Ch 78: TGCIR

Shen Cheng glanced down at her phone and saw that it was a call from her uncle’s side, which made her feel a bit annoyed: they would call her to update her on the situation, but this wasn’t the call she wanted to receive!

She made up her mind and simply hit “reject,” refusing to answer at all!

Why should she listen? Why should she have to answer every time they called?

She hung up once, and they probably got anxious on the other end, relentlessly chasing her with a series of urgent calls. They called four times in a row, only to be ignored every time, repeating this cycle for five or six minutes until her phone finally went dark.

Shen Cheng thought she could finally wait for cub’s call in peace, but her phone rang again after just a few minutes.

This time, the caller ID was different.

She took a glance: it was Lawyer Wang.

He was her own lawyer, so even if she was restless, she couldn’t just hang up on him. Shen Cheng suppressed her impatience and anxiety, steadied her emotions, and answered, “Hello?”

“Miss Shen, congratulations,” the voice on the other end was slightly excited. “Your uncles have agreed to return your property to you. You can come and sign the transfer papers tomorrow.”

This was great news. Shen Cheng had expected the process of dividing the inheritance to be drawn out, but it had suddenly been shortened. She didn’t expect things to go so smoothly, and she choked up as she whispered, “Thank you.”

The last time she spoke with Lawyer Wang, they both agreed that the process of dividing the inheritance could take some time.

She never expected to reach this point so quickly.

She thought it would take a long time to make any progress and never thought she could get back what her parents left her so soon.

After wiping her face, her hands were warm and sparkling. She choked and whispered to Lawyer Wang, “Thank you. I plan to sell the house after I go see it. I still have two days off. After that, I will return to H city, and I will entrust all the follow-up arrangements to you.”

Lawyer Wang had expected her to sell the house.

If she didn’t sell the house, there might still be some wrangling-although the property had been transferred, what if the people living inside refused to leave?

Also, what if something unexpected happens again?

Besides, if she didn’t sell the house, how could she come up with 15% of the value in cash to pay the risk agency fee?

The target worth 2 million, after winning the lawsuit, Lawyer Wang would take away 300,000. This large amount of cash was not something she could come up with.

When she mentioned the risk agency, Lawyer Wang had already guessed that she would choose to sell the house. He heard the mixed feelings in the girl’s voice and comforted her before hanging up.

After hanging up the phone, apart from a slight redness in her eyes, what she was thinking about was something else-she didn’t feel happy or proud of getting such a large sum of money. On the contrary, she was thinking of something else: just by seeing the word “gang fight,” she knew that the enemy that cub was facing just now was different from the post-apocalyptic world. He encountered the gang in her world? What happened to cub after drinking that cup of coffee?


Li Weilan stood in the depths of a dark alley, with a stern expression.

He never imagined that in this world, he would see something that had caused such a huge commotion in their world!

There was a monster lying on the ground, covered in cysts, its head cut in half, and the blood flowing out was green and sticky, sticking to the ground.

This monster used to be a human being.

When Li Weilan was “experimented” on in the laboratory, he had seen similar monsters.

He traced back to every detail he had seen and heard at the time, but it had been too long since then, and he had tried to completely forget those painful memories.

He carefully searched for every detail, and the memory slowly emerged from the deep sea.

At that time, the monster was lying in a solution of formalin, slowly transforming from this appearance…

There were eight of them in total.

At first, they were just cysts.

Later on, more and more of them began to rot.

Until the end…

Li Weilan suddenly opened his eyes, staring at the monster on the ground oozing green blood. He never thought that just by helping Shen Cheng speed up the process of transferring the house, threatening the underworld, and coming to their “backyard,” he would actually see something like this!

This was the first generation of “infected” in his world!

Where is this… Could it be that this world… will eventually become like his world?

In the darkness, Li Weilan’s gaze became cold and he slowly closed his eyes, hearing his own heartbeat pounding fiercely.

If her world will also be destroyed in the end, could he hope that someday they would meet again in some other world?

And by then, he wouldn’t have to hide his identity anymore and could openly embrace his “guardian angel” in his arms?

Her world… is also not peaceful!

He took his knife and walked out of the backyard, intending to lead this demon to the backyard and have him fight the monster there, causing both to be injured. The boss of the gang was so scared when he saw Li Weilan’s bloody arm that he trembled and signaled to his lackey to quickly prepare what he wanted.

To trap the greedy ones in the Shen family, Li Weilan and this person agreed to put on a show.

But what he didn’t expect was that the biggest gain here was not just that.

He closed his eyes and said in a hoarse voice, “Where did that monster come from?”

