Ch 5: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

The voices on the internet became increasingly intense as time went on.

As the incident grew larger and the news spread wider, regardless of whether people were interested in the matter or not, as more and more people around them discussed it, even those who didn’t care couldn’t help but become curious and ask a few questions.

After all, compared to the daily news broadcasts, frequent entertainment gossip, and the usual scandals involving certain celebrities‚Ķ and so on, isn’t it more interesting to see a universally despised enemy of the people confront everyone head-on?

So, until the approaching time of the live broadcast mentioned by Fang Ziyang, he truly became the focal point of the entire internet.

And the number of viewers flooding into the live stream multiplied exponentially, leaving the boss of Orange Live both delighted and worried. Of course, they were delighted by the tremendous traffic, but worried that their servers might crash.

“Put everything else aside, today, all technicians, guard the servers, and be prepared‚Ķ” Ready for immediate repairs!

In the end, with no other choice, as the data showed the horrifying surge in traffic, the boss of Orange Live could only give a pained yet happy command.

Time ticked away, second by second.

When it was 8 o’clock in the evening, the highly anticipated live stream of Fang Ziyang officially began.

Because half an hour before 8 o’clock, to ensure that the live stream wouldn’t get overwhelmed by a sudden influx of viewers, Fang Ziyang had already opened the live stream and allowed online audiences to enter in advance.

Therefore, when Fang Ziyang changed into his clothes and walked in front of the computer, the entire screen of the live stream room had already been filled with various insulting comments.

Densely packed, all were invisible knives.

“He’s here, he’s here, Fang Ziyang is here!”

“Oh my, he actually dares to come out. His face is truly thick.”

“He looks refined and handsome, but who would’ve thought he had such a dark heart.”

“So what? People can put on a facade. There are plenty of hypocrites out there, not to mention that Fang Ziyang is the typical arrogant and domineering second-generation wealthy in the Jiang City circle. He’s despicable, trash.”

“Go die, Fang Ziyang, go die.”

The audience in the live stream room was intensely and gleefully hurling insults. Even those who were rational were in the minority, and their comments were drowned out by the various curses.

Fang Ziyang glanced at the comments on the screen and smiled faintly.

This smile, like snow melting in winter, seeped into his core, but it lacked the warmth and instead carried the coldness of a snowy peak, looking down on the world.

He was naturally good-looking, with delicate features and a refined beauty.

In the past, his arrogance and haughtiness overshadowed his physical attractiveness, making it easy for people to dislike him upon first meeting, avoiding him altogether. No one had the patience to get to know his true nature.

Now, stripped of all the superficialities, all the sharp edges of his personality had melded into his very being, and the unnoticed virtues were brought to light.

For example, his handsome appearance inherited from both parents.

For example, the grace and refinement of a scion of a prominent family.

For example, the unique temperament forged through countless experiences, setting him apart from ordinary people.

The young man in a simple shirt sat in front of the computer screen, his posture calm, a smile playing at the corner of his lips. Every move and gesture revealed the cultivation and demeanor cultivated by a prestigious family.

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At the moment Fang Ziyang appeared, the entire internet suddenly fell silent.

The yearning for beautiful things is a natural instinct for all living beings, and judging people by their looks is inherent. It is often said that beauty is righteousness, and there is no doubt about it. Good-looking people always have various advantages at any time, and there’s nothing to be done about envy and complaints.

Before, everyone had seen photos of Fang Ziyang, but his previous arrogant and stubborn personality was enough to overshadow his radiance. Even in a small photo, one could feel the overwhelming arrogance and capriciousness.

Without the influence of that personality, Fang Ziyang’s appearance was absolutely stunning.

After all, his parents were both renowned beauties and talented individuals in the upper-class circles, so the genes for good looks were definitely superior.

The reason why there were so many people speaking up for Yan Tong in the online video incident was not just about righteousness; it was also because Yan Tong was good-looking. Now that it was Fang Ziyang’s turn, it was naturally the same.

After a full minute of silence, the comments in the live stream room began to liven up once again.

Although there were still various insults and condemnations, it was much less dense compared to before, clearly indicating that the belief of some “looks enthusiasts” had started to waver.

How could such a good-looking young man be so bad? Maybe… there are hidden circumstances?

It is said that appearance reflects one’s heart, an ancient saying passed down in China for thousands of years. Maybe‚Ķ there’s some truth to it?

Well, “looks enthusiasts” have always been fickle in their stance.

But regardless of the mood and expressions of the netizens on the other side of the screen, Fang Ziyang remained calm, unruffled. He even took out a lollipop and calmly placed it in his mouth while scrolling the mouse on the screen.

“I apologize for keeping everyone waiting. Let’s start the live stream now. I believe everyone should already know me well, my personal information, family background, and even my ancestors’ history. I won’t introduce myself.”

“Today’s live stream might be a bit long. Let me first take a look at the online comments. I heard that everyone’s emotions are quite intense. I’ll read and carefully consider my words, so as not to speak improperly and provoke anger later‚Ķ”

Fang Ziyang had a gentle smile and spoke politely.

However, everyone felt that something was off.

There was a deep sense of shock from the stark contrast.

Since when did Fang Ziyang become so polite?

Even if people didn’t know him personally, ever since the viral video surfaced, various “friends” of Fang Ziyang anonymously posted numerous videos online showcasing his participation in various parties and gatherings.

In those videos, Fang Ziyang was the epitome of a typical spoiled rich second generation, speaking and acting arrogantly and capriciously, with an unbearable temper.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was extremely detestable.

