Ch 31: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Returning to Tang Residence

Late at night.

Inside a well-lit recuperation center in the outskirts of the capital city.

After a moment of panic, the medical room slowly opened. Outside the room stood the powerful figure of the recuperation center, He Wei, Tang Tianming immersed in grief, the couple Yang Caiwei, and their young daughter, Tang Ying.

Seeing the physician coming out, they couldn’t help but gather around.

“Dr. Zheng, how is my son now?”

Despite their anxiety, they maintained their composure as dignified individuals should. Their inquiries were not as frantic as those of an ordinary family, but the trembling voices betrayed the fear and helplessness of this affluent woman.

Dr. Zheng sighed with compassion, “Mr. Tang has been saved, but his condition is very critical. His will to survive is weak, and he will require slow recuperation.”

What he didn’t say was that the nutrition supplements were now completely ineffective for Tang Hui. He couldn’t eat anymore, and if this continued, his life would quickly fade away.

After the nurse pushed the people inside to the high-level ward, she withdrew.

Yang Caiwei looked at her son’s pale face and weak breathing, her heart aching like a knife. Her eyes fell on his wrist, wrapped in delicate gauze. Her heart clenched with every beat.

Tang Ying stood by the window, the darkness outside seemed like a huge beast, ruthlessly devouring all light.

You rely on me.

You rely on me for joy under your parents’ knees, you rely on me for filial piety, you rely on me, so you have no worries.

Suddenly, Tang Ying’s vision blurred.

Tang Tianming leaned against the outside of the ward, listening to his wife’s suppressed crying. His eyes were bloodshot, and his shaking hand tried to retrieve a cigarette from his pocket, but then he remembered that smoking was prohibited here, and his hand helplessly dropped down.

He Wei patted his shoulder, “Xiao Fu has already rushed back. Just wait a little longer.”

“Heh.” Tang Tianming forced a smile that looked worse than crying and slapped his hand down. “At a time like this, you’re still cracking jokes.” He was referring to the appetite-stimulating plants, which didn’t belong in this world of theirs.

He Wei knew that whatever he said now, Tang Tianming wouldn’t be able to take it in. So he chose not to speak and let him quietly stay for a while.

Time seemed to pass for a long while, and the recuperation center regained its calm.

When the beast’s breach was torn open, and the first hint of dawn appeared, He Fu finally arrived.

He carried a potted plant with him, featuring two unusual flowers, one representing a celestial beauty and the other a bewitching charm. He had almost run all the way here, panting heavily. He urgently asked, “How’s Tang Hui?”

In order to bring Fairy Lips and the produce prepared by Mother Su, he abandoned public flights and returned on the Gu family’s private plane, which delayed him a bit.

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On the plane, all external communication had been cut off. It wasn’t until he landed that he received the tragic news from his father.

He Wei had stayed here overnight. His eyes were bloodshot, and he stared unwaveringly at the plant in his son’s arms. Seeing the extraordinary flowers, he felt relieved, “He’s been saved, but he hasn’t woken up yet.”

He Fu nodded absentmindedly, pushed open the door, and placed Fairy Lips on the bedside table of the bed.

Yang Caiwei was startled by his movements. When she saw her son’s close friend, she sat down blankly.

By this time, He Fu was extremely hungry, his body covered in cold sweat, and his hands and feet trembling. He signaled his assistant to hand over the ingredients to his father.

“These are ingredients brought from Huayuan Village. Tang Hui will definitely be hungry when he wakes up later. Dad, quickly get the kitchen ready and make something soft and tender. Is there anything to eat here? I’m starving.”

In fact, on the plane, he had considered this point and prepared a lot of food. However, the fragrance of Fairy Lips was so strong that when he had just landed, his stomach was still full. However, after a short distance, he couldn’t control his hunger.

When He Wei heard the first few sentences, he immediately left the room after taking the things. He didn’t have time to care if He Fu was hungry or not.

He Fu forced a bitter smile and looked at Tang Hui seriously. The young man who had been full of vitality had turned himself into what he was now. Perhaps he should have taken him away at the beginning, at least together with Gu Shi and Wei Liu. He wouldn’t have been so lonely.

The faint fragrance quickly filled the room. He explained to Tang Tianming and Yang Caiwei, “The fragrance of Fairy Lips can stimulate one’s appetite and make them hungry. Uncle and Aunt, would you like to come to the cafeteria with me for a meal?”

Tang Tianming looked at his motionless wife and hoarsely said, “No need, Xiao Fu. Thanks for your kindness.”

He Fu knew that he couldn’t persuade them with just words. After it took effect, whether they believed it or not was beyond his control.

Under the invasion of the fragrance, his willpower collapsed inch by inch. He grabbed Tang Ying and almost fled the ward.

Fortunately, there was a spacious cafeteria on each floor of the recuperation center, with professional nutritionists and chefs available 24/7. Tang Ying sensed his discomfort and helped him into the cafeteria with difficulty. The moment he sat down on the chair, He Fu felt like he had become a useless dog, panting heavily and unable to speak.

