Ch 4: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

The difference in attitude between the two biological sons was stark.

Fang Ziyang didn’t know what his dear father was thinking, but there had to be a reason why parents didn’t like their own biological son.

For now, he didn’t have the time or connections to investigate, but Li Zhiren was a great choice. Whether it was curiosity or connections, Li Zhiren was more than qualified. What a great ally to have.

Watching Li Zhiren leave with excitement on his face, Fang Ziyang was in a good mood as well.

To be precise, ever since his rebirth, as long as he didn’t think about those distressing matters, he never had a bad mood. It was quite amusing to watch those people waiting for his return, completely oblivious.

Continuing to sit in the café and typing on his computer, after preparing all the necessary evidence, Fang Ziyang contacted the company’s legal team.

With Li Zhiren covering for him, he didn’t have to worry about Fang Yandong finding out and trying to stop him. Even if he did come, Fang Ziyang wasn’t afraid. As long as Fang Yandong didn’t fear a bunny like him biting, he could come and try to confront him.

As the team specially funded by the Fang Group, the company’s legal team had considerable capabilities.

This case might seem grand in scale, but in reality, it wasn’t difficult at all. It was merely a case of defamation and spreading rumors. Fang Ziyang had provided clear evidence, leaving no doubt about the outcome of the case – a resounding victory.

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The only challenge would be dealing with a larger number of people involved, so sending legal letters would require a bit more effort.

However, in order to have some peace and quiet, after contacting the legal team, Fang Ziyang decided to turn off his phone.

He continued to sit expressionless in the café, contemplating his future plans.

No matter how treacherous or dark the path ahead might be, as long as he could make those people suffer, he would strive to move forward, even if it meant… going through an ordeal that seemed impossible to overcome.


While the café remained tranquil, the online world had become incredibly chaotic within a few hours.

The reason, of course, was Fang Ziyang’s provocative Weibo post, filled with obvious defiance.

Ever since the bullying video involving Yan Tong appeared on the trending list of Weibo, the entire internet in China had been caught up in heated attention and discussions. In today’s society, which increasingly emphasized morality, human rights, and the law, any incident that crossed the line of caution would have unimaginable consequences once it escalated.

Fang Ziyang’s case was not only morally repugnant, but more importantly, the sensitivity of the protagonist’s identity made it even more noteworthy. In this day and age, what captures people’s attention the most is the behavior of the second generation of the rich or the officials.

The same incident happening to a “second-generation” versus an ordinary person would have completely different implications in terms of public opinion.

Before Fang Ziyang’s Weibo post, people already regarded him as an unforgivable bully. Now, with his provocative Weibo post, it was as if he had willingly placed himself on a fiery grill, inviting scrutiny and criticism.

Within just a few hours, Fang Ziyang’s name had gained several degrees of popularity. He occupied half of the positions on the Weibo hot search list, surpassing the traffic of any big stars or idols!

This scared the stars who had bought hot search rankings in the past few days. They quickly instructed their managers to cut their losses. Buying hot search now would be like throwing money down the drain.

“Pretentious and showy. Let’s see it on live stream. Haha, who do you think you’re scaring?”

“Video evidence, expert verification, solid proof. Can they still twist the facts?”

“From the incident until now, not a single friend or teacher has come forward to help or speak up. It shows his poor character!”

“It’s been several days already. Why haven’t the police responded or resolved the issue? Could the Fang family have actually bought them off?”

“With everyone watching and the entire nation’s attention, how audacious, corrupt, and wealthy must they be?”

“Don’t say such things, upstairs. This incident has gained too much attention. Would the authorities dare to cover it up? I trust the government won’t go that far.”

“It’s because the victims didn’t report to the police. They don’t want to escalate things. It’s their classmates and children showing compassion and innocence. Let it be.”

“But this is bullying! They’re too kind-hearted. This person is turning 18 soon, not a child anymore. Haha, what an overgrown baby!”

“What kind of classmate keeps such face for someone like Fang Ziyang? He’s a social menace!”

“Exactly, the nature of this incident is extremely vile. We must not let it go easily. The victims may have good intentions, but it also depends on who they’re directed towards…”

“Fang Ziyang is truly disgusting and despicable…”

“Scum! Menace! Trash!”

The online discussions were heated and the criticism was intense, as if Fang Ziyang was a serial killer with a million floating corpses, making people wish to punish and teach him by tearing him apart, verbally and in writing, with sharp and cutting words.

Of course, there were a few rational voices as well, who believed that Fang Ziyang probably wasn’t that foolish and speculated that there would be some explanation later. Waiting for a day wouldn’t be an issue.

But overall, the internet was in an uproar.

As for the few parties involved and their related relationships, some were angry, some were uneasy, and some were burdened with complex emotions.

The angry ones were undoubtedly the Student Union of No.1 High School.

As a student organization representing the students of the school, their responsibility was to help the students gain benefits, organize activities, and so on. They had a strong sense of responsibility and representation.

The trending video this time could be said to have been indirectly promoted by them. Several student representatives in the Student Union, who had a say in the matter, had never liked Fang Ziyang’s arrogant personality and sympathized with Yan Tong, who was bullied.

They had always been frustrated due to Fang Ziyang’s background and the lack of opportunities to confront him.

When they accidentally came across the anonymous video condemning their school, instead of promptly reporting it to the school and stopping it, they added fuel to the fire themselves. In the end, the incident went viral and became known throughout the internet.

In their hearts, they believed that they were fearless heroes who bravely stood up against tyranny.

Initially, they felt a bit guilty for causing such a huge commotion. However, Fang Ziyang not only failed to admit his mistakes and show remorse but also provocatively responded, infuriating everyone even more.

