Ch 23: TGCIR

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After Shen Cheng received the daily task reward, she relentlessly charged 160 yuan to buy the acceleration item. After she closed the game, she looked at her humble little room and felt a little distressed in her heart.

It was like returning to reality from a fairy tale world. The sense of difference at this moment made her feel empty inside.

In retrospect, it seemed that it was the first time she spent so much money on a game—counting back and forth, she had spent 260 yuan so far, which enough for her food for a week. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Although she had a lot of fun playing the game, both the characters and the plot line did make her feel excited and the satisfaction after helping the cub, if she continued to spend money at such a speed… Shen Cheng was sure that she actually might be going bankrupt.

It was impossible to stop playing the game, and it was impossible to let cub suffer.

She didn’t want to stop so abrupt. She didn’t know why, after seeing the Tenglong Base, Shen Cheng suddenly felt that she really had a responsibility on her shoulders for her cub—Whether he would be doing well or not, whether he would have to live in the dark like those ordinary people in the Tenglong base, all depends on the degree of involvement of this mother.

Shen Cheng wanted to see him grow up.

She wanted to know the story behind the gloomy, hesitated, and exhausted look he showed from time to time.

She wanted to heal the sadness in his eyes and to see that his wishes could be fulfilled in the life of the game.

But…she did need a lot of money.

She couldn’t just continue using her own money to buy things in the game. The only way out of this constant hassle might be starting a business. But how?

Shen Cheng thought for a long time until she read a news story on the internet: the country has let go of street stalls!

Shen Cheng suddenly remembered the stalls in the Tenglong Base that she saw in the game: the roadside stalls are not a bad idea.


Li Weilan felt his sleeve being tugged.

His originally irritable and gloomy mood turned sunny almost instantly.

Where is she going?

Feeling her gently pulling, like a little girl, with a little excited tentativeness, the corners of Li Weilan’s lips, without he himself noticing, curved up and a little smile blossomed.

She was pulling him to leave the house.

Does she want to go shopping on the street? But haven’t you been there during the day?

Li Weilan had some doubts in his heart, but he still followed her wishes and walked into the night market, which was livelier than during the day.

The street market at Tenglong Base was usually more bustling at night than during the day.

After thinking about it, Shen Cheng guessed the reason: the power users in the Tenglong base had to go out in teams to kill zombies during the day, or work in various buildings. At night, since the zombies began to be a lot more active and the overall dark environment was not suitable for humans, they will naturally return to the base to rest.

This was completely logical.

She didn’t expect a game to have such subtle details! A five-star rated game!

This thought flashed through Shen Cheng’s mind. She blinked and suddenly felt a very strong sense of understanding: in this game, the sense of substitution comes from its details; even people like her, who usually plays games and does not spend any money on game items, would begin buying this and that not only because of the beautiful characters but also because the plot was very good without any sense of disconnection anywhere.

In high spirits, Shen Cheng pulled Li Weilan and carefully looked at the stalls one by one.

This time, unlike the daytime, she was no longer thinking about simply buying and buying, but observing these stall owners from the other side.

Like… how do they sell it?

Also, what do they sell and which stalls have the best business?

Her perspective was limited to one or two meters in front of and behind Li Weilan. Shen Cheng often had to pull his sleeve after watching around carefully for a while. The cub on the phone screen was well-behaved, he walked in any direction exactly as she wanted. He didn’t have the slightest impatience at her trivial request of going here and there.

While watching the system’s introduction to the items at the stalls, Shen Cheng felt particularly warm in her heart: My cub is so good, ooh, ooh, grandma will definitely spend more money on you!

Li Weilan, who was dragged around by her, could feel that person’s special concentration this time.

During the daytime, she was more of encouraging him to buy, buy, buy, but this time, she seemed to be curiously and intently observing every detail on the street.

She stayed a little longer at two of the stalls.

What’s so special about these two stalls?

Li Weilan frowned slightly.

The first stall sold fruits. On the chopping board, there were some cut fruits that looked fresh and tender, and some power users accompanying their women would usually buy one. There were only two kinds of prices, 5 credits and 10 credits. The price tags were explicitly inserted into each fruit.

Li Weilan’s shrewd brain calculated the profit in an instant.

But no matter how profitable it was, for a person who could easily give himself 100,000 credit points, such a petty profit was nothing at all!

Or is she just greedy and wants to eat one?

That’s right, although this ‘guardian angel’ had only spoken once, but the voice was still that of a young girl. Li Weilan saw that most of the women who were not so price sensitive were indeed young women, and he thought he had guessed something right.

He didn’t hesitate any longer and said to the man behind the stall, “give me one that’s 10 credits.”

“…?” Shen Cheng stared blankly at Li Weilan who bought a piece of fruit with 10 credit points, but didn’t eat it. He just held it in his hand and looked at it for a long time, with a strange smile on his face. .

“…” Cub, what about your enthusiasm for not buying anything during the day? Where did that cub go? Besides, buy if you wanna buy, why are you still smiling so strangely at the fruit?

Forget it, just buy whatever.

Shen Cheng didn’t take this little episode to heart, she just thought that the cub was tired and wanted to eat something. She set her sights on the stall opposite: both were selling clothes, one obviously had more buyers, and the other one could be said to be empty.

The stall owner with no customer was shouting vigorously. Shen Cheng saw a small bubble on the NPC’s head every second, with sweat dripping off her face, but the goods in front of her were not decreasing at all. The stall next of it that was bustling with customers only had half of the clothes left in a short while.

Why is this so?

Shen Cheng put her finger on the goods they were selling.

Washed down jacket】

Treated wool coat】

Cleaned woolen coat】

There were the items of the stall that sold well. The prices were also very cheap. One piece was only about 5 credit points. Shen Cheng was quite curious about the prefixes of these items. After thinking about it, she still did not quite understand why the game operated the two stalls like that. The prefixes were specially marked.

“These clothes…” Small bubbles appeared on Li Weilan’s head, “They were all picked up from the dead and taken care of.” Perhaps realizing her doubts, Li Weilan suddenly whispered something.

“!!!” Shen Orange froze for a while.

She turned her attention to the other stall.

The same warm clothes, the other one’s price was twice as much as this one.

Perhaps for people in the game world, it didn’t matter whether the dead wore it or not. What matters was the scarcity of credit points, so the system emphasized the word ‘cleaned’.

For some reason, Shen Cheng’s mood was a little down.

However, she really didn’t think she could do this business of clothes. The reason why the stall owner could make this fortune in the game world was mainly because the manufacturing industry was almost equal to zero after the end of the world.

On one hand, there was no new products, and on the other hand, there were still the needs of the living. Naturally, humans who could survive the end of days would not be as selective as when they used to have abundant products. So, even if it was the clothes worn by the dead, as long as they were warm and cold resistance, people would still buy it and wear it.

If she compared it like this, the fruit business she just saw… seemed more appropriate!

Shen Cheng pondered for a while, originally wanted to drag Li Weilan to take a closer look, but Li Weilan had already turned around and entered a dark alley next to the stall, and there was no one at first sight. He put down the small fruit box in the dark, He smiled lightly at the empty place in the air, and a speech bubble appeared on his head again: “Do you want to eat it? This one is for you.”

He stood quietly in the empty, dark box. Seeing that the fruit didn’t move for a long time, he didn’t feel disappointed, just smiled slightly and turned around: “I put it here, you can take it yourself. Don’t just look at things with envy, I’ll buy you everything you want.”

“???” Grandma… can’t eat it.

Shen Cheng’s eyes widened, only to hear her heart pounding non-stop at that moment, she almost instantly felt hot on her face, and when she touched it, she flushed: Cub, aren’t you too good at flirting?

But after a few minutes, the heartbeat turned into a satisfied sourness: she is not as good as her cub, and the cub spent money for her without hesitation. At the beginning, she felt distressed even for 1 yuan!

Woohoo, I’m sorry, cub cub!

Li Weilan looked at the corner of the wall quietly, smiled and turned to leave.

Shen Cheng was reluctant to leave, and she kept the camera on the fruit box in the dark.

It didn’t stay quiet for too long. Suddenly a young man with cat ears appeared in the dark place. He looked around vigilantly, grabbed the fruit box on the ground with a swipe, jumped up, and ran. In a flash, he dexterously merged into the shadow at the end of the street.

“!!!” That was given to me by my cub! Put it back! Stole something else! Thief!!!!!!!

Who let you take it!

Shen Cheng’s eyes widened. She was sure that the cub was talking to her in the void just now, but who was this wild child, grabbing whatever he wanted, and the worst thing was that he didn’t even say thank you!

Woohoo, poor grandma has grown so old, but this is the first time I received a gift from cub cub!

But a few minutes later, the sadness in Shen Cheng’s heart hadn’t subsided, but Li Weilan dragged the boy with a dark face and appeared at the end of the alley.

He said angrily: “Who asked you to take it?”

“Wasn’t it you?” The cat-eared boy’s mouth kept twitching, and red juice flowed down the corners of his mouth, “You told me just now not to envy!”

“…” Li Weilan was speechless for the first time. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He looked into the void and saw that the person had never appeared, and a layer of sadness gradually appeared in his eyes.

Looking at the cat-eared boy again, he felt a little angry.

“Hey, big brother, don’t go!” The boy grabbed his hand, “you agreed to buy things for me! Take me with you!”


The two people in front of the phone and in the screen showed a headache at the same time.

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Ch 22: TGCIR

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Shen Cheng has been watching the plot with a smile, but when she saw the person with the word ‘Li Mo’ on the ID card said this, she frowned slightly and fell into a daze thinking about this character. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

Dislike: cub, no wonder this guy is a red blood monster instead of a neutral or friendly NPC. Listen to what he said! You must not learn from him, or one day you will be like him, greedy and selfish, with no bottom line. Grandma won’t like you then.

A person who thought that anything could be traded as long as the price was right would betray his friends and relatives in the face of profit.

Shen Cheng instinctively disliked this person who appeared to be always smiling and acting very friendly on the screen.

At this time, although the cub had a smile on his face, a dark cloud appeared above his head.

Hey, my cub is like me, he doesn’t like this Li Mo either.

Shen Cheng felt inexplicably happy because of the similar three views between herself and the cub. I’ve always known that my cub’s three views will be similar to mine.

Li Weilan smiled faintly when he heard the words coming out of Li Mo, who had always been such a person, and he had known it for a long time.

He also said what he said to Li Mo because he suddenly wanted to know more about the mysterious person who saved him.

If she was a good person, then he had to force himself to be “good”. If she was as dark as Li Mo, or darker than Li Mo, then he could be more reckless.

