Ch 6: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel


After a brief silence, the live stream chat was once again flooded with barrage comments.

No one expected Fang Ziyang to act like this. What happened to the promised explanation and apology live stream?

Before saying anything, he dragged out the netizens who were criticizing him and publicly scolded them. And in the end, he even called the police!

Has he gone crazy?

At this moment, this question echoed in almost everyone’s mind.

“Damn, has Fang Ziyang gone crazy? Did he really call the police?”

“Seriously, I saw it. The call was definitely connected. It’s not fake!”

“Is he stupid or dumb? Calling the police over a comment, is he disrupting public resources and disturbing public order?”

“The person upstairs has a point. Fang Ziyang is basically seeking death.”

“Well, it’s not necessarily. Fang Ziyang isn’t actually mentally ill. How could he do something so foolish?”

“He looked calm and even mentioned getting a team of lawyers. Let’s keep watching. I think I might be lucky enough to witness a great spectacle…”

Similar comments swiftly scrolled through the barrage, instantly suppressing the previous insults and curses.

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At this moment, upon receiving such shocking news, no one had the mood to continue scolding. Everyone was eager to know if Fang Ziyang had really called the police. What would happen next? Damn, Fang Ziyang is so bold!

However, not everyone reacted in the same way. Those who had been targeted by Fang Ziyang before didn’t feel as excited anymore.

The office of No.1 High School, the student council, Teacher He… for some reason, a sense of unease arose within them.

Including Yan Tong, who was sitting in front of the computer, felt nervous at this moment.

His intuition had always been accurate. In fact, ever since Fang Ziyang posted the new Weibo, he had been on edge.

He didn’t know why, but when he saw the Weibo, an indescribable chill ran through his heart.

There was a sense of impending doom, as if a venomous snake was crawling up his spine, staring at him with cold, sinister eyes…

Yan Tong didn’t understand why he felt such an eerie sensation upon seeing a Weibo post, but his intuition had always been accurate. He rarely missed anything, so the more he felt this way, the more nervous he became.

As he watched Fang Ziyang speaking confidently and smiling in the live stream, this ominous premonition grew even stronger.

As expected, Fang Ziyang’s voice resounded in the live stream once again:

“Alright, I apologize for keeping you all waiting for so long. Let’s officially begin today’s live stream topic. First of all, regarding the recent rumors of me bullying students on campus, I want to say… I really, really, really did not do it. Important things need to be said three times.”

Fang Ziyang’s tone was calm, and his expression was helpless.

While speaking, there was no trace of fear or helplessness, as if he was stating something that was somewhat related to him but not that significant. He seemed indifferent, with a gentle attitude, and his gaze on the screen was like someone looking at a group of ignorant children.

Regardless of what comments the netizens sent on the screen upon hearing these words, Fang Ziyang ignored them all, smiled, and continued,

“I don’t know how things suddenly turned out like this. When I saw the news and videos online, I was shocked myself. Before I could even react, you all started bombarding me with insults…”

“I admit, I have a bad personality, and I have a hot temper. But apart from that, I consider myself an ordinary person with principles, conscience, respect for the law, and over a decade of education.”

“If you disagree with this statement, then I’m sorry, but I don’t accept opposition. Keep your criticisms to yourselves because I don’t care about your opinions. Thank you.”

After finishing his statement, Fang Ziyang immediately reached out and clicked on the mouse. He smiled brightly and said, “Alright, I know you’re all about to scold me. I can’t see the comments anymore, so feel free to say whatever you want.”

As the netizens were preparing to unleash their furious typing and insults: …

The absence of comments on the computer screen made it much more pleasing to the eye, and Fang Ziyang’s voice sounded somewhat cheerful.

“I don’t know how you all have been these past few days, but for me, it has been terrible. Although I am a broad-minded person, it’s quite distressing to be criticized by netizens nationwide. Most importantly, it’s not just unfamiliar netizens who misunderstand me, even my friends and teachers around me don’t believe me.”

“Furthermore, there are some so-called friends of mine who anonymously provide ‘evidence’ of my ‘malicious’ acts. Their words are convincing, to the point that I almost started doubting myself…”

“However, it is precisely because of these so-called friends that I have awakened from this blow.”

Suddenly, Fang Ziyang’s smile became inexplicable. “So… I’ve decided to investigate thoroughly.”

Investigate? Investigate what?

Does this mean he has been wrongly accused?

But the evidence is conclusive, there are video verifications, how could it be fake?

Could it be that everyone is falsely accusing Fang Ziyang? Would his character be that terrible?

Although netizens enjoy being keyboard warriors, it doesn’t mean they lack intelligence. Fang Ziyang’s intention was too obvious. As long as one’s intelligence isn’t compromised, it’s clear to everyone that his words almost directly imply that someone framed and plotted against him.

But is Fang Ziyang truly a victim of false accusations? Some people were skeptical.

