Ch 29: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Watering Vegetables

At noon, while the villagers were all at home, the village chief visited the villagers who owned land around the Su family. Initially, upon hearing that the Su family’s daughter wanted to buy land, their subconscious response was to refuse. Land was the foundation of farmers; without land, what could be called farming?

Later, when the village chief mentioned the price of the land transfer, the price was indeed generous, even better than the prices for land acquisition near the county. Their interest was unavoidably piqued.

Due to the hard work of their ancestors in reclaiming land, each household had a significant amount of land. The land around the Su family was only a small part of what they owned. However, such a significant decision to transfer land required discussing with their children; it couldn’t be decided immediately.

But the village chief felt that it could work. Nowadays, the young people in the village were unlikely to do much farming. It would be better to transfer the land and make some money for other small businesses rather than tilling the soil.

The only tricky part was that Old Lady Wang also owned land around the Su family’s land! Moreover, the area she occupied was not small, and the location was central.

If Su Mu wanted to rent or buy that large piece of land, it wouldn’t be feasible to avoid her land.

As expected, as soon as the village chief brought up the idea, Old Lady Wang almost kicked him out. She stubbornly refused, despite the fact that her land was still uncultivated.

Seeing the unyielding Old Lady Wang, the village chief was helpless. Shaking his head, he went home. He also needed to discuss with his wife how to deal with the land, whether to lease or transfer it required a formal procedure.

In the evening, the village chief came to the Su family’s house with his hands behind his back.

Seeing the Su family’s guests from the city, he met them for the first time today. They all had extraordinary bearing, appearing to be influential figures. The village chief held the Su family in even higher regard.

Su Mu led him into the living room and served tea. She asked, “Grandpa, is there a result regarding the land transfer?”

The village chief picked up his tea cup, took a sip, and then said, “I’ve talked to those families one by one. They said they’ll discuss it with their children. I estimate we’ll have results in two or three days. As for the matter of you applying for residential land, I’ll hold a village meeting tonight to gather opinions. It should be no problem.”

Su Mu was puzzled. If everything was going smoothly, then why did the village chief have a furrowed brow?

The village chief didn’t keep her guessing for long. He continued, “Among the land you want to buy, there’s a plot owned by Old Lady Wang.”

Su Mu suddenly understood, “She’s unwilling to sell?” According to Old Lady Wang’s vindictive nature, it would be strange if she agreed to let her take over.

The village chief shook his head, “Not only is she unwilling to sell, but I think even renting it will be difficult. Mu Mu, you and her had a big conflict this morning. Old Lady Wang cares a lot about face, so be prepared.”

“Is it true that she doesn’t get along with her daughter-in-law?” Su Mu pondered. She had heard a bit about Old Lady Wang’s story from Grandma Li. Her son managed to buy a house in the city, but it depleted his savings. Besides raising children, the family was struggling financially.

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For her, any problem that could be solved with money wasn’t a big deal.

The village chief rubbed his bald head and chuckled, “Why didn’t I think of that! You young people are really quick-witted!” It was hard to believe that Old Lady Wang, who was a tough nut to crack, would be defeated so easily. Both of them were ancient foxes; what could they possibly play in this “Strange Stories” world?

“Then I’ll talk to her son. Whether it succeeds or not depends on him.”

Su Mu refilled the village chief’s tea and smiled, “Thank you, Grandpa, for your efforts.”

“No problem, it’s within my responsibilities.” If she could really make something happen, as the village chief of Huayuan Village, he would also have some glory.

After respectfully sending off the village chief, Su Mu had a clear direction in her heart. With regards to that piece of land, she was determined to get it.

At this moment, only Su’s father and mother were in the courtyard. Everyone else was in their own rooms. Although it was a vacation, there were still many things to attend to. They couldn’t fully enjoy their time.

She sat beside her mother, helping her pick vegetables. The wild vegetables that Wei Liu and the others had dug up hadn’t been processed yet; even the withered leaves at the roots hadn’t been removed.

The water fern had been soaking in clean water for a few hours, but the roots had inevitably aged. This part needed to be removed; otherwise, it would affect the taste.

While picking vegetables, Mother Su asked her about the purpose of the village chief’s visit.

