Ch 39 (Part 3): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

However, when he arrived at the dressing room, Zhong Ning had already left, claiming to have urgent matters to attend to. He didn’t even take the payment for the styling he did today and didn’t bother to say goodbye to Fang Yandong. He simply told a servant and left.

Yan Tong felt even more frustrated by this sudden turn of events. He cursed Zhong Ning for his lack of professionalism. Now that Zhong Ning had suddenly left, where could he find another highly skilled stylist at such short notice? The banquet was about to begin!

Usually, even if a top stylist had a big name, they wouldn’t simply bail out halfway through a job. After all, even a top stylist needed to maintain their reputation. Offending these noble families would definitely harm their future work prospects. But Zhong Ning didn’t care. Being a stylist was just a hobby for him. If he lost his job, he could easily go home and be a stay-at-home partner. His husband would be more than willing to support him.

With Zhong Ning gone halfway, it was too late to find another stylist. Reluctantly, Yan Tong swallowed his anger and put on the accessories that Fang Ziyang had suggested earlier. He took a photo to confirm with Fang Yandong that there were no issues before returning to the banquet hall with a sense of frustration.

However, the previous incident had already caused an impact. When Yan Tong reappeared in front of everyone, their attitudes towards him were polite but tinged with disdain.

Yan Tong was furious. The situation was far from the glamorous and spectacular image he had envisioned. Fang Yandong’s mood wasn’t any better, filled with suppressed anger. However, he felt a bit better when he thought about changing the engagement to someone else later, no longer needing to worry about his youngest son causing trouble and jeopardizing the engagement.

As for Fang Qianhao, despite accepting the cruel reality of his beloved person becoming his younger brother, he couldn’t celebrate with joy. He sat in the corner, drinking alone, unable to recover from his despondency for the next two to three months.

Fang Ziyang, who no longer sought the limelight, also stood in the corner, avoiding unnecessary attention. His gaze fell on Wang Jiaojiao, who was wearing a gloating expression, and he smiled lightly while holding the champagne in his hand.

Excellent! All the pawns have played their roles diligently. Let the show begin.

At 8 p.m.

The banquet officially started.

As announced by the banquet, Fang Yandong exchanged a few pleasantries before publicly acknowledging Yan Tong as the third young master of the Fang family.

This time, Yan Tong didn’t embarrass himself again. When he stepped forward to speak to everyone, although he was a bit nervous, he didn’t make any major etiquette mistakes.

After introducing Yan Tong’s identity, the focus of the evening shifted to the most important event—the cancellation of the engagement between the Xie family and the Fang family.

“Once again, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to attend the banquet of our Fang family. Today’s event is not only about introducing my newly returned third son, but also an important announcement…”

Fang Yandong stood in front of the banquet hall, bathed in the white light. The attention of the audience was focused on him, making the 39-year-old man even more charming.

It must be said that while Fang Yandong’s character was not admirable, his appearance was truly outstanding. Whether in his youth or middle age, he was undeniably handsome.

Fang Ziyang finally realized why he felt a sense of familiarity and affinity when he first saw Tang Xun. It was because Tang Xun bore some resemblance to Fang Yandong.

But overall, the two brothers looked more like their mother.

At this moment, Fang Yandong was truly captivating. Regardless of his appearance or the upcoming announcement, the atmosphere in the room was quiet, and everyone held their breath, waiting for his words.

The news of Xie Wenxu breaking the engagement and proposing again had already spread throughout the banquet hall, thanks to the mouths of the wealthy young masters and ladies. Although it was cruel for Fang Ziyang as the party involved, the gossip-loving crowd enjoyed the spectacle. After all, the Fang family rarely made it into the gossip news. Everyone was envious and curious!

The entire banquet hall was quiet, but the atmosphere reached its climax.

Yan Tong couldn’t hide the triumph in his eyes as he turned to look at Fang Ziyang, filled with satisfaction and disdain.

Today, he would make Fang Ziyang fall from grace completely.

Today, Fang Ziyang would become a laughingstock in front of everyone.

Today, Yan Tong would officially begin his path to surpassing Fang Ziyang as the leading character.

Without his proud academic achievements, without his genius brother Tang Xun, without the affectionate Xie Wenxu, and without the golden finger… Fang Ziyang was just an ordinary person.

Yan Tong  looked at Fang Ziyang with excitement in his eyes.

However, Fang Ziyang remained calm and unaffected by his gaze. After experiencing certain things multiple times, he had become indifferent to them.

Want to see him embarrassed? There would be no chance in this lifetime.

“Today, our Fang family has another important announcement to make. That is, I am breaking off the engagement with Xie Wenxu!” Fang Ziyang spoke up before anyone else, loudly and confidently. He then walked to the center of the banquet hall, taking the microphone from Fang Yandong.

The crowd was momentarily stunned.

Their attention shifted to Fang Ziyang, who suddenly appeared in the center. The young man, who had just come of age, stood tall with a noble bearing. Although he didn’t raise his chin, his crystal-clear eyes swept over everyone, giving them a sense of subservience.

Although it was the modern era, the young man’s presence made people feel as if they were facing a member of the aristocracy.

The inherent pride emanating from his bones and his indifference towards everything from the depths of his heart couldn’t be acquired through mere imitation.

Ignoring Fang Yandong’s stiff face, Fang Ziyang put on a faint, graceful smile and continued speaking.

“I believe most of you have heard about the unpleasant incident between Xie Wenxu and me some time ago. I won’t go into details about what happened, as it should be easy to understand the fickleness of human nature…”

Although everyone knew what had happened, no one expected Fang Ziyang to speak so directly and openly about it.

After all, regardless of the circumstances, the most embarrassing person in the incident was Fang Ziyang himself.

However, the reality was that Fang Ziyang spoke about it so easily, and he didn’t seem embarrassed at all. The onlookers couldn’t help but be amazed at his calmness. They had underestimated the young master of the Fang family.

In fact, Fang Ziyang not only didn’t feel embarrassed, but he also wanted the whole world to know about the situation. After all, he wasn’t the one at fault, so why should he feel ashamed?

“Xie Wenxu, as you all know, pursued me with great fanfare. It’s not surprising that anyone would be tempted by such grand gestures. I am also human, so I was no exception. I agreed to the engagement, but I also made it clear at that time that I have no tolerance for infidelity…”

“Now that Xie Wenxu has changed his mind, our Fang family may not be as prominent as the Xie family, but we still have our pride. We won’t engage in any entanglements. Therefore, after discussing it with my father, we have decided to announce today that I am breaking off the engagement with Xie Wenxu. In our eyes, the engagement is over, regardless of how the Xie family reacts.”

Since it was only an engagement and not a marriage, this verbal agreement didn’t have any legal effect, so announcing it would suffice.

Usually, for the sake of both families’ reputations, most wealthy families would announce the cancellation of the engagement together during a joint banquet. Fang Ziyang’s unilateral and impolite announcement was a clear sign of tearing up their relationship!

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Fang Yandong turned pale.

He had intended to announce the cancellation of the engagement at the Fang family, but he didn’t expect Fang Ziyang to say it like this! This way of speaking would definitely offend the Xie family!

However, what made him even more shocked was what came next.

“Our Fang family may not be as prominent as the Xie family, but we are not driven by money. When we agreed to the engagement, the gifts that the Xie family presented to us were meant to be returned in full.”

“In addition, it was our Fang family that initiated to cancel the engagement. Therefore, my father has decided to donate the entire proceeds from the sale of two buildings in the Dongfeng Port new development project to the Hope Project in the name of the Xie family, as compensation and apology.”

“Our family has been in touch with the representatives of the Hope Project, and they will visit with the press tomorrow. Our Fang family keeps our word. If the Xie family is dissatisfied, we are open to negotiations…”

Fang Ziyang took out his phone, activated the projection function, and displayed a screenshot of a conversation.

Then, he proudly declared, “Therefore, from today onwards, I have no relationship with Xie Wenxu. I, Fang Ziyang, am single again.”

After speaking, he looked at Fang Yandong, his eyes filled with deep gratitude. “Father, thank you for your selfless love and support. I really enjoyed this banquet.”

The sympathetic gazes of the crowd turned to Fang Yandong.

His legs trembled.

The funds from the sale of the two buildings in the new development project, his relationship with the Xie family, the damage to the Xie family’s reputation, the upcoming meeting with the Xie family… it was all over for him!

Yan Tong’s face turned pale as he clenched his fists, roaring in his mind:

This was supposed to be his recognition and reunion banquet, not Fang Ziyang’s celebration of his single status! Damn it!

At that moment, several police officers in uniform suddenly entered the Fang family’s banquet hall, breaking the tense atmosphere.

“Excuse me, which one of you is Mr. Fang Yandong and Mr. Yan Tong? I am Captain Zhao Wu from the XX Police Station. Our police station has received a report on a serious case involving baby theft, child trafficking, and illegal seizure of others’ property…”

“Based on the testimonies of witnesses, this case is related to both of you. We would like both of you to come to the police station to give your statements. Thank you.”

The police officers wore solemn expressions as they spoke.

The room fell silent once again.

Fang Yandong trembled and looked bewildered. “Related to me?”

The police officer nodded gravely. “Yes, Mr. Fang. The victim of this case is your first son, the son of you and your deceased wife.”


Fang Yandong’s first son with his deceased wife?

Then, what about Fang Qianhao?

All eyes in the room widened in astonishment.

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Ch 39 (Part 2): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

After all, he was an illegitimate child brought back from the outside, and it seemed that he couldn’t hold himself properly. He started causing trouble as soon as he entered the family.

Everyone laughed.

Fang Ziyang remained calm, regardless of how others looked at him. He acted as if these matters had nothing to do with him, as if his temperance had reached its peak today.

But Fang Yandong was not as composed. Yan Tong’s clever but foolish behavior made his face turn greener.

With a forced smile, he dismissed those who were laughing at him, and then directly pulled Yan Tong into a corner, suppressing his anger in his voice.

“I hired a stylist for you, didn’t I? Who let you dress like this today?!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Yan Tong had to meet people later, Fang Yandong would have wanted to slap him directly.

This idiot!

Fang Yandong was a person who cared a lot about face.

Although he was angry when his youngest son embarrassed him before, he didn’t dare to directly vent his anger. However, Yan Tong had fewer considerations. Before he truly married Xie Wenxu, Yan Tong was like an ant to him, free to knead and crush.

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And now, this ant had embarrassed him in front of his eyes.

Those scorching mocking gazes around him made him feel embarrassed like never before.

Although he disliked Zheng Yating, she had lived in high society when she pursued him. She understood some of the rules. How could she have not taught her son anything about the upper-class society?

In fact, he was mistaken.

Since Zheng Yating used her adopted son as a tool to marry into the Fang family, she naturally gave him careful guidance. But that was the original Yan Tong.

The transmigrated Yan Tong had come from another world, and even though he had received the memories of the original, it didn’t mean he could apply them proficiently. Coupled with his inherent greed and lack of exposure to good things, mistakes were bound to happen.

Especially when Fang Ziyang “kindly” lent a hand.

Therefore, up until now, Yan Tong didn’t quite understand why Fang Yandong suddenly became so angry with him.

Facing Fang Yandong’s furious scolding, he felt both wronged and angry.

Originally, he thought his father was really handsome and felt a bit happy. Now, he couldn’t help but think that Fang Yandong was indeed the father of Fang Ziyang, the villain from the novel. He was truly evil in his heart and detestable in appearance!

Was it necessary to get so angry just because he wore the wrong accessories?

