Ch 8: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

A stone thrown into the water stirred up a thousand waves.

Fang Ziyang’s words had no hidden or subtle meaning. Anyone with a normal level of intelligence could clearly understand the implications.

He was blatantly expressing his suspicion that Yan Tong was pulling the strings behind the scenes. But since he didn’t have concrete evidence for now, he couldn’t directly report the case against his enemies like he did with Xu Jiaqing and the others. So, he could only use this method to implicate his adversary.

Of course, there were still those who didn’t believe it and immediately became angry, especially considering the stark difference in reputation between Fang Ziyang and Yan Tong.

Even though Fang Ziyang showed a rational and intelligent attitude towards the bullying incident today and was wrongly accused, the fact remained that his previous behavior as a spoiled rich second-generation was arrogant and bullying, and it couldn’t change the reality of his poor character.

On the other hand, after the details of the bullying incident came to light, netizens discovered that Yan Tong was a hardworking, intelligent, kind, and handsome boy. Coming from an ordinary family, he stood out among a student population comprised mostly of wealthy and influential individuals at No.1 High School. Not only did he excel academically, but he also had a good reputation among his classmates. It was evident that he possessed genuinely good character and was kind to others.

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The two sides were in stark contrast. Even if Fang Ziyang cleared his name in the bullying incident, it wouldn’t make people like him, let alone the fact that he was now openly throwing dirt on others.

It was just too much!

After finishing his statement, Fang Ziyang immediately ended the livestream. He didn’t wait to see the insulting comments on the screen, nor did he expect everyone to immediately take his side.

He had simply thrown a bomb, issued a declaration of war, and planted a seed of suspicion.

And as expected, the internet exploded once again.

“What on earth? Is Fang Ziyang implying that Yan Tong instructed Xu Jiaqing to frame him? How is that possible?”

“It’s totally impossible. I’ve seen Yan Tong’s profile, and he has been an exemplary student from childhood to adolescence. He’s well-behaved and gentle. Teachers and classmates from elementary school to high school can all vouch for him.”

“I agree. Besides, with Yan Tong’s family background, how could he have the influence to instruct Xu Jiaqing? Although Xu Jiaqing’s family isn’t considered an elite one, they are still quite wealthy. Why would he need someone’s instructions to take such a risky criminal action?”

“The point is, Xu Jiaqing is definitely the one committing a crime now. He has very little interaction with Yan Tong. How could Yan Tong instruct him to do anything?”

“Just based on a red bracelet, Fang Ziyang is talking nonsense. Isn’t this considered defamation? Shouldn’t he be reported to the police as well? Haha!”

With Yan Tong’s popularity and track record, most people simply didn’t believe Fang Ziyang’s words and were even angry as a result.

However, there were a few rational and intelligent individuals among them. After all, not everyone in the world was foolish, nor were they all keyboard warriors who only knew how to escalate conflicts.

“Hey, wait a minute, hold on. Don’t be so absolute in your statements. I think there’s something fishy about this…”

“Yeah, I feel the same way. I just took another careful look at Yan Tong’s and Xu Jiaqing’s profiles, as well as the photos circulating in their social media circles. I found that Yan Tong did indeed wear a red bracelet in the past! And now, there are also pictures of Xu Jiaqing wearing one in his social media posts!”

“This… Although I’m not a big fan of Fang Ziyang, if what he said is true and there is a connection between Yan Tong and Xu Jiaqing, with Xu Jiaqing ruthlessly backstabbing his own friend, then that’s…”

“Hey, and Fang Ziyang mentioned that he has been having bad luck ever since he met Yan Tong. I checked the pictures he posted on his Weibo, and his experiences throughout high school really seem to match up. It’s a coincidence that’s making me feel uneasy.”

“Hey, what’s Fang Ziyang’s Weibo username? I want to take a look!”

“It’s ‘Troublemaker Little Lord,’ go and check it out.”

“‘Troublemaker Little Lord’? How did I miss that before? Haha, suddenly I find Fang Ziyang quite intriguing…”


The online discussion continued with new topics being explored, and everyone held their own opinions, engaging in heated debates.

Fang Ziyang paid no further attention to these discussions. He closed his computer and leaned back in his chair. The carefree smile that had adorned his face earlier disappeared, and he returned to his expressionless state. Only a long breath indicated a slight calmness in his current state of mind.

His first victory after rebirth had been achieved.

His life could be changed. He would no longer suffer from the same misfortune and helplessness as in his previous life, nor would he be trapped in despair and resentment. There was hope and opportunity in his future.

His phone kept vibrating on the table, and the incoming caller ID displayed the words “Dad.”

It had been ringing for more than ten minutes.

However, Fang Ziyang had no intention of answering. He simply looked at the phone, and a faint smile reappeared on his expressionless face.

He turned off the phone directly.

