Ch 74: TGCIR

Shen Cheng didn’t care about their shoving.

Since she didn’t follow her uncle’s suggestion to take that flight and didn’t answer their calls, she knew that it would anger these people.

In their minds, she was just a little orphan girl without any backing. When she was younger, they threatened to sell her to an older man for dowry if she misbehaved. She remembers every word and every expression they used back then.

Since she already knows what kind of people they are, and they are now surrounding her in the mourning hall, all condemning and dissatisfied, what else could she care about?

But in the midst of their words, she suddenly understood one thing: grandpa indeed didn’t leave a will before he passed away!

He had a sudden stroke and lingered for three whole days before dying. They said grandpa wanted to wait for her, but who knows that she never came back.

They said this to make her feel guilty, to press her with that kind of mentality, making her tremble with fear.

But in her heart, she understood clearly. When she heard them say those words, there was no ripple in her heart, and she even wanted to laugh: grandpa would wait for her? He was waiting for her even on his deathbed?

The man who said, “you’re a jinx and never come back”!

Shen Cheng calmly argued back and retreated to the side of the filial son and grandson, standing next to a tall young man in black clothes.

She didn’t even remember who he was, probably a cousin?

When the mournful music began to play and everyone started crying, Shen Cheng quietly followed behind. From beginning to end, she didn’t shed a single tear, except for the slight downturn of the corner of her lips.

When the long ceremony was over, the sun was already setting. A man in a black suit walked up from the crowd, holding a stack of documents in his hand. He pulled out one and placed it in front of Shen Cheng.

Before the man could speak, Shen Cheng’s uncle spoke first: “Cheng Cheng, sign the document.”

Shen Cheng remained silent, opened the document folder, and saw the seven words “Waiver of Inheritance Agreement” written on it.

Without reading further, she smiled and put the document back into the folder. She looked straight at the man in the suit, who appeared to be in his early thirties, and asked with a smile, “Do I have to sign this contract? Is there a reason why?”

The lawyer’s surname was Zhang. He thought that the family had already reached an agreement among themselves, and when they assigned him to handle their affairs, they never mentioned anything about it. They had not yet resolved the issue with the parties involved.

He was not a bully of a lawyer, and he could not possibly have a conflict with a young girl who was alone at the funeral. Lawyer Zhang shook his head and said, “Of course not. Inheriting the estate or not is up to you.”

“Good.” Shen Cheng handed the document back to him.

She looked up at her uncle, who didn’t seem as tall as he was a few years ago, and several other uncles. “I won’t sign.”

Their facial expressions instantly became agitated, and even some of them stepped forward, rolled up their sleeves and wanted to beat her.

Shen Cheng almost instinctively took a step back.

But even though she trembled her lips, clenched her fists, she still firmly said word by word: “What belongs to me, I won’t take a penny less. What doesn’t belong to me, I won’t take a penny. If you want me to sign this agreement, you can. But my things, you also have to give them back to me!”

Someone’s face changed dramatically.

Shen Cheng dropped this sentence as if pointing to something, and didn’t care about the waves it caused at home, she happily went back to her rented apartment to sleep.

It’s better to play games with cub than argue with a group of old men at this time!

Now that the truth is revealed, and she has figured out what these people want to do, she is no longer entangled and now in the mood to play games.

The countdown for the zombie attack on the Noah base is still more than two weeks away. Shen Cheng looked at the situation of her cub who was still on a trip and suddenly noticed that something seemed to be wrong with him?

【Li Weilan is exhausted】

【Recovering energy…】

【Li Weilan is exhausted…】

【Li Weilan encountered a mutant rat group in the wasteland and is running away…】

【Li Weilan is seriously injured】

“??? What’s wrong with cub?”

Shen Cheng couldn’t see the situation over there, but when she looked at cub’s situation and hundreds of status messages, she panicked: What the hell is wrong with this crappy game?

She hasn’t been online for a few days, and cub almost died as soon as she logged in?

What’s going on?

Cub has encountered a mutant rat swarm before, but he managed it fairly well at that time. How come he’s in a critically injured state this time?

Shen Cheng opened the game and looked up the explanation for “critically injured status”: it’s almost at the brink of death!

Hang in there, cub! Mom’s coming!

Shen Cheng was anxious and quickly checked the red and blue medicine in the store. She hurriedly spent money to buy an “advanced universal potion” – a boutique product in the store. Compared with the small red bottle produced by Noah’s base, this thing costs ten yuan with just one recharge, but in terms of emergency rescue, its effect is much better than the small red bottle from the base.

After sending the medicine over, Shen Cheng waited for a while and saw the status refreshed to “[in the process of recovering from injuries]”. She breathed a sigh of relief. Her cub must be fine now!

In the place where she couldn’t see, Li Weilan held the bottle and leaned against the garbage dump, breathing slowly.

There were three deep claw marks on his chest, penetrating deep into the bone.