Along the way, the mysterious person had been quiet, but suddenly, Li Weilan saw that Li Mo, who was walking in front of him well and steadily a moment ago, suddenly stumbled on the ground and almost fell down!


Li Weilan’s lips curled up.

Li Mo didn’t know why he almost performed flat wrestling just now. When he came back to his senses, he saw a pebble under his feet. Thinking that he almost made a fool of himself in front of the distinguished guests, Li Mo felt a little embarrassed. He kicked the small rock, in embarrassment m, and said to Li Weilan: “My office is in front, let’s talk inside.”

The two sat down.

Li Weilan’s intention was actually made clear to Li Mo in the short period of interaction earlier.

He said that Noah base lacked food, especially food with low contamination. In fact, this was also a common problem faced by many large bases in the last days: the lower the contamination, the higher the level of plant-based power users required. Ordinary people would have various side effects if they ate highly contaminated food, but if it was the power user, it would increase the possibility of ability rioting.

“How much do you want?” The two sat down separately, and Li Mo got straight to the point.

Li Weilan smiled: “The more the better. Let’s start from 5 tons.”

Li Mo’s pupils shrank.

Until he was sure that the other party’s ‘the more the better’ was not a joke, Li Mo talked about the price: “The purchase price… 20 credit points per pound?”

This wasn’t a very cheap price, which was 50% higher than the market price. Li Mo expected that Li Weilan would want to bargain after hearing the price, who knew that the other party didn’t even blink, but just smiled: “Okay, But the contamination level cannot be higher than 10%.”

Li Mo nodded vaguely.

Li Weilan put down the black crystal card in his hand and smiled calmly: “Here is 100,000 credit points, which is counted as my deposit, you can collect the goods first, and then contact me when you have at least 5 tons. “

Li Weilan and Li Mo negotiated a big business. Almost at the same time that they both confirmed the transaction content and price, Shen Cheng’s system task progress became:

[Hidden Mission 1 of the Black Market Series has been triggered: Li Weilan wants you to store all the rice produced in the recent space. Storage: 0/4000 Remaining time: 30/30 days

Note: If this mission fails, the series of missions will also fail, and the hidden mission will be permanently deleted]


My cub wants 4000 servings of food?

This this this…

Shen Cheng’s eyes darkened, and she calculated with her fingers. At present, the cycle of crops was 24 hours per period. With a total of 20 fields, one field was harvested twice at a time, one was reserved, and one was replanted. If you want 4,000 servings, at least 200 cycles are required, that was, 200 days?

But cub wanted 4,000 servings within 30 days!

My cub is really … usually he doesn’t ask for anything at all, and when he asked, it’s a scary number.

Although she knew that this was a trick to deceive money by the garbage game, but Shen Cheng remembered how well-behaved and sensible the cub usually were, and also remembered that all the NPCs encountered in the black market in this hidden mission were all red blood monsters. The game didn’t make it easy for this task to succeed.

Fortunately, this task was relatively long, with a full 30 days, there was still a little buffer time to earn some game coins.

Shen Cheng didn’t want to disappoint the cub, she couldn’t help biting her fingers and flipped through the game store.

Her eyes lit up: I found it!

In the mall, there was an ‘acceleration’ item, which requires 200 coins, and it could accelerate the planting of 30 days by 4 times. If you calculate it according to this, 200 days can be shortened to 50 days. The only trouble is, She had to harvest plants every six hours, which was fine during the day, but not very much at night.

But 50 days was still not enough. 20 fields must be doubled to 40 fields, so that the overall length of time could be 25 days. The number of fields in the space had been upgraded once. The price of the first field upgrade was 100 gold, and the second upgrade was 400 gold. That means the third upgrade would jump to 1600 gold, this game was simply… a greedy madman.

Thinking about a normal daily task would only give around 20-50 gold, the second upgrade would take at least 7 days if you only relied on daily collections. Shen Cheng knew that she was caught by the game, which basically reached out to her and said: If you want to complete the hidden mission, pay for it! Dammit! Just give your cub money! The grandmother who doesn’t give money to her cub is definitely a stepmother!

What should I do, the hidden mission was already unlocked by the cub, damn it, even if I cry, I have to buy it for him!

This mission was non-renewable, and Shen Cheng was sure that if it failed, her cub would be very sad.

Shen Cheng took a look at her balance. At present, the gold coins she had were 20G from her daily ‘check status’. If the interactive task was completed, she was only 160 gold away from buying the ‘acceleration’ item. In this way, she has to pay around 160 yuan out of pocket? Although it seemed to be a lot more expensive than the monthly spending in other games, but the cub was worth it! It was just that her wallet was really shriveled, and she had to find a way to make more money.

Shen Cheng thought about it for a while. From the interactive task, in fact, it could be clearly seen that what the cub wanted to do now was to store a large amount of food, fill the granary, and then… well, she didn’t know what the cub’s next plan was.

Now that she knew what cub’s wishes were, she wanted to help him realize his wish. This way, the interactive task could be considered easy to complete. She just had to make sure to cub would feel at ease.

Shen Cheng thought for a while, then took out a small amount of millet from the warehouse, took it out from the space, and put it in cub’s hand.

Li Weilan suddenly felt that something was stuffed into his hand.

It was rough and grainy.

He opened his hand and looked at the contents. He knew at a glance that it was the millet produced in his own space that had not been threshed.

Li Weilan looked at the millet that came out of thin air, the curvature of the corner of his mouth was getting higher and higher, and even his eyes seemed to be rippling with gentle water waves.

Since it was the products of his own space, it was self-evident who stuffed it in his hands.

He also clearly understood what the mysterious boss meant. She was telling him, you don’t have to worry, as much rice as you want, we have it.

Li Weilan suddenly laughed. Xi Nan, who was sitting in front of him and partaking in the meeting, was taken aback by his sudden behavior of looking at the rice in his hand and laughing. He stared at the rice in Li Weilan’s hand in a daze and said cautiously, “Brother Li, Brother Li? Are you okay?”

Seeing that the corners of Li Weilan’s brows and eyes were like a spring breeze, flowing with joy that came from the deepest part of his heart, Xi Nan couldn’t help but stare at the small handful of rice in the other parry’s hand and looked left and right. He wondered if there was something wrong with his eyes as he couldn’t understand how amusing this little handful of rice was.

He watched carefully for a while and suddenly realized something, and whispered, “Brother Li, this rice is…”

Li Weilan just came back to his senses, and before he thought about it, he flipped his hand, held the rice in the fist, and looked at Xi Nan, who had a frenzied look in front of him, with some vigilance: “What’s wrong?”

Xi Nan’s eyes sparkled: “Brother Li, is this rice contamination-free? I saw its shape, size, and color, and I can’t be wrong! Right? I’m not blind. How can that be contamination free?”

After the end of the world, due to the dual stimulation of viruses and meteorite radiation, rice had mutated greatly.

There were rice grains of various colors, some were as big as a little finger, but they are tasteless and not nutritious, and there were strange five-pointed star-shaped ones, but Xi Nan was sure that he had never seen that kind. The rice that Brother Li was holding just now was the kind that existed before the end of the world.

But in this day and age, this rice that used to be common was even more uncommon!

Xi Nan said excitedly: “Brother Li, why don’t we ask Tenglong to buy our rice? They gave us such a high price for mutant meat, which is completely taking a big advantage of us! I originally thought that you were worried about food shortage when we recruit in the later stage, but you waste money like this, even if others don’t care, I feel distressed when I see it!”

Li Weilan stood up and looked out the window of the small building. A street covered with gray fog and a sense of depression came into view. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Looking at this base where many people coming and going, but without much vitality, he couldn’t help smiling slightly. Instead of responding to what Xi Nan just said, he asked the other party a question: “Why do you think that in Tenglong, the ordinary people are living a life that is almost impossible to live, but the leadership of the base can still thrive?”

He glanced sharply and continued to ask Xi Nan, “Even if it’s you and your sister, after being bullied and persecuted by those people, why do you only think about being a refugee and running away instead of fighting back?”

Xi Nan lowered his head.

He pondered for a moment, and then replied in a low voice, “It’s because we had at least one bite to eat here.”

“Yeah,” Li Weilan nodded, “the wealthy and the powerful are really impressive. The black market can be opened here for so long, naturally the base leaders acquiesced, and they even supported the operations behind the scenes. You think I accepted such a high price. Let me ask you. For those in power, is it more important to make their own money or share the benefits?”

Xi Nan instantly understood: “Brother Li, you mean…”

Li Weilan nodded: “Our base is short of people, but we won’t recruit people casually.”

He would let the mysterious boss take care of this.

Since that person has a good heart, he would help her get rid of all the unstable factors, so that those things that can only live in the mud will never reach her.

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Ch 21: TGCIR

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News soon came out of the Tenglong base about a little-known small base Noah and a second-generation ancestor Lan Li, who was very arrogant, and he said he came to their Tenglong base to do some shopping.

No one has heard this Noah base before.

Since they have never heard it, they didn’t think much about it. Claiming to be a base, maybe it is a gathering place of three or two kittens, and had the audacity to call it a base. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. But there is one thing that makes the people in the air base jealous: a person from such an impressive place actually has a black crystal card in his hand! According to legend, this kind of card can only be obtained with at least 100,000 credit points!

Since there is a black crystal card, the “shopping” that this person is talking about will not be a small amount.

Li Weilan took Xi Nan to the market street in the afternoon, and Xi Nan, who was greeted with great enthusiasm by the merchants, doubted his life: It turns out that these people can be overly enthused about possible large-spending customers. When he recalls the frigid welcome he had when they initially arrived, he realizes that it is not because those people are unable of providing customer service, but because it was their true nature.

For Li Weilan and Xi Nan, the market in the Tenglong base is considered to be in order in a post-apocalyptic base, at least there will be no situation where they will kill people if they disagree or negotiate a price.

However, in the eyes of Shen Cheng outside the game, everything about the map of Tenglong is very different from Noah, which is the only base she has ever seen.

Tenglong Base’s background color is blue-gray, as if all of the buildings are veiled in a layer of gauze and covered in a coating of gray and fog, however this fog appears quite uncomfortable in the game, as if the entire map is covered in a layer of debuff.

There are not many people on the street market, and there are more stalls with red lanterns hanging on the roadside, flashing red light in the fog.

The market at Tenglong Base looks really gray!

In such an environment, you must spend money. Just buy, buy, buy, and you will be in a good mood!

If I direct the cubs to do some shopping, will I complete the interaction task?

Shen Cheng tries to click on the dazzling things placed on the roadside, and the game actually pops up a prompt for her:

[Li Weilan refuses to buy instant noodles]

[Li Weilan refuses beef jerky]

[Li Weilan refuses to buy worn underwear]

“…” Opps, accidentally clicked something wrong.

