Ch 7: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

Although they had seen Fang Ziyang make the police call earlier, deep down, everyone still had their doubts.

After all, in their subconscious minds, they believed that once Fang Ziyang explained the truth, everything would be clear. The dispute between classmates didn’t seem necessary to escalate to the level of involving the police… right?

Especially now, with the police and lawyers appearing before all the netizens, the scale of this situation seemed way too overwhelming in the eyes of ordinary internet users!

The barrage in the live chat began scrolling furiously once again.

“Ah, ah, ah, it’s really the police, and there’s even a team of lawyers!”

“Oh my god, Fang Ziyang is really stirring up trouble!”

“Although it seems a bit excessive, if what Fang Ziyang said earlier is true, then I have to say, I support it! I fully support reporting to the police! This is no longer a simple dispute between classmates; it appears to be a case of deliberate framing and defamation. Can it be constituted as a criminal offense?”

Even though the final outcome of the situation was still uncertain, and Fang Ziyang’s account was just one side of the story, with evidence yet to be verified.

But what are netizens? Most of them are followers who go with the wind, easily swayed by a little instigation. Regardless of whether the police have investigated or not, at this moment, more than half of them already believe.

Look at all those pieces of evidence, so clear and straightforward.

If Fang Ziyang didn’t have absolute confidence, how could he be so bold in front of all the netizens? Those pieces of evidence must be genuine!

Everyone nervously and excitedly stared at their phones or computer screens. This was the first time they had witnessed a live broadcast reporting to the police. It was truly extraordinary.

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After seating the team of lawyers and a few police officers, Fang Ziyang showed no intention of ending the live stream. Instead, he asked Wu Qiang about the possibility of continuing the live broadcast during the process of filing the police report. After receiving approval from Wu Qiang, Fang Ziyang proceeded with his statement.

Being well-prepared, he calmly and logically described the sequence of events. The reason he gave when he made the initial phone call was fabricated, meant only to astonish the well-intentioned netizens. Now, he swiftly moved past that point and focused on the real subject of the case.

With limited time and without unnecessary verbosity, Fang Ziyang briefly recounted the incident and then stated his demands.

“…That’s roughly how things unfolded. All the evidence is here, and I understand that verification will take time. However, to ensure the smooth progress of the case, I have already discussed with my legal team whom to sue. I kindly request Officer Wu and your team to take detailed notes. Thank you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Chief of the Legal Department from the Fang Corporation, who had been silent all along, took the floor. He picked up a document that had been prepared in advance and started listing names with a rapid-fire delivery.

As the mastermind behind the entire affair, Xu Jiaqing’s name topped the list.

Then came Teacher He, followed by official representatives from No.1 High School, the No.1 High School Student Union…

Next were the Weibo marketing accounts, marketing agencies, XX News self-media…

And finally…

“Finally, regarding Zhang Xu, Liu Ming, Xu Ya, Zhou Tingting, Wang Jie, and others, they not only provided false testimony in the bullying incident but also spread various defamatory videos and posts about me online, causing serious damage to my client’s social image and inflicting physical and psychological harm. We will provide evidence… We hope that the police will clear my client’s name as soon as possible.”

Zhao Wenshu handed over a thick stack of documents, speaking with seriousness,

“Our client will fully cooperate in this case. To avoid prolonged investigation, which may make it difficult for my client to restore their social image, we have already sent a legal letter ourselves. Therefore, we hope that Officer Wu and your team can complete the investigation before the court hearing. Thank you.”

The whole venue fell into silence.

The entire internet fell into silence.

Because the number of people that Fang Ziyang was suing was… too many!

Xu Jiaqing, Teacher He, and several key participants were expected, but the manipulative marketing agencies and self-media outlets deserved it.

However, no one expected that Fang Ziyang would also sue over a dozen anonymous internet users who had posted videos and made defamatory remarks about him.

Although most of these people were his unscrupulous acquaintances, there were a few who were just casual followers, those keyboard warriors who accidentally said too much in their sharp-worded Weibo posts and gained likes and retweets.

Fabricating facts and slandering others could lead to lawsuits, but there were really only a handful of cases where people were sued for a few remarks on the internet.

“Could this be the legendary case of ‘money… being willful?'”

Someone couldn’t help but clutch their chest and weakly voiced their soul-searching question.

Throughout the entire incident, the only person who was not being sued was Yan Tong.

It wasn’t because Fang Ziyang was merciful, but because Yan Tong had distanced himself completely.

From beginning to end, Yan Tong portrayed himself as a victim, and he never said anything against Fang Ziyang. Xu Jiaqing had taken care of everything, and the internet users had already thrown all the dirt they could at him.