He struggled to raise his hand and pointed randomly at a counter, “F-food, help, help me…”

Tang Ying was a frequent visitor here and knew that there were nourishing soups kept in the kitchen. She hurriedly brought a bowl over.

As soon as He Fu saw the food, he pounced on it, his hands trembling badly. The soup splashed onto his expensive suit, and his hands turned bright red from the heat. He gulped down the soup, even chewing the medicinal herbs and chicken pieces that were boiled in the soup.

With something in his stomach, he finally regained a bit of strength. His weak voice said, “Xiao Ying, go get some food for your brother again, whether it’s noodles or rice, bring more. Also, ask the kitchen to prepare some dishes and pack them with rice. I’ll give them to Uncle and Aunt when I return to the ward later.”

Tang Ying lowered her head, her voice devoid of any emotion, “They won’t be able to eat it.”

He Fu waved his hand, “They will eat, do as I said, be good, trust me.”

In no time, the table in front of He Fu was piled with food. He quickly buried his head and ate with such a fervor as if he had been starving for days.

Originally, Tang Ying had just been standing there in a daze. The sudden hunger made her widen her eyes, and her stomach growled loudly.

He Fu pushed a bowl of steaming braised beef noodles in front of her, “What did I say? No one can resist the fragrance of Fairy Lips. So, Xiao Ying, hurry and eat. Once you’re done, take some to Uncle and Aunt. If everything goes as expected, they should be starving by now.”

Tang Ying was skeptical but ultimately sat down and ate. Her brother was in such a condition, so she should take care of herself even more.

Inside the ward.

Tang Tianming and Yang Caiwei had initially been focused on their own son. As time passed, they began to feel something was off and a sense of hunger swept over them.

“Old Tang, are you hungry?”

Tang Tianming held his rumbling stomach and furrowed his brow, “Strange, I suddenly feel hungry. What about you?”

Yang Caiwei nodded, “Hungry.”

“Earlier, He Wei told me that He Fu would bring back a pot of flowers that can stimulate appetite. Could it be?”

Thinking back to what He Fu had said before leaving the room, the couple exchanged a glance, and a look of disbelief flickered in their eyes.

Their gaze fell upon Fairy Lips, as if they were looking at a rare treasure.

At this moment, Tang Hui, lying on the bed, gradually woke up. The glaring lights made him blink uncomfortably. His eyes, cold yet tinged with regret, indicated that he had been revived again.

This filthy world repeatedly dragged him into the abyss, and he could never break free.

Suddenly, his nose caught a warm floral scent. A very familiar fragrance. Yes, when he was deeply immersed in the quagmire just now, it was this scent that pulled him ashore.

Tang Hui laboriously turned his head towards the source of the fragrance. Two flowers were blooming passionately, as if welcoming his return to the mortal world.

His mind was muddled, and his heart seemed to long for something, but what was it?

No matter how hard he tried to remember, his head suddenly throbbed, and the pain made him let out a faint moan.

His voice disturbed Tang Tianming and Yang Caiwei. They realized their son had awakened and hurriedly pressed the call button by the bedside.

“Hui Hui, are you still uncomfortable? Mom is here. If you’re feeling unwell, just let it out.”

Tang Hui closed his eyes, and his mother’s sobbing voice sounded particularly clear in his ears. He used to be unable to stand that sound, but when did he become so indifferent?

Doctor Zheng quickly arrived after a thorough examination. He spoke, “Mr. Tang Hui’s most critical period has passed. Now, focus on resting and recovering.”

“Thank you, Dr. Zheng.”

Before leaving, Dr. Zheng thought for a moment and said, “Open the windows in the ward for ventilation. It’s beneficial for recovery.”

Tang Tianming nodded and promised to do so, but he didn’t really pay attention.

The scientific methods they had used before failed to cure their son. Now, he would rather believe in the miraculous effects of this orchid.

He Fu and Tang Ying returned to the ward with two servings of food. Shortly after, He Wei entered holding a thermos.

“Hey, Tang Hui, you’re finally awake.” He Fu placed the food on the table and deliberately uncovered the lids.

Tang Hui glared at him angrily. Since he developed anorexia, he couldn’t stand the smell of food.

Yang Caiwei wanted to stop He Fu’s actions, but he evaded her.

“It’s alright, Aunt. This kid is just spoiled. Are both of you hungry? Come and eat. As long as I’m here, rest assured.”

Tang Tianming also gestured with his hand, guiding his wife to the table, and reassured, “Let’s believe in He Fu. He knows what he’s doing.”

He Fu carried the orchid out of the room. He had inhaled too much of the floral scent, which Tang Hui’s current body couldn’t tolerate.

He poured a small bowl of white rice porridge, and the aroma of the rice quickly overpowered the floral scent, becoming distant and rich.

As he smelled this fragrance, Tang Hui finally remembered what he had been longing for—food! He was craving food!

This rice was from two years ago, purified by Su Mu from the grains they consumed: rice, corn, peanuts, etc. All impurities had been removed by spiritual energy, resulting in such an enticing taste.

He Wei’s mouth watered uncontrollably. He had been tempted once in the kitchen, but this might be a life-saving thing for the younger generation, so he resisted the urge.

