Ch 75: TGCIR

Shen Cheng is aware of her own personality flaws.

Perhaps due to the shadow of her childhood, she has made great progress by clearly expressing her demands and refusing to comply with her uncle’s requests without shaking her legs or stumbling over her words.

She has a clear idea in her mind, but is afraid of facing her uncle’s fierce and angry face repeatedly, so she prefers to hand over the case to the lawyer in the form of risk agency and does not want to appear in person.

After determining the difficulty of the case, Lawyer Wang signed a 15% full-risk commission contract with her.

Shen Cheng knows that in this type of commission contract that can reach up to 30%, Lawyer Wang charging only 15% is actually being lenient.

She submitted the case and her evidence to Lawyer Wang and waited for the result with peace of mind.

One night, the door of the homestay was suddenly knocked on “bang bang bang” from the outside.

The sound startled Shen Cheng, who took a sneak peek through the peephole and saw her uncle’s gloomy face.

The city is small, with only a few hotels and homestays to choose from, so Shen Cheng is not surprised that her uncle found her here. But when she saw her uncle’s angry face through the peephole and the expression of the homestay owner standing next to him, Shen Cheng felt her heart skip a beat.

She silently opened the window door, looked at the low window sill outside, and prepared to jump from the second floor and run away in case they really broke in.

Luckily, she turned off the lights before falling asleep. The room was quiet now, and her uncle had stopped banging on the door after no one responded for a while. He muttered a few words to the homestay owner and left.

Shen Cheng was both angry and scared, trembling as she called Lawyer Wang from the bathroom.

After listening to her description, Lawyer Wang said, “I’ve already talked to them about your requests and arrangements. In addition, I’ve checked your uncle’s recent financial situation and borrowing status. Your cousin borrowed a large sum of money and lost it on P2P investments. Now he’s in a hurry to sell his 6 million yuan property to make up for the loss. They can’t sell the house without your signature and consent. The current situation is in your favor, and they are the ones who are anxious if this drags on.”

Shen Cheng felt relieved after hearing his comforting words and updates.

She wasn’t worried about other aspects of the inheritance dispute, but rather that they would continue to delay and play with her while they continued to live in the house. This was one of the reasons why she hired a lawyer. She had no connections in the local city, but since Lawyer Wang had taken her case, he would work for her in order to earn her money. His efficiency was much higher than hers alone.

“Then I’ll wait for your good news,” Shen Cheng breathed a sigh of relief.

The next morning, she packed her luggage and prepared to move to a better place with better security. As she carried her luggage down the stairs, a sudden force hit her shoulder, causing her to slip and feel a huge weightlessness.

She screamed as she watched the ground rapidly approaching her, but before she hit the ground, a man who had been talking to the receptionist appeared in front of her, lifted his hand, and caught her safely.

Shen Cheng’s scream that had been stuck in her throat finally came out.

She finally saw the face of the man wearing a duck-billed hat.


No, how could cub be here? Why does he have a face that looks exactly like her cub!


More than two days had passed in a flash.

When he had filled up the last bit of his space ability, the originally dark blue black hole suddenly opened up, turning into a small door about the height of a person, shining with golden light!

Between the seams of the door was something that looked like an electric arc, and it was impossible to see what was on the other side.

But there was a timer on the door frame, and the numbers on it were constantly changing. Li Weilan guessed that this was probably the amount of time the door could exist.

The time on the timer was 24:00:00, which meant that the door could only exist for a short 24 hours, during which he could go and come back.

Li Weilan didn’t know if her world was really behind that door.

He didn’t even know if he could come back after he went through it.

He was an ability user here, but after passing through that door, would his ability still remain?

There were too many uncertainties.

The last thing Li Weilan did was take off his clothes that were covered in blood, mucus, and sweat, and put on a T-shirt and jeans commonly seen before the apocalypse. He walked into an empty shopping mall and picked up some dusty handbags and scarves at random, stuffing the best looking one with all sorts of miscellaneous things tightly in his hand.

The strong wind blew and he disappeared on the spot. The shop sign behind him flashed in the sunlight, revealing the word “Hermes”.


Li Weilan struggled to get up from the ground.

In front of him was a small building, still standing in the void, with the countdown he had seen before now showing 23:45:26. The door was gone.

Li Weilan looked around: this was a relatively dark alley, and it didn’t seem to be under surveillance by cameras.

He walked out.

