Ch 80: TGCIR

Shen Cheng helped Li Weilan wrap his wound.

He said, “I’ll be waiting for you in the game every day.” Shen Cheng’s thoughts were initially delicate, her face blushed and her heart raced by his words. But now, as she heard those words, her mind immediately painted a picture of him waiting online every day, looking pitiful.

Originally, Shen Cheng felt a sweet and soft sense of being needed when she thought that the little avatar was waiting for her in the game. But now that the real person was standing in front of her, imagining him waiting every day made her feel guilty for some reason.

Shen Cheng didn’t know how to respond.

Her mind was in turmoil, and just then the hotel attendant brought a first-aid kit. She took the opportunity to wrap Li Weilan’s wound and avoided the sensitive topic.

Li Weilan didn’t force her to give an answer.

He said that the words were just spoken on a whim, and he didn’t necessarily expect her to give him a promise or answer. Moreover, their future was still uncertain, and Li Weilan didn’t want to make her feel difficult or sad by asking for any promises that he couldn’t make.

Shen Cheng sorted out her tangled emotions and her language before asking Li Weilan, “What should I do in the future?”

Li Weilan asked gently, “Can I see your phone?”

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment, then nodded. She unlocked her phone with her fingerprint and handed it to him.

Li Weilan looked at her phone and saw a blank space in the location the game app should be. He couldn’t help but laugh and gently pushed his nose, as he had guessed.

Li Weilan smiled and handed the phone back to Shen Cheng.

“Hmm?” Shen Cheng made a questioning sound, “Didn’t you say you wanted to see the game? Why did you look at the phone and then stop?”

“This game, only you can see it,” Li Weilan shrugged helplessly.

Shen Cheng didn’t believe it and opened the game page, but found that Li Weilan was telling the truth. She was able to see the game on her phone, but Li Weilan only saw a blank screen.

Li Weilan smiled, “Perhaps, it’s fate. It’s destined that you have a connection with our world.”

“Why me?” Shen Cheng’s eyes widened with confusion.

Li Weilan laughed, “Silly girl. It’s not important why it’s you, but at this point, it can only be you.”

Li Weilan couldn’t see the game, but after completing a time-travel task himself, he had a good idea of the game’s rules and regulations. Although the ultimate goal of the game was still unknown, every change that had occurred so far had brought about positive changes.

“Just like what you did before, if you have time, you can play the game more.”

Shen Cheng thought about the rent money that was about to come her way, and the idea of spending money on the game started to cross her mind. She wanted to buy everything, from building the base to weapons and equipment.

Li Weilan could see the eagerness in her eyes, but he was also worried about the future of this world when he reported to the government.

He knew nothing about how the government of this world would value his report, nor could he be sure if he had succeeded in preventing the crisis in this world. He was uncertain if he would have another chance to come back here.

“Cheng Cheng, after you get the money tomorrow, improve your living environment first,” said Li Weilan seriously. “The place you are living in now is too dark and damp, and I am worried about you.”


The next morning, Shen Cheng watched as Li Weilan disappeared from her sight.

“…” If it weren’t for opening the game log and clearly seeing a new entry:

【Li Weilan has returned to the wasteland】

Shen Cheng would have thought it was all just a dream. Seeing a paper man appear in front of her was unscientific no matter how she thought about it!

She sorted out her complicated emotions, took a taxi to meet with Lawyer Wang, and then signed the contract under the witness of the lawyer. She went to the Housing Management Bureau to complete the transfer procedures and finally took back her parents’ inheritance that had been occupied for more than ten years.

Surprisingly, Uncle Shen and Second Uncle Shen’s families were quite happy, even Second Uncle Shen, who had transferred the house to Shen Cheng, was probably happy enough with the compensation he received.

Shen Cheng didn’t plan to chat with them much. Just after completing the formalities, she heard Uncle Shen’s loud voice outside the Housing Management Bureau talking on the phone, “What do you mean you can’t contact that gentleman? What does ‘can’t contact’ mean?”

Then he started to curse and jump up and down. His tone even had anger and a faint sob.

Shen Cheng’s heart was moved as she quietly moved towards her uncle’s place, where she originally had no intention of staying longer. She could hear clearly, “What? The ID card address and phone number are all fake? What about the money? Eight million?”

Shen Cheng’s mouth curved slightly with a strange arc. If she still didn’t know who the person who suddenly disappeared was, it would be a waste of Li Weilan’s intention to walk forward and meet her.

Her heart was sweet, but the phone over there had not been hung up yet. She saw from afar a group of burly men walking towards her uncle’s family. The man at the head of the group pushed him hard and asked with a sneer, “Where is the money your son borrowed? Will you repay it or not?”

“I’ll repay, I’ll repay! I’ll sell the house and repay!”

“Then sell it!” The man laughed and pushed Uncle Shen. “We already said to sell it, why haven’t you sold it yet?”