As the potion began to take effect throughout his body, the wounds, which were once deep enough to see the bone, gradually began to heal. Even the strands of flesh and blood could be vaguely seen expanding slowly and sticking together at a speed visible to the naked eye, covering the huge and hideous wound.

In addition to their large numbers, mutant rats were not particularly scary opponents in themselves, but what Li Weilan didn’t expect was that there was a mutant rat king that looked almost identical to the others. When it sneaked up on him in the rat swarm, it was almost silent, but its paws were attached with golden ability. One paw was more than just a flesh wound. Li Weilan couldn’t dodge it in time and almost had his throat cut open on the spot.

It was also his own carelessness. The residual energy of the ability had just recovered a little bit at that time, and he barely managed to move aside with the ability, avoiding the fatal blow, but he could not avoid the blood dripping down and the chasing that followed.

After coming up with a solution, Li Weilan finally managed to hide in a garbage dump and used the already strong smell to distract the mice’s sense of smell. As he watched his wound gradually heal, self-deprecatingly he curled his lips.

At the crucial moment, he still managed to escape smoothly thanks to her help. Li Weilan did not regret the experience of nearly dying due to using up his spatial ability to input a large amount of energy, but what he cared about was that he had once again caused worry for her.

How is she doing?

Wait for me, Cheng Cheng.

Although he didn’t know if filling up with 1000 points of spatial ability could successfully see her, Li Weilan still wanted to achieve it to the best of his ability, even if there was only a slight possibility.

To him, everything now was given by her, so it was only fair to repay her with everything he had.

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Li Weilan took a deep breath, looked up at the leaden sky, and once his energy recovered slightly, he resumed inputting his ability into the window in front of him that only he could see and touch, desperately trying to input as much energy as he could.


The next day, Shen Cheng contacted a lawyer – a lawyer named Wang that she found online and who had a good reputation in the local area.

Lawyer Wang obviously didn’t expect such a young girl, let alone that the first thing she said was, “Hello, lawyer sir. I’m afraid I can only afford an hourly consultation fee now, but I want to work with you on a contingency fee.” He was taken aback.

The little girl looks helpless and her dress is plain and simple, it doesn’t seem like she understands the twists and turns in between.

Today, he received her phone call and explained the situation. It sounded a bit pitiful. He originally had other commissions, but still made time for her based on a momentary compassion.

Now she talks about risk agency?

He frowned and asked, “Risk agency is the minimum requirement for all our lawyers. What is your target amount?”

Shen Cheng nodded her head, tried her best to remain calm, but her palms were sticky and sweaty. “Two million.”

It was only then that Lawyer Wang paid attention and carefully listened to Shen Cheng’s situation, looking at the file bag she put down, furrowing his brows and pondering.

Based on the value, the deceased left behind three houses – the largest one with a yard was worth over 6 million, and there were also two old houses worth around 2 million.

The “Abandonment of Inheritance Agreement” in the file bag mainly mentioned the ownership of these three houses.

The old man had three sons who were still alive, plus this little girl’s deceased father. Without a will or spouse, the total value was 10 million. This little girl could have received nearly 2.5 million.

Now she says the target amount is 2 million. Could it be that she’s referring to the value of one of the houses?

“The house in the city…,” Shen Cheng said, her eyes turning slightly red. “My father bought it. It was supposed to be my home.”

She didn’t want anything else, she just wanted to get that house back, which could be considered a consolation for her deceased parents.

After lawyer Wang carefully inquired about the situation, he found out that this family was just a bad debt from years ago.

When Shen Cheng’s parents passed away, her grandparents were still alive, so according to reason, the property should have been divided into two equal parts, with half of Shen Cheng’s father’s share going to her grandparents and the other half to her. In other words, Shen Cheng should have owned half of the house.

However, things were not that simple.

At the time of Shen Cheng’s parents’ death, she was only eight years old. At that time, her grandparents produced a loan agreement, proving that they had paid the down payment, and Shen Cheng’s parents borrowed money from them to buy the house.

Shen Cheng was very sure that the money did not come from her grandparents, but from her paternal grandparents. However, her paternal grandparents had passed away, and there was no evidence to prove it.

In a convoluted manner, her biased grandparents gave the house to her second uncle’s family to live in, while Shen Cheng, as the original owner of the house, became dependent on others and had to watch their faces.

But as fate would have it, now that her grandfather has passed away and her grandmother had died a few years earlier, Shen Cheng, as the representative inheritor, is entitled to inherit one-fourth of their entire family property. If you discount it a little, that house…would still have to be returned to its rightful owner!

Lawyer Wang roughly calculated that this was a case worth fighting for!

The evidence from that time had long been lost, but the inheritance law was in place now. This two million yuan property was something they could still get their hands on!

“I’ll take this case,” said Lawyer Wang, reaching out his hand to her straightforwardly. “Let’s work together.”



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