resolved. As for whether tourists would come later, they would have to wait and see.

Su Mu then turned her attention back to drying the grapes. Making raisins was actually quite simple. She selected ripe, flawless grapes, removed the stems, cleaned them thoroughly, placed them on bamboo mats, and left them to dry in the sun. Sunlight and time were the best creators.

After days of continuous sunshine following the previous rainy weather, sweet and fresh raisins would likely be ready in a few more days.

She had already dried a portion of the grapes, but there were still many left on the racks. Surprisingly, the grape vines were blossoming again, indicating that they were continuing to yield fruit.

Since she couldn’t consume so many, she gave some to Grandma Li and other friendly households. She also picked a basketful, which she asked the elderly driver who came every morning to deliver vegetables to take back to the city. She intended for him to share them with Big Brother Fu and Grandpa Fu.

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After Fu Da received the grapes and saw their large, plump forms, his eyes were filled with admiration. Su Mu was indeed skilled in cultivation!

Once he had tasted them, he called Su Mu.

“What did you say? You want me to plant grapes?” Su Mu was helpless. Fu Da was the type who always had a ready argument. She wasn’t even willing to expand her vegetable cultivation, so how could she agree to grow fruit? Managing fruit trees was even more demanding than cultivating vegetables.

As soon as Fu Da heard this, he understood her meaning. He felt a bit of a headache. If someone else had her cultivation skills, they would probably want to claim all the available land. Unfortunately, she had a tendency to be lazy.

Su Mu continued, “Brother Fu, please don’t say anymore. It’s impossible for me to plant fruit, at least not for now. Maybe in the future. However, I do have a lychee orchard on the hillside at my home. It should ripen in early June, and the quality is comparable to these grapes. Would you be interested?”

“I want them! I want as many as you have,” Fu Da immediately sat up straight.

“Great, I’ll talk to my father and set some aside for you. But as for the price…”

Su Mu had researched lychee prices, especially for the most expensive variety, the “Guagreen” lychee from Zengcheng, Guangdong Province. It once set a record of 555,000 yuan for a single fruit.

Even today, the Guagreen variety was still highly valued and difficult to find.

Although Su Mu hadn’t tasted Guagreen, she was confident that her lychees were the best, full of vitality and health benefits. So, she believed asking for a slightly higher price was reasonable.

“299 yuan per pound.”

Fu Da winced and exclaimed, “What variety of lychee is it?”

“It’s Nuomi Ci.” This variety was considered relatively high-end in the market. The flesh was translucent and milky white, with an extremely sweet taste. The fruit pit was even smaller than a soybean.

Indeed, it was an exceptional lychee variety.

After a moment of consideration, Fu Da spoke, “I need to see and taste them before making a decision. But you must reserve some for me in advance.”

Su Mu agreed, “Alright.”

Then she added jokingly, “You’re going to have them tested again, right?”

Fu Da responded calmly, undeterred by being found out, “There’s no other way. With such a high price, customers should be able to spend their money with confidence.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Mu was in a cheerful mood as she found her father to share the good news. Although the deal wasn’t confirmed yet, she had confidence in the quality of her lychees. With her care and the ample sunlight in Huayuan Village, the sugar content was steadily accumulating, and the taste wouldn’t disappoint.

Upon hearing the news, Father Su became agitated. He had been growing lychees for half his life, and did his daughter really think he wouldn’t recognize the taste of their own lychees? Was she trying to deceive people?

“Mu Mu, you can’t ask for such an exorbitant price. Our lychees aren’t worth that much. In previous years, when fruit merchants came to buy, getting four or five yuan per kilogram was considered a good price. In some years, it was less than two yuan. Selling them for 299 yuan per pound? You’re really daring to demand that price! And that Fu Da actually didn’t refuse? It’s all nonsense.”

Su Mu patted her father’s back. He had been supervising the construction site these days, claiming to be supervising, but in reality, he was working alongside the laborers, hauling bricks and materials. She couldn’t stop him no matter how hard she tried. She couldn’t let him get impatient and agitated now.

Once her father’s emotions settled a bit, she spoke, “Dad, I set this price because our lychees truly deserve it.”

Father Su was about to argue, but she cut in first, “Let me finish. In previous years, our grapes tasted sour and astringent, barely edible. Think about this year’s grapes. They’re as sweet as honey, with plenty of moisture. Have you ever tasted grapes better than those from our own vineyard?”

“And think about passion fruits and vegetables. Do you think it’s worth it?”

After hearing her words, Father Su hesitated. All these changes in the household started happening after his daughter suddenly returned from the city. He had even overheard his wife muttering that their daughter seemed different.

Later, she grew delicious vegetables, and even the produce from their vegetable garden changed.

He didn’t know what his daughter had experienced outside, but Mu Mu was still his daughter after all. Following her lead should be the right choice.

With these thoughts in mind, Father Su waved his hand and said, “Alright, I’ll go along with it. But if the fruits don’t turn out to be as delicious as you imagine once they ripen, you better lower the price. Don’t deceive Fu Da.”

Su Mu nodded, “Of course. If any fruit merchants come to buy, you don’t have to agree. Even if Fu Da’s offer doesn’t work out, I have a plan to sell the lychees.”

“Got it, this year’s lychees will be fully under your responsibility. Alright, with such bright sunlight, you should hurry back home,” Su Mu said.

She continued, “And what about you?”

“I’ll go move a few more bricks,” he said while waving his hand, heading back to the construction site before Su Mu could stop him.

She felt quite helpless. Despite having plenty of workers, her father insisted on working alongside them. She knew it was his way of preventing any shoddy work or shortcuts.

After seeing her father exchange some words and smiles with the workers from a distance, Su Mu decided to lend a hand herself. Eventually, she had to turn and head back home.

At the entrance of her house, she encountered the village chief walking towards her with a refined middle-aged man. Su Mu stopped at the doorway.

The village chief introduced the man, saying, “This is Su Mu, the one you’ve been looking for.”

Then he turned his head towards Su Mu and said, “This gentleman is from the capital. He’s here to conduct a practical examination of the land and the greenhouse.”

Suddenly, it dawned on Su Mu. This was the greenhouse construction manager recommended by Gu Shi.

“Hello, you must be Miss Su, the client. I’m Zhao Lei, responsible for the greenhouse construction. Nice to meet you, Miss Su. Thank you for having me travel all the way from the capital,” Zhao Lei greeted.

“Yes, that’s me. I’m Su Mu, and I’m the one looking to build the greenhouse. Nice to meet you, Mr. Zhao. Thank you for coming,” Su Mu replied.

“No need to be so polite, it’s my duty.”

Seeing that they had successfully connected, the village chief chuckled and said, “Well then, Mu Mu, I’ll take my leave.”

Su Mu nodded and smiled, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Hey, no problem. I’m off.” After saying that, he leisurely left with his hands behind his back.

He had sold land and was involved in the construction of a rehabilitation center in the village. All of this was thanks to Su Mu, and the village chief was well aware of it. With the energetic and capable villagers now contributing their labor to the construction site, there was a significant source of income.

These days, he was enjoying a comfortable life.

As for Su Mu, she led Zhao Lei into her house, had him sit under the grape arbor, and offered him some grapes to eat. The washed fruits were already on the table.

Then, she made a trip to the kitchen, brought out a chilled passion fruit lemon mint tea from the refrigerator, and poured a glass for him.

In the kitchen, Gu Shi was helping Mother Su when he noticed her swift movements. When she walked out of the kitchen, he saw her entertaining a man.