Woooo, today’s interactive task seems to be a bit difficult!

What the hell did cub come to buy on this street in the first place?

Shen Cheng tries clicking on other items one by one, until the last one was quite embarrassing, so she shook her head and stuck out her tongue.

You have 100,000 credit points, cub, let’s not be *Eugénie Grandet! Although grandma can’t buy things for you but a discount shopping card for only one dollar, if you spend it early, maybe we can get you a new one, OK?

*(T/N: a novel first published in 1833 by French author Honoré de Balzac. It was about Eugenie who gave all her money to her playboy cousin she fell in love with when he was suddenly left penniless. She waited for him to return with a fortune for seven years, but it didn’t end the way she expected.)

Li Weilan’s hand is pushed carefully in the direction of the small stalls, as if the ‘mom’ following him is very interested in these worthless little things.

Li Weilan is actually very itchy for this guardian, who sometimes spends a lot of money but sometimes shows curiosity like a little girl, and she just wants to buy and buy according to the direction of her finger. Anyway, it is the money given by that person, so isn’t it normal to buy something to make her happy?

But he brings Xi Nan here to do ‘shopping’ which is really to discuss a big business. Now that the little hamster hasn’t been satisfied yet, the big business has to wait. So, although the nudge on his hand feels very itchy, Li Weilan still… suppresses the itch like a feather in the bottom of his heart and obediently follows the person’s plan.

“How much is the instant noodles?” He asked in a dignified tone as if he didn’t know the price.

“Ten credit points?” The stall owner asked tentatively.

“Tsk, it’s unpalatable to look at.” The picky customer glances, “Mister, is there any of this xxx brand?”

“This…” His question stuns the seller.

This is the first time he has seen someone who is so picky after the end of the world. He is simply a young master who does not know the sufferings of the world.

Going to the next stall, Li Weilan continued to pick and choose, “How much is this beef jerky per pound?”

“This is mutant beef,” the stall owner hesitated for a while, “If you make buy more, you can save more, 30 credit points per pound.”

“What’s the level of the mutant beef?”

“Level 1…” The stall owner knew he has lost the sale as soon as he says it. Li Weilan turns his head and leaves. The voice of the stall owner hastily comes out, “Don’t leave, the price can be negotiated.”

“What do you mean?” Li Weilan suddenly turns his head and stares at the stall owner coldly, “Do you think I can’t pay?”

“Hmph,” Li Weilan snorts softly, turns his head and leaves.

He stops in front of another stall again, his face seems a little blue, and points to all the underwear on the stall: “How much are these?”

“10…10…Credit points” The stall owner replies tremblingly. For some reason, he always feels that the face of Mr. Lan in front of him is particularly scary.

Li Weilan picks one up, turns it over, and whispers, “It’s too small, I can’t wear it.”

Then leaves again.

He walks around the small stalls, spending not a dime and being picky from the beginning of the street to the end of the street. All the vendors look at him with anger but dare not speak. This guy has a handsome face but they don’t know why they are intimidated by him. The man stretches lazily and says to the little valet behind him, “It’s boring, I thought it would be rare to come out of our base, and I would be able to buy something delicious and fun stuff. After walking around for a long time, this place only has common goods. It seems that although the Tenglong base is known as the largest base, it is nothing more than that.”

“…” Even if Xi Nan knows clearly that Li Weilan’s original intention is to increase the hatred value, he can feel the angry light cast from all directions almost at this moment.

Brother, you have thick skin and I know you are not afraid, but I am still a little afraid.

Xi Nan only feels bitterness in his mouth. Seeing that Li Weilan’s words draws a lot of hatred, he swallows hard, but out of the corner of his eyes, he sees someone quickly approaches them from behind.

“Want to talk about a big deal?” The man’s voice is like that of a snake with a slight ‘hiss’ sound.

Li Weilan’s body trembles slightly.

He turns around and shows an evil and charming smile on his face that belonged to Lan Li, but Shen Cheng, who is in front of the screen, clearly can see a dark cloud on his body, which seems to have condensed into reality in an instant!

Li Weilan looks into the man’s eyes, his hands tighten and loosen gradually, but he manages to control his expression in just a few seconds.

What he doesn’t know is that in the eyes of his own mother, the person in front of him was an NPC with blood strips!

In other words, it is a hostile monster!

Walking around the street just now, the man approached so suddenly, but this is the first red-blooded monster Shen Cheng sees on the street.

She glances curiously, and before she can see anything else, a speech bubble pops up on her cub’s head:

“Yes, a big deal worth hundreds of millions.”

The man is left speechless, and watching this conversation, Shen Cheng couldn’t help laughing and spit out a sip of water: “Hahahahahaha.”

A big deal worth hundreds of millions? What the hell kind of deal would that be?

Li Weilan’s tone sounds firm, the man hesitates, and then suddenly asks Li Weilan: “Can you call the shots for a big business of hundreds of millions?”

Li Weilan suddenly stops!

The task prompt appears again on the screen in front of Shen Cheng:

[Do you agree to Li Weilan’s independent entry into the black market: Please note that this map is a hidden mission map, which may trigger the protagonist’s only hidden mission (difficulty: extremely high), and you cannot re-enter after failure. Please confirm: Y/N]


Shen Cheng looks at the blood-red word “extremely high” and hesitates for a while.

She has clearly seen just now that when the man approached, Li Weilan’s behavior was obviously abnormal. So, this map called the black market is obviously not normal.

On one side is the safety of her cub, and on the other side is a hidden mission with rich mission rewards…

Shen Cheng feels a little complicated.

Her fingers hesitate on N, but she doesn’t know why, at this moment she suddenly notices a trace of pain hidden under the evil and charming face of her cub.

Hidden quest… Could it be related to his past?

His attitude is different, and if this hidden mission fails, will it cause a knot in his heart again, or even become a lasting shadow?

She herself is like this. If some rotten flesh cannot be cut off, it will become an lingering scar over time.

Even if it is a character in the game, Shen Cheng, who has no friends in reality, puts herself in the other party’s shoes. She hesitates for a while and finally clicks YES.

If that’s what the cub wants, so be it. All she needs to do is be a back-office funder who is in charge of game coins.

The smile on Li Weilan’s face becomes vivid at this moment: “Of course, of course I can call the shots.”

The man glances at Li Weilan, then nods after a while: “Okay, come with me.”

Li Weilan follows behind him. At this moment, if only his resentment can be condensed into reality, this person’s back will be full of arrows.

Yes, who would have thought that person who was already in hell would climb out again, and those who thought he was dead would come back with a different face.

Not to mention them, even Li Weilan himself has to sigh that his luck is quite good.

Although this kind of luck, all comes from someone.

There is a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and his eyes cast into the void: If the person’s intentions are only for interest, then God bless, he hopes this kind of interest will continue on and last longer.

This is the only good luck in his life.

“Where exactly is the location of your Noah base?” The person walking in front has the word Li Mo on his badge. He doesn’t realize Li Weilan’s eyes behind him when he asks. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Li Weilan smiles and replies to the question: “South, we are a new base with ten thousand people.”

“Ten thousand people?” The man repeats the word, and he smiles, “Then, what you lack the most must be…”

“Food.” Li Weilan nods, “Our base is not short of anything else, except food. I heard that you have a special channel here. I hope to buy some food in large quantities, mainly for the power users in our base to eat, and the contamination degree must be low. “

“Oh,” Li Mo’s smile deepens slightly, “but you also know the price of low-contamination food.”

“Yes,” Li Weilan nodds, his eyes sharpen slightly, “Don’t tell me that your Tenglong can’t come up with enough reserves?”

“That won’t happen.” Li Mo smiles, a shrewd light flash in his eyes, “Anything can be bought and sold, as long as you can pay a suitable price.”

・ ゜ ʚɞ ゜ ・ ゜

Ch 20: TGCIR

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With the mask, Xi Nan didn’t say anything anymore about Li Weilan’s plan.

Li Weilan put on the mask in front of them, and after trying it twice, he understood how the mask worked.

Just silently imagine in your mind the appearance and details of the face you want to change to and then ‘confirm’, the mask will fit your face perfectly, and even correct the discrepancies depicted in your mind, let the appearance looks exactly like a real person.

Making expressions or even squeezing the face will not have effects on the outer appearance. This mask feels no different from the real face. It can be said to be a very scary advanced technology. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

After the apocalypse, supernatural powers and supernatural products emerge in an endless stream, and it is not that the people at the Noah base didn’t know the boss’s supernatural powers, but they were just surprised at this moment. The big boss’ favors on Brother Li’s were just to be envious of.

“…” Xi Nan hesitated for a while, he really had the mentality of a big kid. These days, knowing Li Weilan’s character, he became more casual when he spoke and did things, and couldn’t help but asked, “Brother Li, let me try it.”

Li Weilan paused, and the corners of his mouth seemed to rise slightly, which was particularly heart-rending on the face of the ‘evil charm’ set he had changed to.

Li Weilan took off the mask and handed it to Xi Nan in front of him: “Then try it.”

Xi Nan put the mask on his face and tried for a long time, but the mask did not work, neither obeying orders nor changing the appearance.

Xi Nan was unhappy, but out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that Brother Li’s cold and stern face seemed to evoke a slight smile, and he immediately understood: OK, he shouldn’t be too curious and greedy.

It’s clear that it’s a gift from the big boss to the little wife. Even if Brother Li agreed to let him try, the big boss didn’t agree and didn’t allow him to use it at all!

Showing affection in public, dog man and woman! snort!

He wanted to just try a little bit, so but he was fed a mouthful of dog food to eat!

In front of the screen, Shen Cheng saw the system prompt with the word “bound” since the item was used in Li Weilan’s equipment bar. She looked at the fried hair little side character jumping over there and couldn’t help bending the corners of her lips: The equipment is bound, it is my cub’s thing. Others really can’t use it. There is also such a setting on his other equipments such as ‘Thunder’. Anyone who wants to steal it will regret to find that Thunder is just a scrap of iron. A powerful thunder skill, that can be used like his own arm in the hands of her cubs, will not work in the hands of other people.

Li Weilan and Xi Nan set off in a Humvee.

Shen Cheng looked at the prompt on the system jumped to [Remaining time: 18:00:00], and sighed in annoyance, alas, it seems that the next episode will have to wait 18 hours later.

After recharging the game, Shen Cheng still has 100 gold coins left. In fact, for Li Weilan’s space, if you want to maximize the use of it, you must expand the scale of available land.

Shen Cheng took a look: 100 gold coins can just open ten more fields, and with the current 10 fields, she has 20 fields that can be planted together.