But he didn’t dare to resist, he could only show a pitiful look and apologize, “Dad, I… I really didn’t know…”

Yan Tong felt some resentment in his heart, even though he was apologizing on the surface. He didn’t really feel sorry.

Fang Yandong had the audacity to scold him when he knew that he didn’t understand these things and still gave him a bunch of things to choose from. Wasn’t he deliberately making things difficult for him? Besides, everyone knew he had just returned to the Fang family, and they could understand such a small matter. Was it necessary to be so angry?

Normally, his pitiful appearance might have evoked some tenderness from Fang Yandong. After all, being weak and vulnerable naturally gained sympathy and care from others.

But now, Fang Yandong was still in a fit of anger, and he didn’t have the leisure to think about anything else. Yan Tong’s pitiful appearance not only failed to evoke tenderness from Fang Yandong, but instead made him feel that he was not fit for the high-class society, reminding Fang Yandong of Zheng Yating who used to pester him.

The more Yan Tong acted pitiful and helpless, the angrier Fang Yandong became.

“If you didn’t know, why didn’t you know? Didn’t I hire a stylist for you? Are you telling me that this is the design the top stylist in the country came up with for you?!”

He didn’t believe that the top stylist in the country would come up with such a level!

Yan Tong’s face turned pale, feeling panicked by the question. He didn’t dare to tell the truth that he didn’t listen. He feared that he would be despised by Fang Yandong.

He had just arrived at the Fang family, and he hadn’t had a chance to get the golden finger. He couldn’t afford to make Fang Yandong dislike him at this time. Thinking of this, Yan Tong’s fear turned into courage, and he shifted the blame to Fang Ziyang, biting his lip.

“Dad, I… I really didn’t do it on purpose. I listened to the stylist. It was… it was Second Brother who deliberately made me wear these things, intentionally embarrassing me. Dad, he must know that you are going to cancel his engagement and that Wenxu brother is going to propose to me. It’s intentional…”

“He has always hated me. In the past, he would always go against me and bully me because everyone liked me. But I really didn’t do it on purpose. I can’t control that Brother Wenxu likes me. I know he hates me, but I really didn’t expect him to be so foolish and embarrass me at such an event, wuwu…”

“And that stylist, I… I asked him if it was okay to wear these things, and he said it was. He must have been bribed and colluded with Second Brother. After all, I’m just a recently returned illegitimate child, and everyone looks down on me…”

As he spoke, Yan Tong even started crying, tears streaming down his face.

This blame shifted the anger away from Fang Yandong, and he felt slightly relieved. After all, this explanation was not impossible; it did fit Fang Ziyangs style.

But Fang Yandong’s face still looked unpleasant.

“Enough, stop crying. You have to meet people later. Since you know he hates you, then stay away from him in the future. I’ll hire a teacher to teach you etiquette and dress properly. I hope you can learn etiquette as soon as possible. I don’t want such a thing to happen again.”

Fang Yandong’s tone was not polite at all, as if he were an emperor looking down on his subjects.

Even Fang Ziyang didn’t like Fang Yandong’s attitude, and Yan Tong, who was already in a bad mood, felt even worse. He despised being looked down upon by others in such a condescending manner, and Fang Yandong had accurately hit his sore spot.

Feeling indignant in his heart, but still wearing a look of grievance, Yan Tong nodded, “I understand, I will do it…”

Fang Yandong nodded, “Alright then, I’ll go downstairs first. Come down again after you’ve reorganized yourself.”

After he finished speaking, Fang Yandong gave his orders without any courtesy and turned to leave. This was a stark contrast to the good impression he had when he first met Yan Tong in the original plot.

And once Fang Yandong left, Yan Tong immediately changed his expression.

The pitiful and helpless expression disappeared, replaced by a deep resentment. He kicked the wall corner in frustration, venting his anger. His previous thoughts of wanting to pursue Yan Dong, who he thought was a handsome father, vanished into thin air.

In the corner.

Fang Ziyang smiled as he recorded everything on his phone.

Feeling extremely satisfied, he edited the video and anonymously sent it to the email of the stylist, Zhong Ning.

After his rebirth, he would never do useless things. In his previous life, he had been deceived and manipulated by Yan Tong, taking advantage of his advantage of knowing the plot in advance. Now, he wouldn’t waste the opportunity of having foreknowledge. He would walk ten steps after taking one step.

Wasn’t Yan Tong always proud of using Zhong Ning’s help? Didn’t he think that Zhong Ning was returning a favor with ingratitude? Didn’t he believe that Zhong Ning was a green tea friend?

Well then, he would fulfill Yan Tong’s wish.

Let’s see how this overconfident person would fare without the help of others, after being deprived of their assistance. Could he still navigate the chaotic entertainment industry smoothly and gain endless glory?

By causing Fang Yandong to lose face and conveniently digging a pit for Yan Tong, there would be another “surprise” awaiting them later…

Fang Ziyang felt that today was simply an auspicious day for digging pits, seeking revenge, and declaring war. He was so happy!


Zhong Ning, who was eating cake in the lounge, suddenly heard his phone ringing. He casually opened the new email he received and saw a video inside.

A few minutes later.

Zhong Ning’s face turned pale as he closed the video, picked up his makeup box in anger, and left.

Zhong Ning was a kind and simple person with a straightforward personality. If he liked someone, he would treat them well without expecting anything in return. If he disliked someone, they shouldn’t expect him to show them a good face ever again. Once he disliked someone, it was unlikely for him to ever befriend them.

Qin Zong, the CEO of Star Sea Entertainment, was rumored to be cold and indifferent, but in reality, he doted on his hidden wife, Zhong Ning. Offending Zhong Ning would mean offending Qin Feng as well.

Yan Tong was not the type to go out of his way for anyone, especially since he didn’t know Zhong Ning’s background and regarded him as an ordinary stylist. Naturally, he wouldn’t make an effort to curry favor.

In the original plot, he befriended Zhong Ning because of the stunning styling he had done for him, which made him happy and took advantage of the opportunity.

Now that Yan Tong had lost face, even if it had nothing to do with Zhong Ning, it was normal for him to vent his anger on someone else. Blaming and shifting responsibility onto someone he disliked was something Yan Tong was accustomed to. He never considered the consequences if Zhong Ning were truly just an ordinary stylist without any background…

Fang Ziyang examined himself and acknowledged that he did have a flamboyant personality, but he had his limits.

On the other hand, Yan Tong was hypocritical, without any moral boundaries, selfish, and self-serving, just like Fang Yandong and the others. Fang Ziyang couldn’t understand how Yan Tong had the audacity to accuse him of heartlessly abandoning a group of deeply affectionate male suitors. He had never thought of breaking up if Xie Wenxu hadn’t done something to hurt him. In the end, Yan Tong’s treatment of him in the previous life was just an excuse for his own greed.

Yan Tong had no idea how his careless words would lead to his loss of a great ally in the future. After venting his anger by kicking the wall, he went to find Zhong Ning to redo his styling.

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Ch 39 (Part 1): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Although Uncle Liu and Aunt Zhang were insignificant figures, they had gained Fang Ziyang’s trust over the years, so their acting skills were naturally not lacking.

Fang Yandong would never have imagined that the two of them had been turned against him, and he naturally wouldn’t have any doubts about the words of these insignificant people.

Once everything was confirmed to be in order, Fang Yandong tidied up his clothes and went to the banquet hall to receive the guests.

At this time, the wealthy bosses of Jiang City began to arrive one after another.

Fang Yandong was a prominent figure in Jiang City, and no matter what everyone thought in their hearts, they still showed great respect on the surface. Especially before the situation between the Fang and Xie families regarding the engagement was clarified, no one would dare to offend rashly.

However, everyone was curious about the grand banquet being held by the Fang family today.

Mr. Wang, one of the bosses, had a straightforward personality and had a good relationship with Fang Yandong. As long as they didn’t discuss business matters, they could talk about anything without beating around the bush.

To be honest, Mr. Wang didn’t agree with Fang Yandong making such a big fuss about bringing the illegitimate child back home. Although having an illegitimate child was not a rare thing in their circle, the higher their status, the more they valued their reputation. Some things were better left understood by everyone, and there was no need to make such a big show of it.

Therefore, based on their long-standing relationship, Mr. Wang couldn’t help but say a few words.

“Yandong, we are all men, and we can understand the situation in your family to some extent. But after all, we still need to be mindful of certain boundaries. We can’t blame you for feeling sorry for the innocent child, but with such a grand spectacle today, Ziyang and Qianhao’s faces don’t look good. Isn’t this a bit… hurting their feelings?”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but the meaning was clear.

Even if he didn’t like his legitimate son, he was still his legitimate son. Moreover, Fang Qianhao was outstanding. The child was already an adult, so Fang Yandong had no reason to let his sons fight and suffer losses over this matter.

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Furthermore, although Old Master Lu had passed away, the Lu family had several generations of connections in the national scientific research institute. If someone among them took issue with the situation of the two children, they would definitely intervene. At that time, the Fang family would likely face big trouble.

In fact, Fang Yandong had his concerns about this. He had never dared to openly deal with his younger son before, and this was the biggest reason.

But things were different now.

Xie Wenxu wanted to break up with his younger son and be with Yan Tong. For the sake of his career, Fang Yandong had to value Yan Tong.

Once the marriage alliance with the Xie family succeeded, the connections of the Lu family would be insignificant.

Fang Yandong put on a fatherly smile and laughed it off, “Old Wang, I understand your good intentions, but Yan Tong is still my biological son, and what his mother did has nothing to do with him. I can’t be so heartless.”

“As for Ziyang and Qianhao, I’ve already made it clear, and the two children have agreed. From now on, everything in the Fang family will belong to them, the two brothers. I just wanted to bring this child back home…”

The biggest issue with bringing back an illegitimate child was the inheritance. Now that he had made it clear about the ownership of the future assets, anyone who listened wouldn’t think much of him. Instead, they would think that Fang Yandong was truly a loving father who cared for his child.

Once he had said these things, Mr. Wang, an outsider, didn’t feel comfortable saying anything more.

However, he was curious. What kind of child was Yan Tong that Fang Yandong liked and valued him so much? After all, those who had interacted with Fang Yandong for many years had this doubt.

Someone curiously asked with a smile, “Yandong, we’ve always known that you dote on your son. But it seems like your younger son must be pretty good too, or else you wouldn’t have accepted him so quickly, right?”

It was said that the illegitimate child not only grew up in a common neighborhood but was also raised by Zheng Yating. Everyone knew how shamless that woman was, and it was widely known that she couldn’t raise children to be outstanding.

This wasn’t just judging a book by its cover; it was the truth.

Fang Yandong also didn’t want Yan Tong’s reputation to be ruined because of Zheng Yating. Otherwise, even if Xie Wenxu liked his son, the Xie family would never agree to the engagement. After all, behind his younger son, there was still the Lu family’s connections.

Therefore, at this moment, Fang Yandong naturally wanted to uphold Yan Tong’s image while everyone was present.

“Yan Tong may have grown up outside, but besides not being able to provide him with the same living conditions to learn the family rules, he is still quite good. He has been an excellent student since childhood, and he was able to enter the top high school, Jiang City No.1 High School, by his own efforts. He is polite and humble in his interactions with others, and his teachers have praised him…”

In fact, the original Yan Tong was a good student who studied well and had good manners. He had always been praised by his teachers. When he was able to enter Jiang City No.1 High School through his own efforts, it was indeed an impressive achievement.