Uncle Shen became angry when he remembered the fraudster who had deceived him into giving money to his second son at a high price and had even divided his property. At this moment, he saw his niece standing nearby with a strange look in her eyes and a smile on her lips, almost instantly feeling a surge of anger rising in his heart. After all, wasn’t she the beneficiary of the scam?

Could it be that the man she called was the one who came to cheat people?

Uncle Shen stepped forward angrily, raised his fist and said, “Did you trick me into believing that? You little slut, how heartless! Killing your parents is not enough, now even us relatives are not spared…”

Shen Cheng stepped back slightly without saying anything. Before she could speak, a tall figure had already blocked her from behind.

The tall figure in a suit was none other than Lawyer Wang, who had just finished his paperwork at the Housing Administration Bureau. He looked sternly at Uncle Shen and said, “According to the civil law of our country, your current behavior towards others constitutes an infringement. If it causes bodily harm to my client, you must compensate for reasonable expenses such as medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, and loss of income due to missed work. If we go to court, you will definitely lose and you will have to pay for my hourly fee. My fee is 2000 yuan per hour. Are you sure you want to throw that punch?”

Uncle Shen was furious that the lawyer was protecting that little slut. However, Lawyer Wang’s seriousness and professionalism frightened him, especially when he mentioned the 2000 yuan per hour fee. He became panicked.

Lawyer Wang scared Uncle Shen away with just a few words. Then, he turned around and nodded to Shen Cheng, “Miss Shen, the paperwork is done. I will contact you again if there are any contracts or procedures that require your signature. I will return to the law firm now. Please take care of yourself.”

Shen Cheng smiled gratefully at him, “Thank you.”


Two days later, Shen Cheng logged into the game again.

During these two days, she visited the house where she had not been for more than ten years for the last time. Unfortunately, after more than ten years of living by Uncle Shen and his family, there was not a single trace or memory left about her childhood in the house.

Without the familiarity and warmth of the past, the house is just a reinforced concrete shell.

Shen Cheng heard that her uncles are now in a bitter dispute, and she didn’t want to get entangled in the middle of it. She entrusted the matter of selling the house to an agent and settled on a rough price before returning to H City.

With the money left over from selling Hemes in her hand, she directly bought a much better house than before.

With more financial freedom, she chose to live alone.

Shen Cheng knew that she already had a little secret and naturally didn’t want to share a room with anyone else – even if the game was said to be extremely intelligent, she didn’t want to risk losing her phone or breaking it.

After moving into her new home, Shen Cheng finally settled down and opened the game again.

During her absence, the little people in the game were still living and working diligently.

A mission countdown appeared at the top of the game screen: three days left until the first zombie attack on the city.

Since learning that this was not just a game, Shen Cheng has become more cautious in her approach to missions and the base. She clicked to send a team of ability users to explore the wasteland and confirm the current situation of the zombie tide.

The one who received this mission was Chen Feng.

His main task in the base these days is to “supply power”. Unlike the small hamsters that mainly supply the internal electricity consumption of the base, Chen Feng’s lightning-based ability has a wider range of uses, and even Fu Yanzhou’s ability research cannot do without him.

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So when the base received this prompt to send a team of elites to explore the wasteland, Chen Feng himself didn’t quite understand why he was named – the base sends people out to sweep and collect materials every day. Why was he singled out this time?

Apart from him, the other designated individuals either had armor or were well-known ability users in the base. If it was just a normal sweep, there was no need to be so cautious, right?

But whether he understood it or not, he still followed the requirements of the mission and led a team of people, driving the “electric car” that Fu Yanzhou had improved from the mecha based on inspiration, out of the base.

Their destination for this sweep was originally a suburban supermarket, but after driving for only ten minutes, Chen Feng immediately felt that something was wrong.

“These zombies…” he looked at the zombie horde following their car with suspicion, unable to shake them off no matter how much they sped up, and his face turned pale for a moment. “They never had this speed before!”

That’s right, before, as long as they drove, they could easily shake off the slow-moving zombies, unless there was a mutant zombie. If they encountered an agile or an ability-enhanced zombie, they could just take them out individually. But now, the zombie horde following their car was dense, and from any angle, they were much faster than before!

They were still driving the latest vehicle developed by the base, which was electrified on the outside. Chen Feng himself was an electric ability user, and as long as his ability didn’t run out, he could replenish the defense line at any time. But even so, if they drove too far without noticing and attracted too many zombies, he would eventually be trapped in an endless sea of zombies.

Chen Feng acted decisively and shouted directly at the driver who was still driving the vehicle, “Find cover and stop the car!” He looked back at everyone in the car and said, “Prepare for battle!”

Shen Cheng watched this scene on her phone and silently breathed a sigh of relief.

She was prepared to force the car to stop if Chen Feng didn’t notice anything in a little while, but that would be a bit risky. But now that he had noticed, this was naturally the best case scenario.

She clicked on one of the zombies following the car and found that its speed, agility, health, and defense had all increased slightly.


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