Although what she’s doing doesn’t allow her to buy much for the time being, it’s still good that at least Cub will have some rice to eat. For now, the planting of vegetables that they eat should be put on the agenda.

Shen Cheng pondered for a while, and bought the expansion of the farmland with the remaining 100 gold coins.

She now has 20 fields!

After harvesting today’s paddy, the land is ready in no time to be planted again, her income will be 80G tomorrow!

Just thinking about it is very motivating!

While Shen Cheng was playing the game, all of a sudden, she took off her earphones, and her face became dark: there was a sound of knocking against the wall next door, and it was the sound of the head of the bed hitting the wall again and again.

She glanced at her watch: it was exactly ten o’clock.

“…” Ah, ah, I’m going crazy!

She was sure that the girl next door brought her boyfriend back!


Li Weilan and Xi Nan encountered several groups of homeless and zombies on the road.

It has been a whole year since the disaster happened, and the abilities of zombies have changed a lot from when they first appeared.

Li Weilan still clearly remembered that in the first week, the zombies were afraid of light, had a keen sense of smell but dull hearing, soft skin, slow movements, only a few large-scale clusters, and did not know how to use tools.

But now they encountered several groups of zombies, the sense of smell became more and more acute, and the skin was also very stiff. They even encountered a zombie with skin like steel on the road. No matter from any aspect, the threat of zombies to humans is much greater than before.

If humans faced this kind of zombies at the beginning of the end of the world, he’s afraid that before the appearance of the supernatural abilities, human race would have been completely wiped out.

Li Weilan and Xi Nan were both supernatural ability users, and the journey was smooth. Li Weilan collected the crystal cores of some first- and second-tier zombies along the way, and exchanged them with the people they encountered on the way.

The distance from Noah’s base to Tenglong base is not far. Just take a break or two on the road and you can arrive in about a day and a half. Along the way, the sound of their vehicle was probably heard from a distance, they had zombies following from a distance, some closer ones tried to get on the back of their car, only for their heads to be cut off by Li Weilan.

However, this pattern made Li Weilan to think deeply; if his guess is right, those zombies like the walking deads, although they walk very slowly, they are all following the direction of their car!

Their car is heading to the Tenglong base. Could it be that the goal of these zombies is the same as them?

Zombies walk slowly, their car drive fast, but even this kind of slow movements that seems to be done unconsciously will eventually come to an end.

Li Weilan’s brows were slightly wrinkled: we aren’t about to witness the sinking of a big ship, right?

Although the Tenglong Base is basically equivalent to dark and cold memories for him, there are many oppressed ordinary people in that base after all. As a human, he still has the most basic empathy.

In any case, he takes this doubt to heart.

There is still a long queue at the gate of Tenglong Base. Just as their car has gotten not far from the base, a uniformed base staff comes to ask: “Are there any ability user in the car?”

Li Weilan sits coldly in the back seat with a maddening evil face, and his eyebrows draws up into the temples. Hearing this question, he only glances at Xi Nan, who is in charge of driving.

With a flick of his hand, Xi Nan creates string of water.

The staff glances at Li Weilan inquiringly, probably because he feels that the temperament of this person is full of ‘you don’t want to mess with me’. So, the staff asks Xi Nan, who is obviously the follower: “The ability person can enter the base without waiting in line, but the two of you still have to register your purpose and place of origin.”

In the end times, the origin refers to the name of their base.

Xi Nan, who has already made a plan with Li Weilan, replies simply: “We are from Noah base, this is Lan Li, the young master of our base. We heard that you were going to have an auction here soon, and there will be Dawn.”

Noah base?

The name is quite interesting, but the staff has never heard it before.

The staff is not too surprised about them coming with the purpose of Dawn, but unfortunately, Dawn is about to be out of stock. He doesn’t know if this bottle from the auction will be auctioned for a sky-high price.

The staff member contemptuously curls the corners of his lips, and while he scribbles, he speaks casually: “Every time there is Dawn, there are quite a lot of prospective buyers, you are not the first batch today. “

Xi Nan’s face shows a hint of nervousness, which falls into the eyes of the staff. The man who has been in charge of the city gate for a long time glances at their clothes and equipment, especially the blade that the man in the back holding onto with his eyes closed for a long time. It’s really two big fat sheep’. The staff smiles politely, takes out two ability user visitor badges from his clothes pocket, put them in Xi Nan’s hands, and says loudly to the people next to him: “Let them go!”

The small door of the Tenglong base specially designed for vehicles to pass slowly opens in front of them.

Xi Nan starts the car and closes the window before asking Li Weilan in a low voice, “Brother Li, what shall we do next…?”

“Go to the reception, it’s the tallest red building at the end of the road, and ask for the best house,” Li Weilan said with his eyes still closed, his face as steady as Mount Tai – no one could see that his murderous intent swelled as soon as he heard the staff’s voice.

It’s such a coincidence in the world that the first time coming back to Tenglong, he meets an old acquaintance!

“Okay, Brother Li.” Although he doesn’t know if Li Weilan has that much money, or if he can afford it, he has been ‘educated’ several times not to question the boss, so Xi Nan quickly starts the car and drives directly to the end of Main Street.


Shen Cheng entered the game to collect the harvest.

The first time she entered the game was to look at today’s daily tasks. It seems that this time’s daily tasks are not as troublesome as yesterday’s daily tasks:

[Daily task 1: Interact with the main character once 0/1 reward: 20 gold coins

Daily task 2: Check the status of the main character Reward: 20 gold coins]

“Interaction…” Shen Cheng repeats these two words, stretches out her hand and gently pokes cub’s serious face. Although he Cub is wearing a mask and changed his appearance at this time, how could a gramma not recognize her own cub.

Unsurprisingly, with this poke, the first daily task was not completed yet.

Interactive interaction, you must have each other’s actions to be considered interactive, right?

Now that there is no main control room at the base to type, how does she interact with the cub?

Shen Cheng sighs sadly, feeling her head hurts.

Li Weilan feels a light touch on his back.

He almost jumps up.

This seems to be the second time…

Li Weilan clearly remembers that the first time he left Noah’s base for Wal-Mart, she was silent on the way.

This time too, they drove a total of 18 hours on the road, and she didn’t move at all.

Don’t want to, or can not?

Li Weilan had never doubted ‘can’ before, but this kind of coincidence…especially the familiar feeling of being watched after he entered the base, made him consider ‘whether she doesn’t want to or can’t’ question.

Is it possible that it’s not that she doesn’t want to follow him 24/7, but that she can’t?

For example, she can’t accompany him when he’s on the road. The current sample observation data is still too small to make a direct conclusion.

If so, what is the reason?

Li Weilan sits with one leg crossed onto the other in an extremely unrestrained posture, but there are already question marks in his heart.

Shen Cheng opens the character interface at this time, and when she sees Li Weilan’s current state, she becomes confused.

What is my cub thinking? Why do you have a question mark on your forehead?

Thinking about the world’s top ten unsolved mysteries?

The question marks and dark clouds on his head are about to cover his entire head.

“Mr. Lan,” the staff member comes back at this time and hands over the black and gold card with both hands. He then bows his head respectfully, “We have verified your card, and it is indeed valid, and there are still 100,000 points in it. We’ve deducted 100 points from the house’s rent.”

This person’s attitude changes quickly.

Xi Nan looks at the staff’s expression with full of disdain: when they came in just now, the staff member was ignorant and asked them to prove that they had enough financial resources before serving them, and with the points in the card, it is simply a slap in the face!

They came here with the plan to show off and attract attention. Xi Nan firmly remembers this, and he has to play the role of ‘the dog beside the young master’ perfectly. He steps forward, takes the black gold card back, and gives the staff a blank look: “looking down on people!”

“Yes yes yes…” The staff apologizes repeatedly, but there is still a smile on his face. This order will give him a commission of 5 credit points, which is equivalent to his monthly salary. Compared with the big problem of eating, face is worthless.

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s go.” Li Weilan stands up, softly spitting out cold words from his thin lips, “We have to go shopping in the afternoon, it’s rare to come out, I heard that there are quite a few vendors here at Tenglong Base, and all kinds of things can be found there. We have some stuff to buy before we go back.”

Ch 19: TGCIR

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If you know you made a mistake, you must correct it. If you know that your cub is jealous and acting up, you must give him enough security.

That’s what a responsible mother should do.

If her cub’s mood continues to be low, Shen Cheng knows that it is a small matter if his mission is not completed, but the debuff in the game continues to be a problem.

But how can I make him feel better?

It was lunch break time, she was sitting in her seat holding a mobile phone and thinking hard, the elder sister sitting next to her looked at the little girl with a frown, thinking that Shen Cheng would be holding a mobile phone when she was on her lunch break these days. She came over and looked at the young girl with a smile. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. At a glance, she could see what was on the phone screen. She said with a smile: “Little Cheng, you are playing games? Why are you looking so worried and unhappy when you’re playing a game?”

“Sister Ma,” Shen Cheng smiled shyly. She was usually the kind of well-behaved girl in the company. She looked honest and soft, and she was very fond of women who were older than her. She suddenly remembered that Sister Ma has a cat at home. She would usually post cat videos in her circle of friends. Her life was carefree and enviable. They all say that Sister Ma knew her pet well. Shen Cheng thought some and asked, “what would you do when your cat is unhappy? ah?”

When it came to her little furry child, the nature of Sister Ma surfaced. She glanced at Shen Cheng with some rarity, thinking that it was unusual for this little girl to take the initiative to chat some gossip, she couldn’t help but blushed, and said to her face: “My cat is so arrogant, I sometimes feed stray cats downstairs with the leftovers that he doesn’t eat, he would scratch my face if he finds out.” She stretched out her hand, and there were two very pale white marks on it, “but he is very good. One time, my husband and I were arguing, and he jumped up and pointed at his nose, meowing like he was saying that my husband was not allowed to speak loudly to me. Thinking about it this way, I can only coax him when he is unhappy.”

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but smiled knowingly when she heard that the cat was jealous.

She then asked Sister Ma: “Sister Ma, how did you coax him?”

“Cat, if he’s greedy, you have to feed him little dried fish, if he’s unhappy, use pats and hugs, and if he’s just being temperamental, just let him sleep it off. In short, it depends on his mood. Sister Ma glanced at the little girl and said with a smile, “I have to say, I quite like his arrogance. He is a master, and everyone has to follow his mood. In a word, I have to give him what he wants, don’t give him what you think he wants.”

It sounded a bit convoluted, but it was pretty clear..

Shen Cheng now understood. You have to coax and prescribe the right medicine, and you cannot generalize it either.