However, the transmigrated Yan Tong was different. He had average talent in academics and focused much of his energy on dealing with Fang Ziyang, so his current grades could only be considered average. His teachers, who had high expectations for him when he first entered school, were quite disappointed.

Of course, Fang Yandong would never mention the decline in high school grades. The brilliant achievement of entering Jiang City No.1 High School through his own efforts was enough to impress everyone.

When it came to comparing children in prominent families, their achievements were the most favored aspect.

Sure enough, upon hearing these words, everyone’s impression of Yan Tong improved, and they congratulated Fang Yandong on having another outstanding son.

Fang Yandong was very satisfied with this. There was no one who didn’t like compliments.

Especially after seeing Fang Ziyang dressed appropriately and behaving properly, without causing any trouble like at the previous auction, he was even happier. This period of time had given him a headache because of his younger son.

However, Fang Yandong was destined to be infuriated again tonight.

Just as he happily chatted with his business friends, Yan Tong, who had spent the whole afternoon preparing his appearance, finally made his appearance.

And then…

Everyone fell silent, and Fang Yandong’s smile froze.


Fang Ziyang couldn’t help but burst out laughing on the spot, making Fang Yandong’s already stiff face turn even darker.

The reason was simple, it was because of Yan Tong’s attire today.

At this moment, Yan Tong not only wore the antique cufflinks that Fang Ziyang had “advised” him not to choose, but he also added a highly valuable antique brooch!

Actually, there wouldn’t have been a problem if Fang Yandong had chosen to wear antique cufflinks and a brooch. Although it was surprising to see such precious accessories, antiques were a way for the upper-class society to display their status, making them more elegant and cultured.

Not to mention a pair of antique cufflinks and a brooch, there was even someone who had worn a set of treasured Empress Dowager Cixi jewelry before.

But what embarrassed Yan Tong was not only that he chose the antique cufflinks and brooch, but he also added a multimillion-dollar fashion watch and earrings.

Individually, these two items would dazzle people, but wearing them together not only made people think he had no taste but also represented a lack of judgment.

The embarrassment was even worse than when Fang Ziyang had caused a scene at the auction house!

This was blatantly telling everyone that Fang Yandong had accepted such a vulgar and greedy illegitimate child. True scions of noble families and wealthy heiresses would never act so tastelessly.

Fang Yandong had just praised Yan Tong in front of everyone, and now Yan Tong hit him with this. It was a blow to his face.

There were quite a few young men and women with ill intentions in the banquet hall who quickly took out their phones to take photos, intending to share them with their absent friends later.

Some wealthy businessmen, who had a less friendly relationship with Fang Yandong, couldn’t help but smirk on the spot.

“Haha, so this is the little son you recently brought back, Yandong? Indeed, a dragon and phoenix among people. Yandong, you’re really lucky. Congratulations, congratulations…”

Who couldn’t tell that this was sarcasm?

Immediately, many people in the banquet hall couldn’t help but laugh, joining in the sarcasm. Especially those who used to envy Fang Yandong for having two good sons, they now seized the opportunity to enjoy the show.

Fang Yandong felt a little dizzy.

On the other hand, Yan Tong didn’t realize that everyone was being sarcastic and actually thought they were praising him. His anxious heart finally settled down, and he proudly stood tall, raising his chin slightly to show his satisfaction.

He glanced provocatively at Fang Ziyang beside him, filled with the desire to perform.

He walked affectionately to Fang Yandong’s side, took the initiative to greet everyone, and then, as if he had a deep father-son bond with Fang Yandong, he hooked his arm around Fang Yandong’s and shyly said, “Dad, I really like the things you gave me. Thank you!”

He deliberately explained the origin of the items he was wearing in front of everyone, just to show off and prove his identity.

Perhaps he also wanted to suppress the legitimate young master of the Fang family.

Yan Tong believed that he disguised himself well and left no traces of his schemes.

However, the people present were all sharp-minded individuals, and Yan Tong was still inexperienced in controlling his facial expressions during social interactions. His little achievements and schemes were easily seen through by everyone.

As a result, the impression of him, which was already declining, couldn’t help but diminish further in everyone’s hearts.

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Ch 38 (Part 2): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Although this logic seems flawed, the fact that Yan Tong’s mother is Zheng Yating made the stylist automatically ignore the strangeness.

Since it was Mr. Fang’s intention, he didn’t think it was appropriate for him to say anything. The grudges and entanglements of the wealthy families were not something a small person like him could get involved in.

As for Fang Ziyang, he was almost laughing inside when he heard Yan Tong’s words.

I knew it, I knew it… Yan Tong is my dad’s illegitimate child, not mine. Why should I care about what he does? Besides, my dad wrote me a guarantee that my share of the inheritance won’t be reduced by a single cent. Why should I bother with such an illegitimate child who can’t see the light of day?

Today’s occasion is not the same as the previous auction outside.

I wonder if Fang Yandong will be infuriated again when he sees Yan Tong appear later?

Fang Ziyang is in a very good mood.

Today, he has prepared many gifts for these people.


After choosing clothes and accessories, Yan Tong continued to work on his hairstyle.

Fang Ziyang dressed simply and quickly finished. He didn’t have the patience to wait for Yan Tong and went straight out of the dressing room to the banquet hall.

By now, many guests had already arrived in the banquet hall.

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However, most of them were young people. People of Fang Yandong’s generation and status would usually arrive closer to the start of the event to demonstrate their status and save face.

Because the majority of attendees were young people, the atmosphere in the banquet hall was relatively casual.

When everyone saw Fang Ziyang come out, they immediately surrounded him.

Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu didn’t come today. Fang Ziyang specifically instructed them to handle the transfer of the suburban land and other matters to the Zhou family and Zhao family. Today’s banquet was originally a farce, so there was no need for them to waste their time coming.

So when Wang Jiaojiao approached and saw that only Fang Ziyang was alone, her attitude became even more arrogant.

Wang Jiaojiao covered her mouth and said, “Oh my, Fang Ziyang, I didn’t expect Yan Tong to be your father’s illegitimate child. You two are truly fated. I can’t believe you’re not causing a fuss. How did I not realize that you had such a big heart? Letting an illegitimate child enter the family so easily…”

The young masters and misses of the prominent families around smiled and didn’t interrupt. They wanted to hear what Wang Jiaojiao had to say, and they were waiting for the show.

Fang Ziyang had seen through the characters of these people in his previous life, so he didn’t care.

He lifted his champagne glass and sneered, “He’s my father’s illegitimate child, not mine. Why should I care about what he does? Besides, so what if he entered my house? My dad wrote me a guarantee that my shares won’t be reduced by a single cent in the future. Why should I care about someone who can’t be seen in the light?”

“But Jiaojiao, I heard that your mom gave birth to another sister for you. I wonder how much of your shares will be distributed to others? Instead of worrying about yourself, you’re concerned about me. It seems like your heart is even bigger…”

Although Wang Jiaojiao’s dad didn’t have affairs outside, he strongly favored male heirs. In order to have a son, Wang Jiaojiao’s mom was still giving birth at the age of forty.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the Wang family couldn’t produce a son. Wang Jiaojiao’s mom has been having daughters one after another.

As a result, Wang Jiaojiao now has four younger sisters, and her parents have no plans to stop.

Daughters also have the right to inherit the family’s wealth. As the eldest daughter, every additional sister or brother means that Wang Jiaojiao’s share of the inheritance in the future will be reduced. This is the biggest pain point for Wang Jiaojiao!

Wang Jiaojiao’s temper flared up almost instantly upon hearing such remarks.

She was like a startled wildcat with her tail stepped on, lashing out without restraint,

“Fang Ziyang, who do you think you are to make fun of me? Just you wait, Yan Tong can snatch your dad away, and he’ll soon snatch your fiancé as well. I saw it with my own eyes. Xiao Xie even had a public argument with you because of him. You’re about to be dumped by someone, yet you still have the audacity to mock me. I’ll be waiting for your misfortune!”

Wang Jiaojiao was angry and sarcastic.

But Fang Ziyang showed no reaction at all. He didn’t get immediately provoked like before. He remained calm and composed, and chuckled.

“Then you can wait for my misfortune. Speaking of Xiao Xie… Even if he doesn’t want me, he won’t spare a glance for you either. You, Wang Jiaojiao, can’t compare to me. You can’t even measure up to a commoner’s illegitimate child brought into the family. What qualifications do you have to mock me?”

“Now, you’re no longer my rival. Yet here you are, trying to pick a fight with me, Wang Jiaojiao. How did I not realize what a good person you are? Actually helping your rival resolve his issues? Are you stupid?”

“You… you…”

Wang Jiaojiao was speechless with anger, her face turning red.

It’s not like that! (She just wanted to vent her jealousy towards Fang Ziyang for so long! She wouldn’t be stupid enough to help her rival. It’s still uncertain whether Yan Tong and Xiao Xie will end up together. She doesn’t even consider Yan Tong, a nobody, worthy of her attention!)

But the people around them didn’t think the same way.

Although Fang Ziyang’s words were harsh, they made sense! Fang Ziyang was dumped by Xiao Xie, and Wang Jiaojiao was fixated on mocking Fang Ziyang, completely disregarding the newcomer rival Yan Tong. It seemed a bit foolish…

Some of the people who had a better relationship with Wang Jiaojiao quickly stepped in to mediate. “Alright, alright, today is supposed to be a joyful banquet. You two should stop arguing. You’re all friends in the same circle.”

“That’s right, come on, let’s have some champagne.”

The rest of the people joined in to persuade them. At least this was the Fang family’s event, and it wouldn’t look good if things escalated.

But Fang Ziyang didn’t give them face.

“Friends? Friends who stab you in the back? Can you honestly say that you didn’t come here today to see me break off the engagement? Aren’t you here to witness Xie Wenxu propose to Yan Tong in front of me? You all know your own intentions when my name was trending in those videos.”

“But if you want to see me embarrassed today, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. What’s Xie Wenxu worth? Do you really think I’m interested in him?”

“If it wasn’t for his desperate begging and sincerity, I wouldn’t have agreed to the engagement in the first place. Now, it’s not him dumping me; it’s me rejecting him. Just watch, see if I’ll feel sorry for him later. Someone is picking up this piece of junk, and I couldn’t be happier…”

With a contemptuous smile, Fang Ziyang lifted his champagne and walked away.

But the others were stunned by his words.

What? Xie Wenxu is coming to break off the engagement today? And then he’ll publicly propose to Yan Tong?

Is it true? How come they haven’t heard about it!

Suddenly, everyone started whispering among themselves.

“Hey, hey, hey, Fang Ziyang, did you just say that for real? Is Yan Tong really that amazing? Could he have dazzled Xie Wenxu like that?”

“It’s possible. I overheard my dad saying that Mr. Fang seems to have some major announcement today, so it might be related to this.”

“Damn, Yan Tong is really something. Xie Wenxu used to be so into Fang Ziyang, and now he’s being snatched away like this? Moreover, Yan Tong just entered the Fang family and has already gained Mr. Fang’s favor. He’s quite impressive…”

People started gossiping one after another.

Wang Jiaojiao’s expression became increasingly unpleasant as she listened.

She had just said that she didn’t consider Yan Tong worthy of her attention, and it was uncertain whether Yan Tong and Xie Wenxu would end up together. But now she was being told that Xie Wenxu was going to propose to Yan Tong and remarry him?

Then what was the point of her mocking Fang Ziyang, the abandoned one? While she was here trying to hinder Fang Ziyang, Yan Tong would easily become Xie Wenxu right in front of her?