People were bustling on the street, and sewage flowed across the road, but there was a peaceful and prosperous atmosphere. From any angle, this was not the place he had come from!

Well-dressed people looked strangely at the man standing by the roadside with a lost expression, and an elderly person came up to ask him what was wrong.

Li Weilan finally came back to his senses.

He heard his own voice sounding hoarse and terrible: “I’m fine.”

This scene…was a mirage that had long disappeared from their world.

This was…her world!

That door didn’t lie to him, it really sent him to her world!

Where is she?

In the void, there is a light blue arrow pointing in a direction that is not specified.

He followed the arrow and walked forward, turned at the corner of the road, crossed a traffic light, and then saw the last straight arrow pointing to a homestay.

Silently, Li Weilan pushed the door and just walked to the front desk ready to start a conversation when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Two footsteps, one after the other?

He turned his head and saw the scene that terrified him: she was pushed from behind and fell down the stairs after a misstep!

Li Weilan didn’t care about anything else. He kicked the ground, and fortunately, the space he had accumulated seemed enough to allow him to cross this distance. The front desk girl only felt her eyes blur. The man who had just been standing there talking and laughing with her was holding the female guest who had almost fallen down the stairs tightly in his arms.

Shen Cheng finally recognized his face.

It really looked like…like cub!

She reached out her hand in confusion, almost doubting that she was having a dream.

Was she still not awake?

Otherwise, how could she see cub standing in front of her?

Then she clearly saw a trace of tenderness in the man’s eyes. However, he quickly put her foot gently on the ground like a gentleman, patted the dust off her body, and said softly, “Are you okay?”

“I…” Shen Cheng was startled when she heard his voice: wasn’t this the voice of cub?

She recorded the part where cub called her “master”! Sometimes, it even serves as her morning alarm, and she could never mistake cub’s voice!

Whether it’s the voice or the face, they both belong to cub. But cub is just a game character, how could he appear here?

Surely she must be dreaming, right?

Shen Cheng looked up and down at him, feeling her throat tighten, her heart beating faster and her palms sweaty, but she couldn’t say a word.

Li Weilan didn’t rush to say anything to her either.

The person who had pushed her stood behind her, but after pushing her, immediately retreated and disappeared. Li Weilan walked up to her after confirming that she was safe and sound, carefully inspected the surroundings, and found an open window on the second floor and a row of footprints behind it.

His eyes narrowed: it turned out that someone had planned to kill her!

He glanced at the place and coldly grabbed Shen Cheng’s hand, picking up her bag from the counter. Without noticing that her face was almost instantly flushed, he said, “The security here is terrible, we can’t stay here anymore. I’ll take you to another hotel.”

He could only stay for a short day.

He had to make sure that she was fully protected and settled in the next 24 hours.

At this moment, Shen Cheng finally seemed to wake up. She carefully struggled free from the man’s hand, for some reason, feeling a terrible sense of familiarity from him.

So familiar that she even asked herself an impossible question: Could he really be cub?

How is that possible!

Shen Cheng was too weak, so weak that Li Weilan did not even feel it under his shock, anger and concern.

She could only let out a soft protest behind him like a kitten. Only when she finally came to her senses, she remember to ask, “Who are you?”

Li Weilan was surprised and sweat started to bead on his forehead. Should he tell the truth? Should he say that her game was actually another world and the game character she raised came to her world to find her? Or should he find a reason she could accept and avoid her suspicion? If she knew the truth, would she be afraid and never play games again? But she had been pushed down the stairs, obviously her world was not safe. If he did not tell her the truth, how could she know where her danger might come from?

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At this moment, Shen Cheng had already come up with her own explanation: she had recently heard that the game characters from XXX game company called the owners who had spent money in the game. Could it be that cub’s game also sent actors to do follow-up interviews for them? She chose to ignore many doubts, such as how the game company knew where she was and how it could send someone so quickly.

Li Weilan realized the problem as soon as he realized that he was holding her hand. He quickly handed over the bag and looked at her with a gentle gaze and a familiar smile, “Well, the thing is, this lucky player, congratulations on winning the grand prize of our company. This is the prize and I am here to deliver it to you on behalf of the company.”

“??? Hermes?” Shen Cheng looked at the bag in her hand, confused.

Was the company so generous? Giving away Hermes bags as prizes? But why wasn’t it in a packaging box? It looked dusty and worn out. Was this shady game company finally selling second-hand luxury goods in addition to selling fruit and toys?


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