Shen Cheng was thoughtful. She couldn’t help but start to think about one thing: for cub, what is his “little dried fish”?

In fact, it can be seen from the fact that sending a black card or an incense burner did not work. Her own cub was not the kind of coquettish bitch in some games that as long as you sent something from a local tyrant, the more expensive it is, the happier the character will be. They only cared about the value of the gift. As for her cub, she had to be careful!

Shen Cheng thought about it for a while, and suddenly understood something, she smiled brightly at Sister Ma, and said gratefully, “Thank you Sister Ma! I know!”

“???” Sister Ma was taken aback by her sincere thanks, and she regained her senses after awhile. She couldn’t help thinking: This girl’s smile is quite sweet. She’s so pitiful, I heard that With both her parents dead, it is quite sad to be all alone in a big city.

She even thanked her, and she didn’t do anything special, just chatted a few words, That was all. Sister Ma decided that the next time someone in the company was going to gossip about the little girl behind her back, she will say a few words on her behalf as a repayment of Shen Cheng’s kindness.

Shen Cheng didn’t know what Sister Ma was thinking. She opened the game interface and entered ‘home’.

Looking at the golden rice waves, Shen Cheng controlled the cursor with her fingers and drew a special pattern when harvesting.

“If it doesn’t work well… then it’s definitely a problem with the game mechanics…” Shen Cheng muttered to herself in front of the phone, after seeing that the lunch break was over, she closed the game.


Li Weilan entered the space in the afternoon.

As soon as he opened the warehouse door, in the golden wheat wave, he saw that some rice had been cut off. From his point of view, he could only see a few rows missing in the middle, but he couldn’t see its pattern at a glance.

The rice was cut like this, no doubt it was the credit of that one.

Li Weilan didn’t want to care what she did, but in the end he couldn’t hold back the numb feeling like a cat scratching in his heart, and walked into the rice field.

He walked little by little along the cut off rice, and the image of the line was already sketched in his mind.

From the clasped hands to the small bottom to the fat middle section, Li Weilan became clearer and clearer with the pattern in his mind, and his heart was beating louder and louder: the pattern is a pair of hands together forming a heart, she is talking to him, wholeheartedly!

This was her explanation.

What he wanted was not for her to coax him, nor for an expensive gift. For some reason, Li Weilan only felt that his heart was suddenly sweet, and the corners of his mouth curved involuntarily.

He cut the rest of the rice and piled it in the warehouse, and then exited the space to prepare for the departure.

The grievances between Tenglong Base and him were still unclear. When going to Tenglong this time, what Li Weilan thought was to make good use of this black crystal card.

100,000 credit points, he doesn’t know how she saved it, but what he wanted to do was to go to Tenglong and earn as much as he spent.

With such a large amount of money, if he let those profiteers take advantage of half a cent, he would be too incompetent.

The plan in Li Weilan’s heart was that this trip was not only to dig up Tenglong’s walls, but also to get a good impression in return, just to show how well he used this “start-up capital” in front of that person. He wouldn’t use it more than what he needed for business.

Because there is such a plan, it is worth discussing what materials, what personnel and what kind of identity to bring to Tenglong.

When Shen Cheng boarded the game, a new prompt popped up in the system.

[Daily Mission 2: Raise the protagonist’s mood to more than happy completed]

Gold coins gained: 50

Ah, is the cub in a better mood?

Shen Cheng was still very happy: it seems that as long as you use the right method, the cub is still easy to coax.

The system task continued to pop up a prompt after she clicked the Done button:

[There seems to be a meeting in the base, please go and see what they are saying.]

“???” Shen Cheng looked for it and found that the little people in the base were sitting in the conference room.

“Brother Li, if you do this, you may offend the management of the Tenglong Base greatly…” What Xi Nan wanted to do was to go to the Tenglong Base to pick up his friend, buy medicine for his sister and leave, so when he heard Li Weilan’s plan, he almost subconsciously showed hesitation.

There are nearly 100,000 residents in the Tenglong base. This number is a world away from Noah, who only has three or two kittens.

Although their Noah base has all kinds of advaned technologies. Xi Nan has discovered it these days, as long as they don’t do anything excessive, the zombies will not be able to find this underground base at all, and the only thing to worry about is the mutation that may burrow out of the ground.

But even so, Noah’s security is much higher than any other above-ground bases, and it is more secure than the city wall.

Xi Nan was sure that as long as they begin recruiting, the 20 small rooms at Noah’s base would soon be overcrowded.

Therefore, Xi Nan felt that there was no need for them to have a head-on conflict with the people of Tenglong right now. To make a fortune in silence, first brush Noah’s own security, technology, and talents to the point where they have fundamental interests with the big base. Isn’t it better to fight again after conflict?

Why use economic means to ‘sanction’ Tenglong at this time?

Li Weilan looked at him quietly, did not speak directly, turned to Yan Hongyu and asked, “What about you, what do you think?”

Yan Hongyu hesitated for a moment.

She had lived in the end of the world for more than half a year before she was caught by that group of people, but because she had never entered Tenglong, she knew nothing about the size and strength of this base.

The ignorant are fearless, and for her, Li Weilan is the god who saved them, the damsels in the distress.

She raised her chin; “I listen to you.”

Xi Nan hesitated for a while; “Brother Li, I’m not against you, it’s just with only the two of us who are going here, I’m afraid something happens and you’ll be stuck there and won’t be able to get out. Tenglong, after all, it’s a big base, and we’re there for ‘Dawn’… it’s already eye-catching.”

Li Weilan’s dark eyes stopped for a moment on his face.

The thought processes of Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu can’t be said to be good or bad. They just have different personalities.

For Xi Nan, the most important thing in his life may be his sister. For this purpose, he seeks stability and does not want to take risks.

But he is different.

What he wants is… to get all the dawn, and then destroy them all!

This thing should not be passed down in the human world!

Because, those who gain fame and fortune because of it are not worthy!

He has returned from hell, and he will surely make them pay the price.

Shen Cheng watched their conversation and probably understood the plot.

Right now, my cub is going to make trouble at a base called Tenglong—she understands, probably because the game is going to open up new maps and new gameplay to her. But the subordinates next to him were worried about his safety, afraid that he would fold himself inside the Tenglong base.

Since it is a new map, and my cub wants to go, it is natural to agree!

Shen Cheng felt that there should be a series of quests, and the prompt the game gave her now should mean that in translation. Are there any quest items that can reduce the danger of her cub on the new map?

Shen Cheng looked for it, and really found this item in the system mall:

[A mask that can change the appearance at will: This is a new type of ‘human skin mask’. It only costs 300 gold coins and you can have whatever face you want. Of course, you can also choose to have no face! Remaining usage times: 10/10]

“…” The last introduction is a bit weird, yes, but looking at the introduction, it should be something similar to the ancient ‘human skin mask’! As long as her cub has this, no one will recognize him when he wears it!

Cub, you can rest assured and go make the waves, grandma will make good money to buy masks for you!

Shen Cheng glanced at the price marked [300 gold coins] below, and counted her remaining gold coins. There was a little problem: she didn’t have enough gold coins left to buy this mask.

The total amount of gold coins left by Shen Cheng is 199 yuan.

After hesitating for a moment, she recharged 100 yuan – 100 yuan for the first charge, and 100 yuan for free, and there was still 100 gold coins left to put away. She bought this mask and placed it directly on the table!

Hehehe, with this, you can roam freely!

Shen Cheng rubbed her hands and sat in front of the phone, and saw the little man who seemed to be stunned by the mask that appeared out of thin air on the table, and smiled happily.

Except for Li Weilan, the other two little people all held the exclamation mark of “!!!” on their foreheads, their eyes widened and their faces froze. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.mLooking at their expressions, Li Weilan didn’t know why his heart felt a little dark. He coughed lightly and took the mask that appeared out of thin air, like a human skin, and even felt a little warm. Facing the two people in front of him, he said: “don’t worry, our leader has such a style, you’ll get used to it early.”

Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu glanced at him in shock, they couldn’t understand what he meant by “get used to it early”.

To be honest, this kind of leader who is elusive and may appear at any time to stare at you to see if you are doing the job well or not… It’s super scary!


Sandy [translator]: But it’s not made of real human skin though, right? That’d be a little creepy and nasty.


You are such a good person


Bai Cheng rejected Mo Li, looked down at his toes, and knew in his heart what Mo Li wanted to tell him.

He recalled the complicated expression on the worker’s face when he mentioned the word “regret” just now. Bai Cheng was touched and a little sad.

“I know that if I drop out now, I will regret it in the future.” He looked up at Mo Li, tucked his hands into his pockets, took a few steps, and stopped, “I also want to go to school, but—”

“Since you want to, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Mo Li’s temper came up. He was afraid of scaring Bai Cheng, so he tried his best to restrain his emotions. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He raised his hand and pressed it on Bai Cheng’s shoulder with control, but Bai Cheng still stumbled back half a step and leaned against the brick wall behind him.

Both of them were wearing navy blue and white school uniforms, and they were about the same height. From a distance, it looked like Mo Li was fighting with Bai Cheng.

A few passersby stopped subconsciously and walked around them.

Seeing Bai Cheng looking up at himself, Mo Li’s hand was a little heavier, he squeezed Bai Cheng’s shoulder tightly, and gritted his teeth: “If you are short of money, you just come to my house every night, help me clean the house, and I will take care of your dinner. I’ll pay you five hundred a day.”

Five hundred a day is not a small number for Bai Cheng, his eyes moved slightly, and he heard Mo Li continued: “If you are worried about your studies, I will tutor you, I will change teachers for you, and I can help you with anything you need! You! Just what are you worried about?”

Seeing Bai Cheng swallowed and a little shaken. Mo Li lowered his head and touched Bai Cheng’s forehead lightly, “Bai Cheng, you have to be responsible to me.”

Bai Cheng suddenly looked at Mo Li with a blank expression, what did he say?

He saw Mo Li pursed the corner of his lower lip, and said with gritted his teeth: “I promised the head teacher that you will be in the top three in the first examination, you can treat my kindness as a donkey’s liver and lungs, but you can’t be so irresponsible. As soon as you leave and don’t go to school, everyone will laugh at me!”

Someone as soft-hearted as Bai Cheng would be embarrassed to drop out of school after hearing this.

In order to make Bai Cheng go to school with peace of mind, Mo Li had used all the hard and soft methods. If Bai Cheng was still stubborn after all this, don’t blame him for being ruthless.

That was to say, he had the patience to face Bai Cheng. If anything, he would just directly put pressure on people and the school. When the time comes, who would dare to agree to Bai Cheng’s application to drop out.