Fang Ziyang leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

He needed rest. His body and mind both needed a good rest. Since his rebirth, he hadn’t slept for a whole day and night, and he was feeling a bit tired.

At the moment Fang Ziyang closed his eyes, he suddenly found himself enveloped in a faint golden light.

His consciousness plunged into a deep slumber…

This was a strange place.

An empty, white expanse filled with mist.

Apart from the mist and a golden book floating in mid-air, there was nothing else. The silence was astonishing, as if it were a world of nothingness.

Fang Ziyang stood there, rooted to the spot.

He knew he must be dreaming.

There was no basis for this assumption, just an instinctual intuition that he was in a dream. However, compared to the usual vague dreams, his perception and awareness were much clearer now.

Where was this place? How did he end up having such a peculiar dream? And why was he so acutely aware that he was dreaming?

Having experienced the inexplicable phenomenon of rebirth, Fang Ziyang remained calm and composed in the face of the current situation. He accepted it with composure and naturalness, even able to engage in rational thinking immediately.

After all, what could be more shocking than going back in time and reliving one’s life?

Taking a quick look around the surroundings, there was nothing particularly notable. Finally, Fang Ziyang’s gaze returned to the golden book floating in the distance.

“A golden book floating in mid-air?”

Such a conspicuous object naturally piqued Fang Ziyang’s curiosity. After all, it was just a dream, and experiencing the dream with such clarity was an intriguing sensation, even for someone as calm and rational as him.

He walked over to examine the book.

Fang Ziyang’s lips twitched when he saw the title on the book cover. The reason was simple—it was embarrassingly cheesy.

“Transmigrated into a World Where Everyone Loves Me.”

Although his lips twitched, living in an era of information explosion, even though Fang Ziyang wasn’t particularly fond of reading online novels, he could roughly guess the content of the book from its title alone.

How could he dream of something so bizarre…

Fang Ziyang felt speechless and puzzled.

However, curiosity compelled him to unconsciously open the book. Then, he stood frozen in place, his complexion gradually turning pale, and his hands and body trembling uncontrollably.

【Yan Tong couldn’t contain his joy as he gazed at the mirror, beholding the beautiful and obedient face of the young boy. He never expected that after a mere nap, he would transmigrate into a novel, into a body that not only resembled his own but even shared the same name…】

【Unfortunately, the original owner of this body was just a nobody!】

【But what does it matter to be a nobody? I know how the plot will unfold, which companies will rise, and where the destitute will flourish. With my knowledge and skills, I can thrive in this world. After all, I’m practically the beloved son of God, hahaha, how embarrassing…】

【By the way, where did Fang Ziyang’s cheat item come from? I have to find a way to obtain it. If it’s meant for a destined person, and now it’s not Fang Ziyang’s possession, then it’s not considered stealing, right? Besides, Fang Ziyang is already a young master of a prominent family. He doesn’t lack such a cheat item. Worst case scenario, if Fang Ziyang encounters difficulties in the future, I can compensate him for it…】

【How is that possible! Wasn’t the jade pendant cheat item just a random piece of jewelry Fang Ziyang bought? How did it become an heirloom item!】

【Xiao Tong… Go to the Fang family… and retrieve what rightfully belongs to you… Fang Ziyang is not the young master of the Fang family… You are… The status and position of Fang Madam and Fang Young Master belong to us. You must snatch back what belongs to us!】

【Mom, don’t worry. I will do my best!】

【Xiao Tong, stop crying. It’s not your fault. It’s all because of Zheng Yating, that crazy woman. Who would have thought she would be so malicious, not only causing the death of her own sister but also using you to harm me and Dad. Now, everything is clear. You are not my little brother at all. You don’t have to hide anymore. Come back home. Dad has been waiting for you.】

【Is he really… waiting for me all this time?】

【Yes, Dad is waiting for you. Zhang Ma is also waiting for you. I am waiting for you. Everyone at home is waiting for you to come back. Xiao Tong, I know you love Dad too, right? Don’t worry, it’s all a misunderstanding. We will all bless you both.】

Trembling, Fang Ziyang held the book in his hands and mustered all his courage to read through the entire content.

The book contained a lot of information, describing a protagonist named Yan Tong.

One day, this protagonist woke up and found himself transmigrated into a novel, becoming an insignificant side character.

However, this side character’s identity was not ordinary at all. He turned out to be the illegitimate child of the prominent Fang family in Jiang City, who had been living outside. Determined to help his poor mother reunite with his father and reclaim what rightfully belonged to them, he resolutely stepped into the conflicts of the wealthy family. Little did he know that he would be manipulated by his mother…

Initially, Fang Ziyang thought it was just a novel with the same name and surname as him. But the more he read, the more shocked he became. He discovered that more than half of the content in the book coincided with events that had happened in his previous life one by one!

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