Without much thought, he followed her.

Seeing Gu Shi approaching, Su Mu smiled and said, “Gu Shi, the Mr. Zhao you introduced is here. Finally, my greenhouse plans are falling into place.”


Ch 42: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Amazing Result

The three of them, after settling here, would buy vegetables from Su Mu every few days. They would have their assistant send them back home through Shunda Express for their family members to taste. The grapes this time were included in that.

Upon hearing their request, Mother Su praised them for being filial and insisted that they pick the grapes without paying.

However, Gu Shi and his friends didn’t agree. They directly transferred the money to her WeChat account, just like they did with their meal expenses. Mother Su didn’t know how to refund the money to them, and her daughter was stopping her from helping. In the end, she had no choice but to accept the money, though Gu Shi’s group endured a barrage of complaints from her.

The grape clusters were large, and nearly two of them could fill a box. Mother Su also packed a small box of passion fruits for each of them, all headed for the capital city.

When the assistant got the notification, they arrived at the Su residence around noon and took away the boxes.

The local express service wasn’t particularly fast, so they usually had the assistant send the packages to the city first, then use a faster courier service from there.

For the past half month, the Gu, He, and Tang families had been relying on deliveries from Huayuan Village every day. The difference in quality was too obvious. They were about to taste grapes again, so it could be imagined that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy regular fruits for a long time.

It wasn’t just the vegetables; Su Mu’s flowers were also being highly appreciated by customers.

Originally, they were bought as a favor to the Gu family, but in the end, they benefited from it themselves.

Take Qian Yue from the Qian family as an example.

The Qian family was considered one level below the He family, but Qian Yue, in the upper echelons, was well-known. This recognition could be divided into two categories: notoriety and admiration.

And Qian Yue’s reputation fell into the latter category. She was intelligent. While the second-generation rich were still living a carefree life, she had managed to secure a spot in a prestigious foreign university through her own efforts. From time to time, news about her participation in various world competitions and winning highly prestigious championships would surface.

Throughout history, parents always liked comparing their children to others. Qian Yue’s success was like a thorn in the side of those from wealthier generations. However, in the eyes of the older generation, she was incredibly outstanding.

Upon returning from abroad, she took over the family business. Originally, Qian Group was ranked within the top 100 in China. Through her strong leadership and keen investment sense, she managed to elevate it to the top 20. It was worth noting that this transformation had only taken five years.

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During these five years, she had hardly rested, especially in recent days. Her headaches had become severe, and fearing for her life, she promptly went for a full-body checkup.

The results indicated excessive fatigue and advised her to rest well.

Naturally, Qian Yue couldn’t afford to follow the doctor’s advice. She had numerous employees relying on her.

Qian Yue’s mother felt distressed at how hard her daughter was working. She saw an advertisement for a flower shop that had an almost magical slogan. Since it came recommended by the Gu family, it couldn’t be wrong. Therefore, she chose a few types of flowers that could soothe the body, relax the mind, and ordered them.

Upon opening the package and seeing the flowers, she truly felt their uniqueness. The flowers were beautiful, and their fragrance was not overpowering but rather refreshing and elegant.

Without delay, Qian Yue’s mother placed the flowers in vases and arranged them in her daughter’s room. She also decorated the study, living room, and dining room.

In the evening, when Qian Ye returned to her room, the first thing she saw was the bouquet of flowers. She was delighted. No matter how strong a woman is inside, her heart always softens when she sees beautiful flowers.

She thought that the fragrance of the flowers would keep her awake, but unexpectedly, after her head touched the pillow, she fell asleep peacefully in no time.

When she woke up the next morning, her head didn’t ache as much as before. Instead, she felt refreshed and full of energy.

On that day, her work efficiency was astonishingly high, but Qian Ye didn’t think much of it. When something novel loses its freshness, even if it’s constantly in sight, it won’t remain in the heart.

Two weeks later, Qian Ye accidentally knocked over the flower vase. The vase almost fell to the ground, but she quickly caught it. That’s when she realized, wait, why are these flowers still here?

She carried the flowers out of the room and asked her mother, who was preparing a late-night snack for her, “Mom, did you replace the flowers in my room?”

Mother Qian brought a small bowl of clear soup noodles and smiled, “No, these flowers can last for over a month.”

Qian Ye frowned, “Mom, were you deceived? Were these flowers sprayed with something? Otherwise, how could they still be fresh after so long?”

“You, my child, what are you saying!” Mother Qian saw her daughter obediently eating the noodles and then continued, “Actually, whether you were deceived or not, you know better than anyone.”

“Hmm?” Qian Ye was puzzled.

“Have you noticed that your minor health issues haven’t recurred?” Mother Qian also had flowers in her bedroom, so she had a deep experience. She found that the fragrance of these flowers was much more effective than health supplements. It had even significantly improved her physical well-being.

Qian Ye put down her chopsticks, “Are you saying that the fragrance of these flowers is responsible for this?” To her, it sounded almost like a fairy tale.

She had firmly believed that her mother had been deceived. Even if the recommendation came from the Gu family, she couldn’t trust it. After she persuaded her mother to go to the hospital for a check-up, she still wasn’t reassured and had the flowers tested.

The final test result left her speechless. Mother Qian patted her daughter’s shoulder with a touch of pride, “See, I told you these flowers have remarkable effects. Daughter, let me ask the shop owner if they have any mint for sale. Buy a pot and place it on your office desk. Your health is bound to improve more and more…”

So, half a month later, the orders for the flower shop began to slowly increase once again.

The first batch of flowers had bloomed and withered, and Su Mu’s shipments mainly contained the newest blossoms. There were even extra gifts included, as there were simply too many flowers blooming. However, the orders couldn’t consume all of them, so she ended up giving some as bonus gifts.

The Su family was now like a sea of flowers, surrounded by flowers both inside and outside the courtyard.

A few days after the construction had started on the residential land, a few unfamiliar faces appeared in Huayuan Village. They held their phones and asked villagers for directions before finally finding their way to Su’s house.

“We’re here, oh my goodness, it’s even more beautiful than in the pictures, a million times more!”

“Oh, these flowers are blooming so beautifully!”

“Meimei, can you take a few photos for me?”

“Sure, I promise to take beautiful pictures.”

“Hey, wait a moment, I’ll pick a few flowers. It’ll look even better if I hold a bouquet in my arms.”

“Could these flowers have owners?” Another girl with glasses raised her concerns, “Aren’t we picking them randomly? What if they belong to someone?”

“The flowers are growing by the roadside, and there are so many of them. Picking a few won’t be a problem. Relax.”

The two girls started picking the flowers. Some stems were resilient and required a few attempts to be pulled out. The girl with glasses looked regretful as she plucked them.

Su Mu hurried over, coming a bit late. She jogged over and scolded, “What are you doing?”

She had been handling grapes earlier, intending to make some raisins. Little Violet had rushed over in a panic, its voice sharp and urgent, “Master, someone is trying to steal the flowers!”

Every flower under its management held value, and it wouldn’t allow anyone to take the flowers without paying the corresponding price. People who didn’t pay would not treat its flowers with care.

Upon hearing Little Violet’s report, Su Mu immediately rushed to the scene.

When the flowers first bloomed, they had attracted many villagers who came to admire them. Upon learning that she was the one who had planted them, they assured her that they would only look and not touch.