Even if he forced him, it was for Bai Cheng to go to school with peace of mind.

Fortunately, when Bai Cheng heard that he would cause trouble for Mo Li, he lowered his head to hold his forehead and shook his head with guilt: “No way, how can I get into the top three in the exam? I just listened to the teacher in class now. I couldn’t understand and i couldn’t keep up.”

But he couldn’t think of any way to save Mo Li’s face. If he really walked away like Mo Li said, Mo Li would be laughed at by others.

“As long as you study well, I guarantee you will get good grades.” Mo Li patted him on the shoulder and looked at him with confidence. His tone was earnest and heartfelt, “You have to trust me.”

Silently waiting for Bai Cheng to give the final answer, he heard the sound of a sprinkler coming from the road behind him. Mo Li glanced back and took out the school uniform jacket from his backpack. He pulled the zipper down and covered his and Bai Cheng’s heads with the it.

He could smell the disinfectant in the air around his nose. Mo Li didn’t like the smell, but at this moment, only Bai Cheng’s handsome and tender face was left in his eyes. He wanted to take a bite.

Fortunately, Bai Cheng couldn’t see through his thoughts as he was still thinking about the last sentence Mo Li just said. Finally making up his mind, he looked up at Mo Li and said: “I trust you, and I’ll be responsible for you.”

In fact, Bai Cheng was responding to Mo Li’s previous words, and he didn’t think much about it until he said it out loud. Why did it come out so strange?

Only then did he realize that the surrounding light was blocked and dimmed, and the atmosphere was a little weird.

His head was still covered with Mo Li’s jacket, and he could smell Mo Li’s comfortable and clean scent when he raised his head slightly.

Awkwardly, he stretched out his hand and pulled the jacket down and stuffed it back to Mo Li. He glanced at the other party and mumbled, “It’s just a sprinkler…”

Using a piece of clothing to block some water mists, sure enough, people from a big city acted more lavishly.

After such an interruption, Mo Li reluctantly took back his lust. He missed the feeling of holding Bai Cheng who was wearing nothing, and hugged the school uniform tightly, intending to send Bai Cheng back.

“Are you still going to drop out?” He glanced at Bai cheng absent-mindedly, and said casually, “If not, come to my house tomorrow night.”

“Five hundred a day is too much.” Bai Cheng didn’t refuse, walked beside Mo Li, and looked at him honestly: “You have already agree to let me have dinner, the money is…”

“Then two hundred, it can’t be any less.” Mo Li interrupted him and sighed. Others can’t wait to get more money, but Bai Cheng is stupid.

In the last life, the pair of rings for the two of them were bought by Bai Cheng.

Seeing Mo Li’s expression of impatient discussing this, Bai Cheng couldn’t say more, so he could only thank him again, except that he didn’t know what to talk to Mo Li.

Mo Li didn’t like to see his polite appearance. He was a little impulsive just now. At this moment, his desire and dissatisfaction were inevitably obvious, he pouted and said: “don’t say thank you. You said before that you want to repay me. Since you don’t want to pay with your flesh, then I just need you to study hard.”

Feeling that he was speaking in a tone like that of an old man, Mo Li was even more annoyed. For the current Bai Cheng, his mental age combined can be Bai Cheng’s father.

Damn it, wouldn’t that make him an old cow gnawing on tender grass.

Bai Cheng didn’t know what Mo Li was struggling with. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He looked at Mo Li’s strange expression and thought that he had encountered something difficult. After thinking about it, he asked, “You said you came here for one person, did you find that person? ?”

“I found him.” Mo Li gave him a gloomy look.

“How is he now?” Bai Cheng asked hastily.

Mo Li glanced at him again with that complicated and weird expression before saying, “he’s much worse than I thought, I really don’t know how he would be without me—”

After speaking, he stopped. Seeing that Bai Cheng’s attitude towards him was less alienated and closer, Mo Li also relaxed and said: “But fortunately I know now, what do you think of me?”

“Ah?” Bai Cheng looked at Mo Li and said as best as he could, “You are a good person, are all people in big cities the same as you?”

“Good person?” Mo Li raised his eyebrows.

Bai Cheng nodded and muttered in a low voice, “It was just a funny and bluffing thing to say about paying with flesh and whatnot. You’re not that kind of person.”

Hearing this, Mo Li was suddenly choked, and was embarrassed to say that he did exactly this to Bai Cheng in his previous life. Even now, he was also greedy for Bai Cheng.


Sandy: That’s right. Stay in school, kids.




What do I want, you have no idea?

Bai Cheng looked at Mo Li inexplicably. He didn’t like the feeling of being controlled, so he blocked Mo Li’s hand.

Fortunately, Mo Li was not angry, just lay on the table and stared at him: “You still want to drop out?”

Bai Cheng realized today that he and Mo Li were not from the same world at all, and he was a little more restrained when he spoke.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the table, his hands with thin calluses twisted together gently, and he pursed his chapped lips before whispering: “I want to make money.”

“How much money do you think you can make if you drop out of high school?” Mo Li held his own face and said in a casual tone: “Or what kind of job can you do if you don’t have a high school diploma?”

“I can do whatever I can!” Bai Cheng quickly raised his head and said, “I now work at a part-time job every weekend, and I will be an adult on my ID card next year, so I‘ll have more options.”

At this time, Bai Cheng was just a teenager in high school. He didn’t have much social experience, and his thoughts were very simple: make money. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Mo Li’s eyes stagnated on Bai Cheng for a few seconds, and he sighed: “You come with me after school today. “

After saying that, he turned his head away.

Feeling that the other party was angry, Bai Cheng reached out his hand to grab Mo Li’s arm, but he stopped midway and retracted his hand.

Even if he graduated from high school, he wouldn’t be able to go to college, so he might as well make more money now.

He understood that Mo Li meant for his own good, but he already owed Mo Li a lot today. How could he still be brazen enough to let Mo Li help him go to school?

What could he give in return?

“I really appreciate you, but I’m not meant to study… I don’t have anything right now to pay you back, but if you want me to do something for you, I will definitely try my best to do it!”

His voice came in low behind Mo Li. In the next second, Mo Li suddenly slapped the table in a fury. Everyone in the class was startled, and at the same time, Mo Li turned around and grabbed Bai Cheng’s clothes, pulling him towards himself.

He bit Bai Cheng’s ears and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “do you want to give me your flesh as a compensation?”

Flesh as a compensation?

Bai Cheng was stunned.

Seeing Bai Cheng in a trance, Mo Li’s voice seemed to be squeezed out of the gap between his teeth, he said in a more serious voice: “Did I fucking say you have to pay me back? Then will you let me fuck you for the rest of my life?”

No matter how simple Bai Cheng was, he knew that this was not a good word.

He thought Mo Li was joking, but looking at Mo Li’s stubborn and deep eyes, he subconsciously understood that he was serious.

His palms were sweating, he grabbed his sleeves for a moment and shook his head forcefully.

“Since you don’t want to, just shut up and follow me after school!”

Letting go of Bai Cheng, Mo Li turned around with icy eyes. When his back turned to Bai Cheng, his icy expression faded. He pressed his forehead angrily.

How old is Bai Cheng, what if you frightened him?

But once the words had been said, there was no regret.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down, thinking that he still had to ask his doctor to prescribe some medicine, otherwise it would be too late to regret if he couldn’t suppress his emotions and hurt Bai Cheng.

At the beginning of his last life, he did not try to get along with Bai Cheng. He just wanted to let Bai Cheng be obedient and stay by his side. Bai Cheng didn’t hate him for his actions in the beginning, it was the luckiest thing in his last life.

These messy things happened today, the students were not in the mood for class. The teacher was also in a meeting, so he directly asked them to go to self-study.

Since Mo Li didn’t want to waste time, he dragged Bai Cheng put of the school.

The two walked silently all the way to a large building materials market on the second ring road of H City. Most of the shops inside were open, and people came and went. There were many small and medium-sized trucks parked by the wide road, with many people unloading and loading goods.

“Do you know how much these people who do such manual labor can earn in a month?” Mo Li spoke, looking at Bai Cheng.

Bai Cheng hesitated, then whispered, “I do this on weekends, and I can make one hundred or two a day.”

“That’s a lot less. As long as the market is good, you can work every day without rest for a month and earn at least four or five thousand dollars. This is only in a small city like H City.” Mo Li said. “So much?” Bai Cheng was stunned, he didn’t expect these laborers could earn that much.

“So much? Some people can’t earn that much in the first month of working in the office after finishing college.” Mo Li shook his head and smiled, looking at Bai Cheng and said, “This kind of work is not bad, if you don’t study in high school, you can come out and do this job. You think about it.”

The voice fell to Bai Cheng, but he didn’t react. He thought that Mo Li was here to persuade him to stay in school, but what did he mean by telling him that it was good to drop out?

However, Mo Li didn’t mean to explain, he just dragged Bai Cheng to a man who was wearing a uniform and playing with his mobile phone, and politely greeted him, “Hello?”

Even if Mo Li was lawless, as long as he didn’t get angry and didn’t purposely behave in a certain way, the upbringing infiltrated in his bones could make him look like someone not from an ordinary family.

“Uncle, I just wanted to take the liberty to ask, are you tired of doing your current job?” Mo Li said warmly.

The man was stunned for a moment, then raised his head a little suspiciously and said, “who are you?”

“Neither really.” The man waved his hand and smiled unrestrainedly: “Except for no rest days, I’m basically used to it.”

Mo Li got the answer he wanted, turned back, and patted Bai Cheng on the shoulder. He said, “Look, you can earn a lot, it doesn’t seem so tiresome.”

The man blinked, looked at the school uniforms of the two, and hesitated: “Do you guys want to do this job?”

“Yes, we don’t want to go to school anymore, we think it’s useless, we want to work directly to make money.” Mo Li said softly.

“Fuck!” Who knew that the man’s expression turned cold, and he said solemnly: “I also have a son, who is younger than you. I work here just so that my son can go to school well, don’t even think about into my line of work.!”

“When do people begin to make money? What do you do at what age? If you don’t go to school now, how will you make it up in the future?” The man frowned in disapproval: “Don’t learn from those influencers online who dropped out of school to make a fortune. How many of them can really make money? No parent in this world wants their children to be like me in the future. Do you want your next generation to suffer as well?”

“But now I’m short of money, and my grades are not good.” Mo Li glanced at Bai Cheng and lowered his eyes.

“That’s okay too. Actually, it may not be very promising now, but… at least you won’t regret it in the future when you look back,” When the man said the word regret, his expression was complicated. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He glanced at his wrinkled hands from the sun for many years, chuckled lightly, but his eyes were cloudy and you couldn’t see the genuine smile.