Su Mu answered, “I want to buy the land near our house and the vacant land at the foot of the mountain. I discussed this with Grandpa just now.”

“Buy? Can’t you rent?” Her mother’s hands paused. Having experienced hardships, her consumption habits were different from those of the younger generation. She always subconsciously chose the most economical way. Every time her daughter spent money, her heart would pound. Fortunately, now it’s all digital payments; if it were cash, she would be gasping for breath.

“I prefer a one-time solution. The current problem is that Old Lady Wang is unwilling to rent and even more unwilling to sell.”

If her son’s approach didn’t work, she would have to resort to extreme measures.

“By the way, tonight the village chief will hold a village meeting to discuss the land transfer. Mom and Dad, I’ll go with you.”

“Alright, as long as you have it under control.” Father Su had already delegated authority; his daughter could do whatever she wanted.

There weren’t many wild vegetables in the basket, and they were cleaned after picking for a while. Su Mu dusted off her hands, saying, “I’m going to water the vegetable plot.”

Father Su quickly added, “Also water our rice field while you’re at it.”

“I know.”

Wearing a straw hat, Su Mu left the house and, upon reaching the village entrance, removed the stone blocking the water outlet to water the rice field.

The weather had been getting hotter, and the water in the rice field was evaporating quickly, now less than half a finger deep.

She then went to her vegetable plot. Her father had set up a hose for her before, so she removed the plug. Hot water flowed out, making the ground wet. After the cool water started flowing, she began watering the seedlings.

Hollow-stemmed vegetables, cabbage, bok choy, and baby bok choy grew relatively quickly, their vibrant green leaves covering the soil. Crops like cabbage would probably start forming heads in a couple of days. On the other hand, peppers and eggplants were still growing, and it would be some time before they flowered and produced fruit.

Bitter gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, and tomatoes, which needed support, had strong climbing abilities. They were spreading over to the adjacent spinach’s territory without restraint.

Su Mu carefully pulled them back; otherwise, if they entangled the spinach, it would be in danger.

Fortunately, leafy vegetables and climbing vegetables were planted in separate areas, making management relatively convenient.

She planned to have Grandma Li and Grandma Chen come over tomorrow to help set up the support frames. She had already prepared the materials for the frames using emerald bamboo, a type of bamboo that was relatively slender. The thickest part was about the size of two fingers, and it was both resilient and sturdy, making it ideal for building frames.

After a whole day of intense sunlight, the seedlings still stood tall with vigorous roots and leaves that hadn’t wilted. This was the advantage of having a strong spiritual energy.

Using her thumb, Su Mu slightly blocked the water outlet of the hose, letting the drops of water fall onto the tender green leaves. The vegetables stretched their leaves freely, and the roots absorbed water diligently, looking even livelier.

Occasionally, passing villagers couldn’t help but stop and praise her for her well-grown vegetables and efficient work.

She blushed slightly. All of this was honed in the interstellar, and combined with the blessing of her Green Thumb, if she couldn’t grow good vegetables, she’d be useless.

Watering twenty acres of land was no easy task. She worked tirelessly for over an hour, her clothes soaked in sweat, before finally thoroughly watering the vegetable plot.

As the sun set behind the mountains, the sky turned a clear blue. Surprisingly, there was no colorful evening glow today.

After releasing half of the water from the rice field, Su Mu headed back home.

Her focus had been entirely on the vegetable plot, so she had forgotten about the rice field she was still watering. If it hadn’t been for the kind reminder from a villager, the rice field would have been flooded.

At that time, she felt extremely embarrassed amidst the villagers’ teasing.

Returning home, the people who had been holed up in their rooms finally came out to move around.

Gathering by the pond, they were snipping tails off snails. Seeing her all dirty, Gu Shi even cast a few more glances her way.

Wei Liu exclaimed, “Mu Mu, did you fall into the ditch?”

Su Mu rolled her eyes at him. “I was watering the vegetable plot.”

“No wonder! Is watering vegetables fun? Call me next time you go.”

“Sure, rare to see the big boss like you willing to work.”

“You’re saying that, but I’ve been pretty diligent, you know.”

Hearing this self-promotion, everyone rolled their eyes in unison.



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