The areas along the road were collectively owned land, and she had used the space to plant flowers. She waved her hand, indicating that they could come and pick a few flowers whenever they liked, as long as they didn’t damage the flowers. Therefore, it was certain that the flower thieves weren’t from the village, or else Little Violet wouldn’t have been so angry.

As she approached, Su Mu realized they were indeed strangers – five of them in total, two males and three females, who looked like college students. They were holding cameras, and two of the girls had bouquets in their hands.

Su Mu then looked at the usually clean cement road, now scattered with flower leaves, roots, and soil. Seeing her displeased expression, one of the well-mannered young men stepped forward, looking somewhat embarrassed. “Sorry, we saw these beautiful flowers and… well…”

“So you just started picking them at random?”

The girl who advocated picking the flowers had an unpleasant expression. She spoke up, “These flowers are by the roadside. We didn’t know they had owners. What’s wrong with picking a few flowers?” The girl with glasses tugged at her sleeve, but she brushed her hand away.

Su Mu asked, “So you think you can just pick flowers from the roadside? Look at the roads in the village. Are there flowers on both sides? Why is it only my area that has them? Can’t you figure that out?”

The girl wanted to argue back but was restrained by her companions. The companions, however, were more courteous and quickly apologized.

“We’re really sorry, miss. It was our mistake. How about this? How much are these flowers? We’ll buy them from you.”

“That’s right, we saw how beautiful these flowers were and couldn’t resist picking a few.”

Considering that they were first-time offenders and had sincerely apologized, Su Mu decided to let it go. “Fine, let this be a one-time exception.”

“By the way, how did you find your way here?”

“Online, miss. Don’t you know? The scenery here has been widely shared online, and it even became a hot search topic. I bet more people will come later.”

Su Mu frowned. “What photos? What hot search?”

The girl with glasses took out her phone, opened the hot search page, and handed it to her. “Look, it’s right here. We saw these photos and thought the location seemed close, so we decided to come and take pictures.”

Su Mu briefly scrolled through the content and indeed, it was the scenery near her home. There were even a few photos that captured her small courtyard.

Numerous people in the comment section were excitedly discussing, inviting friends and planning to come visit.

The flowers had been blooming for almost a month, so why did they suddenly go viral in the last few days? Su Mu speculated that the construction team might have found the place beautiful and posted some pictures online, triggering this series of events.

Her head was throbbing; she had initially wanted to quietly earn money.


Ch 41: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


For the following consecutive days, the weather remained overcast with continuous rain. Such gloomy weather tended to make people restless and irritable. Su Mu was worried about her vegetables being soaked by the rain, so she went with her father to inspect the field near the village entrance. Indeed, there was a layer of water about calf-deep in the pathways between the vegetable beds. However, the fully grown vegetables didn’t seem to be greatly affected.

It was the newly sprouted vegetable seedlings that looked worse due to the rain, their root systems and stems scattered and battered. This sight pained her.

Father Su consoled her, “Farming relies on the grace of heaven, but human effort is essential. We’ll dig channels to let the excess water flow into the rice paddies; rice fields can withstand flooding.”

The rice paddies had recently been planted with young rice shoots and had not yet formed grain heads. As long as the water wasn’t submerging everything, the impact wouldn’t be significant.

Adjacent to the vegetable plots were the family’s rice paddies. Su Mu and her father together dug trenches to allow the water to slowly drain into the paddies.

That’s how farming was—bringing substantial income and satisfaction, but it demanded hard work and sweat in return.

After about an hour of channeling water, the father-daughter duo strolled back home, chatting leisurely.

“Dad, how are the lychees on the mountain? Were they knocked down by the rain? What about the chickens and ducks? Should we bring them back home?”

These past few days, not only had it rained, but strong winds had also blown. A significant number of grapes at home had fallen off due to the wind. They had been turning purple, almost ripe. This sight also deeply concerned her.

Naturally, they had built small shelters for the chickens and ducks on the mountain. Their fear was that strong winds might overturn these structures.

Father Su shouldered a hoe and smiled, “No problem, I went to check in the morning. Only a few lychees have fallen, and the small shelters are fine.”

Fruit grew quickly and solidly this year. Now they were large and beautiful; they would turn red in a few more days. He had picked a few fallen fruits in the morning and found that the pits were smaller than usual. They were sure to fetch a good price.

Su Mu nodded upon hearing this, “That’s good.”

Back at home, Mother Su was engrossed in a lively conversation with a group of young men.

Listening in for a moment, Su Mu heard her say, “After she reached up to grab a bird’s egg, she looked down and found herself too high up in the tree. She burst into tears and clung to the tree trunk. Her brother was panicking underneath, but in the end, he had to find her father. Only after he brought a ladder did they manage to get her down…”

As she listened, Su Mu felt that something was off. By the end, she was giving a wry smile. Was this her real mother? Sharing her own daughter’s embarrassing stories?

Su Mu’s eyes scanned the group, but they all avoided her gaze and suppressed their laughter. She patted her amused mother and asked in a sarcastic tone, “Is it really that funny?”

Mother Su slapped her thigh, “Of course…” but then she turned around and saw her daughter’s beautiful face, and her heart suddenly skipped a beat. She quickly tapped her own chest preemptively, “You, this child… Why were you walking so quietly? You nearly scared me to death!”

“Oops, oops, my chest felt a bit tight. It must’ve been from getting startled by you.”

Seeing this, Su Mu couldn’t help but laugh and cry. It had only been a few days since Tang Hui, the “Film Emperor,” arrived, yet her mother had already mastered about 80% of his acting skills. It could be said that her mother had an extraordinary natural talent. It was a shame she didn’t pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

She turned her head slightly and glanced at Tang Hui, then spoke, “Tang Hui, what score would you give my mom’s acting skills?”

Tang Hui’s smile instantly froze at the corners of his mouth. Oh no, why is the fire directed at me now? It was one thing if their childhood friends found it amusing, but now even Mother Su was looking at him expectantly, waiting for his assessment.

He cleared his throat and said with a surprised expression, “Auntie, how could you possibly be acting? I can’t find any flaws. Mu Mu, you better apologize to Auntie quickly and not scare her.”

Su Mu gave him a thumbs-up and praised his ability to come up with such a convincing lie. Impressive!

Mother Su was delighted by his response. She asked her daughter to bring out her laptop; she wanted to watch a movie that Tang Hui had acted in!

This time, Tang Hui was in an awkward position. He thought his acting skills were decent, but watching his own movies in front of him always felt a bit embarrassing.

He had no choice but to drag Gu Shi with him, holding an umbrella, as they left the yard. He justified it as a “field investigation.”

In fact, he had already gone to the site two days ago. He had also discussed the details with Gu Shi and Su Mu, confirming the architectural style they wanted, and he had already sketched out a rough plan.

Gu Shi gave him a teasing glance. “Since when did your skin become so thin?”

Tang Hui gave a bitter smile but didn’t reply. He had become cautious. He was afraid—afraid of being the center of attention.

His physical and mental health had indeed improved significantly, but that didn’t mean he was completely healed. He still feared being in the spotlight again.

Many times, among tens of thousands of positive comments, just one or two negative ones would stick in his throat like a fishbone. Although he used to not care about criticism, it seemed that as he grew older, his heart became more fragile.

Gu Shi didn’t say anything else, he just accompanied Tang Hui as they wandered around the plot of land.

The weeds had been thoroughly cleared, revealing the brown soil beneath. The plot was backed by a mountain, bordered on both sides by fields and a small stream.