“Thank you, uncle.” Mo Li nodded, pulling Bai Cheng to the aisle: “we’ll think about it again.”

“Seeing that you are in good health, come here if you have time on weekends. I have a job here. I will pay you 150 a day, 300 in two days. You will be be able to pay for your books in two weeks.” The man’s voice sounded from behind.

Mo Li thanked him again. Seeing Bai Cheng’s trance, he said: “What do you think you can do after you drop out of school. This is the question all the students ask themselves at some point.”


Sandy [Translator]: There are few people who became successful after dropping out of school. I wish I’m one of them, but life is too cruel eh!




Aren’t You Just a Child?

I want to change the head teacher

Everyone looked in the direction Mo Li pointed, and they saw the head teacher with a frightened face.

Liu Chao was about to break out in a cold sweat. Could it be that Mo Li wanted to arrest the head teacher as well?

“I, what did I do?!” The head teacher never thought that the fire could burn his head, he cried out in panic, for fear that he would also be charged with some unwarranted crime. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Seeing how Mo Li dealt with Xu Zhiyuan just now, it subverted his three views. At the same time, Mo Li was no different from the devil in the eyes of everyone.

“Didn’t the teacher always think that Xu Jia was right, and that it was Bai Cheng who was wrong?” Mo Li turned around and said.

He could see that the overall attitude of the class had a lot to do with the inaction of the head teacher.

The head teacher’s face turned pale, and he wasn’t the only one who thought so. Many teachers felt that Bai Cheng was a muddy mess and couldn’t support the wall.

Seeing Mo Li staring at her, he was really scared. Xu Zhiyuan could be taken away just like that, and it would be much easier to deal with ordinary people like him.

He still had his wife, children, and family, so he couldn’t afford to be slandered in such a vague way!

“What’s wrong with this? I’m also an ordinary person. What if I want to be nice to students who study well?” The head teacher gritted his teeth and said, “If Bai Cheng was a good student, I would have protected him well no matter what others say.”

The average grades of the entire class would always be lowered because of Bai Cheng, deterring the head teacher from getting bonuses. He didn’t like Bai Cheng and wanted Bai Cheng to leave his class. Was that a problem?

Hearing this, Bai Cheng’s light-brown eyes dimmed a little, he knew that his studies were really bad, he was a hindrance to the class, and the teachers were disappointed in him.

Since the accident at home, he became more and more unable to concentrate on his studies. After missing one or two lessons in high school, all the courses were out of touch. At first, he still had the energy to ask the teacher. Later, he fought with Xu Jia, and everyone came to be aware that his father was a murderer.

From then on, the classmates avoided him, and the teachers looked at him in a strange way. He seldom talked to people, and after that, he didn’t even want to go to school anymore, so there was no need to listen in the class.

“Are they not your student if they don’t study well?” Mo Li suddenly stood up and said sharply.

At this moment, he couldn’t wait to cover Bai Cheng’s ears and not let him listen to such hurtful words. He confronted the head teacher directly, even if he was just a student, his tall body was still extremely oppressive.

The head teacher was not even taller than his chin, he raised his head and took a step back, gritted his teeth and said: “Mo Li, don’t try to put any trumped-up charges on me, don’t think you can do whatever you want, this is a society ruled by law!”

As he said that, he quietly took out his mobile phone and planned to record it. If there was public opinion on the Internet to protect him, he would be fine!

However, Mo Li easily grabbed his struggling hand and said lightly, “What do you think I’m going to do?”

The head teacher’s face turned completely pale, Mo Li had the same flat expression when dealing with Xu Zhiyuan just now.

“Young Master Mo…” Liu Chao couldn’t help but want to say something nice for the head teacher, but he felt that it was not good to get involved in this matter. What if he got caught up in the fire? Is his position as the dean of education would be in danger then?

Bai Cheng grabbed Mo Li’s arm at this time, pursed his lips, and said with worry hidden in his eyes: “Don’t do it.”

No matter how powerful Mo Li was, as a student, he shouldn’t hit the teacher.

Mo Li could tell what Bai Cheng was worried about with just one glance. He raised his hand and rubbed it on Bai Cheng’s head, then pushed it back before looking back at the head teacher and said: “Did you see that Bai Cheng, who has always been hated by you, thinks that I shouldn’t do anything to you because you are a teacher, but when did you treat Bai Cheng as your own student?”

As he said that, he let go of the head teacher’s hand, turned around and pointed behind him: “If the teacher only looks at the grades, why do we need to sit in this classroom?”

The head teacher was reprimanded in public like this, he gritted his teeth, and wanted to refute, but he heard Mo Li continued: “Don’t say anything about you would have protected him if he was a good student. You’re just giving excuses.”

The clam voice was more humiliating than a roar, the head teacher clenched his fists and bit his lower lip in shame.

He was a teacher, what qualifications does a student have to make irresponsible remarks about him?

Worrying that if he couldn’t rebut Mo Li, he would really lose his job, so he took a deep breath and raised his head to glare at Bai Cheng: “I don’t think I did anything wrong. I didn’t see any self-motivation in Bai Cheng. His stay in the classroom was just a waste of teaching resources and affecting other students!”

Bai Cheng only felt that the head teacher’s eyes were piercing his heart like knives. He looked away, knowing that he would not make any big scene, he lowered his eyelids and said, “I aready planned to—”

“Then I want to show you that in the first-level examination of senior year, Bai Cheng can be in the top three in the class by his own strength.”

Mo Li interrupted Bai Cheng directly, staring at the head teacher.

When the head teacher heard this, he almost laughed out loud, what a joke, the person who was last in class for so long would get the top three in their top class?

Looking at Mo Li up and down, he thought that the other party was still just a child, and it really was impulsive.

“Mo Li!” Bai Cheng was also stunned, he nervously grabbed Mo Li’s arm and said, “What are you talking about?”

Mo Li pressed his hand to reassure him, turned back to the principal and spoke lightly: “Didn’t I say there would be punishment before? Let’s change our class teacher.”

Hearing that it was just a change of head teacher, the principal and the others all breathed a sigh of relief, and even the head teacher smiled as if he had survived the catastrophe.

“Okay, change it today, change it today.” The folds on Liu Cha’s face were all connected together. Neither he nor the principal thought that this matter would be solved so easily. They were excited to say the least.

Seeing that it was all right, the head teacher seemed to be able to save a little face in front of the students, and snorted softly: “Okay, I’m going to see how you can get Bai Cheng to the top three in the test, but don’t get caught for cheating.”

“If he could, remember to apologize to Bai Cheng.”

Mo Li didn’t care about the knife in his words and said directly to the head teacher.

He then turned around and pulled Bai Cheng back to his seat. They had been arguing for so long today and haven’t even finish the afternoon class.

When the principal and others saw the situation subsided, they quickly left, but Chu Yawen came over and patted Bai Cheng on the shoulder, as if she believed that he could get good grades in the test and said, “You got this! If you don’t understand, just come ask me.”

Chu Yawen was a new teacher who only joined last year. She looked very young and had a good energy. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Bai Cheng was very obedient when he was in front of Chu Yawen. He nodded solemnly. He couldn’t say the words that he wanted to drop out of school.

Mo Li on the side didn’t hate Chu Yawen, but Bai Cheng’s embarrassed look with his head bowed, caused him to clenched his teeth in jealousy.

As soon as Chu Yawen left, Mo Li’s true nature was revealed. He lifted Bai Cheng’s chin to make him look at himself.

“Look at me.”


Sandy: Wish I was in that class to see some action like that.




Remember, it’s not private

“Wait, who are you! I didn’t do anything, you are breaking the law!”

Xu Zhiyuan roared in horror, of course it is impossible to be taken away obediently, who knows where these unidentified people will take him.

When he was struggling, Yu Gao also rushed in, trying to stop the armed men.

“We have something to say, can you explain what’s going on first?” Yu Gao’s face turned pale in panic. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He pulled Xu Zhiyuan’s arm and timidly looked at the guns in those people’s hands.

Are these guns real?

“I want to make a call, you let me make a call!” Xu Zhiyuan thought that these people were the police of H City, he held his mobile phone tightly. A few buttons on his shirt were broken, but his voice was still loud and clear.

Who knew that these armed men didn’t listen to him at all, and took him away with their hands tightly clasping Xu Zhiyuan.

“Let me make a phone call!” Xu Zhiyuan was still struggling, until one of them pointed his black gun directly at his head, and then he just stood there dumbfounded.

“Wait a moment.”

At this time, Mo Li, who was sitting in the back row, suddenly made a sound. He was holding Bai Cheng’s hand and kneading it while Bai Cheng was in a daze. He said without turning his head, “Let him call.”

The leading armed personnel obviously knew who Mo Li was, and immediately raised their hands to signal the two subordinates to let Xu Zhiyuan go.

As soon as Mo Li spoke, the whole class was in an uproar. Xu Zhiyuan also looked at the youth in horror, “Is it you… Did you do this?”

Seeing that Mo Li was ignoring him, he didn’t care too much, raced against the clock to take out his phone, and called the police chief he knew.

Who knows the phone was not answered at all.

He was not reconciled, hung up, and continued to call everyone in a high position he knew. Finally, someone picked up after the third time.

He breathed a sigh of relief, as long as the other party answered the phone, there was still hope.

Who knew that before he had time to speak, he heard a voice through the phone: “You’re on your own.”

The person hung up directly in the next second.

Xu Zhiyuan called the other party’s phone again and found that it was now turned off. The mayor of City H didn’t answer his calls? He was his last resort!

Xu Zhiyuan’s head buzzed, and he felt completely helpless. At this time, the leader of armed men group walked over with a blank expression and took out his ID card directly from his pocket.

The ID card clearly stated that he was a member of Army A – a direct army that can only be mobilized by those unattainable people in City A.

“Xu Zhiyuan, you are suspected of illegally involving in contrabands, and now you are going to be investigated.”

Xu Zhiyuan suddenly understood why the director didn’t answer his call, and why he was charged with this trumped-up crime without any evidence.

Army A says you are guilty, and you are guilty!

When Yu Gao saw the ID card, he was already sitting on the ground, trembling and speechless, the previous arrogance was completely gone.

Although Xu Zhiyuan was still able to stand, he was not much better. He suddenly looked at Mo Li and screamed like a ghost: “It’s you! It’s you who framed me!”

How could this be, why was a person from the Mo family able to mobilize the Army A?

It was a pity that the soldiers of Army A, no matter what he said, directly held him and Yu Gao away.

Before they left, Mo Li let out a low laugh in the silent classroom, knocked on the table, and said:

“I listened to you, it’s not private.”

