Ch 79: TGCIR

Every now and then, Shen Cheng would check her phone’s status bar and find that Li Weilan’s status hadn’t been updated and her message was still in the “delivered” state. However, it had been quite some time since she received that call from Li Weilan, and he still hadn’t arrived.

This city was so small, he should have arrived by now no matter what, right?

He accompanied her to the room, he wouldn’t be foolish enough to not be able to find the place, right?

Moreover, the status showed “minor injuries”…with his abilities, how could he not beat a few gangsters in real life? It doesn’t make sense!

Could it be that although the status displayed fighting with the gang, in reality, they had firearms? Or had government backing? Or were there immortal cultivators in the modern world?

Shen Cheng was lost in thought, although she knew that each of her guesses was almost absurd, she couldn’t stop her tumultuous emotions as she waited for him to arrive. Only the unchanged game records reassured her that cub’s safety should be secure.

She had too many questions she wanted to ask him.

And the most important question was, how could this little brat who ate her food and used her things dare to lie to her without changing his expression or heartbeat? Hmph, children are not easy to raise when they grow up!

Although Shen Cheng was complaining in her heart, deep down she knew…if he could, cub wouldn’t choose to deceive her. Perhaps, he had his reasons.

He hadn’t explained yet, but she had already started making excuses for him.

Her mind was in turmoil, and suddenly a “ding dong” sound came from the door. Shen Cheng jumped up from the bed like a rabbit and looked through the peephole. She clearly saw Li Weilan standing on the other side of the door.

Shen Cheng stopped for seven or eight seconds, until he was about to raise his hand to ring the doorbell again, she finally opened the door, staring at him slowly and arrogantly, as if she had won a cockfight: “Come in.”

Li Weilan smiled behind her with a smirk.

He knew she was gentle, but he didn’t know that even when she was angry, she just glared at him like a soft little rabbit, kicking her legs and thinking she looked imposing, but in fact, she was just cute and made people want to reach out and touch her.

He looked at his own hand, and his restless heart trembled: he didn’t deserve it.

The clock on his head, which was getting shorter and shorter, and the peaceful and stable situation of the world were all telling him that he was not worthy.

His hesitation aroused Shen Cheng’s suspicion: she always felt that he seemed to have something on his mind?

Shen Cheng had just looked at him suspiciously, and Li Weilan had already smiled at her slightly and walked into the room.

As soon as the door closed, Shen Cheng’s face changed instantly. She grabbed his collar and found that he had changed his clothes when she touched his clothes. Cub was tall and big, and she was a bit afraid of tall and big adult males. However, she did not feel any fear when facing him. She pushed him back and he fell onto the bed. Although it looked like a “seductive performance,” his expression was still innocent: “… Huh?”

He didn’t resist.

But Shen Cheng keenly felt that his muscles trembled slightly when she touched his arm.

Okay! If it weren’t for the clear display of the game state, she would almost let him pass!

Shen Cheng grabbed his shirt collar in anger, but unfortunately, the buttons on the collar were firmly fastened, and she wanted to tear his clothes, but she couldn’t. So she gave up the idea of “tearing clothes play” and unbuttoned two buttons and leaned over to take a closer look. Sure enough, there was a scarlet blood stain on his arm.

Is this just a minor injury in the game? The skin is torn and the flesh is opened, but the bleeding has stopped. But looking at the fierce wound, what did he do?

Shen Cheng was so angry that even her tone of voice was not very stable when she spoke: “What did you just do? You, you, who are you? Did you meddle in my family’s affairs?”

Li Weilan just smiled and watched her approach his chest without feeling anything. After a while, he gently sighed, reached out his empty hand, and gently embraced her neck.

As he exerted a little force with his hand, Shen Cheng fell softly onto his shoulder. Getting so close, she suddenly became aware of the strong hormonal scent emanating from his muscles just a breath away, mixed with a slightly refreshing scent with a hint of blood. It made her realize how close they were, and she blushed instantly.

Even her tone of questioning softened and stuttered: “What are you doing? Answer my questions!”

“Yes.” He gently rubbed her hair. Since he knew she had already learned the truth, he had wanted to do this. Since she jumped into his arms, he no longer needed to hide his true desires. The feeling of holding her in his arms was so wonderful that every passing second was no longer important. He just wanted to surrender and answer all her questions truthfully.

Shen Cheng finally realized that the roles seemed to be reversed at this moment.

“You are my cub!”

“Even if the paper man becomes a god, he cannot treat his mother like this!”

Shen Cheng kept repeating these two sentences in her mind, but her face was already as red as fire.