After a while, Tang Hui pointed to the small stream and said, “Let’s build a small bridge here as an entrance.”

“Sure, you’re the designer, your word is final.”

Tang Hui playfully punched his shoulder and said, “Is this your house or mine?”

“Mine. You’re just the laborer. Overthinking things is a disease.”


After another two days, the weather finally cleared up.

The matter of the recuperation center was eventually finalized. It was heard that when the county authorities learned that people from the capital were coming here to build a recuperation center, they attached great importance to the project, and all the necessary approvals were quickly granted.

The price set by He Fu for the land was the same as what Su Mu had paid for buying it, so the villagers didn’t raise any objections. Su Mu had been a little worried before, fearing that the price offered by the recuperation center might be too high, leading to discontent among the villagers for selling the land to her. Even though the contract had already been signed, human emotions were unpredictable. But now, she was relieved of these concerns.

In the blink of an eye, the vegetable seedlings in the fields had grown well. Su Mu once again sought the help of the villagers. This time, they had a lot of land to cultivate, and almost everyone capable of working was enlisted, except for Old Lady Wang.

Dozens of people worked in the fields for two days, and they managed to plant most of the land. There were still a few acres left, and the vegetable seedlings weren’t enough. Su Mu planned to use imported seeds for these remaining acres. The packages were currently in transit.

What troubled her was the construction of the flower house. She still hadn’t found a reputable team for that. Yesterday, Little Orchid and Little Violet returned. They had gone into the mountains and claimed to have found some orchids. They wanted her to go up the mountain and dig them up.

Her room’s balcony was already filled with a dozen or so pots of orchids. If she dug up more, she would have to place them in the yard, which would be messy and take up space. So, she needed to build the flower house as soon as possible. She wanted to cultivate new varieties, and during the process, unexpected phenomena might arise. She needed a safe and discreet place for that.

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Su Mu planned to ask Gu Shi and the others if they had any connections. Since she didn’t see them at home, she guessed they might be at the foot of the mountain.

Indeed, construction on the house started today. The construction team was brought in by Tang Hui. He was responsible for everything, including customizing and purchasing building materials. Perhaps having something to do made him less prone to overthinking, and it seemed to boost his spirits.

Professional teams were truly different. When Su Mu reached the foot of the mountain, everything was proceeding in an orderly manner. After a brief greeting with Gu Shi, who was supervising the work in the shade, she shared her worries with him. Gu Shi frowned upon hearing this, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Su Mu mumbled sheepishly, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

With him being a whole head taller, the young girl hung her head, her restless feet kicking at the small stones. He gazed down at her small whirling hair, then suddenly reached out and patted her head, “Let’s not make this a habit.”

“Alright, from now on, I’ll definitely tell you when there’s something. But you’re not allowed to think I’m bothering you.” Su Mu had noticed a slight change in his attitude toward her over the past few days. He seemed softer, but she didn’t want to jump to conclusions and end up overthinking things. Thus, when they interacted, she had always been a bit cautious.

But things were different now. He had taken the initiative to extend goodwill, and if she didn’t take this opportunity to establish a better relationship, she wouldn’t be herself.

Gu Shi withdrew his hand. There seemed to be a lingering silky touch on his palm. He spoke, “There’s a specialized company for building flower houses. I’ll have the person in charge come and coordinate with you.”

“Wow, I should’ve told you sooner.” That way, the flower house wouldn’t be in limbo right now.

“Yeah, just wait with peace of mind.”

For projects like constructing larger, more specialized structures, the general practice was for the company’s manager to personally assess the situation, propose a design plan, reach a consensus with the involved parties, sign the construction contract after all material customizations were completed, and then proceed with construction.

Gu Shi was the mastermind behind the scenes, so how could he know any construction teams? However, his grandfather did have a sizable flower house, so he might know the head of the construction team. That’s why he took charge of the matter.

Even if he didn’t know anyone, with his connections, finding the most professional construction team was a matter of minutes.


While waiting for the arrival of the flower house construction representative, the grapes at the Su family’s home ripened first.

Clusters of deep purple small spheres hung down, exuding a unique fruity fragrance. Su Mu tasted one. It was as sweet as honey, without a hint of sourness.

Su Mu’s mother snipped a small box full of grapes and carefully packed them. She also prepared some freshly dried mushrooms, wanting Su Mu to send a package to the city. Chen Mengzhi was almost two months into her pregnancy, and home-cooked food was still safer.

In fact, Su Mu often sent her brother fresh vegetables. Since he and his wife weren’t skilled in cooking, Su Chen would take the vegetables to his mother-in-law’s place and cook them for his wife. Their residence was close to their mother-in-law’s, just a couple of streets away.

The Su family had a high grape yield, with dense clusters everywhere. Apart from sending some to Su Chen, they also sent a box to their elder aunt.

With the rate of consumption being slower than the rate of ripening, Gu Shi and the other two decided to target the grapes.


Ch 40: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Rice Noodle Rolls

In the evening, while scrolling through her friends’ moments, Su Mu saw a photo posted by Wei Liu. The photo showed him, He Fu, and Gu Shi, an elderly man, and a finely featured young man.

She felt strangely familiar with the young man, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen him before. After staring at the photo for a while, she finally succumbed to the call of sleep and drifted off.

The next morning, it was rainy. Su Mu went downstairs. When Mother Su passed by her with a small basket, she said, “Breakfast hasn’t started yet. You’ll have to wait half an hour. If you’re hungry, just eat a piece of bread to fill your stomach.”

Su Mu nodded curiously. “Mom, where are you going?”

Mother Su was wearing water shoes and a bamboo hat. “I’m going to pick some wild vegetables. We’re having Rice Noodle Rolls for breakfast today.”

Rice Noodle Rolls, also known as Changfen or Cheung Fun, are made from rice batter, minced meat, eggs, and various wild vegetables. The prepared rice batter is spread into a thin pancake on a steaming tray. Then, the minced meat and other ingredients are evenly sprinkled on top before it’s steamed over boiling water. After a minute or two of high-temperature steaming, the rice skin puffs up and then falls back down when the lid is lifted. It’s scooped out and rolled into a circular shape using chopsticks, then placed in flat bamboo trays. When eating, a bit of soy sauce or prepared sauce is added, giving it a chewy and smooth texture.

When Su Mu was younger, every rainy day, she would pester her mother to make Rice Noodle Rolls. Back then, the family still used a wood-burning stove, and her mother would be responsible for steaming the Rice Noodle Rolls, while she sat on a small bamboo stool helping with the fire.

The first bite of Rice Noodle Rolls would forever remain in her little stomach, filled with savory minced meat and sweet wild vegetables. There was plenty of filling, so just one roll would make her feel full.

She didn’t know why every household would make Rice Noodle Rolls on rainy days. This habit had been retained until now.

Sure enough, Mother Su continued, “Your father went to grind rice flour. You prepare some minced meat and season it. I have to go now. Aunt Li and Aunt Zhang are waiting for me to go dig wild vegetables together.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she hurriedly left the courtyard.

It had been a long time since Su Mu had enjoyed freshly made Rice Noodle Rolls. On an empty stomach, she entered the kitchen, brimming with anticipation, and started working.

The pork was fresh, probably brought by the uncle from the neighboring village who slaughtered pigs. Lately, the news about selling land in Huayuan Village had been making waves, and they all knew that the villagers had become wealthier and were willing to buy meat to eat.