This is Yan Tong. The things he wants and the actions he takes are always done indirectly, never personally, and he remains clean and untouched.

Every person he has used would never realize they had been used, even in death.

In his past life, he had suffered too much from this kind of loss. Throughout it all, Yan Tong never did anything to him, but every unfortunate and painful thing was somehow connected to Yan Tong, entangled in a web of subtle relationships.

In terms of appearance and abilities, Yan Tong could only be considered above average.

But Yan Tong had one absolute advantage: his luck. Whether it was luck in love or other aspects, he always managed to attract excellent men who would dedicate themselves to him, protecting and caring for him.

His luck and popularity were enviable.

But… it didn’t matter.

Now, he would eliminate one by one the men surrounding Yan Tong, returning all the pain they had caused him in his past life. These people would personally experience the hellish demons they had created, devouring them piece by piece.

Who said that without evidence, nothing could be done?

Yan Tong’s desire to distance himself and continue being an untainted person was nothing more than wishful thinking.

After seeing off the lawyers and police, Fang Ziyang returned to his computer with a smile on his face. Like a dazzling sun shining on the top of a snow-capped mountain, or a bewitching poppy plant that was both alluring and deceptive, Fang Ziyang exuded a dazzling and hidden murderous intent.

“Alright, the necessary report has been made, and now we wait for the police investigation. I hope those who have received my lawyer’s letter will cooperate actively to avoid any further disturbances to public order and law enforcement. As I mentioned before, I may lack many things, but money is not one of them. If the police need assistance, my team of lawyers can provide help… Now, let’s continue with our livestream.”

Fang Ziyang sat upright in front of the screen, with a warm smile. He appeared to be a well-behaved student, but his words were incredibly sharp.

“I know there are still many people cursing me right now. Although I have nothing to do with the bullying incident, I cannot deny that I am a spoiled second-generation young master with a bad temper. When something happens, I don’t have a single friend who would speak up for me. It’s evident that my character is truly lacking.”

“Moreover, I am ruthless. I actually sued those netizens who said a few words. I don’t care about any personal connections… After all, isn’t living all about making oneself happy? Who cares about random strangers?”

“So, regarding this incident, I have something else to say. I wonder if the ‘bullied’ Yan Tong is present before our livestream?”

Once again, his words stirred up a storm.

As another key figure in this incident, Yan Tong’s name had become widely known throughout the internet. Compared to Fang Ziyang’s infamous reputation, Yan Tong was now seen as a praised and sympathetic figure.

Until now, the situation seemed to indicate that the truth of the matter was a fallout between Fang Ziyang and his good friend Xu Jiaqing, with backstabbing occurring between brothers.

As such, while Fang Ziyang was a victim, he wasn’t entirely blameless. In a quarrel and falling out, both sides were responsible.

And Yan Tong, he’s truly an unlucky fellow who got dragged into someone else’s fight without reason. It’s really unfortunate and pitiful.


Listening to Fang Ziyang’s tone, it doesn’t sound good at all!

Regardless of how the netizens reacted upon hearing those words, Fang Ziyang had clearly made up his mind to confront someone head-on.

When it came to Yan Tong, there was no need to put on a facade or waste any effort on saving face. Fang Ziyang couldn’t even fake a smile.

Sitting upright in the livestream room, Fang Ziyang spoke calmly, stirring up waves of discussion.

“Yan Tong, you are also one of the parties involved in this incident. Although all the evidence points to Xu Jiaqing orchestrating this against me, there are still some doubts that I can’t resolve. Because of you, these past few days have been extremely unpleasant for me, with pent-up emotions…”

“So I have a few questions for you, and I apologize if any of them come across as offensive.”

“I’ve always wondered why Xu Jiaqing, who has been my friend since middle school and whom I considered a close brother, would do such harm to me without any reason. Then, by chance, I discovered that Xu Jiaqing had a red string bracelet just like the one you used to wear…”


The viewers watching the livestream felt as if their heads had been struck by a heavy hammer once again.

“So… were you and Xu Jiaqing acquainted before?”

“Also, I’ve had a string of bad luck these past few years, and my reputation at school has been deteriorating. Yesterday, I carefully thought about it and made a list of all the unfortunate things that have happened to me during these years. I realized that all the misfortunes started from the beginning of my sophomore year when I first met you.”

“So… is this a coincidence, or do our destinies clash? Should I find a feng shui master to calculate our compatibility? If we truly clash, I should transfer schools as soon as possible.”

“After all, I’ve been having bad luck for nearly three years. It won’t hurt to be a little superstitious and entertain the idea.”

Who doesn’t know the tricks of spreading rumors? With enough practice, one can become a master.

Yan Tong, you taught me all of these.

Now, are you surprised?

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