She was caught off guard by the truth he had told her, and it took her a few seconds to realize what he meant by his simple “yes.” Was he really saying that he had helped her with her inheritance problem? She stared at him in disbelief, watching as his handsome face broke into a smile.

After a moment, she became angry and poked his solid muscles, asking him if he thought he was some kind of superhero or a godmother like Doraemon. Had he even solved his own problems before helping her with hers? Did he realize that he was living as an illegal immigrant and could face serious consequences? She didn’t understand why he would put himself in such danger.

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Before she could continue, Li Weilan nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, I’m yours.”

When he repeated her words, she suddenly felt embarrassed, realizing that there was a certain ambiguity in what she had said. She stumbled over her words and tried to change the subject, asking him why he didn’t take better care of himself if he considered himself hers.

He sighed and said, “Because I don’t want to be just your henchman.” He looked at her with his deep, dark eyes, and for the first time, she saw a possessive and crazed look that she had never seen before.

Although his tone was cold and calm, his eyes burned with intense emotion. The conflicting feelings he expressed created a strange and powerful charm. “Just as you helped me, I want to help you, to do things for you, to make your life better, to punish those who have wronged you. Isn’t that a good thing?”

She looked at his wounds, and she understood the depth of his emotions. She didn’t dare to think too deeply about the true meaning of his words.

She stiffly changed the subject, “Where is the medicine I gave you?”

Li Weilan lowered his eyes and didn’t let go of her abrupt change of subject, “It can’t be used here.”

Shen Cheng ground her teeth, thinking that if the medicine couldn’t be used, then maybe the space couldn’t be used either. Was he courting death by going to fight the gang alone? This disobedient cub!

She searched the room but didn’t find a first-aid kit, so she called the front desk and had one sent up. Li Weilan didn’t stop her, and only spoke after she finished the call, “This is all I can do for you.”

Shen Cheng was taken aback.

Right, with his sudden intimacy just now, she had forgotten to ask the most important question, “How did you get here? Do you have anything to prove your identity?”

Before she finished speaking, her vision blurred.

In front of Li Weilan, who had been half-lying on the bed, flashed a black rift that shimmered inexplicably, and disappeared abruptly after a few seconds.

He took two deep breaths.

A spatial rift!

Using a skill from the game in reality had brought her such a huge sense of pressure.

Although the rift only appeared for a few seconds, Shen Cheng seemed to feel the power of the dimension being torn apart.

The last trace of doubt that remained in her mind was shattered in the face of this scene, which was more sci-fi than any movie. Shen Cheng knew she didn’t need to doubt anymore: this really was her cub!

She carefully examined him from head to toe, and as she heard her heartbeat getting faster and closer, her sense of shame returned as she remembered all the crazy things she had said to her in-game cub. Her face turned green and white, and she felt like smashing her phone: she had just wanted to play a game, how did her baby turn into a debt of love?

Seeing her green and white face and her embarrassment and anger, Li Weilan didn’t say “you signed a contract and can’t just abandon me,” but rather said obediently, “I have to go back in seven hours. As for how I came here, I don’t know.” He had some guesses as to why he needed to inject spatial energy to “travel through time,” and he even suspected that the opportunity to travel through time came after he had advanced to level four.

If his guess was correct, perhaps the “barrier” between the two worlds wasn’t as strong as he had thought, especially considering how the monsters and spores might have come over.

Li Weilan’s face darkened slightly, but he didn’t elaborate on his guesses. It wasn’t that he was lying, it was that she didn’t ask!

Shen Cheng ground her teeth. He acted innocent when she caught him, but why hadn’t he told her the truth before? She even believed the lottery from the game company that sent her an Hermes bag! The more she thought about it, the more foolish and embarrassed she felt. She wished she could go back several hours and beat herself up for being so gullible, and while she was at it, she would also beat him up and make him tell the truth!

“You little liar!”

After confirming that he was a real person, she realized that she had video chatted with him last time with messy hair, a dirty face, and still wearing her pajamas…damn it, he already knew she was a real person?

Did he also already know that the world he was in was a game?

Then why was he so calm?

Li Weilan understood the doubt in her eyes.

He had many things he couldn’t say to her.

For example, he had originally thought that having such intimate contact with her was just a delusion of his life, but now, holding her in his arms, he was already satisfied.

As for which world was real and which was fake, was it really that important?

If she didn’t have the “game” in her phone, perhaps they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet, and even if she was in his world, they might not have been together.

Thousands of words turned into just one sentence at the tip of his tongue: “Since you raised me, you can’t abandon me.” He looked at her seriously, “I’ll be waiting for you in the game every day.”

In that moment, Shen Cheng’s heart became incredibly soft.


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