Ch 9: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Fang Ziyang stared intently at the golden book in his hands, filled with familiar content.

However, all the events in the book were narrated from the perspective of Yan Tong.

In the story, Yan Tong transmigrated into a novel, but his role was that of an insignificant side character with barely any lines.

At first, Yan Tong felt a bit disappointed with this role, thinking it was too ordinary and not much different from his previous life without the aura of a transmigrator.

However, it didn’t take long for him to console himself and plan to use his advantage of knowing the plot to obtain the original protagonist’s coveted “golden finger” and make connections with those who would become important figures in the future, thereby embarking on the pinnacle of his life.

As for the original protagonist, he “generously” expressed that they should each go their separate ways and live in peace.

After all, with the original protagonist’s abilities and status, even without the golden finger, his achievements in the future would not be lacking. If the golden finger fell into Yan Tong’s hands, it would be even more useful…

But little did he know that his plans would not proceed smoothly.

Initially, Yan Tong thought that the original protagonist’s golden finger was something casually bought on the roadside. But after transmigrating into the book, he discovered that the jade pendant was not something purchased; it was an ancestral heirloom of the protagonist’s mother’s family!

This left Yan Tong feeling frustrated and perplexed. Without that golden finger, even with his knowledge of the plot, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish many things.

If it was any other ordinary transmigrator, they might have changed their mind at this point. Since fate had decreed that they couldn’t obtain the golden finger, they would quickly go and cling to the protagonist’s thigh, following them and seeking success together. After all, the achievements would be considerable by doing so.

However, Yan Tong was different.

Prior to transmigrating, he wasn’t someone with particularly upright values. His ordinary life and frustrated ambitions had twisted his character, making him jealous and resentful of anyone around him who was doing better. While he would maintain a friendly facade on the surface, deep down, he would be envious and curse the unfairness of life.

Therefore, upon realizing that obtaining the golden finger would be difficult, he felt anger and a sense of being deceived.

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Even though in the book, “Fang Ziyang” claimed to others that the jade pendant was casually bought, it turned out to be an ancestral heirloom. He was weaving a web of lies, completely lacking the kindness and integrity that a protagonist should possess!

And at that moment, he discovered another “earth-shattering secret.”

His mother told him that he was actually the son of Fang Yandong, the heir of the Fang family’s conglomerate in Jiang City. He shouldn’t be living an ordinary life; he should be in the spotlight, adored and with limitless glory.

It was all because of Fang Ziyang’s mother, who forcefully snatched away their rightful life, causing him to become a bastard whose own father didn’t even know about.

For years, they had been constantly moving homes to evade the coercion brought by Fang Ziyang’s mother.

Upon learning this, Yan Tong was filled with extreme anger.

He felt that he had uncovered the hidden truth of the world. Fang Ziyang was not the kind, upright, and brave protagonist he appeared to be. He was a liar, outwardly good but inwardly wicked, stealing other men’s husbands and sons!

After discovering the “truth,” Yan Tong abandoned his previous idea of “peaceful coexistence.” He decided to reclaim everything that belonged to the original host and expose Fang Ziyang’s true nature.

Afterwards, things unfolded just as Fang Ziyang had experienced.

Yan Tong worked hard to get admitted to the same high school as Fang Ziyang. From the beginning, he set traps for him, gradually tarnishing his reputation and wearing down his willpower. Fang Ziyang spent his three years of high school amidst rumors and disdain, unable to focus on his studies.

In the plot that Yan Tong was aware of, Fang Ziyang, despite his indulgent lifestyle, possessed strong abilities. His outstanding academic achievements laid the foundation for his future success as a rising star in the business world.

Therefore, the first step was to break this cornerstone; otherwise, Yan Tong was worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle formidable opponents in the future.

Things progressed smoothly.

Just as Yan Tong had anticipated, Fang Ziyang transformed into a truly ill-tempered and academically incompetent playboy. His fiancé and brother developed a favorable impression of Yan Tong, and his good friend Xu Jiaqing even schemed behind Fang Ziyang’s back for Yan Tong’s sake.

After Fang Ziyang’s life took a complete turn due to the impact of bullying on his college entrance exam results, Yan Tong, who had endured silently for three years, finally had his moment to shine.

However, Yan Tong did not immediately go to the Fang family to reveal his true identity.

Because Yan Tong knew that the Fang family would go bankrupt in a few years, he didn’t want to get involved in that mess. Going to the Fang family as an illegitimate child would surely bring him suffering, which was not what he desired.

Therefore, Yan Tong took advantage of Fang Qianhao’s fondness for him and stayed at the Fang family as a guest. He then seized the opportunity to obtain the coveted golden finger.

To his surprise, the golden finger contained not only advanced technological knowledge that he was aware of but also numerous magical prescriptions.

Using these prescriptions and technological knowledge, Yan Tong built connections with various magnates and attracted numerous talented young individuals. He effortlessly navigated the upper-class society, becoming a well-known young entrepreneur and international superstar.

During this period, the rumors and gossip surrounding Yan Tong’s relationships with various magnates and talented individuals became a significant highlight in the book.

However, in the end, Yan Tong chose to marry Fang Yandong because although the other pursuers were also outstanding, they lacked a mature and stable charm due to their age.

More importantly, the other pursuers all had influential family backgrounds, which would lead to internal family conflicts even after marriage. On the other hand, the Fang family had only recently risen in status over the past few decades, with a small number of relatives. Fang Yandong held the power and authority within the family.

Handsome, wealthy, mature, considerate, without troublesome relatives, and with a stepson to protect him, Fang Yandong was the best choice for marriage.