Damn it, she indirectly helped someone put on a wedding dress!

Although she had always been jealous of Fang Ziyang, she could still console herself with the thought that Fang Ziyang had his merits. His family background was not worse than hers, and he looked better than her. Losing to Fang Ziyang wasn’t that embarrassing after all.

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Ch 38 (Part 1): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Fang Yandong sent out a lot of invitations for the recognition banquet prepared for Yan Tong.

On the evening of the banquet, many guests responded to the invitation. They came not only to give face to the Fang family but also to see this illegitimate child of the Fang family.

After all, due to the trending video and Fang Ziyang’s previous scandal of “catching an affair” at the club, Yan Tong’s name had recently gained some recognition in high society. Everyone was curious to see what kind of person could make Xie Wenxu, who had been devoted to him, change his affections.

Now that Xie Wenxu has cheated and Fang Ziyang has caught them in the act, the engagement between the Xie and Fang families is on the verge of collapse. This news has already spread.

There’s no way to hide what happened when Fang Ziyang caused a scene in public. Now that Yan Tong has become the illegitimate child of the Fang family, the situation has become even more complicated and delicate…

If in the future Xie Wenxu is determined to choose Yan Tong, considering Yan Tong’s current status, it’s not impossible for him to become a son-in-law of the Xie family. At that time, Fang Ziyang, who was once envied and jealous by all the young masters and ladies of Jiang City, would become a laughingstock.

Therefore, today’s banquet at the Fang family is highly anticipated by all the young masters and ladies of the affluent families in Jiang City.

Wang Jiaojiao is particularly eager to attend.

When Xie Wenxu pursued Fang Ziyang for engagement with such fanfare in the past, it made her extremely jealous. Now that Fang Ziyang might be dumped, how could she not come to witness the spectacle?

She had already suspected it when they were at the club last time, but this time Xie Wenxu seems to be serious. He seems to have genuinely fallen in love with Yan Tong. It’s not like before when it was just jealousy between lovers. Otherwise, Xie Wenxu wouldn’t have defended Yan Tong in public and disregarded his fiancé’s face.

Although Wang Jiaojiao is envious, jealous, and hateful towards Yan Tong as well, the truth is that it’s still uncertain whether Yan Tong can be together with Xie Wenxu. Even though Yan Tong has become the young master of the Fang family now, it’s still not certain if the Xie family will accept a bastard child.

So, instead of envying Yan Tong, Wang Jiaojiao would rather see Fang Ziyang’s misfortune. She arrived at the Fang family’s residence early.

At that time, Fang Ziyang and Yan Tong were getting ready with the help of stylists.

Today’s banquet is not for himself, so Fang Ziyang didn’t take it too seriously. He simply chose a simple and elegant shirt and trousers, and let the stylist work on his hair before adding a matching watch. He didn’t pay much attention to other details.

His previous extravagant appearance at the auction was to provoke Fang Yandong, but he actually has normal taste and doesn’t like overly complicated outfits.

On the other hand, Yan Tong’s attire for today is more formal and intricate.

Yesterday, Fang Yandong threw away the customized suit that Yan Tong was supposed to wear to the banquet. Although Fang Yandong was not pleased when he returned, he didn’t dare to get angry at Fang Ziyang because of his unpredictable temper. After all, he still had his eyes on Fang Ziyang’s share of the inheritance.

So, in the end, Yan Tong had to endure it, which made him almost suffocated with anger.

After calming down, he could analyze Fang Yandong’s attitude. It was all because of Fang Ziyang’s shares, inheritance, and the engagement with the Xie family. Fang Yandong couldn’t control the shares and inheritance, but he had a way to control the engagement with the Xie family.

Originally, Yan Tong didn’t intend to be with Xie Wenxu, but now he has changed his mind. He is determined to make Xie Wenxu his boyfriend. The Xie family has a good background, and Xie Wenxu is handsome. If their personalities don’t match, he can train Xie Wenxu. Accepting Xie Wenxu is not impossible. Besides, Xie Wenxu is someone Fang Ziyang likes, and by taking Xie Wenxu away, Fang Ziyang will definitely be in pain!

Although Yan Tong hadn’t finished reading the novel before he transmigrated, before Fang Ziyang officially became the dominant character, Xie Wenxu had the most scenes. After all, he was the devoted supporting character and the former fiancé. Until encountering the dominant character, Fang Ziyang liked Xie Wenxu…

Yan Tong had made up his mind.

For now, he would let Xie Wenxu be his boyfriend. If their personalities clash in the future, they can break up. He must make Xie Wenxu publicly announce the dissolution of the engagement with Fang Ziyang at tonight’s banquet and propose to him. He wants everyone to know that Fang Ziyang is no match for him! He wants Fang Ziyang to leave in tears in front of everyone’s eyes!

So, it’s necessary to dress up well.

Fang Yandong also didn’t want Yan Tong to embarrass him. Although the customized suit was gone, it could be compensated from elsewhere. He took out several valuable jewelry pieces from the safe, worth at least five million each, and had the stylist match them for Yan Tong.

Each item was worth at least five million, and Yan Tong’s heart trembled when he saw them. Especially the watch worth tens of millions.

Despite often claiming that he didn’t care about the small family business of the Fang family, he couldn’t help but feel excited when faced with such a wealthy family. His eyes sparkled with bright lights.

Yan Tong didn’t understand much about luxury accessories pairing, so he simply chose the watch worth tens of millions. In addition, there was a pair of sapphire earrings and antique cufflinks.

He didn’t have many options, but it was basically the standard dressing for a formal banquet. However, without exception, all the selected pieces were the most expensive ones.

The stylist looked at them but didn’t say anything.

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Yan Tong didn’t understand and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with these items?” He had done some research in advance and didn’t want to choose too much to avoid attracting attention. He had selected the standard matching accessories.

The stylist smiled awkwardly and was about to speak.

Fang Ziyang took over the conversation and smirked, “Is there a problem? If there is, it’s a big problem. You chose the latest design Rolex watch worth tens of millions, with a trendy style. And then, you picked those antique cufflinks, which don’t match at all. Are you trying to embarrass Dad?”

Although Yan Tong had done some research in advance, his taste was shallow, and he was greedy. He didn’t consider whether the items matched; he simply saw the price. He probably thought that the most expensive items were the best. Taking all those multi-million accessories would only make a scene…

Fang Ziyang knew it would be like this but didn’t expose it.

He picked a different watch and a pair of cufflinks from the pile of accessories, which better matched his previous comment.

With a mocking expression and an impolite tone, Fang Ziyang continued, “Alright, today I’m in a good mood, so I’ll give you a little advice. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself today, then change either the watch or the cufflinks. Expensive things may be good, but having too many of them is just a joke…”

Although he didn’t genuinely intend to help the other person, his selection was indeed the most suitable now.

After speaking, Fang Ziyang looked at the stylist next to him with a somewhat stern expression and said, “Tell him if I’m right or not.”

It was a normal statement, but with that expression, it seemed like a threat.

The stylist had witnessed Fang Ziyang’s fierce temper before, so when Fang Ziyang looked at him with that expression, he thought Fang Ziyang was trying to force him to say the opposite and deliberately mock the illegitimate child. Feeling a bit uneasy, he ignored the strange logic and automatically dismissed the thought of Fang Yandong not liking the illegitimate child for some special reason.

Since it was Fang Yandong’s intention, he couldn’t say much. After hesitating for a moment, he suggested to Yan Tong, “Young Master Tong, this watch and cufflinks are indeed good. You can change one of them.”

The stylist had good intentions.

But Yan Tong didn’t accept it and his expression changed.

He had already suspected that Fang Ziyang’s “helpful advice” had a hidden motive. When Fang Ziyang looked at the stylist threateningly and the stylist hesitated with a morally conflicted expression, it “proved” his suspicion.

He was afraid that his original choice was the correct one, and now Fang Ziyang was deliberately trying to trick him by making him change the accessories!

Fang Ziyang knew Yan Tong would be like this, but he didn’t expose it.

He chose a pair of sapphire earrings and the antique cufflinks again, and then he put on a restrained expression but an arrogant tone.

“But Dad said to me that I must wear these…” Yan Tong said pitifully, trying to show off while appearing vulnerable.

Hmph, Fang Ziyang knew that Yan Tong’s mind was shallow and that he was overly clever. The current Fang Ziyang was just a fool.

The stylist’s expression became somewhat stiff after hearing that. He thought to himself:

Mr. Fang specifically instructed… Could it be that Mr. Fang also dislikes this illegitimate child, but for some special reason, he brought him back? And now, he is trying to sabotage him in this place?

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Ch 37 (Part 2): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Indeed, as an ancient family, the Xie family still held onto outdated ideas. The one in power could only come from the main branch.

The second branch members had to resort to crazy methods to gain power.

For example, making it impossible for Xie Zheng to get married, or even making Xie Wenxu, who was only nine years younger than Xie Zheng, act as a “son” to inherit Xie Zheng’s business through an “accidental death”…

Xie Zheng had long been fed up with the corrupt Xie family. He had been planning to break free from this decaying family for a long time.

It must be said that everyone thought Xie Zheng had reached the pinnacle of the upper class at a young age, with endless glory and prestige. But no one knew about his hidden experiences and dangers.

Perhaps the car accident that Xie Zheng had in his previous life wasn’t as simple as an accident.

In fact, apart from being old-fashioned, he didn’t have many particularly objectionable flaws. In fact, his character was very upright, and his values were in line with society.

Although he was so pure that it was almost unbearable and made people want to corrupt him.

But for the sake of his brother’s face, Fang Ziyang decided not to dislike this guy anymore. After all, they were on the same side now, right?

Fang Ziyang’s attention was drawn to Rick.

Suddenly, he remembered the later plot in that golden book where the foreign tycoon claimed to be his one-night stand and sought revenge for his brother. If things went as planned, it was highly likely that this person was Rick.

Although he didn’t understand why Rick would fabricate such a story.

But this bastard, a foreigner with no morals, didn’t understand the customs and emotions of their Chinese people. It was outrageous to slander his innocence like that.

Actually, Fang Ziyang wasn’t much different when it came to morals. He decided to be petty about it.

This guy wanted to pursue his brother? He would have to see it to believe it. He wouldn’t reason with this unreasonable little brother-in-law.

Because Fang Yandong had been preoccupied with the newly added illegitimate child, he hadn’t had time to pay attention to his youngest son’s activities in the past few days. He had been busy preparing for Yan Tong’s household registration and organizing the recognition banquet.

In fact, Fang Yandong didn’t care about the illegitimate child at all. Especially since this illegitimate child was brought up by that annoying Zheng Yating, he didn’t even like the idea. How could he like it?

But if this illegitimate child could bring him great benefits, then everything would be different.

Although Yan Tong said he could help him regain the shares and inheritance from his youngest son, Fang Yandong didn’t really believe it. After all, he had been planning for so many years without success. Could Yan Tong make it happen? That was a joke.

However, Yan Tong mentioned that if Fang Wenxu liked him and wanted to change the engagement partner, Fang Yandong became intrigued.

After all, he cared about the Fang family, not his youngest son’s feelings for Fang Wenxu. Since Fang Wenxu had changed his mind and fallen for Yan Tong, who happened to be his “son,” changing the betrothal partner would solve the problem perfectly!

Therefore, to smoothly achieve this idea, he had to put up a show of how much he valued Yan Tong.

Otherwise, what would the Fang family think if he used an unloved son to deceive them?