After all, the evidence is so complete and obvious, the collective opinion is against him, even his friends and teachers, not to mention the official stance of No.1 High School. If this is all a set-up and a false accusation… things would be on a much larger scale!

The netizens immediately became excited and started commenting again, and more and more people flooded into the live stream.

However, Fang Ziyang had already disabled the comments. He didn’t care about everyone’s current opinions. Today, he only needed to proceed at his own pace.

With a faint smile on his face, Fang Ziyang updated his Weibo by typing on the keyboard while continuing the livestream.

“In these past few days, everyone has shown such concern for me. I think most of you should be familiar with my family background. My father is the Chairman of the Fang Group, and my grandfather is a renowned technical expert in the field of scientific research. They have left me a considerable inheritance. As a young master of the Fang family, I lack nothing except money…”

“So, in order to prove my innocence, I have spent a hefty sum to hire several computer experts and detectives with excellent skills to investigate thoroughly. After all, as the person involved, would I not be aware if I had done something myself?”

Although everyone knows about hackers, it’s not something that can be directly mentioned. Even if everyone understands, it has to be expressed differently.

“And guess what I found out? It’s truly a breathtaking drama of a guardian protecting a flower…”

Fang Ziyang’s smile was gentle like a spring breeze, but the words he spoke were chilling.

“At this point, I must thank the advanced technology of modern society, the omnipresent surveillance, and my dedicated team of experts whom I hired at a high cost. Thanks to their efforts, I obtained the complete surveillance footage that was deleted and even got to reacquaint myself with my good friend.”

“Now, let me show you the results.”

Calm and composed, Fang Ziyang displayed the A4 papers that were prepared in advance on his desk, explaining as he did so.

“Firstly, I have already posted the complete surveillance footage of the bullying incident on my Weibo. You can go and see it for yourselves.”

“Now, let’s talk about the first point. The content on this A4 paper in my hand is the data record of the surveillance restoration process. It may be a bit complicated, and most people may not understand it, but it’s alright. Just focus on the last paragraph.”

“As we all know, accessing, deleting, or editing surveillance videos in schools or corporate premises requires authorization. Without proper permission, it would be an illegal intrusion.”

“But clearly… the evidence I have found indicates that the video regarding me bullying a fellow student was deleted through legitimate and normal means.”

“Therefore, I have reason to suspect that the person who framed and set me up must be someone close to me, someone who also holds a certain level of authority within the school.”

“In light of this, I have several suspects: Teacher He, Teacher Wang, Zhang Xue, and Liu Qi… the classmate and teacher who have a somewhat strained relationship with me.”

“With the suspects identified, the detectives I hired have begun investigating and eliminating them one by one. Finally, the focus of suspicion has fallen on my homeroom teacher, Teacher He. Please take a look at the investigation results on this A4 paper, and the related video will guide you to my new Weibo post.”

On the A4 paper were clear details of Teacher He’s activities on that day, along with several photocopies of images showing their entry and exit from the surveillance room.

“Regarding the investigation results concerning Teacher He, I feel deeply saddened. But considering her abilities, it’s not that I underestimate her. She’s just an ordinary middle-aged woman and teacher from an average family. Does she really have the skills and motive to target me, the young master of the Fang family?”

“So, after a thorough investigation… Well, the news is truly astonishing.”

Suddenly, the smile vanished from Fang Ziyang’s face, and he calmly looked at the live stream audience, picking up the last sheet of A4 paper to display.

“My good friend, Xu Jiaqing, please explain why you suddenly transferred 500,000 yuan to our homeroom teacher, Teacher He?”

“Why did the marketing studios, Yangguang and Dongsheng, receive one million yuan each from you?”

“What did you say to the student council members on that noon of the bullying incident video? How come so many people coincidentally witnessed my argument with Yan Tong that day?”

“Xu Jiaqing, what have I done to offend you so greatly that you would go to such lengths to destroy me?”

Question after question.

Piece by piece, the evidence.

A hint of doubt.

Just as the passionate netizens were stirred up, they were suddenly silenced and the entire live stream room fell into a hushed calm. It was as if everyone’s throat had been clenched, and even their breath seemed to pause.

However, at that moment, a doorbell rang in the live video.

Fang Ziyang suddenly smiled again, adjusting the webcam of his laptop to face the room’s entrance, and then got up to open the door.

Amidst the accelerated heartbeats of the netizens, a group of well-dressed elite men and women, along with a few individuals wearing police uniforms, were invited into the room and appeared in the camera frame of the live stream.

Representatives from both sides stepped forward,

“Mr. Fang, I am Zhao Shuwen, the head of the legal department at Fang Group. We have understood your request, and I will personally lead the team to handle this case for you.”

“Mr. Fang, I am Captain Wu Qiang from the xx Police Department in Jiang City. We have just received your report, and I kindly request your cooperation for the record. Here is my identification. Thank you.”

Sharp-dressed lawyers exuding professionalism.

Stern and serious law enforcement officers.

The situation had escalated!

That was the only thought running through the minds of all the netizens in an instant.

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