Ch 76: TGCIR

Li Weilan brought her to a five-star hotel that he had just passed by, but at the door, he remembered an embarrassing fact…he seemed to have no money.

He had observed that in this world, people mainly used digital currency that could be paid with a simple tap on their mobile phones, but Li Weilan didn’t have any money.

Li Weilan hesitated for a moment, turned back and whispered to Shen Cheng, “Sorry, I didn’t bring any money with me.”

“…,” Shen Cheng looked at the huge Hilton sign on the hotel and silently checked her own empty wallet, confirming that it was a hotel beyond her means.

Li Weilan had brought her to a five-star hotel and yet he suddenly said he had no money?

Money or not, couldn’t it be solved with a simple tap on the phone?

An actor bringing her to a five-star hotel and saying he had no money?

The logic seemed strange.

At this moment, Shen Cheng suspected that there might be a hidden camera somewhere, secretly filming her. Was this “paper boyfriend” coming to her door being broadcast live and watched by many people? She became wary and covered her face with her bag, making a muffled sound from behind, “Are you guys filming some kind of prank show?”

Li Weilan was taken aback.

He realized that she had misunderstood. His heart tightened, although he knew that it might be best for her, as she wouldn’t have to face the heartbreak of separation, nor worry about the possibility of the “paper boyfriend” becoming real. He reached out and gently moved her bag away from her face, covering both their faces and said seriously in a low voice, “No, we’re not.”

He was too close.

Large red patches appeared on Shen Cheng’s cheeks.

Maybe it was because the bag was too small, but hiding under the bag with him, she could clearly see his handsome facial features and focused expression. When those deep eyes looked at her quietly, Shen Cheng almost felt like she couldn’t breathe, her mind was hazy, and she could only ask herself, “Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?”

He, on the other hand, was completely unaware of the pheromones emanating from his body, and even leaned in so close to her that his high and straight nose was almost touching her: “I really wasn’t live streaming.”

His tone even carried a hint of grievance.

Oh my god, I’m dead!

Shen Cheng’s mind went blank.

This wasn’t how she imagined cub! The cub who spoke softly and even had a hint of grievance always felt like he was coaxing her!

But but…thinking about how cub would actually be soft and cute in real life, she felt her heart softening and oozing with sweetness?

Shen Cheng took a deep breath and barely managed to suppress her heart that was pounding and wanted to rub her head. She glared at him and said in a fierce tone, “If you weren’t, then you weren’t. Why did you have to get so close?”

“…” Li Weilan lowered his head and silently moved back a little, “Sorry.”

His voice returned to calm.

Shen Cheng silently rolled her eyes at him and took several deep breaths before she felt the heat on her face dissipating.

Looking at her pale and suddenly cooled face, Li Weilan was silent for a moment: he really couldn’t guess what she was thinking.

Shen Cheng was very suspicious in her heart, and as she looked at the bag in her hand, she became more and more doubtful- could it be that this was actually a fake bag with only a superficial appearance? Was this… this unknown actor trying to scam her into paying for a room so they could hook up?

Once this idea came to mind, she couldn’t help but look at the bag in her hand with a hint of disgust: even if it was real, there was no chance for her to carry it out!

It’s not suitable for a small office worker to carry an Hermes bag on a crowded bus, it just looks awkward!

She looked around and saw a shop with a sign that read “Luxury Second-hand Goods.” She tugged at the man’s sleeve and said, “I don’t need this bag. I’ll sell it and get some money.” If it’s a fake, you better tell me now. Scammers can be easily exposed by experts!

Li Weilan quietly said, “Oh,” without realizing the scrutiny in her eyes. He added, “Do as you wish.” After all, he just picked it up at random.

After a while, Shen Cheng and Li Weilan walked out of the second-hand shop with several tens of thousands of dollars in their wallets.

The words of the second-hand shop owner still echoed in their ears. The old craftsman, who looked a little aged, touched the bag’s edges and lines with regret, even gently stroking the slight cuts on the leather. Just when Shen Cheng thought there might be a problem with the bag, the old man sighed and said, “How could it be so badly damaged if it’s going to be sold second-hand? Look at the good leather, it’s covered in dirt and stains… and it doesn’t even come with an invoice or a warranty…”

He muttered and grumbled, while Li Weilan remained silent, recalling how he found the bag at the back of a messy shop, where it seemed someone had died.

“…Maintenance? We can’t even afford food, let alone maintenance,” he thought to himself.

As soon as they received the cash, Shen Cheng’s initial suspicion that the person was a scammer disappeared. She looked at Li Weilan with a puzzled expression: Could it be that they actually won an Hermes bag in the game company’s lottery? But… she didn’t spend that much money, and it’s not like they would give away Hermes bags as prizes, right?

