Ch 30: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Having a Meeting

In the evening, when the village’s loudspeaker sounded, the Su family had just finished dinner.

Everyone was enjoying the snails, and each person had a pile of snail remnants in front of them. The main contributors to this feast were Su Chen and Wei Liu, with Su Mu managing to contribute somewhat.

This left Chen Mengzhi feeling quite regretful. Since she had seen the fried snail picture in her little sister’s social media post, she had been looking forward to this meal. However, she didn’t expect to be diagnosed as pregnant today.

But for the sake of having a healthy child, she could only settle for the specially stewed chicken soup prepared by her mother-in-law.

As for Gu Shi, he had a preference for the vegetables produced by the Su family. He wasn’t particularly interested in the meat brought from outside. He ate his meal with relish, taking bites of vegetables and rice.

Seeing that he was only taking vegetables, Mother Su thought he might be avoiding the meat, so she personally scooped a bowl of soup for him, complete with a chicken leg and a large chicken wing.

Fortunately, the chickens at home had eaten plenty of spiritually-enriched vegetable leaves, so their qi was also quite substantial. The taste was quite delicious. After expressing his thanks, Gu Shi quickly finished both the chicken meat and the chicken soup.

Whether his stomach would be full or not was anyone’s guess.

“Mom, Dad, you go to the meeting. I’ll clean up the dishes.” Chen Mengzhi understood their intentions and kicked her husband under the table.

Su Chen immediately caught on. “Right, we’re here at home.”

Wei Liu patted his round belly in agreement. “I can help too.” Though he said this, he didn’t move at all, seemingly still savoring the delicious meal they had just enjoyed.

Father Su laughed heartily. “Then we’ll leave it to you.”

The couple left the house with Su Mu.

Su Chen was puzzled. “Why did Mu Mu follow?”

Before, she used to tag along with adults to meetings, as there would be many kids to play with. However, now that she was older, she couldn’t be bothered. Meetings weren’t as entertaining as playing on her phone.

“Just ask her when she comes back, then you’ll know. Alright, hurry up and wash the dishes.” Chen Mengzhi stacked the dishes together, preparing to move them to the kitchen for washing.

Wei Liu swiftly stood up and took the things from her hands. “Little sister, I’ll take care of these heavier tasks. You can rest for now.”

Gu Shi silently helped with the cleanup as well. It seemed like the three of them had conspired to keep her from lifting a finger. Helpless, Chen Mengzhi could only sit on the side and rest.

On the other side, the village committee square was brightly lit.

Under the grand banyan tree, there were dozens of people standing around, currently whispering to each other. They were quite puzzled and curious about this meeting.

In front of the village committee office building, a few village committee members were also standing. After waiting for over ten minutes and confirming that representatives from every household were present, the village head stepped forward, raising his hand to signal for everyone to quiet down.

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“I know you’re all puzzled about this meeting, but don’t worry. Let me explain the situation step by step.

Su Tang’s daughter, Su Mu, applied for the unowned land at the foot of Cat Mountain as her residential land. She’s willing to pay 150,000 yuan per mu. This afternoon, I and a few village committee members measured the land. It’s a total of eight mu. So she needs to pay over 1 million yuan. We have 108 households in Huayuan Village, so each household can get more than 10,000 yuan. Therefore, do you agree or not?”

This was practically a windfall from the sky. Who wouldn’t pick it up? Most people expressed their agreement, while only a few with ulterior motives remained silent.

At this moment, Old Lady Wang shouted, “Such a paltry sum, I don’t agree.”

At this point, the village chief added, “This is a major village matter. If even one family disagrees, this matter won’t proceed.”

Old Lady Wang instantly became the target of public criticism, and people around her glared at her.

“What do you mean by ‘such a paltry sum’? Old Lady Wang, your family is quite wealthy. I happen to be in need of money. Can I borrow some from you?”

“Old Lady Wang, don’t throw a wrench into the works. I’m waiting for this lifesaving money to take my husband to the hospital.”

“Exactly, my grandson is about to go to college. With this money, we’ll have his tuition and living expenses covered.”

Old Lady Wang was skilled at reading the room. She quickly transformed into a quail, not daring to say anything.

The clamor was giving the village chief a headache. He waved his hand and said, “Alright, tonight’s meeting is about this matter. Go back and discuss it with your families. Once you’ve reached a decision, come to my house to sign. After all households have signed, the money will be distributed. That’s all for the meeting. You can all disperse.”

On the way back, the villagers were surprised by how Su Mu was able to produce so much money all at once. So, people approached her to chat, both overtly and covertly inquiring about where she got so much money.

Su Mu had to fabricate a casual lie, saying that a business owner was interested in the village’s good environment and scenery and wanted to build houses in the countryside. However, city residents couldn’t buy land in the countryside, so they had to put the residential land under her name.

When she spoke, her tone was sincere, and she even started to believe it herself, not to mention the villagers who had little experience in such matters.

Back home, she finally sighed in relief. Being the center of attention wasn’t easy.

Su Chen and the others were still chatting in the yard. When they saw her return, they curiously asked, “What did they discuss tonight?” After drinking several mouthfuls of water, Su Mu explained, “I want to buy the land at the foot of the mountain. The village head called a meeting to gather the villagers’ opinions.”

“What? Mu Mu, you’re buying land again?” His younger sister’s actions were too fast for his thought process to keep up.

“Yeah, in a few days, we’ll have news. Moreover, in the near future, all the land near our house will belong to me!” Although the initial land transfer fee was a bit expensive, she could earn it back by selling vegetables a few times. Looking at it this way, she didn’t feel so heartbroken about spending over 10 million yuan.

Su Chen gained a clear understanding of his younger sister’s spending capability once again. He recalled the matter his wife had told him at noon and sincerely thanked his sister.

“Mu Mu, for that 5 million yuan, big brother thanks you.”

Su Mu mischievously ruffled his hair and smiled, “Back when you supported me through school, you didn’t expect anything in return from me. Similarly, as long as you’re doing well, that’s enough for me.”

Su Chen’s eyes reddened, but he didn’t want to show that side. He playfully tapped her head, pretending to be annoyed, “Su Mu, have you gotten so bold? Acting recklessly right in front of your big brother!”

Su Mu wasn’t afraid of him at all and made a silly face at him.

A light chuckle reached her ears, and when she turned to look, she saw that Gu Shi’s smile hadn’t completely faded.

She moved closer to him and said with a full smile, “Mr. Gu, your residential land is settled.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem!” After all, they were going to be neighbors. Mutual assistance was only natural.


In the city of Muyun, in a tidy and orderly house.

After putting their child to sleep, Yu Jiao came to the balcony to gather the laundry before taking a bath. She noticed her husband standing on the balcony, exhaling smoke. His brows were furrowed tightly, as if he had something on his mind.

She stepped over to his side and gently patted his arm in concern, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Ding put out the cigarette. He knew his wife couldn’t stand the smell of smoke, and he always remembered that. Then he spoke, “The village head from my hometown called me today. He said someone wants to buy our thirteen mu of land, but Mom doesn’t agree. He asked me for advice.”

Yu Jiao was astonished, “People still buy land in the countryside these days? How much is the price?”

“Fifteen million yuan.”

“Per mu?”


“Why are you even thinking about it?” Yu Jiao felt a glimmer of hope in her life. Thirteen mu of land meant over a million yuan. She had never seen so much money before!

With this money, they could cover their child’s future education expenses, and she wouldn’t need to be so frugal anymore.

Yu Jiao wanted to rush back to their hometown immediately to sign the contract.



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