Ch 77: TGCIR

Li Weilan didn’t answer her question.

He stole a glance at her through his long lashes and saw curiosity flicker in her eyes when he asked, “Has someone passed away?” but there was no hint of sadness.

Li Weilan felt a faint sense of relief in his heart and replied gently, “Since the company sent me to deliver the prize, naturally, I would investigate the recent situation of the player like you, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to find this place.”

“…” She still felt that this explanation was somewhat far-fetched.

Shen Cheng was puzzled, and for a while, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Li Weilan chatted with her for a while, finished his coffee, and ate two pieces of cake neatly before saying goodbye to her.

For some reason, Shen Cheng felt a bit reluctant to part with him and felt that there were still many questions unanswered.

But she could see a faint sense of anxiety between his brows, and she thought that maybe he still had another client to visit?

So, she thought that he was definitely lying when he said he didn’t have money or a credit card.

Shen Cheng watched his back as he left and sighed softly. She was about to leave when a waiter from the cafe stopped her and said, “I’m sorry, miss, you haven’t paid the bill yet.”


Shen Cheng was stunned.


Li Weilan didn’t remember to pay the bill.

After the world entered the apocalypse, the concepts of “money” and normal life disappeared from their world. The slight bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the pastry lingered on his lips, but his heart was already as cold as ice and snow: she was in danger, and this realization poured over him like a bucket of ice water, making him forget everything else completely.

The first thing he needed to do was to find the uncle she mentioned.

First, Li Weilan tried to use his space ability, but as he had suspected, it was unable to be used in this world. His space-based attack and teleportation abilities were only weakened, not completely cut off.

The fact that his space ability couldn’t be used meant that all the items in his space, including Thunder, could not be used.

Li Weilan scanned the street with sharp eyes: there were surveillance cameras and sky-eyes everywhere. This meant that if he didn’t want to cause any trouble for her, he should not use his ability in any situation where there might be surveillance, especially in outdoor or public places.

He had a plan in mind. Closing his eyes slightly by the roadside, he recalled the patterns he had seen that day and the details she had mentioned. Almost instantly, he sketched out the location he was looking for in his mind: a small courtyard with its own entrance, an old person who had just passed away, and a house that might be sold due to a property dispute.

Taking all the conditions into account, the fastest way to find the house was…

Li Weilan’s gaze flashed and landed on the yellow sign of “X Room Network” hanging on the street.

Soon, the real estate agent Xiao Wu pulled out the only house listed on their website and said with a smile, “The owner is home, let me take you there.”

When they arrived at the house, Li Weilan only glanced at the exterior before confirming that this was the place where he had seen her surrounded by several men that day.

Xiao Wu knocked on the door and the owner welcomed them in. Li Weilan only nodded slightly, but as soon as he saw the man’s face, he confirmed that he was one of the men who had surrounded Shen Cheng that day.

Standing beside him was a younger, slightly chubby man who was probably his son. Li Weilan’s gaze lightly swept over the man’s muddy shoes and then he slightly raised his lips: there, he had found him.

Under the guesthouse, many roses were planted to create an ecological atmosphere of flowers and birds. The man who pushed Shen Cheng before ran away in a panic and trampled on several roses – the thorns of the roses were thick and numerous, and there were holes pierced in his trouser legs.

These two people wanted to harm her!

Falling down the stairs would certainly not kill her, but if she couldn’t move, as a relative, wouldn’t they be obligated to “treat” her?

Shen Cheng was already working so hard in her life, and they wanted to destroy all of her efforts with just a light push!

Li Weilan’s heart was already burning with anger, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even show a hint of anger on his face. Instead, he carefully examined the house and asked the real estate agent who brought him there, “This house is situated by the mountains and water, and the scenery and air are good. But what about the property transfer? Is there any loan or mortgage? Is the property ownership clear? I’d rather not have any trouble with the house.”

The real estate agent had already heard from him earlier that he was buying the house for his elderly relatives to live in. Now he knew that he had encountered a big spender who wouldn’t bargain. He signaled to the father and son who were accompanying him, and they hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, there won’t be any trouble. When do you want to handle the formalities?”

Li Weilan took out a UnionPay black card from his suit pocket.

The real estate agent’s eyes widened.

Li Weilan smiled and put the card back in his pocket. From their eyes, he had confirmed that this card was also a universal symbol of wealth in this world.

He smiled nonchalantly, “My grandmother just wants to find a beautiful place to spend her retirement. As her descendants, of course, we want to make it happen as soon as possible.”

“Okay, okay.” The real estate agent had already told him the price of the house before he came. He had quoted 8 million, which was far higher than the market price of 2 million. He had prepared to negotiate and bargain, but he didn’t expect this person to not even bargain or ask about the agent fee.