There was only a desperate roar in the hallway.

The people from Army A came and went quickly, and soon the school returned to silence. Many teachers who heard the wind came to inquire about the news. Students in other classes were told not to leave the classroom, and could only probe their heads at the door of the classroom.

The people in H City had never seen such a scene before. Even the principal was stunned, standing at the door of the classroom blankly, not knowing whether he should go in or not.

Mo Li, who was in the center of the focus, was still holding Bai Cheng’s hand, muttering in his heart that Bai Cheng’s hand was so soft and nice. Although there were calluses on the palm of his hand, it was still very comfortable to touch.

This is the young Bai Cheng.

He bent his eyes and raised his eyes to meet Bai Cheng’s shocked gaze. He smiled and said, “What’s wrong?”

“He—” Bai Cheng’s voice was a little choppy, and it took a long time to speak out without logic: “He, Xu Zhiyuan…you, you really…did it?”

“Umm.” Mo Li rubbed Bai Cheng’s hand, and he was half irritable, but said calmly: “You won’t see him again in the future, it’s all right now, A Cheng.”

When he heard the words “It’s alright” from Mo Li’s mouth, Bai Cheng’s eyes suddenly turned red.

He had already made plans to die with everyone just now, but he didn’t expect everything to be all right in the blink of an eye.

He quickly lowered his head and blinked hard to hold back the tears.

“Thank you.” He said sincerely, this time without Mo Li, he would really be finished.

After thinking about it, he raised his eyes worriedly, “You helped me, will you be okay?”

He felt that Mo Li would have to pay some price for being able to mobilize such a powerful person.

Mo Li was stunned for a moment, and he couldn’t help laughing. When he was about to speak, the principal and Liu Chao finally came in and interrupted him: “Mo, Young Master Mo?”

Their two-person world between himself and Bai Cheng was interrupted by others, Mo Li frowned, with an undisguised look of impatience on his face, “What?”

The principal glared at Liu Chao, and Liu Chao hurriedly said, “Young Master Mo, it was my fault just now. Since Mr. Xu… Xu Zhiyuan has already left, then we don’t have to deal with Bai Cheng.”

They never thought that Mo Li knew someone from Army A, and if he could make Xu Zhiyuan taken care of at once, he would also be able to take care of their school at once!

“No.” Mo Li shook his head.

“What’s wrong?” Liu Chao’s heart skipped a beat and asked quickly.

Mo Li lifted his chin lazily, raised his eyelids, and said, “Xu Jia was sent to the hospital by me. I haven’t been punished yet. You said before that you should treat every student the same. You can’t swallow your words back.”

Hearing this, Liu Chao’s face turned red and green, how could he dare to deal with Mo Li now, this boy was crazy!

He could only smile awkwardly: “Everyone is fine, it’s all right.”

“All right?” Mo Li straightened up, his voice half a degree higher.

As soon as the sound came out, the other students lowered their heads subconsciously, which made Liu Chao even more tremble. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Just now, these people were in a hurry to push Bai Cheng out to take the blame.

Looking over the principal and the others, Mo Li chuckled lightly: “Since this happened, someone must have made a mistake, at least one person has to be dealt with, right?”

“This…” Where does Liu Chao have the guts and dare to move Bai Cheng now? Xu Jia tried to mess with Bai Cheng and was beaten like that by Mo Li, and nothing could be done to the perpetrator. If he dealt with Bai Cheng now, wouldn’t he be courting death?

Mo Li looked back at Bai Cheng, who had some worried in his eyes, he didn’t have the heart to continue making trouble any more. He simply pointed out and said, “Just punish him.”


Sandy: Xu Zhiyuan, I hope you enjoyed this little experience.




I Want Xu Family to Never Show Up Again

Xu Zhiyuan stared at Bai Cheng aloofly. He couldn’t help but sneer when he saw the worn-out school uniform washed yellow and the shoes with raw edges. With obvious contempt in his eyes: “Or do you want to kneel down for me today, begging me to let you go? After all, you can’t afford to pay any money, and it’ll good to keep your father’s company in prison.”

When he was talking, he still looked at Mo Li from the corner of his eyes from time to time. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. After all, Mo Li wanted to protect Bai Cheng, and insulting Bai Cheng was equivalent to insulting Mo Li in person.


Seeing that everyone had decided to turn the target onto Bai Cheng, Chu Yawen stood up again to stand in front of Bai Cheng.

In the eyes of other teachers, students like Mo Li and Xu Jia with good grades are the good students. But in Chu Yawen’s eyes, Bai Cheng, this child, is the one that makes her the most distressed and regrettable.

Bai Cheng’s English grades in the senior high school entrance examination were close to full marks, and his grades in the first year of high school were also good. Later, after the accident, his grades gradually declined and became what they are now.

She didn’t want to give up on the child. So, she would find time to tutor Bai Cheng. Later, seeing that Bai Cheng always refused, she could only take care of him more in class, hoping that he could do well.

Although she is a teacher, she is just an ordinary person. The only thing she can do is to make her students walk on the right path as much as possible.

“Mr. Xu, I heard the reason when I came here. It was your son who instigated Bai Cheng first, and then Mo Li retaliated. If you want to punish someone, wouldn’t be fair to punish Xu Jia first?” She swallowed nervously when he met Xu Zhiyuan’s gloomy gaze, but she stood still firmly and did not look away.

“Xu Jia is already lying on the hospital bed, how are you going to punish him?” The head teacher originally heard that the matter was about to be resolved, but who knew that Chu Yawen would make a move, so he said angrily and loudly: “Ms. Chu, this matter is none of your business, so hurry up and go prepare for your own lessons!”

“But you guys don’t plan to punish Xu Jia at all!” Chu Yawen’s eyes that were very pure and lovely are now a little red: “You don’t plan to deal with Mo Li who beat up Xu Jia and you don’t plan to deal with Xu Jia who started all this , but only want to push the blame on Bai Cheng who has never done anything from beginning to end!”

Xu Zhiyuan stared at Chu Yawen for a few seconds, then took the lead to look away, and sneered: “It seems that the teachers of your school has a lot of opinion on me.”

“Ms. Chu!”

Now even the principal is not happy anymore, he stared at Chu Yawen threateningly, his hands were shaking with anger: “What does it have to do with you, you go back!”

The situation was turning for the better, but what is this Chu Yawen jumping about now?

“Teacher–” Bai Cheng also took Chu Yawen’s arm, looked at her gratefully, and then silently shook his head.

He had already made up his mind. If he really had to go to prison, he would definitely beat Xu Jia hard and drag him along with him.

Mo Li, who had been silent at this time, also spoke up. He looked directly at Xu Zhiyuan, “Do you know that Xu Jia made a mistake first?”

Xu Zhiyuan was waiting for Mo Li’s reaction, seeing how the other party was suffering because of his inability to do anything, he couldn’t help but reply with a little smugness, “So what if I know?”

What ability can a student like Mo Li have, and his parents are far away in City A. There is nothing he can do against an adult like him.

“Okay.” Mo Li knew what Xu Zhiyuan was thinking when he saw the man’s expression. Now that Xu Jia’s biggest backer had appeared, there was no need to endure any longer.

He looked at everyone in turn, and finally took out his mobile phone and made a call. He said directly as soon as the call was connected, “I don’t want to see half of the Xu family again.”

The voice fell and he hung up at once.

Then Mo Li grabbed Bai Cheng’s arm as if nothing had happened, yawned, and said, “Aren’t you tired of standing all the time? Let’s go back to the classroom and sit.”

Bai Cheng stared at him blankly and was dragged into the classroom without being able to react for a while. “You……”

Mo Li directly pressed Bai Cheng to his seat and frowned at Qu Ziyu who was standing in front of Bai Cheng, “You need something?”

Qu Ziyu also heard the conversation in the corridor earlier, knowing that Mo Li was not to be provoked, his face was a little embarrassed. He went and sat in his own seat.

Only then Mo Li’s eyebrows stretched out. He sat down in front of Bai Cheng and smiled at the youth.

Bai Cheng just sat down but Liu Chao rushed in and wanted to take him away.

Who knew that before he got close to Bai Cheng, he was stopped by Mo Li who was sitting in front of Bai Cheng by raising his long leg.

“If you take one more step, I’ll break your leg. I’ll do what I say.” Mo Li tapped the table and completely tore apart the skin of a good student.

Looking at Mo Li’s icy gaze, Liu Chao only felt a chill on the soles of his feet, and his scalp was numb from the cold.

Xu Zhiyuan outside the door felt this whole thing was silly. Mo Li was the second-year student in a middle school. Let their Xu family not show up again? What a joke! This young man really thinks he can do anything in this town and their Xu family is so easily dispensable?

Thinking that Mo Li was too embarrassed and wanted to run away, Xu Zhiyuan also strode into the classroom and found a stool to sit down nearby.

“Let me never show up again?” He sneered at Mo Li, “I’ll wait.”

Mo Li only treated him as non-existent, dutifully protecting Bai Cheng, and not letting others approach.

Bai Cheng was in a daze at the moment. He actually didn’t think that Mo Li had any way to deal with Xu Zhiyuan, an adult. He could only gently tug at Mo Li’s sleeve and whispered, “Don’t make trouble, but thank you for protecting me, I’m really happy today.”

“It’s all over, believe me.” Mo Li propped his chin. He couldn’t get enough of Bai Cheng’s face, he just wanted to kiss him.

More than half an hour passed without movement. Xu Zhiyuan used this time to assign tasks to his subordinates and hung up the phone. He stood up, and said with some joy in his eyes, “Have you pretended enough? I don’t really have time to play your little games. Just hand over Bai Cheng and I won’t bother with you.”

He didn’t expect his assistant to suddenly run inside the classroom hastily in the next second and said anxiously, “Chairman Xu, something happened. I suddenly got a call from the bank we cooperated with and they said that the collaboration regarding the loans were cancelled! If we suddenly want to get the money back, the funds we need to work around are not enough.”

Xu Zhiyuan was stunned for a moment. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. But before he could react, the phone he just hung up rang again. It was the subordinate who had just been assigned the task. He hurriedly said: “Chairman Xu, we were just informed that the arrest warrants have been issued because our business is suspected of selling illegal goods. Everyone is panicking now, do you know what happened!?”

Immediately afterwards, Xu family house was surrounded by the police, saying that some unlawful and prohibited items were hidden. His wife was very frightened.

A few minutes later, the siren sounded in the school. Xu Zhiyuan was sweating profusely on his head. He stood up abruptly and looked out the window. Before he even hung up the phone in his hand, a few armed men rushed over and seized him directly.


Sandy: I told you not to be too willful, chairman Xu. Now what?