In front of others, when he saw Fang Ziyang, he appeared like a weak little rabbit, pitifully red-eyed at all times. It was just like back when they were in school, making everyone think that Fang Ziyang had bullied him.

However, when they were alone together, Yan Tong completely changed.

He looked down on Fang Ziyang as if he were looking at an ant.

“Fang Ziyang, you were nothing more than having a slightly better family background than me before. Now, I am also a son of the Fang family, and Dad likes me a lot. Your academic performance is worse than mine, your appearance is worse than mine, your social skills are worse than mine, and now you can’t even match my status. So, tell me, why does a worthless person like you still live?”

Yan Tong provocatively smiled with disdain, as if these words could anger and strike the person he once looked up to.

He did this not for any particular purpose, but simply because he wanted to vent his frustration.

Every time he encountered Fang Ziyang before, he pretended to be weak and pitiful, which made Fang Ziyang suffer from the contempt and avoidance of others. But he also felt tired and suffocated doing it alone.

Especially after the trending video incident, Fang Ziyang had been stimulated. Unlike before, he didn’t just get angry but maintained his composure and refrained from insulting others. But now, Fang Ziyang would hurl any insults he could, exposing people’s faces.

He made him feel humiliated and embarrassed every time, which made him furious.

Now, he couldn’t vent his frustration properly, and it was unacceptable to him!

Before knowing the true face of his father, Fang Ziyang had respected him the most. Now that he had become a son of the Fang family, how could he tolerate this despicable guy?

In private, Yan Tong didn’t bother to hide himself and felt extremely proud.

“Fang Ziyang, don’t think you’re so great. Just wait, now that I have become your father’s son, in the future, he will love me the most. As for you… you will no longer be the favored young master of the Fang family. You’ll just be a despised little worthless person! By then, you’ll roll away in shame.”

“Dad not only prepared a grand recognition banquet for me, introducing me to all the important uncles and aunts in Jiang City, acknowledging my identity, but he also gave me a supplementary card for me to use freely…”

“Fang Ziyang, how long do you think you can enjoy favoritism?!”

Yan Tong had no prominent background before he transmigrated. He was just an ordinary person, and he even had grievances and discontent with life.

So, a person like him, once he gained power, easily became intoxicated with his success.

Fang Ziyang had seen this kind of behavior from Yan Tong more than once in his previous life. One face in public and another behind the scenes. Whenever he took away someone from Fang Ziyang’s side, he would come to him and flaunt it.

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At first, Fang Ziyang would get angry, but later he gradually understood and stopped reacting.

In a way, he had to “thank” Yan Tong. He was grateful to Yan Tong for allowing him to see through the true nature of the people around him. Only in this life did he learn to cherish and protect those who were truly important.

He didn’t want to waste his time talking to Yan Tong.

This was the Fang family, currently still his territory. Did Yan Tong really think he could embarrass him here? His mind must be messed up.

Fang Ziyang pushed Yan Tong aside and walked straight to his (Yan Tong’s) room.

In front of all the servants in the villa, he kicked open the door, and in a frenzy, he smashed and threw everything around, including the clothes and shoes that Fang Yandong had just prepared for Yan Tong’s banquet, tossing them into the pool outside the window.

Instantly, the triumphant person from earlier was enraged and yelled out loud, “Fang Ziyang, what are you doing?! Those are the clothes I’m supposed to wear for the banquet tomorrow!”

Yan Tong never expected that Fang Ziyang would go to such extremes. In front of so many servants, he had no consideration at all.

He had just said a few words to provoke him, but Fang Ziyang kicked open his room and threw away his clothes!

The banquet clothes were specially tailored, and now Fang Ziyang threw them all into the pool. What would he wear tomorrow? If he didn’t dress appropriately, people in Jiang City’s upper circles would surely think he was not favored by the Fang family and would ostracize him!

“Fang Ziyang, you’ve gone too far!”

Yan Tong gritted his teeth, hating Fang Ziyang to the core. He never considered that it was his own actions that led to this outcome.

Fang Ziyang didn’t expect Yan Tong to have any self-awareness about his own mistakes. In Yan Tong’s strange worldview, as long as the whole world thought he was a good person, it was enough.

In Yan Tong’s eyes, Fang Ziyang was just a stupid and fierce cannon fodder. If he wasn’t fierce, how could he live up to people’s evaluation?

“I’ve gone too far? Do you still dare to babble in front of me if you know I’ve gone too far? If you’re capable, go complain to Dad and see if he will punish me or advise you to endure it.”

Fang Ziyang responded with a contemptuous smile.

Without any deliberate actions, his every move and gesture appeared even more superior than Yan Tong’s deliberate attempts.

The condescending gaze made Yan Tong furious, and a strong sense of jealousy surged within him.

Fang Ziyang’s inherent pride was something he could never learn. It seemed as if Fang Ziyang was born to stand on the cloud, radiating all the brilliance.

But why did Fang Ziyang have the right to do so? He had already fallen from the cloud, so why was Fang Ziyang still so superior?

The more Yan Tong looked, the more resentment grew within him. Suddenly, he leaned in front of Fang Ziyang and spoke with a voice only they could hear, filled with malice.

“Fang Ziyang, smile more. Enjoy it before the banquet tomorrow. You probably don’t know… by tomorrow night, the man you love the most will publicly abandon you in front of everyone and then propose to me.”

Yan Tong revealed a gloating smile.

However, Fang Ziyang wasn’t angry. He curled his lips and said, “Let’s just wait and see.”

He hoped that the ‘surprise’ he prepared for tomorrow would be pleasing to these people.

It was time to repay the debts from the past.

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Ch 37 (Part 1): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Things that were previously unclear have now become clear to Fang Ziyang.

No wonder Yan Tong went through so much trouble and specifically came to the club to throw a mysterious photo outside Room 1818.

The reason is simple: Yan Tong had known for a long time that Tang Xun is his true older brother!

It’s not hard to guess that from Yan Tong’s perspective as the protagonist of the book, since he had no intention of befriending the former protagonist and even wanted to replace him, he would surely use his advantage as a foreseer of the plot to start by eliminating any threats.

Fang Ziyang made a bold assumption.

In his original world as the protagonist, Tang Xun must have discovered his true identity and come to recognize him, rescuing his younger brother, who was being controlled and neglected by Fang Yandong.

Since Tang Xun, like him, is a descendant of the Lu family, naturally gifted with high intelligence and research talent, he would undoubtedly become a tremendous asset in his career.

And if Yan Tong wanted to eliminate him, Tang Xun would also have to die.

Given Yan Tong’s current abilities, how could he harm an important research personnel who had various bodyguards around him? How could he carry out the act and then distance himself from it? The only option was to create an “accident.”

As long as Tang Xun found the photo and began to doubt his true identity, he would undoubtedly be excited and immediately return to M Country to confront Zheng Yaxue for the truth.

Then, he would board that plane destined for Los Angeles, which would soon crash.

After all, during that time, it was the low season for air travel. There was only one flight from Jiang City to Los Angeles within three days, and there was a 90% chance that Tang Xun would board it.

In fact, in his previous life, Tang Xun did board that plane and died…

Fang Ziyang found it truly difficult to suppress the hatred in his heart.

He had never felt such intense hatred towards those people before. He wished to tear them to pieces.

This was his true older brother, the only blood relative who had sincerely treated him well.

He must make these people suffer a hundredfold, a thousandfold. He must ensure that they have no peace in their lives. If he couldn’t exact revenge for all the grievances and resentments, he would rather descend into eternal hell!

Fang Ziyang looked extremely grim, unable to conceal the complete hatred that emanated from him.

Even though Xie Zheng and the others were prepared, they were still taken aback by his appearance. Even when Tang Xun learned the truth and was overwhelmed, his hatred didn’t reach such a level.

The palpable essence of hatred sent chills down one’s spine.

Tang Xun was very anxious. He had revealed the truth to his younger brother not to seek revenge together but to recognize each other as siblings. He wanted to take his brother out of the Fang family’s den, leaving him to deal with the remaining enemies himself. His only wish was for his brother to live happily.

“Ziyang, I will seek revenge for our mother’s sake, for our sake. I will severely punish those wicked people; you don’t need to worry.”

“Did they do anything to you that I don’t know? You can tell me, and I will help you deal with them. I will protect you…”

Previously, Xie Zheng had mentioned that something might have happened to his brother that they were unaware of, something that filled his heart with so much hatred that it consumed him.

His brother was only eighteen years old. Although he had been intentionally raised to be useless by his father, he still lived a carefree and happy life. Why did his brother become like this? What had those despicable people done to him?

Xie Zheng and Rick exchanged a glance, their faces looking equally grim.

For Fang Ziyang, an eighteen-year-old who had just come of age, the truth revealed today was enough to shatter him.

But some realities had to be faced, regardless.

Xie Zheng nodded at Rick, signaling him to hold onto Tang Xun, who was also emotionally unstable. Then he looked at Fang Ziyang.

At the same time, he reached out and grabbed Fang Ziyang’s wrist, interrupting the young man’s thoughts of revenge. He tried to calm him down and spoke in a soothing tone that could alleviate one’s mood.

“Fang Ziyang, look at me.”

“Tell me, what are you thinking right now? I know you’re a smart kid, and you once said that hatred is your power. So… tell me now, what are your plans regarding these people? Or how do you want to seek revenge?”

Although not a psychologist, Xie Zheng had grown up in various conspiracies and dangers.

He understood well that trying to persuade Fang Ziyang to let go of his thoughts of revenge and not worry about seeking vengeance would be futile in his current state.

The only way to calm him down was to make him think.

Otherwise, if he immersed himself in his emotional world, his mental state could truly be at risk, which would be even scarier than losing interest in life due to revenge.

His deep voice was like a clear spring splashing on their faces.

Fang Ziyang snapped out of his previous memories and looked at the three people in front of him who, although not very familiar, showed genuine concern. They were the three people he once thought were strangers but were actually closely connected to him.

Yes, he needed to think about what to do.

He could let hatred consume him, but he couldn’t lose himself in the emotions of hatred and become a madman. He needed to be rational.

What should he do? How should he proceed? How could he make those people suffer a hundredfold, a thousandfold? He must plan carefully.

Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down.

Fang Ziyang managed to muster a smile at Xie Zheng and said, “Thank you. You’re right, I should think about how to plan. I can’t just think about revenge without taking action.”

“I will take care of these matters…” Tang Xun didn’t want his obedient little brother to be involved in these dirty affairs.

“No. Brother, you don’t know what kind of people they are, and you don’t know how to make them suffer the most. I not only want revenge, but I also want them to pay a hundredfold, a thousandfold.”

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Fang Ziyang shook his head and looked at Tang Xun with a smile, a smile that carried warmth and dependence like never before.

“I know that you care about me, but there are some things that I must handle personally.”


Tang Xun worried.

Xie Zheng grabbed his arm and shook his head at him before looking at Fang Ziyang again, his voice giving a strong sense of support.

“I can agree with your brother. But I have one condition: no matter what you do, you can’t keep it from us. You must discuss it with us beforehand. I believe you also need our support.”

“Of course.”

Fang Ziyang smiled brightly, his voice cold.

“Then let’s start with Zheng Yaxue, the first one to descend into hell…”

Fang Ziyang stayed in Room 1818 for the entire night and didn’t leave until the next morning.

Throughout the night, he and Tang Xun and the others didn’t sleep. They shared their experiences, comforting each other and discussing their plans for the future.

