Ch 28: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Loss of appetite

The midday sun was especially intense. The villagers usually stayed at home to rest until around five or six in the evening before coming out to move around.

Su Mu and the others gathered around a stone table, each engaged in their own activities.

Wei Liu looked at his phone while holding a notebook, writing and drawing, murmuring to himself. It was unclear what he was up to.

Gu Shi was holding a thick book, sitting on a bamboo stool in the corner, completely absorbed in it, tucked away in his own little world.

He Fu, on the other hand, had a serious expression as he reported the matter of the Fairy Lips to his family over the phone. He could sense his father’s delighted expression on the other end. He understood his son very well – meticulous and composed in his thinking. If he said that this Fairy Lips had such miraculous effects, there was a high probability it was true.

This news was truly great for the sanatorium. Several severe anorexia patients were there, and their bodies had begun rejecting the nutritional supplements being administered. In the past, they could absorb about eighty percent, but now they could only absorb twenty percent.

It could be said that the effectiveness of the supplements was diminishing. If their conditions continued to worsen and the day came when the supplements no longer had any effect, their fate would be death.

The only way now was to reignite their desire for food. This was currently the most effective approach.

Many of the patients in the sanatorium came from influential families. As the saying goes, “An official just one level higher can crush people.” The He family was under significant pressure in this regard.

“That child Tang Hui’s condition is getting worse and worse.” He Fu’s father let out a deep sigh.

The “Tang Hui” he mentioned had once been a hugely popular movie star and was also a friend of Gu Shi’s circle. Unfortunately, during his peak, in order to maintain the best appearance on screen, he developed anorexia, which in turn triggered depression.

He disappeared directly from the eyes of his fans. Later, paparazzi caught him recuperating in a sanatorium. This news spread, and discussions among internet users were sparked.

Tang Hui had many fans. If they were to find out that their idol was facing a grim situation in the sanatorium, it would undoubtedly pose a massive public relations challenge for the institution.

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Of course, He Fu was not only concerned about the sanatorium’s future. The He family and the Tang family had been friends for generations, and Tang Hui was someone he had watched grow up. Given the current situation with the younger generation, he felt a deep sense of heartache.

He Fu couldn’t help but worry, “How about this, Dad? I’ll escort Fairy Lips to the capital right away.”

“What about Gu Shi?” He Fu’s father hesitated. His son had always been the dedicated nutritionist for the Gu family, and abruptly leaving his post was indeed inappropriate.

He Fu glanced at Gu Shi, who was quietly reading, and described his condition in detail during his time in Huayuan Village. “Anyway, he’s living like a king here. He sleeps well and eats well. You can’t even tell that he used to struggle with sleep and eating problems.”

“Hasn’t he relied on medication for treatment?” His father couldn’t help but inquire. Generally, these symptoms couldn’t be overcome solely through willpower; medication was needed to achieve the best results.

“After he arrived in Huayuan Village, he stopped taking medication completely. Today, he even walked over a kilometer with us, and his condition held up pretty well.”

The He father and son were well aware of what Gu Shi used to be like. Because his anorexia was accompanied by hypoglycemia, He Fu had never let Gu Shi drive for fear of an accident.

With the intersection of insomnia and anorexia, naturally his health wasn’t great.

His father found it unbelievable and pressed further, “From your perspective, is Huayuan Village some kind of Feng Shui treasure land?”

“More or less. Anyway, both the air and environment are fantastic. By the way, the nutritional value of the vegetables here is quite high. I’m planning to sign a contract with a friend to grow vegetables specifically for the sanatorium.”

In the past couple of days, under his careful observation, he found that only the vegetables from the Su family were top-notch; the vegetables from other households didn’t look as vibrant.

He found this very puzzling – under the same conditions and soil, why was there such a stark difference?

In the end, he could only attribute it to some secret planting technique. Otherwise, he had no idea how to explain it.

“Alright, but if it’s really that good there, wouldn’t it be a natural sanctuary for recuperation?” Many sanatoriums were located in scenic areas with low population density, in suburbs or rural areas. Hearing his son speak this way, his thoughts were inevitably stirred.

He Fu couldn’t help but admire the wisdom that comes with age. He had only thought about bringing vegetables back to the city, but he hadn’t thought of relocating the sanatorium here!

“Dad, why not send a couple of knowledgeable people to inspect the place before making a decision?”

