Ch 10: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

The Fang family’s villa is not far from the city center, but the location is exceptionally serene.

This area was specially developed by real estate developers as an affluent residential community. It is home to influential and prominent figures in Jiang City, offering convenience for transportation while maintaining a peaceful environment. Naturally, the Fang family’s villa is situated here.

However, in reality, these villas can only be considered a place to rest for true aristocratic families. With the inherent mindset of the Chinese people, true aristocratic families prefer to build mansions and estates in tranquil outskirts, a level of heritage that the Fang family, with only a few decades of family history, cannot compare to.

For example, his grandfather has an old mansion in the outskirts of Jiang City. It is built with an antique charm, understated yet grand, with a unique taste in its furnishings.

There are also numerous antique collections inside, and even though the family lineage of his grandfather has been relatively thin, the family heritage is still substantial.

Unfortunately, they encountered wicked descendants and his lousy uncle.

In the previous life, his uncle’s ruthlessness was no less than that of Fang Yandong and his son. Not only did he join forces with outsiders to harm his own nephew, but he also ended up squandering the ancestral mansion of the Lu family.

To raise funds for Yan Tong, his uncle sold the entire ancestral mansion and its antiques without hesitation.

He did have the intention to stop it at the time, but he had no authority to dispose of the Lu family mansion.

His grandfather had distributed the wealth of the Lu family fairly before his passing, but the Lu family mansion was given to his uncle, while his mother received the ancestral jade pendant.

Previously, he thought that his grandfather was biased towards his son in this matter. But now, Fang Ziyang no longer thinks that way. After learning about the true value of the jade pendant, he understood that his mother was the one his grandfather cherished the most.

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The value of the jade pendant is immeasurable…

Fang Ziyang sat silently in the back seat, deep in thought.

The driver, Uncle Liu, occasionally stole glances at him through the rearview mirror, but it was a pity that Fang Ziyang had long mastered the art of controlling his expressions. With an expressionless face, he looked out the window, making it impossible for Uncle Liu to discern anything.

Fang Ziyang naturally noticed Uncle Liu’s discreet glances, but he didn’t intervene or react. Instead, he sneered inwardly.

He was quite familiar with Uncle Liu. He had been a loyal servant in the Fang family for many years and was highly regarded by him and his mother. After all, Uncle Liu was the husband of Zhang Ma, the nanny whom he regarded as a respected and beloved mother figure.

Unfortunately, while he respected and cherished them, they treated him like a fool.

In the past, he thought that Uncle Liu and Zhang Ma were attentive and caring, indulging and doting on him. But now, given the chance to start over, he realized that all that so-called care was nothing more than surveillance and manipulation.

Think about it, which caring elder would aid and abet, even facilitate a teenager’s gambling, turning a blind eye to it?

He surmised that all the funds he had spent on gambling on jade and antique collections over the years probably ended up in the hands of Fang Yandong and his son… When he was driven out of the Fang family in his previous life, Zhang Ma and Uncle Liu stood behind his beloved father.

Unveiling the mask of hypocrisy, each hidden truth beneath sends shivers down one’s spine.

Fang Ziyang’s intuition was chillingly sharp. He had no idea what he had done wrong to deserve such treatment from his own family. Perhaps, at times, certain identities were inherently sinful.

Maybe he had been silent for too long today, contrasting sharply with his lively demeanor in the past.

After observing him through the rearview mirror for a while, Uncle Liu couldn’t help but speak up.

“Young Master, why aren’t you speaking today? Is it because you’re still upset about the video incident? It’s already been resolved, hasn’t it? Our Young Master is truly the most intelligent one. I saw the live stream myself, and it was truly satisfying. Young Master, you’re amazing!”

His tone was filled with the affection and flattery of an elder.

The flattery wasn’t particularly clever; it was rather crude. However, considering his past relationship with Uncle Liu and Zhang Ma, such straightforward praise was the best way to show their close relationship.

Every time he received such care and attention, his mood would improve, and he would reveal many secrets.

There was no doubt that Uncle Liu was starting to coax him again. The suddenness and ruthlessness of this live broadcast were unexpected, and Fang Yandong would undoubtedly have suspicions.

“I wonder where Young Master found those hackers and detectives. Why didn’t you inform Uncle Liu about it? Such people could easily be scammers. Although Young Master is wealthy, he shouldn’t be deceived for no reason. Moreover, this live stream was satisfying, but it was also too risky, Young Master…”

With a rapid string of words, Uncle Liu was essentially inquiring about the information on the hackers and detectives he had contacted.

Was he genuinely worried about him being deceived, or was he concerned that such powerful connections to hackers and detectives might uncover other things in the future?

Since Uncle Liu wanted to know, he might as well tell him.

Fang Ziyang curled his lips and sneered,

“Uncle Liu, are you here to tell me jokes? Do you really care about me? If you cared about me, wouldn’t you have at least given me a comforting call when I got into trouble? Since you watched my live video, I wonder if you remember what I said. I said that after I got into trouble, there was no one to speak up for me.”