Therefore, shortly after Fang Ziyang’s Weibo post, the Student Union of No.1 High School also quickly responded:

“[No.1 High School Student Union: A corrupt character, an immoral nature, justice lies in the hearts of the people.]”

This was a direct and strong response to Fang Ziyang’s provocation, firmly stating their position and condemning Fang Ziyang’s character. They wanted to see how Fang Ziyang would try to defend himself with eloquent words.

Now that the incident had become widely known throughout the internet, even if the Fang family had money and connections, they couldn’t manipulate everything. The Student Union wasn’t afraid, and they were not people without their own backgrounds.

With such a stance, many indecisive people online immediately leaned towards their side again.

Fang Ziyang was stubborn and unyielding, and the Student Union was not lacking in determination. Such a strong stance indicated that they truly had confidence, didn’t it?

Next, the official Weibo account of No.1 High School and Teacher He also made statements one after another.

After all, the situation had reached this point, and they couldn’t deny their previous statements just because of a bit of guilt, right?

Moreover, they had consulted with Fang Yandong about this matter, and since the Fang family didn’t want to intervene with their own son, and others were pressuring them, how could Fang Ziyang turn the tables…

Although the school had doubts and confusion about the Fang family’s attitude and behavior, they couldn’t control what happened in the household of an influential family. It was better for them to be wise and comply.

Among all the people involved, Yan Tong was the only one who hadn’t made a statement.

However, nobody felt that Yan Tong not speaking up was a problem because since the incident occurred, Yan Tong hadn’t said a word on Weibo. When someone tried to interview him, he appeared weak and didn’t show any intention of condemning Fang Ziyang. On the contrary, he consistently expressed that he didn’t want to pursue the matter and didn’t want to escalate things…

But Yan Tong’s “peace maintenance” behavior didn’t make everyone comply. Instead, they believed that he must have been threatened behind the scenes, which was why he had such a submissive appearance. It was truly pitiful.

Afterwards… the condemnations naturally became even more intense.

In the eyes of everyone now, Fang Ziyang was the bully who abused his power and committed all sorts of evil acts, while Yan Tong was the pitiful and helpless victim.

Perhaps some people felt that something was amiss, but in the larger context, the voices of the few rational individuals had little effect.

If anyone spoke up in support of Fang Ziyang, they would definitely be labeled as an accomplice, an idiot, a bootlicker… the next target to be doxxed and attacked.

That’s how the internet worked. After all, nobody really knew each other beyond their keyboards. When people had been suppressed by life’s pressures for a long time, their emotions were easily incited and manipulated.

Fang Ziyang found this trend of jumping on the bandwagon pitiful, but he would never sympathize with them.

Because these people would never know the serious consequences their thoughtless words could have on the individuals involved. Each and every one of them had the potential to become the executioner in someone else’s murder.

In his past life, his situation had only worsened, and his personality had become increasingly gloomy and dark, all because of the incessant rumors and gossip.

But… not in this lifetime.

Other people’s opinions and words would no longer be able to affect him. He would strive to sever all thorns in his path, return all the pain inflicted upon him by others, and reclaim everything he had lost.

At the same time.

In a villa in the outskirts of Jiang City.

A handsome young man with gold-rimmed glasses was frowning as he stared at the computer screen, following the news about Fang Ziyang’s bullying video.

The man had been sitting in front of the computer for a whole hour without any movement. His expression changed with the comments on Weibo, and his frown deepened.

The handsome blond man next to him couldn’t help but feel a bit annoyed. He found it absurd that his friend was wasting precious time on online gossip. He was somewhat speechless and slightly displeased.

“Oh, my dear Tang, I always thought you were a workaholic robot, but now I see that you’re interested in gossip too.”

“While I admit this Eastern boy called Fang Ziyang is really good-looking, I can’t see any other merits in him. Since you returned to the country, you’ve been following him every day. Now I seriously doubt your taste.”

Rick’s tone was extremely dissatisfied.

However, Tang Xun didn’t show any expression in response to the comment. His gaze remained fixed on the screen as he spoke in a calm voice,

“If you think there’s a problem with my taste, then feel free to back out of the contract before signing it. I don’t want to leave any failed investments with my boss. Thank you.”

His blunt attitude was truly infuriating.

Rick was left speechless, unable to respond, and a rush of anger welled up inside him.

How did he end up with such bad luck to encounter this guy? When working with others, they would usually flatter him and act like subservient grandchildren to their grandfathers. But this guy turned the tables and became his “boss” instead! Damn it!

However, it was evident that Tang Xun had no self-awareness about his status as the “boss.”

Without bothering about his friend and business partner’s expression, after browsing through the Weibo news, Tang Xun closed the computer and pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up his nose. In a calm tone, he spoke again:

“Tomorrow, after signing the contract with my boss, I plan to stay in the country for a while. Please don’t book a return flight ticket for me.”

“What? You want me to go back alone?!”

Rick jumped up from the sofa in disbelief, looking both incredulous and hurt, pointing angrily at the computer. “For him?!”

Finally, Tang Xun turned around and looked at him, seeming a bit puzzled by his sudden outburst.

Rick became even more infuriated by Tang Xun’s expression.

He violently threw the nearby sofa cushion to the ground, resembling a heartbroken abandoned woman as he accused,

“Tang, I’ve really misjudged you. I never expected you to be such a shallow and ungrateful person! Our years of friendship have ultimately been in vain! I was so foolish and naive. Oh, you Eastern people are truly the most cunning deceivers in the world.”

Tang Xun: ???

Tang Xun adjusted his glasses and picked up his phone to dial a number. “Hello, boss, could you lend me Dr. Qin for a moment? It seems that Rick is having another episode. This time, I forgot to bring along his personal doctor.”

Rick: …

“I’m not sick, I’m fine, I don’t need to see a doctor! I just wanted to express my emotions, thank you!”

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