As for his supposed father-son relationship with Fang Yandong, it was completely fabricated, a hoax created by his stepmother to manipulate him and seek revenge for stealing Madam Fang’s position.

Misunderstandings were resolved, and the two fell in love with each other. True love prevailed, and they lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Fang Ziyang, who was once the main character, turned into a malicious cannon fodder throughout the story. He repeatedly attempted to frame and cause trouble for Yan Tong, but each time, he ended up empty-handed and suffered the consequences. It was a case of reaping what he sowed.

Even in death, Fang Ziyang couldn’t find peace. After his death, his one-night stand partner emerged to seek revenge for him and their child.

Afterward, Yan Tong embarked on a new chapter of triumphant retaliation, crushing his enemies and finally achieving a truly happy and fulfilling ending.

From Yan Tong’s perspective, his life in the book was truly a satisfying tale of counterattack, with ups and downs and endless face-slapping moments that kept readers hooked.

But Fang Ziyang was filled with deep-seated hatred, seething with anger.

He would say that since meeting Yan Tong, his three years of high school were filled with misfortune, and it seemed like there was an inexplicable connection between his misfortunes and Yan Tong. Little did he know that it was all intentional, the result of Yan Tong’s hidden scheming over the course of three years.

But his greatest hatred was not directed towards Yan Tong.

It was towards Fang Yandong, Fang Qianhao, and Xie Wenxu!

One was his biological father, one was his elder brother, and one was his childhood sweetheart and fiancé. They were the people he loved and trusted the most, and they should have stood by his side no matter what happened.

But what did these three individuals do?

They were heartless, indifferent, and even threw him under the bus.

Fang Yandong turned a blind eye to everything he went through because of Yan Tong, coldly observing from the sidelines…

Fang Qianhao, the useless brother, not only aided and abetted the wrongdoing but also personally caused the death of his child…

Xie Wenxu, on the other hand, was utterly heartless, disregarding their lifelong relationship and instead scheming and falsely accusing him…

These people are so heartless, yet they disguise themselves under the pretense of righteousness and magnanimity!

He regrets being so foolish in his past life and not being cautious around these individuals.

However, Yan Tong was right to be worried about one thing. Despite being a pleasure-seeking dandy, he undeniably possesses abilities. He is naturally gifted with high intelligence beyond that of an ordinary person.

Even though he was initially subjected to such a miserable setup, he managed to turn the tables to some extent and resist the forces against him alongside the formidable Yan Tong. He faced countless obstacles and challenges, and though he ultimately failed, his abilities cannot be denied.

Now that he is prepared, he doesn’t believe he will suffer such a devastating defeat again.

However, he still has many unanswered questions. Even though he has read this book, there are still many aspects that he can’t comprehend, leaving him feeling perplexed and peculiar.

For example,

Why was it so smooth and unquestioned when the revelation of Yan Tong’s “illegitimate child” identity occurred in the book? No one suspected anything, and even the blood test didn’t reveal anything. Given the capabilities of Yan Tong and his mother at that time, it doesn’t seem plausible for them to achieve such a tightly guarded secret so easily.

Another example,

Why did his one-night stand suddenly come forward for revenge after such a long time? The book mentions that the person is an heir to a foreign conglomerate, implying that they are a foreigner. However… when his child was born, it was clear that the child was a pure Chinese with no trace of foreign blood. Even if he couldn’t remember what the one-night stand partner looked like, the child’s appearance and bloodline cannot be faked. So, there seems to be something fishy about this so-called revenge from the heir of a wealthy foreign conglomerate.

Although Fang Ziyang’s heart is dripping with hatred and he wishes to tear his enemies apart right now, he knows he must remain calm.

From the fact that Yan Tong discovered discrepancies between the origin of the golden finger and what the other party knew from the book, it is evident that many things are not as straightforward and simple as they appear on the surface.

A book, no matter how extensive its content, has its limitations. It cannot record every single thing in the world. It unfolds through a certain perspective, and what our eyes perceive as truth may not necessarily be the ultimate truth.

His miserable fate in his previous life couldn’t have been solely because of Yan Tong alone.

But thanks to this book, he is no longer in the dark. At least now he has a deeper understanding of his enemies. Knowing oneself and knowing one’s enemy can ensure victory in a hundred battles. This small bit of knowledge gives him a significant advantage.

By the way, after the bullying incident in the book, Yan Tong did something strange.

He visited a certain club where he intentionally dropped a few photographs, which were then picked up by a handsome man wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

However, this handsome man with the gold-rimmed glasses had no significant role in the book. The book doesn’t explain why Yan Tong did that. It only mentions that shortly after, Yan Tong’s mood suddenly became very cheerful, and his gaze became peculiar, carrying a sense of malicious delight.

At that time, Fang Ziyang had no idea why Yan Tong suddenly acted so strangely. But now, he senses that something is amiss.

Although he doesn’t know the details, it signifies one thing.

That the handsome man with the gold-rimmed glasses must be an important figure in Yan Tong’s eyes. And the intentionally dropped photograph must be a crucial item…

The combination of these two things must have some undesirable consequences for him, or else Yan Tong wouldn’t be so delighted.

The time seems to be the day after tomorrow, and the name of the club seems to be “Crown.”

He has heard of that place. It’s a very exclusive club where only high-level guests like Fang Yandong are allowed to enter. They only check the membership card, not the person, and even Fang Yandong has only one membership card.

Although he doesn’t know why Yan Tong did what he did, it’s evident that this matter must not be allowed to succeed.

If that’s the case…

Fang Ziyang opens his eyes, turns on his phone that was previously switched off, and stares at over a hundred missed calls from Fang Yandong on the screen. A slight smile curls up on his lips.

He gets up, leaves the house, calls a driver to pick him up, and heads home.

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