“He he he he…” The boss’s voice was trembling slightly. It was no wonder, this guy was too fierce! They usually only collected high-interest loans and carried out demolitions, and were nothing like this man who seemed to be written all over with “I’ve killed people” vibes!

They were not of the same kind!

This fierce man beat up his subordinates on the way here, easily taking down thirty to forty people without changing his expression or blinking an eye at the sight of blood.

He dared to say that this man had definitely killed many people! He didn’t want to provoke this killer, he couldn’t afford it!

Just look at his ghostly agility and bloodthirsty cold gaze. The boss would rather give him the money and send him away, never to see him again.

“He went to a small town in the northwest for a trip,” the boss said in a hurry, feeling the icy glare from Li Weilan.

“Good.” Li Weilan closed his eyes and made a difficult decision.

On one end of the seesaw was his private desire, and on the other end was her.

Accompanying the memories were also the sighs and regrets of the people in the research institute: “In the beginning, there was only one stone and one spore that fell. If we had controlled it from the beginning, our world wouldn’t be like this now.”

“It’s useless to talk about that now.”

The voice froze on “controlled it from the beginning.”

This world was much more advanced than his world, with surveillance systems and monitoring everywhere. If everything could be traced back to its origins, and if someone showed them another way, could everything change?

Li Weilan took the money, fake identity, and card and left.

He only said to the boss, “I’ll return everything to you tomorrow.”

“No, no, you keep it…” Just don’t come back!

Li Weilan’s gaze grew cold.

The boss immediately changed his tune, “Alright, alright, I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow!”

“Remember,” the stern voice of Li Weilan said coldly, “after tomorrow, you will go and collect the debt. The more aggressive within legal limits, the better. If it weren’t for the fact that all the small loans in town were issued from here, our boss wouldn’t have suffered such an unwarranted disaster.”

“Yes, yes,” did this killer have a grudge against that family?

The boss had long been afraid of this, and now he hated the Shen family, who had caused him such trouble. He didn’t need to say anything, he also wanted to be as “aggressive as possible”.

After making further arrangements, Li Weilan carried the money to the agency and signed a letter of intent with the family waiting there.

When he opened the suitcase, the Shen family was dazzled by the sight: although it was still the same amount of money, there was a big difference between the red cash in front of them and the numbers on paper.

Li Weilan only deliberately “flipped” the money for them to see clearly before standing up and smiling slightly, “I’ve got the money ready. Once the transfer procedures are completed, I’ll pay in full at once.”

“…” Pay in full at once, without a loan, and two million more than the market value!

For the Shen family, is there anything better than this?

They watched Li Weilan close the suitcase again, wishing they could stop him and sign the contract directly to take the money.

Li Weilan knew their thoughts all too well, but after today, this family will have to suffer!

They had to first raise some money to give to Second Uncle, who still occupied Shen Cheng’s house, and also owed a high-interest loan of over a hundred thousand outside. Second Uncle still had to be given a portion of the property rights of this house, and they couldn’t sell it at a low price. When the time comes, they will argue about it!

If he couldn’t raise the money, the people from those P2P small loan companies wouldn’t be as easy to talk to as he is.

Li Weilan leaned against the wall, and a faint smile finally appeared on his face.

He looked up at the top of his head, there were still twelve hours left.

He found an internet cafe.

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Putting on seventeen or eighteen layers of disguise, Li Weilan sent everything he knew and all the warnings about this monster with cysts to the peacekeeping agencies and official organizations of this world.

After completing this task and making sure that he had eliminated all traces of his online activities, Li Weilan finally breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back on the chair, allowing his weight to rest on the backrest.

This…should save her world, right?

Just as he had finished everything, he suddenly heard a thunderous roar in his ear–fortunately, he was in a private room, otherwise everyone would probably be looking at him.

“Li Weilan, don’t you run away! Come and see me!”

It was Shen Cheng’s voice!

Li Weilan’s scalp tingled. Upon hearing this voice message, he almost instantly realized that something was not quite right: she seemed to have found out about what he was trying to hide from her!

And, she seemed very angry!

“…” What did she find out?

Li Weilan stood still, and the brightness of the screen illuminated his handsome profile.

Where did he slip up?

How could she suddenly send him such a message if she wasn’t certain about something?

Could it be…the game?

Li Weilan suddenly looked up at the floating numbers in the void, which only had just over eight hours left. His throat tightened: his suit had been torn in several places by the monster, would she be angry if she saw it?


Sandy: OMG so maybe it’s the same world, but in different timelines?


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    That would be really cool if the author went in that direction….

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