Not only the uncle who slaughtered pigs, but also those selling pots, bowls, ladles, and pots, those selling fish and shrimp, those selling fruits, and those selling roast duck and sausages.

The village had become quite lively lately. The villagers didn’t need to go to the county to buy groceries anymore.

Su Mu cleaned a large piece of pork, sliced it thinly, and then minced it finely. After turning it into minced meat, she placed it in a large bowl, added salt, soy sauce, and white wine, and mixed it evenly. Since salt would also be added during the preparation of the rice batter, and additional soy sauce and seasonings would be used while eating, she added very little salt, just enough for a hint of saltiness.

With everything ready, she opened an umbrella and entered the vegetable garden, picking a small bunch of green onions and digging up a piece of ginger. Su Mu liked spicy food, so she also picked a few Facing Heaven peppers. Thinking that her father liked cilantro, she also pulled out a few coriander plants.

She considerately took everyone’s preferences into account.

Next was washing what needed to be washed and chopping what needed to be minced. The chopped green onions also needed to be mixed in with the minced meat, enhancing the aroma of the meat even more.

Su Mu cleaned a large pot and filled it with hot water. She started heating the water on low heat. The utensils needed for making Rice Noodle Rolls were also cleaned one by one. The bamboo trays had to be dried with kitchen paper to prevent the rice rolls from sticking to them.

At this moment, Father Su hurriedly entered the kitchen carrying a wooden barrel. His hair was dampened by the rain, and water droplets were dripping down strand by strand.

Su Mu felt very distressed and quickly found a clean towel to wipe his face. Father Su enjoyed his daughter’s care and smiled, “It’s okay, just a little rain.”

“You say that, but if Mom finds out, it won’t be that simple.” Su Mu glared at him. He usually told her to take care of herself, yet he didn’t pay attention to his own health.

Father Su begged for forgiveness repeatedly, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. You have to keep it a secret from Mom.”

Su Mu gave a light snort, “We’ll see how you behave from now on.”

Father Su smiled sheepishly and went to the room to change into dry clothes.

The wooden barrel was well-covered by the lid, so rainwater hadn’t gotten inside. Su Mu lifted the lid and glanced inside. Half of the wooden barrel was filled with milky-white rice batter, with ripples still swirling on the surface.

The freshly ground rice batter couldn’t be used directly. It needed to be mixed with a certain proportion of hot water and quickly stirred to prevent the rice skin from falling apart when steaming.

Salt also needed to be added; otherwise, the rice skin would be bland.

However, for this kind of highly technical task, she still had to wait for her mother, an expert, to do it. She didn’t dare to mess around with it.

The water in the pot was already boiling. Su Mu turned off the heat and grabbed a small stool, sitting at the kitchen door, waiting for her mother to return.

With the sound of the falling raindrops, this kind of weather was perfect for spacing out. She rested her head on her hands and let her mind wander. When Mother Su returned home, she saw this familiar scene. Her daughter used to be like this when she was a child, and even now that she had grown up, she hadn’t changed at all.

Taking off her bamboo hat, Mother Su walked to the kitchen door and touched her daughter’s forehead with her cool hand. Su Mu was startled, and her gaze refocused. She smiled and said, “Mom, you’re back so soon?”

Her eyes looked at the small basket, which was full of wild vegetables poking out.

Mother Su entered the kitchen and answered, “I picked the wild vegetables from your vegetable garden. They’ve grown a lot there, so I picked them quickly. By the way, Aunt Li also picked some sweet potato leaves. Is that okay?”

Su Mu shook her head, “It’s no problem.”

In the countryside, no matter whose homegrown vegetables were in the fields, villagers could pick them as long as they didn’t disturb the owner’s property.

Actually, the wild vegetables from her garden were also meant to be sold to Rui Shang, and they were even more popular than regular vegetables.

However, Grandma Li and a few others had good relationships with her, so she wasn’t that stingy.

Su Mu felt satisfied with the preparations she had made for her daughter and instructed, “Go wash the vegetables; I’ll start preparing the rice batter.”

Su Mu took the task and went to the pond to clean the vegetables.

Mother Su immediately lit a big fire, and it was on in less than two minutes. She scooped some boiling water with a ladle and poured it into the rice batter, stirring it.

The vegetables weren’t washed yet, so she started making a plain meat one first. She brushed some oil onto the steaming tray, poured the rice batter into it, spreading it evenly at the bottom. After distributing some minced meat with chopsticks to ensure an even distribution, she placed it in the pot to steam.

It only took a short wait. When she lifted the lid, a rich aroma of rice mixed with the meat filled the kitchen.

Her eyes fell on the small bowl beside the bamboo trays, and she chuckled.

“Mu Mu, one Rice Noodle Roll is steamed. Hurry up, or it won’t taste good if it cools down.”

Upon hearing this, Su Mu sped up her actions. In just a few minutes, she had washed all the vegetables. After putting the vegetables in a convenient spot for her mother, she picked up a small bowl, used chopsticks to cut a small piece of the Rice Noodle Roll, and fed it to her mother’s mouth. “Mom, ah, open your mouth.”

Feeling indulgent, Mother Su ate the Rice Noodle Roll, and said, “Alright, go eat outside.”

Satisfied, Su Mu hugged the small bowl and sat at the kitchen door. She took out her phone, snapped a picture, and added a caption: “Rainy day, Rice Noodle Roll, the taste of childhood.”

The pure white rice skin had been stained with the color of soy sauce, and the vibrant red chili flakes were particularly eye-catching.

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Su Mu enjoyed every bite.

Meanwhile, the others on the road were getting extremely hungry.

Holding his phone, He Fu’s mouth watered, “Mu Mu’s family is cooking something delicious again. If we hurry, we might catch a taste while it’s still hot.”

Gu Shi saved the photo and stared at him for a few seconds. “You’ll have to pay for the food.”

“Did you pay? I’ve done business with Mu Mu for at least ninety million. How much have you spent?”

He Fu’s retort left him speechless. Is he the only one who had been living off Mu Mu’s cooking without contributing much?

“I’ll pay in the future.” He said earnestly, “What I’ll pay is worth more than your ninety million.”

He Fu spread his hands, “I’ll wait and see.”

Tang Hui looked out the window. Raindrops were clinging to the glass, and the passing scenery was blurry. He couldn’t help but smile as he listened to his friends banter. It seemed like this journey was going to be a lot of fun.

Having finished one Rice Noodle Roll, Su Mu was about to eat the second one, this time with both minced meat and vegetables. It was bound to taste even better!

At that moment, He Fu and the others arrived.

Another familiar sight, they were well-acquainted with the place.

Su Mu was thinking of bringing an umbrella to welcome them, but she had just reached the eaves when they walked in.

He Fu greeted with a smile, “Mu Mu, it’s been over half a month, and you look even more beautiful.”

Su Mu replied, “Big Brother He, you seem to be even more lively.”

She turned her head to look at Gu Shi, “How did your medical checkup go?”

“Pretty good.”

The medical facility belonged to He Fu’s family, so his results came out quickly. They were available this morning.

He Fu chimed in with a teasing smile, “He here is somewhat undernourished. Mu Mu, us guys don’t want to just freeload, so could you give them a bit of living allowance? Please ask your aunt to take good care of them.”

Before Su Mu could answer, He Fu pulled Tang Hui aside and introduced, “This is Tang Hui, also our childhood friend. You should know him too, right?”

Su Mu looked at Tang Hui and did find him familiar.