Even after the incident, there were videos of people confronting Fang Ziyang to inquire about the truth, and he couldn’t control his temper in those videos due to his bad mood. Those videos spread everywhere.

That’s why the entire trending world caught fire so quickly.

In any case, in everyone’s impression, Fang Ziyang could never speak so gently and with a smile!

“When did Fang Ziyang become so easy-going? He’s not showing any anger or change of expression despite the screen being filled with insults and criticism? It’s shocking.”

“He must be feeling guilty. He’s acting better now so that when he apologizes and repents later, he won’t be scolded even more.”

“Heh, what a hypocrite. No matter how he pretends, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a scumbag.”

“Exactly, I will never forgive him. This kind of disaster should be locked up in prison. Otherwise, with his family’s money and power, who knows what even worse things he might do next time.”

“Oh, don’t say that. It is a great thing to acknowledge one’s mistakes and make improvements. Actually, Fang Ziyang didn’t go too far. He didn’t physically harm anyone in the video. It’s enough punishment for a high school student to publicly apologize and face condemnation in front of everyone.”

“Although the previous commenter is being self-righteous, it’s true that he doesn’t deserve to go to prison. Fang Ziyang’s behavior makes him a problematic teenager, but it doesn’t reach the level of criminal sentencing‚Ķ”

“Even if he can’t go to prison, he should be sent to a correctional facility for minors. Even if this bullying incident didn’t cause significant harm, Fang Ziyang’s actions in his daily life are definitely a social tumor for the future.”

“That’s right, a tumor. How can there be such a person in the world, who has the audacity to live stream? Why doesn’t he just die‚Ķ”

Another round of online discussions and insults began.

Fang Ziyang looked at the comments one by one, and his smile grew bigger and bigger. After taking screenshots of the IPs with the most frequent and enthusiastic insults, he crushed the lollipop in his mouth and finished eating it before finally continuing to speak.

“Alright, I’ve pretty much read all your comments. Seeing how enthusiastically you all are insulting me, I feel like if I don’t respond first, I would be a bit unfair to the traffic generated by your comments. After all, even a single comment costs money, right? It’s such a waste.”

“And live streaming without interaction is boring. If I respond happily later, everyone should start sending gifts, otherwise, I might not be too pleased. After all, I’m someone who values the atmosphere, and I need enthusiasm and encouragement‚Ķ”

Response? What response?

Interaction? What interaction?

Sending gifts, valuing the atmosphere, needing enthusiasm and encouragement‚Ķ Isn’t this supposed to be a tearful, remorseful apology live stream? What is this person talking about?

Everyone was baffled by the unusual behavior of the teenager in the video.

However, Fang Ziyang didn’t give everyone much time to react. As soon as he finished speaking, he continued with a smile on his face.

“Alright, let’s take a look at this comment from someone called Xiao Dudu. He asks me, ‘How can a scumbag like you still be alive in this world? Why don’t you die sooner?’‚Ķ Just by glancing at it, I can confirm that this person hates me. But this friend might have some problems in their head, asking such a stupid question. Everyone knows that as a scumbag like me, I have money and power at home, I live a carefree life, so why would I want to give up and seek death?”

“And this person, Tongtong, I’ll protect you. They said, ‘How can there be such a malicious person in the world! If you bully my Tongtong again, I’ll bite you to death!’‚Ķ This friend might need to see a doctor. I don’t know how there can be such a malicious person in the world, but friend, you might have some misconceptions about your own species. When people fight, we use our hands, only dog bites.”

“And this person, I Love Tongtong, said, ‘Every time I see you eat pork, I feel deeply saddened. We were originally from the same root. Why hasten the mutual harm? It truly pains me.’‚Ķ Hmm, they make sense. I’m deeply moved. From now on, I’ll switch to eating beef and lamb, so you can keep half of your life, my friend.”

“As for this internet user named Tongtong’s Top, they said, ‘Fang Ziyang, wait for me. Dare to bully my Tongtong, and I’ll finish you off. The 800-meter machine gun is ready!’‚Ķ Well‚Ķ”

At this point, a look of fear suddenly appeared on Fang Ziyang’s beautiful face.

Then, in front of netizens nationwide, with an anxious expression, he picked up his phone and dialed 110, as if he were frightened.

“Hello, is this the police station? I want to report a case! There’s someone threatening to kill me here. Please come quickly. They’ve even prepared the weapon, a firearm! I suspect this might be an organized criminal gang!”

“By the way, please bring a lawyer when you come. I have suspicions about the mastermind behind this criminal gang. I have evidence, and my legal team will actively negotiate and cooperate with you. They’ll be enthusiastic‚Ķ”

After hanging up the phone.

Fang Ziyang patted his chest in relief, showing an apologetic expression toward the screen.

“Sorry for the delay caused by the phone call just now. As a law-abiding citizen, we must not rush when encountering such situations. The first thing we should do is call the police, just like I did earlier. Actively reporting the case, providing evidence, and making good use of time to do our part in maintaining a harmonious society.”


Tongtong’s Top:‚Ķ

A certain netizen: “Um, I saw it. He just now‚Ķ seemed to have really connected‚Ķ the police‚Ķ the hotline.”

Sandy: Smh some people who hate Yaoi would just give bad ratings just cause they hate the genre. I just uploaded this new novel like an hour ago and already received a 2-star rating. Can those people just leave Yaoi novels alone? So pissed.

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