“Smells delicious, right?” He Fu said while rocking the bedside, “This rice comes from a friend’s home in the countryside. The environment there is great, and the food is delicious. Gu Shi rested there for two days, and he doesn’t need medicine anymore. He can sleep until dawn and eat two bowls of rice now.”

He scooped up a spoonful of the clear and translucent white porridge and brought it to Tang Hui’s lips. “Here, open up. I promise you won’t vomit this rice.”

The strong aroma of rice wafted to his nose, aided by the floral scent. At this moment, Tang Hui just wanted to eat wildly, with no time to feel any disgust.

The rich fragrance of the rice, its soft and tender texture, melting in his mouth—this simple white rice porridge awakened his dormant taste buds.

Mouthful after mouthful, no nausea, no feeling of vomiting.

Everyone in the ward was astonished, unable to believe what they were witnessing.

After suffering from anorexia for years, could it really just be this sudden improvement?

He Fu didn’t have time to appreciate the expressions of the others; he continued to chatter, “Thank goodness the Su family is generous and gave me a lot of agricultural products. Otherwise, what would you do? Aunt Su even gave me some chicken, duck, fish, and meat. I’ll cook soup for you later. It took me a lot of effort to bring these all the way back. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re my little brother, I wouldn’t have been so willing.”

The more he talked, the more reluctant he seemed. His feeding pace slowed down, which annoyed Tang Hui. He opened his mouth and childishly protested.

He Fu chuckled, “Call me ‘brother,’ or you won’t get porridge.”

Tang Hui frowned. Seeing that He Fu was quite determined, he reluctantly said, “Brother He.”

His voice had not been heard for a long time. It sounded hoarse and rough, quite unpleasant, but in the ears of Tang Tianming and Yang Caiwei, it was like celestial music.

Tang Ying’s eyes were teary as she displayed a radiant smile.

He Fu raised his hand and patted his head. “That’s right, let’s eat well. Your health will improve soon. When you’re feeling better, I’ll take you to find Gu Shi. He’s really fallen this time, having met the girl he loves.”

After finishing a small bowl of porridge, Tang Hui’s spirits improved significantly. He saw the cautious look in his parents’ eyes and his sister’s feigned strength, and suddenly felt his nose tingling.

Perhaps in this tainted world, there were still some pure souls. He just hadn’t noticed them all along.

Tang Hui’s body was still weak. After eating, he fell asleep again, but this time his breathing was much steadier, and his furrowed brows relaxed.

He Wei and He Fu left the ward, leaving the family a rare moment of warmth.

He Fu pointed to the orchid. “Dad, I’ll go inform the kitchen to prepare more easily digestible porridge. You notify the doctors to gather all the anorexic patients in one room and place the flower there. As for the ingredients I brought back, leave them for Tang Hui.”

“Okay, I’ll follow your instructions!” He Wei patted his son’s shoulder appreciatively. “You’ve really struck gold this time.”

He Fu also wore a smug smile. “I think so too. Additionally, send professionals to investigate Huayuan Village immediately. I suggest building the sanatorium not far from the Su family’s location. If that’s not feasible, we can choose another suitable place in the village.”

“I’ll send people to investigate immediately.”


In the remote and tranquil Huayuan Village, a new day began. The villagers went about their daily work, completely unaware that a tremendous opportunity was about to come crashing down on them.

Compared to other days, the village was livelier today.

Villagers frequently gathered to discuss Su Mu and the land at the foot of the mountain.

“Can you believe that Mu Mu has so much money?”

“Didn’t she say last night that the money came from a big boss and had nothing to do with her?”

“You actually believe that?”

“I do, why not! As long as we can get real money, I’ll believe anything.”

“That makes sense.”

“It seems like she’s also planning to buy the land near her family’s courtyard.”


“Yesterday, I saw the village head visiting many people’s homes. They’re about to strike it rich.”

“I also want to sell land, but there’s no land in that area belonging to my family.”

A couple walking toward the village entrance immediately caught the villagers’ attention. When they got closer, the villagers knew they were back for a particular reason.

“Isn’t this Jiang Ding?”

Jiang Ding greeted the elders with a nod while holding his son. “Yes, Uncle. Taking a day off today?”

“Hey, take a day off. So, are you also here for the land matter?”

Jiang Ding waved his hand. “No, no. I came back because my mother was alone at home and I wanted to check on her.”

The villagers understood without a doubt, and they didn’t expose his feeble lie.

“Jiang lad, go talk to your mother properly. Convince her to agree. Our family is poor, and we’re counting on that money to make a living.”

“That’s right, if your mother doesn’t agree, we won’t get our hands on that money.”

Jiang Ding knew his mother’s relationship with the villagers wasn’t great, so he awkwardly smiled and left with his wife.

Back at home, when Old Lady Wang saw her son suddenly returning, she was happy and hugged her grandson, giving him a couple of kisses.

However, when Jiang Ding mentioned the land, her expression changed drastically.

“This land was earned through your father and me working hard. Nobody can think about taking it from us!”


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