Seeing her reaction, Gu Shi’s mood suddenly improved. “He’s the faded movie emperor. It’s normal if you don’t recognize him.”

Only now did Su Mu realize, her eyes blinking in astonishment as she looked at Tang Hui, excitement in her voice, “So you’re the Film Emperor Tang! Could you please sign an autograph for me?”

Gu Shi’s mood felt like a roller coaster; it had plummeted to the valley again.

He Fu, as an amused onlooker, almost burst out laughing. If he could capture this scene on camera, that would be great. But he didn’t have the guts for it.

“Of course, I can. I’ll sign as many as you want. Miss Su, I’m Tang Hui. I’ve heard your name before.” He extended his hand, and they exchanged a light handshake.

Gu Shi wished he could pull the two of them apart. Fortunately, the handshake only lasted a few seconds.

“I have a friend who is your devoted fan. Her dream is to get your autograph in person. I’m getting an autograph to give it to her. Would you mind?”

Her friend was Chen Guo. She had liked Tang Hui since his debut and still loved him now. Last time they talked on the phone, she had expressed concern for her idol because he hadn’t been in the news for a long time.

If she found out that Tang Hui was here, she would definitely go crazy with happiness. She might even drop everything and rush over. Su Mu remembered that her friend’s birthday was in a few days. She had been worrying about what gift to give her, but now she had the best gift—Tang Hui’s autograph.

Encountering such straightforwardness for the first time, Tang Hui was amused by her words. “Sure, I don’t mind.”

Gu Shi’s mood soared again. It turned out she didn’t like Tang Hui…


Author: The male lead has never been in love before, he’s a bit childish, a bit introverted, and a bit awkward. Well, he’s a very contradictory person.

Ch 39: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


Entering mid-May, the weather became increasingly hot and dry.

Pressured by He Fu, Gu Shi finally left the Su residence and headed to the Muyun City for a physical examination. This was also a way to assess the results of his half-month rest.

He was picked up by He Fu’s assistant. Before leaving, Su Mu handed him a small bag containing several passion fruits and lemons, along with a small potted mint plant.

“You’ve seen the process; you should be able to handle it yourself. You’re so picky with food. If you can’t find good meals in the city for a few days, just make yourself some passion fruit lemon mint tea. It’s tangy and sweet, good for your appetite,” Su Mu said.

Gu Shi took the small bag, his lips curling slightly upwards, his tone milder as well, “Thank you.”

Shaking her head, Su Mu added, “No need to thank me. Once you’re done with the examination, come back early. Also, you should remind your friend, do they still want to build the house?”

Early-stage design, customized materials, and confirming the construction team – these all took a lot of time. Moreover, the southern region had entered the rainy season, a time of frequent rain that would affect the progress of the project.

“Alright, I’ll remind him.”

“Since you have a sense of it, you know, I didn’t mean to rush you.” Su Mu suddenly realized that her previous words sounded a bit like rushing a guest, so she quickly tried to fix it.

“I understand.” Gu Shi showed no signs of impatience. He stood by the car, earnestly listening to her chatter.

“The mushrooms on the mountain should have grown by now. Their growth cycle is short. If you don’t come back for a long time, I won’t wait for you to pick them with me.”

“Okay, after the examination today, I’ll be back tomorrow. Wait for me, alright?” Hearing her childlike words, Gu Shi’s heart softened inexplicably. Suddenly, he understood his feelings clearly. He used to be straightforward and didn’t like hearing nonsensical words, but now he found that he was quite satisfied?

He vividly remembered what Wei Liu had said before – when you like someone, seeing her happy makes you happy too. When she’s sad, you feel pain for her.

Her tone was laced with reluctance, but what about his feelings? Gu Shi couldn’t ignore the sourness in his heart. Was it a sense of reluctance?

This was the first time Su Mu had heard him use such a gentle tone to speak to her. Was her warmth melting the icy exterior? Her eyes sparkled as she replied, “Sure, I’ll wait for you.”

Gu Shi nodded, carrying a small bag and cradling a pot of mint as he got into the car.

The car drove out of the Huayuan Village, and the mint emitted a cool and faint fragrance. Gu Shi felt a sense of peace as he smelled it, and the noise around him didn’t seem as bothersome anymore.

After seeing Gu Shi off, Su Mu started her flower shop’s delivery work. In the past few days, the number of orders was not as high as before, just a few sporadic ones. But she wasn’t discouraged. Her floral displays had a long period of attractiveness, and about half a month later, repeat customers would start buying again.

Moreover, the publicity efforts of Gu Shi had reached saturation point, so a decrease in orders was inevitable.

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She trimmed flowers while contemplating the follow-up work. Suddenly, she realized that Little Orchid and Little Violet hadn’t appeared before her for a few days, and she wondered where they had gone.

However, as their owner, she could summon them back at any time. They had no natural enemies, so it shouldn’t be dangerous for them. She let them go and play, expecting them to return when they were done.

Su Mu quickly finished sending out all the orders. After a moment of thought, she decided to go out.

Just a few steps away, she saw a group of villagers working in the fields. When they saw her, they greeted her, and she naturally responded politely.

This entire piece of land was hers. Besides leaving a few wide paths for vehicles to pass through, there was no need for the remaining ridges. She had the villagers level the ridges while preparing the land, and from a distance, the land looked particularly even and spacious.

As for the fields still growing crops, some were for rice, while the others were for corn, peanuts, and even a couple of acres of sweet potatoes.

After purifying these crops, the tender sweet potato leaves were directly supplied to the Rui Shang Supermarket. The supply of sweet potato leaves further increased, bringing more benefits to the loyal customers of San Mu Vegetables. Although they couldn’t get their hands on other vegetables, buying a bundle of sweet potato leaves was still satisfying.

Ever since they had tasted San Mu’s vegetables, they couldn’t bring themselves to eat other vegetables. Even previously popular imported vegetables were ignored. While they weren’t exactly unsellable, their demand had indeed decreased.

The supermarket manager had already reported this situation to Fu Da, even suggesting reducing the quantity of imported vegetables purchased.

Fu Da didn’t agree. Regular customers still had a demand for these vegetables, and he couldn’t ignore the feelings of the majority for the sake of a minority.

With the sudden rise of Rui Shang, other brand supermarkets also caught wind of the situation. Each big boss subconsciously sent people to purchase the highly acclaimed “San Mu” vegetables. After tasting them at home, they remained speechless.

No wonder Rui Shang gradually seized their market share. With vegetables like these, it was practically a game-changer.

Some people wanted to tamper with San Mu’s vegetables to tarnish Rui Shang’s reputation. However, after conducting tests on the vegetables and finding that the beneficial components were several times higher compared to regular vegetables, they widened their eyes in astonishment. In the end, they became supporters of San Mu’s vegetables.

Since the vegetables were proven to have no problems, and they also aimed to cut off Rui Shang’s supply channels, they initially took action, but were warned by higher-ups. Now, they could hardly remain restless.

Fu Da didn’t know that someone indirectly helped him solve his troubles, and Su Mu in the faraway Huayuan Village remained oblivious.

After a few light showers, the seedlings had sprouted tender green shoots and would be ready for transplantation in a few days.

The water spinach in the vegetable plot had been harvested several times and was still growing vigorously.

However, vegetables like bok choy, oilseed rape, and cabbage had to be replanted after harvesting.

Chilies, eggplants, and tomatoes gradually ripened and began to be supplied to Rui Shang. The only thing that could be continuously supplied was the vigorously growing sweet potato leaves.

