Ch 32 (Part 2): Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

“Are you still eating? If not, I’ll take the bowls to wash them.” After getting an answer, Mother Su stacked the bowls and headed to the kitchen.

Father Su changed his clothes and rode his tricycle to the county town.

As for Su Mu, she went to the warehouse and took out a pair of scissors, nearly trimming each type of flower. There were quite a lot of them, enough to cover the stone table.

Various beautiful flowers were placed on the table, creating a spectacular sight.

Su Mu tidied up the flowers a bit and then rushed back to her room to get a few pieces of lace fabric with various patterns. She used them to create an attractive backdrop for the flowers and took photos with her phone.

Her phone had a good camera, and the pictures she took were stunning.

Of course, this also depended on her skillful photography techniques. She had mastered the control of light and shadow to the extreme, making the flowers in the photos look lively and charming, almost indistinguishable from reality.

Playing with the colorful flowers, one after another, as she moved, beautiful pictures were born with each motion.

Su Mu admired her masterpiece with satisfaction. These beautiful photos would surely evoke the desire to buy when people saw them. Perhaps the price of 99 yuan per flower could really sell.

However, when she came to the sunflowers, she faced a dilemma. Their size was too large, like small washbasins. To capture their charm, a three-dimensional shooting approach was necessary.

This required her to be at a distance from the sunflowers and have someone help stand them up, because she didn’t have a phone stand and couldn’t use the time-lapse photography function.

Mom was in the vegetable garden shucking corn. After shucking the corn, she would need to hoe the land, leaving her no time to help Su Mu.

Su Mu looked up at the second floor, contemplating whether to ask for assistance. Through the gap in the railing, she caught sight of a gray piece of clothing—it was the corner of Gu Shi’s balcony.

She took a few steps toward the center of the courtyard. Who else could be sitting on the balcony except Gu Shi? She waved to him, “Gu Shi!”

In fact, Gu Shi had already noticed the busy girl in the yard. He saw her fondly patting the head of the yellow dog and enthusiastically cutting the fully bloomed flowers one after another, holding bunch after bunch.

Then, she energetically took photos, standing tall or squatting down, completely absorbed in her work.

He felt like a voyeur, hiding in the corner without daring to show himself.

“Gu Shi.” The melodious voice sounded again.

Gu Shi’s lips twitched. In the end, he stood up, leaned on the railing, and looked down at her. “What’s the matter?”

Su Mu waved her hand and smiled, “Can you come down and help me?”

Gu Shi nodded, turned around, and descended the stairs.

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“Can you help me hold this sunflower?” She handed the flower to him. Sunflowers were not only large in terms of their petals but also had big stems. As the flower entered Gu Shi’s hand, he was quite surprised—he had never seen such a big sunflower before.

“What’s it for?” Gu Shi couldn’t help but ask. This girl’s energy was too abundant. She thought of something and immediately acted on it. She mentioned signing a contract with He Fu to buy land, and now she was busy with the flowers. They had just talked about him needing a place, and she was back at work again. The flowers had just bloomed, and now she was fussing over them.

“For selling. I’ve opened an online flower shop. It’s a waste to have so many flowers at home just blooming without purpose.”

Gu Shi was momentarily speechless. This little money enthusiast had just earned 90 million from He Fu, after all.

“How are you going to ship these flowers?” Moreover, would anyone buy such large sunflowers? He remained skeptical.

Su Mu held her phone, looked at him unreservedly through the camera function, and used her fingers to zoom in on the screen. The details were magnified countless times. His appearance had almost no flaws—too handsome.

Then, she looked at his hands. As someone who appreciated looks and hands, she felt like her nose was going to bleed.

Hearing his question, she finally snapped out of her admiration for his looks, “Wha-what?”

Gu Shi gave her a puzzled look, “I asked how you plan to ship them. It’s not easy to package such large flowers, right? Express delivery can be rough, and flowers are delicate.”