“You’re right. I’ll handle that. Xiao Fu, you immediately set out to escort Fairy Lips back to Beijing. We can’t afford to delay the patients any longer.”

“Sure, I’ll head back as soon as possible.”

After hanging up the phone, He Fu turned to Father Su and mother Su, saying, “I’m sorry, Uncle and Auntie. Something has come up in the city, and I must leave now. Thank you both for your warm hospitality these past few days.”

Father Su exclaimed, “You’re leaving so soon? Your vacation hasn’t even ended yet.”

Mother Su chimed in, “Absolutely, Xiao He, your work is just too busy. You’re leaving already?”

He Fu nodded, “I can’t afford to delay with the patients. But if Xiao Shi doesn’t come with me, Uncle and Aunt, I’ll trouble you to take care of him. Thank you.”

“No problem at all. You and Xiao Chen are friends, just like my own son,” Mother Su said. Upon hearing that it concerned a patient, she didn’t insist on keeping him.

She then patted her thigh, stood up, and said, “No, I’ll pack some things for you to take back to your family.”

He Fu didn’t refuse the food. He watched Mother Su skillfully head back inside. He walked over to Gu Shi and placed his hand on his shoulder, gently patting it twice. “If you feel uncomfortable in any way, make sure to tell me immediately, or you can also tell Xiao Liu. He’s learned some first aid skills from me, and they could be useful in critical situations.”

Gu Shi’s gaze remained on the pages of his book as he turned one over, muttering, “Nagging.”

He Fu chuckled lightly, shaking his head. “True, I get it. This place is your sanctuary; what could possibly happen? But I’m your nutritionist, and it’s my job to stay informed about your health at all times. Don’t put me in a difficult position.”

After a few seconds, Gu Shi finally spoke, “Rest assured.”

With those words, He Fu left Huayuan Village with a sense of reassurance.

After returning to Muyun City, he immediately rushed back to the capital, the stronghold of the He family.


Not long after He Fu left, Su Chen and his wife returned from the county town.

As soon as Su Mu saw the silly smile on her brother’s face, she knew that her sister-in-law was definitely pregnant.

Sure enough, the moment Su Chen stepped into the courtyard, he couldn’t wait to announce the good news loudly, “Mom, Dad, Mengzhi is pregnant. I’m going to be a dad!”

The house immediately burst into excitement.

Su Mu helped her sister-in-law sit on a stone stool.

Mother Su patted her and instructed, “The stone stool is cold. After becoming pregnant, you can’t be as careless as before. Go inside and get a cushion to sit on.”

Su Mu didn’t mind either. Just like her parents, she was looking forward to the arrival of the new baby.

In the interstellar, due to the evolution based on the living environment, people’s lifespans could reach over two hundred years, but the birth rate became extremely low. In her decades in the interstellar world, she had seen so few newborns that she could count them on her fingers.

As a result, the young ones became a focal point of protection throughout the entire interstellar community.

Welcoming a new life was a joyful occasion everywhere.

Wei Liu was also delighted. He playfully pounded his secretary’s shoulder and cheerfully said, “Congratulations, Mr. Su! In order to show my appreciation, starting today, your salary will increase by twenty percent. How about that? Isn’t your boss generous enough?”

Su Chen couldn’t contain his joy, “Thank you, Boss!”

The child truly was his lucky star!

Even the usually reserved Gu Shi expressed his congratulations to Su Chen. However, he hadn’t brought anything suitable for a child this time. He silently resolved to make up for it with a gift next time.

One happy event followed another at home. Mother Su smiled so broadly that her eyes were barely visible. She looked at her son, daughter-in-law, and daughter. If there were another son-in-law, things would be even more perfect.

Her gaze toward Wei Liu and Gu Shi suddenly became somewhat heated.

Her daughter and Xiao Wei got along naturally, like siblings. It was unlikely there was anything there. But when it came to that Mr. Gu, her daughter occasionally showed the shyness of a young girl. Yet, just like a rare flower growing on a high mountain, capturing him would require quite a bit of effort.

Mother Su felt some worry; she was afraid her daughter might be impulsive and end up getting hurt in the end. However, feelings were something that couldn’t be forced. She let her be.

Amidst this joyful atmosphere, the news brought by the village chief in the evening was a bit distressing for Su Mu.


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