Although Tang Xun didn’t want his brother to live in hatred, Fang Ziyang’s determination and insistence made him realize that there were things his brother didn’t want to reveal. And those were the reasons why his brother was so resolute about seeking revenge. Tang Xun couldn’t stop him, so he could only choose to support him.

However, in his heart, Tang Xun’s hatred towards Fang Yandong, his biological father, deepened.

It must be because of what Fang Yandong and Fang Qianhao had done to his brother that he had become like this! Each and every one of them deserved to die. They owed him and their mother. He would definitely retrieve it with his brother!

After chatting with Tang Xun and the others all night, Fang Ziyang felt much calmer.

From Xie Zheng and Rick’s accounts, he finally understood what kind of person his elder brother was.

His brother was intelligent, wise, and hardworking, but more importantly, he had silently protected him from behind. Even though it was initially out of guilt for being a illegitimate child, it demonstrated his brother’s character—honest and gentle.

When Tang Xun was still considered a “illegitimate child,” his brother had treated him well.

On the other hand, Fang Qianhao, his “elder brother,” had constantly hurt and bullied him over the years.

Therefore, it could be said that some people were inherently selfish. Even if their status changed, they would always remain vile creatures and never become soaring dragons in the sky.

Finally, Fang Ziyang understood why Xie Zheng’s attitude towards him had been so strange.

It was because of his elder brother that Xie Zheng had insisted on having a guarantee agreement when he got engaged to Xie Wenxu.

But it was also because of his elder brother that Xie Zheng was displeased with him, the troublemaker who had caused a stir and made his brother worry…

In fact, Xie Zheng didn’t really care as much about the Xie family as the rumors suggested.

Because the current state of the Xie family was too rotten, with internal conflicts escalating. The so-called “cursed lone star” reputation attributed to Xie Zheng was caused by the family members themselves, to prevent him from getting married and having a legitimate heir.

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Ch 36 (Part 2): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

“No, no, that’s all. I was just curious…” Fang Ziyang’s face turned pale, as if something had flashed through his mind but was too fast to grasp.

But he had a vague intuition that those hidden truths could drive him insane.

At this moment, he suddenly didn’t want to step through the door of this private room. He was afraid, timid, and terrified…

But reality has always been cruel.

The waiter knocked on the door of the private room, and with a mind in turmoil, Fang Ziyang walked inside.

At this moment, he didn’t have the mood to pay attention to the facilities in the private room. After entering, he immediately saw three people sitting on the sofa, two of whom he recognized.

One was Xie Zheng, and the other was Tang Xun, the scientific genius he had just met at the auction half a month ago.

The third person, a blond foreigner, he didn’t know, but judging from the seating arrangement of the three, they seemed to be good friends.

When Tang Xun saw Fang Ziyang walk in, he couldn’t restrain his emotions any longer and rushed towards him from the sofa.

He hugged the unresponsive Fang Ziyang and spoke urgently and painfully, “Ziyang, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s all big brother’s fault for not protecting you. I am your brother, your true brother. Fang Qianhao is a fake. He is Fang Yandong’s illegitimate child. I am your elder brother. It’s all big brother’s fault for not protecting you, watching you turn into what you are now…”

“Ziyang, don’t worry, big brother will help you seek revenge. Anyone who has bullied you, deceived big brother, big brother won’t let them go! From now on, big brother will protect you, and no one will dare to bully you. Big brother promises you…”

His excited and urgent voice made people feel a tinge of bitter sorrow that made them want to cry.

However, the meaning behind it was even more shocking.

Fang Ziyang stood still, his mind blank. The sudden revelation was enough to drive a person to madness.

Xie Zheng nodded at Rick.

Rick quickly stepped forward and pulled the emotionally charged Tang Xun back, comforting him. “Tang, calm down. Let Xie explain to your brother first. Your current state will only scare him.”

Xie Zheng also walked over, pulled the dazed Fang Ziyang to sit on the sofa, and solemnly began to speak.

“Fang Ziyang, before I tell you the investigation results regarding that photo, there’s something I must inform you about. Fang Qianhao is not your elder brother; he is your father’s illegitimate child. And Tang Xun… he is your true elder brother.”

“The upcoming truth might be somewhat cruel, so I hope you’re mentally prepared to listen.”

Xie Zheng’s expression was very serious, and for the first time, a hint of reluctance appeared on his solemn face.

The facts were both harsh and absurd, and even an outsider like him couldn’t help but be consumed by anger. Could the young man in front of him, who had just turned eighteen, bear it? He couldn’t imagine.

But one cannot escape reality. No matter how cruel the truth may be, it must be accepted.

“You may go ahead; I can handle it…”

Fang Ziyang smiled, a smile that carried an emotion that was hard to decipher.

For some reason, Xie Zheng felt a sharp pang in his heart upon seeing Fang Ziyang like this, a sensation of indescribable heartache and discomfort.

He seemed to see a chilling deathly silence in Fang Ziyang.

After a moment of silence, Xie Zheng handed over the investigated documents and spoke slowly,

“The whole story should start before Fang Yandong married your mother. At that time, Fang Yandong was still in university, and due to his family background and outstanding appearance, he was very popular in school…”


Fang Ziyang listened quietly to Xie Zheng’s narrative.

The truth of the matter was cruel and ridiculous.

If the world described in Yan Tong’s story could be summed up with the title “Everyone Loves the Supporting Role,”

Then in Fang Yandong’s story, the world could be summarized with the title “Arrogant School Tyrant Falls in Love with Me.”

Young Fang Yandong fit the typical image of an arrogant rich young master found in novels. Because of his wealthy family background and handsome looks, he was a popular figure in school.

Just like in an old-fashioned romantic novel, the tyrant school idol and the commoner female lead fall in love due to various circumstances, but in the end, they are unable to be together due to the difference in their social status.

For the sake of the family’s interests, Fang Yandong had to break up with the woman he loved and marry a suitable match from the Lu family. In his heart, he would always keep the image of that woman who left him behind, his beloved…

On the surface, Fang Yandong’s story seemed like a beautiful and sad romance novel.

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However, in reality, it was all just a facade for a dirty deception.

“…Indeed, Fang Yandong is a very intelligent person, but it doesn’t mean that intelligent people can’t be deceived.”

“The reason Fang Yandong fell in love with Zheng Yaxue back then was simply because she saved him in a car accident. However, what he didn’t know was that it was actually Zheng Yating who saved him.”

“In order to become Fang Yandong’s girlfriend, Zheng Yaxue despicably stole her sister’s credit, gaining his favor and making him fall in love with her.”

“Unfortunately, Zheng Yaxue’s luck wasn’t good. At that time, the Fang family’s company was facing a crisis, and for the sake of the family’s interests, Fang Yandong had to break up with her and marry your mother, Miss Lu Fei …”

As he said this, Xie Zheng’s gaze darkened.

“But Zheng Yaxue was not willing to give up. After Fang Yandong got married, she became his mistress. To secure her position, she even brought back an ex-boyfriend of Lu Fei, causing him to pursue Lu Fei and resulting in cracks in their already loveless marriage.”

Although Fang Yandong didn’t love Lu Fei, as a man, he could have his own mistress, but he would never allow his wife to be unfaithful.

Under Zheng Yaxue’s intentional manipulation, Fang Yandong believed that Lu Fei had cheated on him, and he began to resent her.

“But Zheng Yaxue underestimated the situation. Fang Yandong’s marriage to Lu Fei was an alliance for the sake of the family’s interests. Even if Fang Yandong hated his wife, their marriage wouldn’t end because of it. She would forever remain a mistress in the shadows…”

“And at the same time, Zheng Yating returned and fell in love with Fang Yandong, becoming obsessed.”

“But Fang Yandong had already fallen in love with Zheng Yaxue by then, and Zheng Yating’s fervent pursuit only made Fang Yandong detest her.”

Zheng Yaxue and Zheng Yating were sisters who had relied on each other since childhood, so naturally, Zheng Yating knew her sister’s character very well.

If her sister discovered that she had stolen her credit and made Fang Yandong fall in love with her, with her sister’s fiery temperament, she would never let her off.


After being with Fang Yandong for a few years, Zheng Yaxue gradually realized Fang Yandong’s ruthless and heartless nature.

Since Fang Yandong was unwilling to give hier an official status, she also worried that the hidden truth would be exposed, igniting the wrath of her sister and lover.

Finally, Zheng Yaxue made a smart choice to run away quickly.

“Zheng Yaxue was still unwilling to let go, unwilling to give up the wealth and status of the Fang family. As a woman without power or influence who had already given birth to a child, she definitely couldn’t find a better man than Fang Yandong. So before leaving, she decided to leave herself an escape route…”

There’s no need to elaborate on this escape route; naturally, it was the child substitution.

Selfishly, Zheng Yaxue deprived Tang Xun of his identity and turned her own child into the legitimate young master of the Fang family, seizing everything that belonged to Tang Xun.

Moreover, she brainwashed Tang Xun from a young age, making him believe that he was an illegitimate child and that he had to redeem himself for his “mother” by protecting the true illegitimate child who took away his position.

When her biological son succeeded and inherited the Fang family’s wealth in the future, could she, as a mother, still live in poverty?


To ensure that Fang Qianhao received the best care and gained Fang Yandong’s approval and training, Zheng Yaxue told Fang Yandong about the child substitution before she left.

Because she knew that if she didn’t tell Fang Yandong, given his dislike for Lu Fei, he would certainly not pay attention to the child of Lu Fei…

“Without any surprises, Fang Yandong believed her nonsense. He believed that his beloved woman chose to withdraw because of her kindness, because she didn’t want to destroy another family, and he believed that his loved one, out of guilt and selfishness, had to exchange their children.”

“That’s why all these years, Fang Yandong’s attitude and education towards you and Fang Qianhao were so different…”

To be honest, even living in the treacherous Xie family, Xie Zheng had never seen such hypocritical and disgusting woman.

She played the role of a righteous woman while being a prostitute, a perfect description tailored for Zheng Yaxue.

Tang Xun’s eyes turned red. “But that bitch didn’t anticipate that once I saw Fang Qianhao receiving favor, I stopped paying attention to him and focused my energy on you, my younger brother.”

“But I was still too foolish. If I had discovered the truth earlier, I would have worked harder instead of idly watching you being wasted away by Fang Yandong…”

“Ziyang, it’s your brother’s fault.”

Tang Xun blamed himself and felt guilty. He had watched his own younger brother, once a smart child, turn into a useless person who only knew how to indulge in pleasure.

For so many years, he had even respectfully called his enemy “Mother” and obediently served her…

Tang Xun couldn’t imagine what would have happened if they hadn’t discovered the truth.

But Fang Ziyang could.

In his past life, he never knew this secret until his death.

In his past life, Fang Qianhao not only enjoyed everything that belonged to his true elder brother but also inherited the inheritance of his maternal grandfather. He repeatedly hurt him while using his elder brother’s identity.

Looking at Tang Xun, who was full of self-blame and guilt…

Fang Ziyang suddenly realized a terrifying fact, and his voice trembled as he spoke.

“Brother, can I ask you a question?”

“What is it? You can ask anything, and your brother will tell you.”

“On the afternoon of the 15th of last month, did you come to the clubhouse here? Did you… come to this private room?”

Tang Xun was slightly taken aback, not understanding the meaning behind his brother’s question.

But after thinking carefully, he nodded, “Yes, I did come here that day. I had to discuss a contract as a technical consultant. Why do you ask? Is there something wrong?”

Fang Ziyang didn’t say anything. Suddenly, he smiled, tears shimmering in his smile.