The real estate agent just wanted to quickly close this big deal that he had suddenly secured. After nodding and bowing to Li Weilan as he escorted him out the door, he hurriedly said to the two members of the Chen family, “I quoted you 8 million. If you miss this opportunity, you won’t find such a good deal again. You need to think about it carefully!”

“But…if we could just delay a little longer…” Shen Cheng’s uncle wanted to use delaying tactics. He just wanted to delay the formalities for a while. After all, she lived and worked in another city and couldn’t afford to spend a long time dealing with them.

At that time, it will take some time to force her to come once, and then waste time and force her to come again. I don’t believe she can afford it! Moreover, even if they don’t register the house, they won’t lose since they are the ones living in it!

That little bitch is talking about the house where the second brother’s family lives. If they want to divide it, they have to negotiate with them, which is quite troublesome.

Uncle Shen hesitated. On the one hand, he was reluctant to pay such a high price, and on the other hand, he didn’t want to bleed for the second brother’s family. The agent could see that he seemed to have some other ideas. How could he not know that he was probably being stingy?

He sighed and said, “Don’t be too greedy. I’ve heard about your niece. The poor girl is all alone. You’re eating meat, so give her some soup to drink.”

Uncle Shen exploded in anger, “Why do you think I didn’t give her any soup to drink? Her parents died early. If we didn’t give her a handout, she would have starved to death on the street!”

“…… The lawyer she hired, Wang, is not a simple person. It is said that he is gathering evidence from your past… He has connections in the court, and some things can be overlooked if everyone can just get along,” the agent advised him earnestly.

Uncle Shen also received a call from Lawyer Wang.

He didn’t expect two things in this matter. One was that he didn’t expect that the little bitch would be so determined, and the other was that he didn’t expect her lawyer to be so ruthless.

With all these things combined, he was a bit confused.


After paying the money, Shen Cheng returned to the hotel room.

She was feeling a bit unhappy in her heart: This actor is really stingy. Even if the Hermès was a gift from the company, how can a man lack the grace to not even buy his own meal and let the girl pay?

It’s okay if he didn’t buy it, but at least he should have said something to her. It’s so embarrassing to be stopped by the waiter at the door and be watched by a bunch of people.

But as she thought this, she suddenly realized what was wrong: the man was wearing a well-fitting suit, which looked exactly like the one she bought for her cub at the auction!

Yes! How come she didn’t think of it before!

From the game to reality, it was almost identical!

The suit was so well-fitted that it was almost tailored to every inch, and it didn’t look like it could fit a phone or wallet!

How did he get it?

When he left just now…

As Shen Cheng sunk deeper into thought, she felt that something was off, and even cold sweat dripped down. She remembered when she asked him, “Are you my cub?” his reaction was almost exactly the same as her cub’s reaction before!

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If he really was an actor…when asked if he was her cub, his reaction should have been to flirt and continue to play the part, giving her an immersive experience so that as a customer who received a gift, she would spend crazily on the game in the future!

How could he give such a big gift…but not even give any advertisement like “continue to support our game”?

Shen Cheng’s face turned pale all of a sudden. As she realized her previous habitual thinking and blankness, she also realized that the person who appeared in front of her might be Li Weilan, who had asked her to stay as “Master” in the game but was called “cub” by her!

How could cub appear in front of her?

She didn’t recognize him. Would he be upset or disappointed?

Trembling, Shen Cheng opened her phone and logged into the game. She had never felt that the loading process of the game was so long before. But after a long loading, she clicked on the main character log and saw two new pieces of information:

【Li Weilan has traveled through the time and space gate】

【Space abilities have been blocked】

【Li Weilan is fighting with the gangsters…】

After a while, in her frightened prayers and worries, the game slowly displayed a new status:

【Minor injury】


【Negotiation succeeded】

Shen Cheng stared at the line of words “Li Weilan has traveled through the time and space gate” and almost immediately burst into tears. She couldn’t believe that the characters in the game could really come to life!

She didn’t believe that this was just a plan or coincidence of the game. The so-called “traveling through the time and space gate” could be explained by actors appearing in reality and meeting her, but what she believed more was another answer: that she had really met Li Weilan, the little cub who was taken down from the cross with a broken hand at the beginning of the game!

“My post-apocalyptic game has come true!”

Looking at the “fighting with the gangsters” task, Shen Cheng couldn’t understand why Zai Zai would go fight the gangsters.

Where is cub? Is there any way to contact him?

Her fingers hovered over the “send message” button. Finally, after much hesitation, she mustered up the courage to send him a message: “Li Weilan, come see me!”

With a deep breath, she clicked the send button and watched as the message status changed to “sent.”

It’s really sent!

Shen Cheng stared at the message anxiously until the sun set.

Her anxiety didn’t last long, a few hours later, her phone suddenly rang with a loud “ring ring ring.”




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