Su Mu didn’t expect him to be concerned about this issue. She chuckled, “No worries, I have a way.”

As she continued taking photos, Gu Shi noticed something was off, “Are you done taking pictures?”

Just one sunflower, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour, right?

Su Mu hurriedly said, “Oh, oh, it’s almost done.” She finally turned off all the messy features and took two serious shots.

Luckily, the flowers were beautiful; otherwise, her photo would surely have been subpar.

She jogged back to take the flower and said, “Thank you for your help. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to take it myself. You haven’t had breakfast yet, have you? Go to the kitchen, it’s already prepared.”

Gu Shi nodded. In the countryside, he had learned self-sufficiency. From being cautious at the beginning to being calm now, he made his own breakfast and ate it without any pretense. He could do whatever he wanted without needing to maintain a certain image, truly relaxing.

When he prepared a bowl of noodles, Su Mu’s photography work had come to an end. She had tidied up the flowers and neatly placed them aside. She was now sitting in front of the computer, uploading the pictures she had just taken.

The name of the flower shop was “A Flower Shop,” straightforward and simple.

When setting the prices, she based them on the size of the flowers. A bouquet of five delphiniums was priced at 99 yuan. Three small lilies were priced at 109 yuan. For larger flowers, she priced them individually, with higher prices. For flowers as big as sunflowers, she set the price at 599 yuan.

Su Mu looked at the numbers on the screen. She was wrong; she used to think 99 yuan for one Violet was outrageous, but now she was even more daring. However, looking at the beautiful flowers, she really couldn’t bear to sell them cheaply.

After uploading all the photos, she copied the store link and shared it in her social circle.

Su Mu turned her head to look at the refined man elegantly eating noodles. She reached out and tapped on the table, “Gu Shi, could you help me repost the WeChat moment I just posted?”

She managed to feed him, accompany him, play with him, and help him with tasks. Was it too much to ask him to assist with some promotion?

Gu Shi wiped the corner of his mouth, then wiped his hand clean before taking his phone out of his pocket. His long fingers tapped the screen a few times.


He got up to take the bowl to the kitchen to wash.

Su Mu refreshed her WeChat moments and found that he had indeed reposted it. She was very satisfied.

She suddenly became curious about his WeChat moments. With his calm demeanor, what did his social media look like?

Clicking on his profile picture, his avatar was a tangle of wires intertwined together. Su Mu furrowed her brows slightly, inexplicably feeling a sense of oppression.

His WeChat moments were very clean, apart from the reposted message earlier, there was nothing else.

There was no reminder of the time limit for this reposted message, indicating that this repost was his first WeChat moment!

This realization brought her a sense of delight.

What she didn’t know was that Gu Shi’s WeChat moment was like an earthquake of magnitude eight.

The first to notice his WeChat moment was Gu Yan, Gu Shi’s older brother. Despite being the CEO of a large corporation, he was actually a net addict in his younger years and had even been a professional esports player for a while, winning numerous trophies before retiring to take over the Gu Corporation.

During his leisure time, he enjoyed checking what his friends and family were up to and what they had been doing.

When he saw his younger brother’s name in his WeChat moments, he almost threw his phone in shock.

Gu Yan quickly captured a screenshot of the page and sent it to a small group called “Happy and Joyful Family.” He didn’t care about their reactions and immediately left the group, sending the link there as well.

After completing these actions, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that his brother would delete the WeChat moment, so he needed to leave evidence behind.

One by one, the quiet members of the group began to respond.

“Is this really something he posted?” – Sunflower on the Tree (Grandmother)

“It’s true. I just checked his WeChat moments.” – My Heart Remains Unchanged (Grandfather)

“Could his account have been hacked?” – Strive for Excellence (Dad)

“I think that’s possible.” – A Ray of Sunshine (Mom)

Gu Yan also joined the group chat. “I don’t know if his account was hacked, but what on earth is ‘A Flower Shop’?”



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