“I’m also very curious. Uncle Liu, you’ve always been good to me, and you have a wide network of contacts. Over the years, whenever I got into trouble, you always helped me come up with solutions and cover it up. You even tried to speak well of me in front of my father. Why is it suddenly useless this time…”

“My father too. I know he could have found a hacker to recover the deleted surveillance footage. How could someone as astute and clever as him not think of that? After all, our family is not lacking in money, right… Uncle Liu, do you think I should be happy now? Do you all think of me as a fool?”


Uncle Liu suddenly slammed on the brakes.

Fortunately, there were no pedestrians or vehicles on the road at this moment, otherwise, there would have been an accident.

But Uncle Liu couldn’t care about that now. After applying the brakes, he immediately became flustered and anxious, saying, “Young Master, what nonsense are you talking about…”

Fang Ziyang interrupted directly, staring at him, “What did you say? Nonsense? Uncle Liu, do you want to know what my hired hacker and detective have found? They have uncovered some things that have quite a connection to you and Aunt Zhang.”

As the words fell,

Uncle Liu’s face suddenly stiffened, his eyes quickly flashing with guilt and panic. He looked at Fang Ziyang’s ambiguous expression, and for a moment, his mind went blank.

What does Young Master mean by this? Does Young Master know something?

It’s impossible. How could Young Master know? Even if the hacker is capable, they couldn’t possibly uncover past events. Young Master couldn’t possibly know, but the meaning behind Young Master’s words now…

Uncle Liu’s heart raced, and he stared blankly at Fang Ziyang.

It seemed like he was caught off guard by this sudden question, but in reality, he was just waiting for the next part. He wanted to test how much Fang Ziyang knew. He wanted to see if Fang Ziyang had any more information.


Fang Ziyang had no intention of continuing. He just smiled mysteriously at Uncle Liu, with a meaning that was hard to decipher.

“Uncle Liu, I heard that Liu Feng has apparently found another batch of impressive antiques and is planning to introduce them to me one of these days…”

In the previous lifetime, during this period, Uncle Liu’s son introduced him to a batch of antique collections. He got deeply involved and ended up losing a whopping billion. That was his entire pocket money for the year.

Due to the dividends from his mother’s shares and his grandfather’s inheritance, the pocket money he could withdraw each year was several times more than that of an ordinary rich second generation.

“Young Master!”

Uncle Liu’s voice suddenly grew louder, and he felt his hand holding the steering wheel go weak.

What does Young Master mean by this again?

“Uncle Liu, you should seriously think about who your boss really is… Drive, let’s go home.”

Leave it at that.

It wouldn’t be interesting to kill off the two fat, well-fed venomous snakes.

He believed that Uncle Liu was a “smart” person.

Fang Ziyang shifted his gaze back to the window, the smile disappearing from his face. He remained expressionless, but an aura of dark coldness emanated from him, unlike anything seen before, suffocating the atmosphere inside the car.

Uncle Liu didn’t know how he managed to restart the car and get back on the road. His mind was now completely clouded.

Although Fang Ziyang didn’t say much, even these few short sentences were enough for Uncle Liu to imagine many things, things that filled him with fear and worry.

Was Young Master driven to reveal something because of this incident?

Or had Young Master known something all along but only chose to show it now? After all, his methods in the livestream seemed casual but were actually sharp, meticulous, and cunning.

And where did Young Master find such capable hackers? Although Uncle Liu was unfamiliar with the hacker scene, he could tell that it wouldn’t be easy to gather the evidence that Young Master presented in such a short period of time.

Even the matter of antique and stone gambling, it seemed like Young Master already knew something about it based on his tone!

But how much did Young Master really know?

And what did his final words mean? Was he asking Uncle Liu to betray their employer and switch sides?

That’s how people are, always prone to overthinking.

If Fang Ziyang had directly explained everything, Uncle Liu’s reaction might not have been as intense. But by revealing only a fraction and leaving the rest to the other party’s imagination, Uncle Liu’s fear and confusion grew stronger and more chaotic.

Uncle Liu and Aunt Zhang were so good to him in the previous life, yet he didn’t find a proper way to “repay” them. What a pity.

However, perhaps he had frightened Uncle Liu too much all at once, causing an overwhelming impact. For the rest of the journey, Uncle Liu seemed somewhat absent-minded, and his driving skills were not as steady as before.

At a junction while making a turn, Uncle Liu accidentally collided with another car due to his distraction.

Fortunately, both vehicles were turning at a slow speed, and the collision was minor, causing no injuries.

Uncle Liu’s face turned pale with fright, and he quickly opened the car door to assess the situation and discuss the accident with the other party.

Fang Ziyang had no intention of getting out of the car; this trivial matter didn’t require his involvement.


The next moment, when he saw the person stepping out of the opposing Maybach, he sat up straight, and his expression, which had remained unchanged since his rebirth, suddenly shifted.

Xie Zheng!

How could he be here?!

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