But Li Weilan wasn’t concerned about that.

“Shall I accompany you to the hotel?” He carefully chose his words, explaining quickly when he saw Shen Cheng’s widened eyes, “I’ll just accompany you to your room and then leave.”

“…” Shen Cheng carefully sized him up.

She had a natural familiarity and closeness with him, as if the real cub was standing in front of her.

Even if she knew that the person in front of her might only be an actor responsible for playing the role of cub, when she recalled the time she spent in the game, she couldn’t help but let her guard down towards this man.

Anyway, he had just saved her from falling down the narrow and high staircase, otherwise, something terrible could have happened.

With this in mind, Shen Cheng nodded and said, “Okay.”

As promised, Li Weilan only accompanied her to the door of her room like he had said.

Then he took two steps back like a gentleman and watched her enter the room, hesitating as he leaned against the door, looking in his direction, with a puzzled expression in his eyes.

“Are you really not…my cub?” Shen Cheng regretted asking the question the moment it left her mouth.

She wanted to hit herself for asking such a stupid question. If he really was her cub, he would have jumped on her and recognized her right away! If he didn’t recognize her, there must be a reason for it!

What a silly question she had asked!

As expected, the handsome man’s eyes lit up with layers of laughter, and a dimple appeared at the corner of his mouth. Although he had a cold and noble face like an iceberg, the dimple completely dissolved it, adding a touch of sweetness.

He smiled and repeated, “Your…cub?”

Repeating it teasingly, his eyes were even more playful.

Ah, she was so embarrassed!

She didn’t know why, but being teased like this by him made Shen Cheng feel embarrassed and angry. Even though her question was perfectly normal, when it came out of his mouth, it became a strange term of endearment.

It’s like adding desire and lust in an instant.

“No no, I didn’t mean it!” Shen Cheng tried to explain incoherently and anxiously, not even knowing what she was saying.

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Although her cheeks were still red, she felt that this day was very surreal. Looking at the time, only three or four hours had passed since she woke up, but she still felt a faint reluctance in her heart. Although he had just teased her, it did not prevent her from wanting to spend some time with him.

“…I…” She hesitated and said, “Since you came from afar, why don’t I treat you to some afternoon tea?”


Sitting in a café next to the hotel, Li Weilan observed her every move.

This time, unlike the video chat, almost every aspect of her real life was reflected in a 360-degree view.

His thoughts were delicate, and he observed with great detail. In the last video chat, he had already seen through her true situation in a few short minutes. This time, he came prepared and used “sugar-coated bullets” to break down her defenses, naturally making his observations more direct and specific.

Li Weilan did not believe that her almost falling off the building in the homestay was a coincidence.

He still remembered her home from the last time they met, which was clearly not the same place as the homestay.

Given her life situation, it was unlikely that she had the leisure and money to travel to another place, especially not for several days without going online.

Since the “game” had given him the opportunity to come to this world in person, did that mean that if he didn’t appear, she might not be able to solve the situation on her own?

Li Weilan observed her plain-colored clothes and simple face, silently lowering his eyes. He became more certain of his thoughts: she was living better in this world, so there was no need for him to disrupt her life.

In just 24 hours, let her think it was a coincidence.

Li Weilan looked at her, who remained silent, and smiled as he said, “I was lucky with the guesthouse incident today, and I happened to save you. But from the way that person quickly fled, it seems like they had planned it in advance. Think about it, do you have any enemies?”

Unfortunately, as an unregistered resident, he couldn’t accompany her to the police station to testify.

It was only at this moment that Shen Cheng withdrew from observing him.

She didn’t know why, but she always felt that something was off about the whole situation.

Listening to his question, Shen Cheng actually had an idea in her heart.

His words were filled with concern, and Shen Cheng felt a warmth in her heart as she nodded and said, “It should be someone from my uncle’s family.”

Uncle’s family?

Li Weilan looked at her white clothes and said with certainty, “You’re here for the funeral? Is it about inheritance?”

If not, how could it have attracted a murderous intent?

Usually, murder cases were either for money or for lust, with these two reasons accounting for the vast majority. Since she was certain it was her uncle’s family, it couldn’t have been for lust.

If not for lust, then it could only be for money.

She was dressed simply, so even if she were killed, they probably wouldn’t be able to get much money. The only possibility left was that there was a dispute over inheritance due to an elderly family member passing away.

Li Weilan was not familiar with the inheritance laws of this world, so he couldn’t speculate any further, but seeing her come alone for the funeral, his heart sank: her family members were all gone, weren’t they!

“… How did you know?” Shen Cheng became puzzled again.

They had only spoken a few words!


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