Then, under Tang Xun’s anxious gaze, he reached out and held his hand, feeling the warmth of their blood ties. He spoke slowly,

“Brother, I want them to suffer, I want them to pay back a hundred times, a thousand times over…”

Fang Ziyang’s voice was very soft, almost a whisper.

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Ch 36 (Part 1): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Yan Tong really didn’t expect Fang Ziyang to say such things.

Although he has always known that the other party is the protagonist, highly intelligent, and exceptionally capable… but that’s all in the past.

Through his three years of effort, Fang Ziyang has not only been raised as a waste by Fang Yandong, but also frequently suffered various setbacks. Apart from Zhou Jun and Zhao Jingyu, the two useless friends, he has no other friends. In the original story, on the other hand, although he was always favored by his father, he had a group of good friends and classmates who helped him. His academic performance was excellent, and he was very motivated and energetic. He was a shining academic genius in school.

But now, it’s different.

The current Fang Ziyang is truly useless, not only with a bad temper and lost confidence but also poor in academics. Even if he has a high genetic IQ, he is currently down and out, a fool who only knows how to throw tantrums.

However, at this moment, the words spoken by Fang Ziyang are full of wisdom and confidence.

What went wrong? Or did the incident with the trending video accidentally stimulate Fang Ziyang and make him clear-minded? Is the potential of the protagonist truly limitless?

Yan Tong was shocked and worried.

Fang Ziyang’s recent changes have made him uneasy. He has ruined Yan Tong’s plans several times in a row, forcing him to temporarily use the identity of the illegitimate child to come to the Fang family. It’s a huge detour from his original plan.

Originally, he could easily rely on Fang Qianhao’s relationship to enter the Fang family.

But now, in order to enter the Fang family, he has to temporarily make a deal with the antagonist boss, Fang Yandong.

Fang Yandong hates Zheng Yating the most and doesn’t care about his identity as an illegitimate child. Zheng Yating’s idea of using the child as a bargaining chip to marry the antagonist boss, Fang Yandong, is simply wishful thinking.

So he told Fang Yandong that he could help him retrieve the shares and inheritance from Fang Ziyang; he could also maintain the engagement between the Fang and Xie families because Xie Wenxu likes him.

Fang Yandong also hates Fang Ziyang, the son born from his deceased wife, and he also cares a lot about the interests and development of the Fang family.

As expected, Fang Yandong agreed.

He thought it would be easy to deceive Fang Ziyang, and the matter of recognizing each other would be settled. However, he didn’t expect Fang Ziyang, who has always been as dumb as a pig, to suddenly become clever today.

This personality of not letting anyone take advantage of him really resembles Fang Yandong.

Even Fang Yandong himself had to admit that this youngest son of his was indeed his son, very much like him in some aspects. If it wasn’t for Lu Fei’s involvement, he would definitely like this son very much.

Unfortunately, that shrewdness and facial features also resembled Lu Fei, so this youngest son was destined not to win his favor.

Fang Yandong couldn’t maintain the image of a benevolent father anymore, his face didn’t look good.

“Yangyang, when did you become so petty and mercenary? Always talking about shares all the time. Tell Dad, did someone in the company say something to you?”

If it wasn’t for someone in the company inciting him, with his youngest son’s temperament of only knowing how to eat, drink, and have fun, why would he think about shares and such? As long as he has money to spend every month, it’s fine.

Recently, his youngest son mentioned shares and the Lu family inheritance repeatedly, which made him suspect that someone was inciting and manipulating him. After all, his youngest son was not very smart and easily influenced.

Fang Ziyang was stunned when he heard this, then he had a thought and a trace of panic appeared in his eyes.

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Then, lacking confidence, he said, “No! Dad, don’t be suspicious. I’m not stupid. Those people in the company have been coveting your position as chairman for a long time. Do you think I would foolishly listen to those people in the company? I will handle our family matters myself. Dad, don’t change the subject. Let’s talk about your illegitimate child now. I won’t agree to let him enter our house just like that…”

His obvious reaction showed that he had been caught off guard.

Fang Yandong immediately felt that he had guessed the truth and inwardly cursed those people in the group who were always restless. They had even extended their methods to his home!

Since he was being manipulated, it was easy to handle.

Fang Yandong pondered and said again, “Alright, I understand your concerns and displeasure. But Yan Tong is also Dad’s son, and as a father, Dad must fulfill his responsibilities. How about this, Dad will write a property division document for Dad’s future. Although Yan Tong is Dad’s son, he can only inherit a small portion of the current assets and doesn’t have the right to inherit shares. How about that?”

Anyway, it’s something that will happen after he’s gone. He can change his mind anytime in between. It’s perfectly fine to temporarily appease his youngest son.

Moreover, he doesn’t want Zheng Yating’s son to inherit his shares. That would be too accommodating to her.

Yan Tong didn’t come to the Fang family for the sake of dividing the property. Besides, the Fang family will go bankrupt in a few years, so it’s useless to think about it now. The important thing is to get the golden finger.

Therefore, Yan Tong also behaved appropriately. After Fang Yandong finished speaking, he immediately nodded and said, “I’m willing. I don’t want the Fang family’s wealth, I just want to live by Dad’s side…”

Both of them agreed too quickly.

This made Fang Ziyang even more suspicious and wary, wondering if there was a bigger conspiracy behind it.

But it’s apparent that he can’t squeeze out any more information now. Fang Yandong has already made a generous concession, and if he pushes further, Fang Yandong will become suspicious of him.

Thinking of this, Fang Ziyang shrugged indifferently, arrogant and willful.

“Well, as long as he doesn’t come to claim my money and shares, Dad, if you want to recognize him, then recognize him. But it’s still impossible for me to accept his identity as my brother.”

After speaking, he looked at Fang Qianhao, who had been silent and dejected, and chuckled, “Big brother, what do you say? You wouldn’t want to recognize this cat and dog that came out of nowhere as your little brother, would you?”

Yan Tong was humiliated once again, clenching his fist and lowering his head, eyes filled with knives.

In his heart, he secretly vowed to take revenge on Fang Ziyang once he stole the golden finger. He would thoroughly dismantle Fang Ziyang and make him fall from heaven to hell! He would make sure Fang Ziyang could never have such a glorious life as in the book, and become the most hated person by everyone!

Fang Qianhao, upon hearing this, also glared hatefully at Fang Ziyang. He couldn’t accept the fact that the person he liked became his younger brother, but he couldn’t stand seeing Yan Tong being bullied either.

Fang Yandong’s face didn’t look good either. Directly referring to his illegitimate child as a cat or dog, what did that make him?

Fang Ziyang’s mood immediately brightened. No matter what schemes Fang Yandong had in mind, he would make these people suffer doubly!

Weren’t these people like one big happy family in their previous lives?

Well, he would fulfill their wishes now.

In a villa in the suburbs of Jiang City.

Tang Xun anxiously sat on the sofa, constantly looking towards the door.

Rick, who had discarded his hippie smile today, sat quietly next to him, accompanying him in silence.

Today was the day when the results of the paternity test would be revealed, and he could understand Tang Xun’s anxiety and unease. Although they had some guesses about the truth, they still needed to see the test results to be sure.

Time ticked away slowly.

After waiting for an unknown amount of time, the villa door finally opened, and Xie Zheng, covered in dust, walked in with two document bags.

Tang Xun’s expression brightened when he saw this and quickly stood up. “Boss, do we have the results?”

“Yes, the results of the paternity test are out. I went to H City myself and investigated everything that happened back then…” Xie Zheng nodded, his voice filled with anger. “This Zheng Yaxue is simply a despicable insect in the gutter!”

Even someone as composed as Xie Zheng couldn’t hold back from saying such things.

Obviously, the truth that was revealed had made him furious and unimaginably indignant.

Xie Zheng opened one of the documents and handed it to Tang Xun. “Our guess was indeed correct. Zheng Yaxue has no mother-son relationship with you at all. Fang Qianhao is her son. You and Fang Ziyang are the true siblings, sharing the same father and mother. Over these years, she not only deprived you of your identity but also took advantage of you…”

“That bitch!” Tang Xun couldn’t restrain his emotions and slammed his fist on the coffee table.

“Fang Ziyang, the photos I asked you to investigate have yielded results. Let’s meet in private room 1818 at the Crown Club tonight at 8 o’clock.”

“Come alone and don’t let anyone from the Fang family know…”

Fang Ziyang, who received a call from Xie Zheng, was busy studying and reviewing practice questions in his study.

Upon hearing the content of the call, he instantly became alert, abandoned the pen in his hand, grabbed his car keys, and rushed out.

He had been waiting for this news for too long.

That photo not only involved the secret of Fang Yandong’s lover and illegitimate child but also answered a big question for him.

He wanted to know what Yan Tong intended to do with that photo.

The Golden Book didn’t explain Yan Tong’s actions; it only described a perplexing statement he made after throwing away the photo: “From now on, I no longer have to worry about Fang Ziyang’s protagonist halo…”

So, by discarding that photo, what did Yan Tong make him lose?

With a heavy and anxious heart, Fang Ziyang arrived at the Crown Club.

Although he didn’t have a membership card, thanks to Xie Zheng’s prior instructions, the club staff didn’t ask him for a membership card and led him in directly.

As he walked towards private room 1818, upon seeing the familiar corridor and the location of the private room, which was where Yan Tong had thrown the photo, Fang Ziyang felt as if something heavy had struck his head.

How could… how could it be so coincidental…

He quickly grabbed the guiding waiter and urgently asked, “Excuse me, I remember that this type of private room is reserved for the highest-ranking members. Is this room reserved by Mr. Xie?” The waiter didn’t know what he meant by asking that question but still politely smiled and replied, “Yes, this is Mr. Xie’s private room. Mr. Xie is one of our club’s highest-ranking members, and people like Mr. Xie have their own exclusive rooms in our club. Is there anything else I can help you with, Young Master Fang?”

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Ch 35 (Part 2): Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Fang Yandong never thought of returning to the auction to return the purchase. Auctions had their rules, and once a deal was hammered down, there was no room for regrets. If the payment couldn’t be made afterward, the auction house would make sure you regret it.

Who would dare to run an auction house without connections and means?

As a result, the ultimate outcome was that he had to clean up the mess caused by his younger son!

Eight billion, eight billion…

Just thinking about it, Fang Yandong felt like he was going to have a heart attack.

Fortunately, the next day, Fang Ziyang went to the auction house to pay the money, saving his father’s life. Knowing that Fang Ziyang had dragged the two silly sons of the Zhao and Zhou families into the mess and solved the funding issue, Fang Yandong truly breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness, thank goodness his foolish son still had some conscience and didn’t ruin him completely.

He had decided that when his youngest son returned after avoiding the storm, he would start educating him properly. He couldn’t let such a thing happen again. For the first time in his life, Fang Yandong regretted his previous act of raising a useless son.

It was said that one should not fear opponents who are like gods but fear pig teammates. This saying truly made sense!

However, although the funding for the useless land was resolved, the entertainment gossip reports on the internet the next day kept Fang Yandong in the hospital for a day.

The reporters who had been squatting outside the auction house didn’t disappoint Fang Ziyang. They wrote an article that was extremely eye-catching.

The headline was a famous shocking headline:

[Shocking! Real-life Little Tyrant President Waves Eight Billion to Buy Worthless Land, Shocks the Audience!]

[Shocking! Noble Family Internal Strife, the Fang Brothers Fight Publicly for Family Assets, Endless Drama Unveiled in this Article!]