Seeing trucks arrive at the village daily to pick up vegetables, the villagers were envious. They covertly inquired about the prices Su Mu was selling at, hoping to make some money. If they could, they also had some land at home, and they thought if they followed suit, they could also benefit.

Of course, Su Mu wouldn’t reveal the real prices to them. After all, jealousy was easy to stir up and hard to cure. Besides, they couldn’t grow vegetables of the same quality as hers. Blindly following trends might lead to greater losses.

She tactfully avoided the topic, and her sincere words convinced most of the villagers.

On the other side, at the recuperation center of the He family in Muyun City:

After completing his examination, Gu Shi was served a nutritional meal that he didn’t want to eat at all. He frowned slightly, clearly reluctant to eat such food.

Seeing this, He Fu shook his head, patting his shoulder. “You’ve become spoiled. Your pickiness has gotten worse. This is the vegetable from Mu Mu that we bought from Rui Shang. Of course, the water isn’t from Su’s mountain spring, and the taste isn’t exactly the same as what Mu Mu makes. Just manage to eat it.”

Gu Shi, hearing this, wasn’t as resistant as before. He took out a passion fruit and a lemon from the small bag and pointed to the mint on the table. “Help me make some tea. I want to drink it.”

He Fu’s mouth twitched involuntarily. The small bag was shaped like a duck with white and yellow patterns, completely ruining Gu Shi’s authoritative aura. It gave off a contrasting sense of cuteness. Yet, the person involved was completely unaware, and He Fu didn’t even know what to say.

He took the items from Gu Shi and was about to go to the small kitchen when Gu Shi spoke from behind him, “Use less sugar.”

He Fu waved his hand irritably, “I got it.”

Hey, the person who used to only drink plain water was now drinking passion fruit lemon mint tea. What a change, tsk tsk.

“You’ve changed a lot,” the man standing by the window remarked.

Gu Shi, eating his meal without reservation, responded unceremoniously, “You have too, you’ve gotten uglier.”

Tang Hui laughed elegantly, “You’re still as sharp-tongued as ever.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Gu Shi was actually a bit annoyed. Tang Hui had a healthy body, undisturbed by health issues, and he had achieved success. In the end, he turned himself into this half-human, half-ghost appearance and still thought about revenge. He must have lost his mind.

What made him even angrier was that he used to actually envy him in the past! Gu Shi felt like going back in time to beat up his past self who held such thoughts.

“That Miss Su…”

“Shut up.”

Tang Hui shrugged his shoulders, clearing his throat a few times. His face took on a faint pink hue. Since falling ill, his resistance had weakened. Coming to Muyun City, he wasn’t adjusting well to the environment and had caught a minor cold.

Gu Shi discreetly moved his plate of food a bit farther from him. Tang Hui was also weak, and he couldn’t risk getting infected.

Tang Hui chuckled, “I just wanted to ask if you know what style of house Miss Su likes, so I can prepare.”

During his college years, he majored in architectural design and even won several international awards. However, he eventually entered the entertainment industry. If it weren’t for Gu Shi suddenly asking him to help design a house, he probably would’ve forgotten that he had studied this field at all.

“She likes plants and trees, big windows, and those houses that resemble fairytale abodes.”

Su Mu enjoyed the breeze, bathing in the scent of flowers and grass. She liked the tranquility of the mountains and woods. Perhaps her affinity for nature was an instinctive connection due to her wood-based supernatural ability.

After pondering for a moment, Tang Hui replied, “Alright, I got it. And what about you? What kind of house do you like?”

“Me? As long as it’s quiet and comfortable, I’m fine. Feel free to be creative.”

Tang Hui sighed helplessly, “You’re the kind of client that’s the most annoying, the ‘I don’t know what style I want, but I’m sure the style you design won’t be the one I like’ type. Listen to yourself, clients like that are really irritating.”


With a touch of disgust, Gu Shi ate about half of his meal and couldn’t continue. He really wanted to return to Huayuan Village immediately. After staying in the countryside for a while, everything in the city felt out of place.

Just then, He Fu brought out the prepared tea. Gu Shi hurriedly took a big gulp of the sweet and sour tea to suppress the taste in his mouth.

He Fu also poured a small sip for Tang Hui. “You shouldn’t drink too much with your condition.”

Tang Hui responded, “I know.” “Tonight, we’ll pay a visit to Grandpa Wei and have dinner with him. Tomorrow, we’ll set off for Huayuan Village.”

Due to certain reasons, the Wei family had left the capital. However, Grandpa Wei had watched them grow up from childhood. It was a basic courtesy to pay a visit while in Muyun City.

Seeing no objections from the two, He Fu confirmed the plan.

When Gu Shi first came to Muyun City for recuperation, he bought a secluded house as a place to stay. The three of them left the wellness center, rested briefly at Gu Shi’s home, and in the evening, they would visit Grandpa Wei.


Ch 38: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar


However, things didn’t go as smoothly as Gu Yan had anticipated. By the time he went to bed, his wife still hadn’t returned, and when he called her, the call wouldn’t connect, so he knew she must be performing surgery. This was a common occurrence – if doctors could leave work on time, that would be a miracle.

He placed the sunflower along with the box in the living room, right where his wife would see it when she entered. Then he went to rest, as Gu Yan had become accustomed to the solitary life.

The bright lights remained on.

Dragging her tired body, Sang Yan drove to the building’s entrance and subconsciously looked towards their home. Seeing the window illuminated, she raised a brilliant smile.

After parking the car and coming upstairs, changing her shoes at the entrance, she turned around and saw the tall sunflower. Its gentle fragrance dispersed her weariness, and her heart was touched beyond measure.

She reached out to touch the petals, which were warm and smooth.

Sang Yan hurried into the room. The bedside lamp was on, and Gu Yan had his head buried in the blanket, revealing only his head.

She knelt by the bedside, carefully lifting the blanket and lightly kissing his face, whispering, “Thank you. I really like the flowers.”

After gazing at him for a moment, she rose, intending to freshen up. However, she was suddenly pulled onto the bed with a strong force. Gu Yan buried his head in her neck and let out a low laugh. “Madam Gu, after stealing a kiss, you still want to leave?”

His voice was husky, like he had just woken up. Sang Yan’s heart trembled. “I haven’t washed up yet.”

“We can shower together later.”


The sales of San Mu Vegetables had been ongoing for a few days. Despite implementing a purchase limit policy, the demand still exceeded supply every day. Fortunately, as a wider variety of vegetables gradually matured, they were barely able to meet the needs of the Rui Shang Supermarket in Muyun City.

However, Rui Shang was a chain supermarket with a presence in nearly every provincial capital. Fu Da was undoubtedly an ambitious entrepreneur. Not long after signing the contract, he was discussing with Su Mu again, hoping she would continue expanding the cultivation scale.

Naturally, Su Mu immediately declined. She had initially dreamed of a leisurely life, only to find herself unwittingly entangled in a busy schedule, completely contrary to her wishes.

She decided to manage the current 100-plus acres properly before considering further. However, she could allocate another 30 acres to him, while the remaining produce could supply the recuperation center in Hefu. Comparatively, supplying the sanatorium seemed more meaningful.

She had always believed in sowing good deeds for a harvest of good results, and this belief was reinforced by her experiences in the interstellar. Sometimes she wondered why she was chosen – why was she able to experience a life across different times and spaces? But she couldn’t fathom the reason, so she attributed it to the good deeds she had done in her previous life, and the karmic retribution was manifesting in this one.