[Shocking! Genius Mathematician Tang Xun Slaps the Fang Family Eldest Son in Public, Claims It’s an Act of Valor, What’s the Hidden Story Behind?]

In short, entertainment gossip reporters always exaggerated the events to attract attention.

Several articles vividly described everything that happened from the entrance of the auction house to the middle and the end of the auction.

The choice of words was exaggerated, and the insults were severe.

One article completely destroyed the perfect image that the Fang family had maintained for years, portraying the Fang family as the most melodramatic and toxic noble family in Jiang City.

The image of Fang Yandong as a good father was once again questioned (the first time was during the trending video reversal).

One of the comments read:

“… Although some of it sounds like a conspiracy theory, I can’t help but question once again how Fang Yandong’s image as a good father came about? If Fang Yandong is truly the gentle and wise father as rumored, how could he raise two sons like this? One is a useless playboy who only knows how to eat, drink, and have fun, and the other is an arrogant and impulsive elder son who might be constantly thinking about family assets. I really suspect that Fang Yandong has a secret child outside and intentionally raised his two legitimate sons to be like this.”

“But the problem is, Madam Fang has been gone for many years, and Mr. Fang could have remarried. There was no need for this. I really don’t understand the minds of rich families…”

When Fang Ziyang saw these comments, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Indeed, netizens were the keepers of truth. Although they didn’t guess everything, they were close to the mark.

Faced with these consecutive shocking gossip news, Fang Yandong, despite his good mental resilience, couldn’t help but go to the hospital.

Fang Qianhao became the laughingstock of the upper-class youth circle in Jiang City.

Not only was he beaten by his younger brother, but he also received more than a dozen slaps from a stranger. It was truly embarrassing…

The jokes stemming from the auction continued to circulate on the internet and in the upper-class circle for almost half a month before gradually subsiding.

During this half month, Fang Ziyang stayed in the small villa and didn’t go back. No matter how nicely Fang Yandong spoke on the phone, he always had the attitude of “Dad, I’m afraid you’ll get angry, so I’ll stay outside until you calm down.”

Fang Yandong had no choice and didn’t even know the location of the small villa, so he could only endure and let him stay outside for the time being.

It was only after half a month.

When Fang Yandong called again and revealed the news he had been waiting for, Fang Ziyang finally had the thought of returning home.

Over the phone, Fang Yandong said, “Yangyang, Dad has something to tell you. It may make you very angry, but… Dad still hopes you can forgive him.”

“What is it, Dad? Please tell me. I’ll try my best to control my temper.”

Fang Ziyang already had some guesses, but he didn’t show it on his face.

On the other end of the phone, Fang Yandong’s voice carried a hint of melancholy, as if he wasn’t too happy about what he was about to say.

“Yangyang, you know that Dad often has business dinners and social engagements outside, and sometimes, when I get drunk, I may make some mistakes unintentionally. Some women are just too cunning, so…”

“So you might have another younger brother now, his name is Yan Tong, the one you had a conflict with before.”

“Although Dad is also angry, he is still a father, and he should take responsibility no matter what. Dad hopes you can understand. In Dad’s heart, you will always be the one he loves the most.”


Yan Tong and his mother have come to acknowledge their relationship?

To be honest, this news didn’t surprise Fang Ziyang. It was exactly what he expected.

In his previous life, Yan Tong didn’t want to return to the Fang family for two main reasons. First, he was worried about the Fang family’s bankruptcy affecting him, and second, he had the protection of Xie Wenxu and Fang Qianhao, so he could live a good life without returning to the Fang family.

But now it was different.

With Fang Qianhao unable to help him temporarily due to his confinement by the Xie family, and Fang Qianhao himself being too busy to take care of him, Yan Tong had only himself to rely on.

He was about to face the college entrance examination and entering a top university without connections and background would be impossible for Yan Tong with his grades. How could he have the opportunity to come into contact with high-class handsome men and reach the pinnacle of life?

Anyone with common sense knows that school is not just a place for acquiring knowledge but also a place to develop connections.

To move up in society, one cannot do so without connections. This was deeply ingrained in Yan Tong’s understanding, having experienced it in his previous life while living as a lower-level employee.

So it was easy to imagine what choice Yan Tong would make.

And the most important thing was that Yan Tong wanted to steal his golden finger, so he had to come to the Fang family.

In his previous life, Fang Qianhao could use Fang Ziyang to live in his house as a guest and steal his golden finger. This time, with Fang Qianhao failing to help, Yan Tong could only use the identity of a “secret child”…

Very well, this is perfect.

In this lifetime, he would let Yan Tong know what it meant to climb the mountain easily but find it difficult to descend.

In this lifetime, Yan Tong’s fantasy of easily stealing his golden finger and then leaving with a wave of his sleeve would be shattered.

Fang Ziyang didn’t lose his temper over the phone. He simply replied with a subdued “Hmm” and agreed to Fang Yandong’s call to return home.

When Fang Ziyang returned to the Fang family, Yan Tong had already moved in, while Zheng Yating was unable to do so.

Fang Yandong despised the woman who had once entangled him for a long time and had gone behind his back to conceive his illegitimate child. Out of consideration for her sister and the child, he restrained his temper from directly killing Zheng Yating. She had no chance of becoming Mrs. Fang, not even a room or child support!

Therefore, the result of their visit to establish their relationship with Fang Yandong was that Yan Tong succeeded in establishing his identity, while Zheng Yating didn’t receive anything, not even a suite or child support.

Fang Yandong was such a person. When he disliked someone, he truly showed no mercy.

But Zheng Yating deserved it. It was all her own doing.

However, Fang Ziyang couldn’t quite understand.

Since Fang Yandong only favored the child born out of his true love, why was it so easy for Yan Tong to establish his relationship with him? After all, Fang Yandong was not a righteous man, and it was impossible for him to develop deep affection for an illegitimate child he met for the first time.

So, could it be that Yan Tong’s protagonist halo was so strong that he could easily succeed in anything he did?

It probably wasn’t that simple…

But it didn’t matter. He would find out once he got home.

Fang Ziyang suppressed his emotions and hurried back to the Fang family.

And his mood instantly improved when he saw Fang Qianhao looking devastated again.

His beloved had suddenly turned into his younger brother overnight, which was simply the biggest joke in the world. Given Fang Qianhao’s personality, he might even sink into despair until the day the truth was revealed and he fully recovered.

As expected.

Fang Qianhao, who used to confront him at every turn, sat on the sofa in a despondent state, exuding an aura of decadence.

Fang Yandong was extremely disappointed by this.

How did he not realize that his eldest son was so incapable of achieving anything? With his character, he would never amount to much. He had already caused too many problems recently.

However, he had been too frustrated recently, so he quickly adjusted his mood for the sake of his own health.

Seeing the troublemaker finally returning home, and having put in great effort to control his urge to settle the score, Fang Yandong forced a smile and introduced Yan Tong, “Yangyang, this is Xiaotong. I know there were some misunderstandings between you two before, but that’s all in the past. The paternity test has confirmed that Xiaotong is indeed my son. According to their birth dates, you’re one month older than Xiaotong. From now on, you’re his second older brother… Xiaotong is actually a good child, and I hope you two can get along well.”

After Fang Yandong finished speaking, Yan Tong stood up in cooperation, his expression gentle and his movements awkward as he called out, “Second… second brother.”

His pitiful appearance was truly unparalleled.

Fang Ziyang grew irritated by watching him. He really couldn’t stand Yan Tong’s weak and timid personality. It was because of Yan Tong that he developed a shadow towards people with such a gentle and fearful disposition!

Every time Yan Tong acted this way, he would be condemned by the people around him. Even though he hadn’t done anything wrong, it felt as if he had already severely bullied the other person. It was truly infuriating.

“Enough, I can’t bear to be called ‘second brother.’ Having my mom’s rival’s illegitimate child call me brother, I’m afraid I’ll be struck by lightning…” Fang Ziyang waved his hand impatiently and sneered mockingly.

He spoke without courtesy, with no intention of pretending to be kind.

He was indirectly informing the household staff that this inexplicable illegitimate child hadn’t received his recognition as a beloved son. They should assess how to treat him from now on.

The household staff were experts in watching dramas.

In his previous life, he made sure to put on a good show for Fang Yandong and Fang Qianhao, even though he disliked Yan Tong. But this time, he made no effort to be polite, showing a disrespectful face to Yan Tong.

As a result of his action in the previous life, Yan Tong quickly won over the household staff with this opportunity, secretly causing trouble for Fang Ziyang and accelerating Fang Yandong’s disgust towards him.

In this lifetime…

Before he confronted Yan Tong, he would let Yan Tong experience the taste of household staff loyalty and affection from the previous life. He would let them experience their “adoration and support.”

In Yan Tong’s first official meeting at the Fang family, he was humiliated once again.

The looks of respect from the surrounding staff immediately turned into contempt and disdain. The status of being an illegitimate child naturally led people to have biased views.

Yan Tong’s timid expression stiffened.

Was this a show of power? Did Fang Ziyang want to assert his dominance over him? He hadn’t been mistaken. Fang Ziyang was truly an unlikeable person, devoid of any manners!

Fang Yandong’s expression also soured a little.

Although he didn’t have much fatherly affection for Yan Tong, no matter what, he was still his son, sharing his blood. Fang Ziyang’s words reminded him of Fang Qianhao’s status, and he couldn’t help but feel like he was being scolded unjustly.

He couldn’t help but reprimand, “Yangyang, you shouldn’t be so impolite. Dad knows you’re not happy, but the situation has already occurred. Dad hopes that our family can live in harmony. Xiaotong doesn’t have control over his own background. Dad hopes you can understand and be more generous…”

“Generous?” Fang Ziyang raised his arm and laughed coldly, “Dad, it’s not his illegitimate child status that I dislike, but our past grievances. Dad, he caused me so much misery before. I can’t peacefully coexist with him.”

“But wasn’t it a misunderstanding before…”

“Misunderstanding?” Fang Ziyang put away his smile, his face turning cold, “Regardless of whether it was a misunderstanding or not, there is no room for reconciliation between him and me. Dad, there’s no need for you to persuade me anymore. I didn’t come back today to talk about this with you.”

Interrupted, Fang Yandong’s expression turned sour. He felt that his authority was being challenged.

However, Fang Ziyang really didn’t want to waste any more words on him. He wanted to test why Fang Yandong readily accepted Yan Tong as his son. Ignoring Fang Yandong’s unpleasant expression, Fang Ziyang said directly,

“Dad, I won’t acknowledge Yan Tong’s status. But if you insist on recognizing him, then I can’t stop you. However, there is something I must make clear to you…”

“What is it?”

“If you want to acknowledge him, you must write a notarized guarantee that ensures I will still receive 50% of your assets after you die.”

“…and you must immediately give me the shares you inherited from Mom. If he wants to come to the Fang family and take my money, he won’t even have a chance. If my brother doesn’t object, you can distribute the rest as you wish.”

Although he didn’t know why Fang Yandong readily recognized Yan Tong, analyzing his character, it was definitely related to interests.

In that case, he would bring up the shares as a starting point.

“If you disagree, Dad, and insist on recognizing him, then don’t blame me for being ruthless and exposing your affair.”

Fang Ziyang calmly looked at them.

Sure enough.

As soon as Fang Yandong heard those words, his expression changed.

Beside him, Yan Tong’s expression also became unsettled, his gaze filled with astonishment and disbelief.

That look… it seemed as if he was looking at a fool.

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