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So during her time in the interstellar, she was passionate about charity work. Now that she was fortunate enough to return to her family, she was even more grateful.

Seeing her resolute attitude, Fu Da had no choice but to temporarily give up on persuading her.

The villagers cherished the hard-earned job opportunities and worked diligently, and in just a few days, the land was prepared.

Su Mu instructed them to continue preparing the land and laying out the vegetable plots. At the same time, some areas of the original twenty-acre land had cleared up, making it suitable to be used as a seedbed for seedlings. This time, she expanded the variety of vegetables even further. She even contacted friends working abroad to help purchase and send seeds back.

Seeds from abroad were much more expensive than domestic ones, and considering the shipping costs, it did pinch her wallet. However, the moment she thought about the greater rewards in the future, the pinch quickly faded away.

On this rainy day, the drizzle persisted, finally giving Su Mu a chance to take a break. The southern regions were entering the rainy season, signifying the breeding of mushrooms on the mountains. While there might be fewer mushroom varieties in the summer, they were equally delicious.

She stood on the balcony, watching the rain outside. Once the rain cleared and the weather improved, she could head to the mountains to gather mushrooms.

Suddenly, her phone rang in the room. Su Mu went inside to check and saw that it was Chen Guo.

“Hello, Guo Guo, why do you have time to call me?”

Chen Guo’s voice was excited on the other end of the line. “Mu Mu, what kind of divine vegetables are you growing? They’re so delicious!”

It had been three or four days since she received the package. She had stored the vegetables in the fridge, but she had been busy with work and only had time today. Her parents happened to come to visit her. When they opened the fridge, they saw the fresh vegetables and nodded in approval. Their daughter had finally learned to take care of herself.

Using these vegetables, Chen Guo’s mother prepared a table full of dishes, and needless to say, the taste was excellent. The family of three ate to their heart’s content.

Curious, Chen Guo’s father asked, “Guo Guo, where did you buy these vegetables? They taste so good. They must not be cheap, right?”

Shaking her head, Chen Guo said, “I didn’t buy them. Mu Mu sent them to me. She went back to her hometown to cultivate the land and grew these vegetables herself.”

“Su Mu? Oh, this child is doing well.” Chen Guo’s mother praised. She didn’t believe that farming was a lack of achievement. In fact, their generation had a deep connection to the land.

“That’s right, the yield is still relatively low for now, so they’re not available in the market.” Speaking of this, Chen Guo felt regretful. After tasting such delicious vegetables, how could she settle for other vegetables in the future?

After reluctantly giving her parents a few sweet potatoes and some agricultural products like dried bamboo shoots, they left hand in hand. After they were gone, Chen Guo made this phone call.

“If vegetables taste this good, who would want to eat meat anymore?”

Su Mu was delighted, “Are they really that delicious? Don’t tell me you’re just flattering me.”

“I’m speaking the truth, but unfortunately, the Rui Shang supermarket here doesn’t have the vegetables you sell. Mu Mu, you have to work hard on farming. I’m waiting to buy from you.”

“If you really like them, I can send you some.” Su Mu laughed. These vegetables didn’t mean much to her.

Chen Guo shook her head in response, “No, no, no. Even between close friends, we should keep things fair. Mu Mu, I can’t keep taking advantage of you.”

Helplessly, Su Mu said, “Alright, if you insist on paying, then pay. Seriously, you won’t even take the free ones I offer. Are you silly?”

Chen Guo chuckled, “Fools are lucky, you know. Otherwise, how could I, Chen Guo, make such a good friend like you?”

The two chatted about various things for a long time before finally hanging up the phone.

It was almost noon by now, and Su Mu planned to go to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Her parents weren’t at home; they had gone to the hospital to visit a relative’s daughter-in-law who had just given birth.

However, just then, the doorbell rang. Su Mu grabbed an umbrella and went to answer it. To her surprise, the village chief and two strangers were at the door.

Before she could say anything, the village chief spoke first, “Mu Mu, these two are experts from the capital. They say they’ve come on behalf of your friend. What do you think?”

Su Mu was puzzled. One of the strangers spoke up, “I’m here on Mr. He Fu’s commission. The purpose of this visit is to inspect the site for the recuperation center. He specifically asked us to visit you and send his regards. Also, here is a contract drawn up by his lawyer.”

He took out a contract from his briefcase and handed it to her.

Su Mu took it, understanding that this was likely the supply and demand contract for the recuperation center.

She nodded and smiled, “I see. Thank you for coming. Would you like to come in for a while?”

The person waved his hand, “No need. We’ve already taken care of our business. We’ll be leaving shortly.”

“Alright then. Have a safe journey.”

“Thank you, Miss Su. Goodbye.”


Su Mu watched as the three people left, a trace of hidden worry in her eyes. According to what they said, He Fu wanted to build a recuperation center in Huayuan Village? If it were really built, would outsiders disrupt the tranquility of this small mountain village?

At this moment, she was truly glad she acted ahead of him, buying up the surrounding land.

Even if the construction happened, the only suitable plot left would be the one to the north of the village, a fair distance away from her home. It probably wouldn’t disturb her.

Sighing, Su Mu realized that as long as she used her supernatural abilities, the overflow of spiritual energy would be inevitable. With the presence of this spiritual energy, Huayuan Village would eventually differ from other villages after a prolonged nourishment. People weren’t fools; surely some would notice this.

Or perhaps, there might be numerous opportunities in the future—investment, commercialization. Villagers would naturally agree for the sake of money.

However, the recuperation center could also become an obstacle. From conversations she overheard among Gu Shi’s group, she knew that He Fu’s recuperation center was specifically tailored for high-ranking officials. If those people really came here to recuperate, they wouldn’t be pleased if the village turned into a bustling place.

Therefore, in the long run, the benefits of having the recuperation center would far outweigh the drawbacks.

Placing the contract aside, when Su Mu walked into the living room, she paused for a moment.

She asked Gu Shi, who was busy at the computer, “I’m going to cook. What would you like to eat?”

With his gold-rimmed glasses, Gu Shi turned his gaze toward her. His eyes still held a hint of sharpness, causing Su Mu’s heart to skip a beat. The little voice in her mind screamed, “Blessing of a handsome guy, the glasses are killing me!!!”

“Can we have some vegetables?” Gu Shi said.

Su Mu was currently entranced, so whatever he said would go. Feeling a bit dizzy, she turned and headed for the kitchen. What she didn’t notice was that a faint smile appeared in Gu Shi’s eyes.

With just the two of them in the house, there was no need for an extravagant meal. His request was simple, and she could easily fulfill it.

The vegetables in the house were freshly picked and used immediately. After putting the rice on to steam, Su Mu went to the vegetable garden. She picked a fuzzy melon hanging from the fence, as well as some water spinach, a cucumber, a tomato, and a small chili pepper.

Minced pork and fuzzy melon soup, stir-fried water spinach, cucumber with garlic, and tomato scrambled eggs—three dishes and a soup, more than enough for the two of them.

pork and fuzzy melon soup

tomato scrambled eggs

Sometimes Su Mu thought that Gu Shi was easy to please. Just give him some vegetables to eat, and he’d be satisfied, eating heartily.

But other times he could be picky. For instance, everything he used had to be top-of-the-line luxury items, even down to his socks, which had to be pure cotton and cost several hundred dollars per pair.

He truly is a contradictory person, yet that doesn’t hinder her fondness for him.