Ch 3: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

A few decades ago, Fang Corporation didn’t hold the same status in Jiang City as it does today. At that time, its assets belonged only to the middle tier of the wealthy class.

The reason it was able to develop to its current state was not only due to Fang Yandong’s abilities but also a significant capital injection. And the investor behind this capital injection was none other than his grandfather, Yan Anguo.

The Yan family was not involved in the business world, but their wealth was no less than that of any average wealthy businessman.

Being a family of scientific researchers for generations, the Yan family had not only participated in large-scale national research projects but also conducted independent research, resulting in substantial accumulations of patent fees, bonuses, dividends, and so on.

Unfortunately, in his mother’s generation, neither his mother nor his uncle possessed scientific research talents.

In order to prevent their children from living off their inherited wealth, his grandfather came up with the idea of finding someone skilled in business to invest. It didn’t matter if the family members lacked talent; they could still receive dividends. And when a child with scientific research talent emerged in the future, the Yan family could continue their research without burying their potential.

At that time, Fang Corporation was facing bankruptcy, so the two families joined forces through a marriage of capital infusion.

As a result, his mother held 20% of the company’s shares, which were later divided equally between him and his brother after her death, with each receiving 10%.

However, Fang Ziyang now only had 6% of the shares in his hands because over the years, he had developed a twisted mindset of selling shares whenever he needed pocket money to buy antiques and indulge in gambling, squandering his wealth.

Thinking about this, his emotions couldn’t help but churn again.

How could a child who didn’t understand anything at such a young age develop a liking for buying antiques and gambling? Looking back, it was indeed a significant problem!

But now wasn’t the time to dwell on those matters. He needed to resolve the current situation first.

Selling 1% of the shares might not sound like much, but for shareholders who spoke in terms of share quantities, it was a tremendous temptation and news.

There was no need for further consideration. As soon as Li Zhiren heard the word “shares,” he immediately rushed out.

At the coffee shop.

“Do you really want to sell me the shares? Aren’t you afraid of angering your father?”

Li Zhiren still couldn’t believe his luck in encountering such an unexpected opportunity. The shares of Fang Corporation were now worth a lot. Who would be willing to sell them? And the most important thing was that the person selling him the shares was none other than Fang Yandong’s own son.

He and Fang Yandong had been fierce rivals for many years, and wasn’t Fang Ziyang the one who always defended his father?

Li Zhiren scrutinized the beautiful young man in front of him and had his doubts. “You… are you not setting a trap for me on behalf of your father?”

“Money for shares, Uncle Li. What trap do you think I could set for you?” Fang Ziyang put on an expression of willful anger. “Also, don’t mention my father now! I’ve already said that I’ve been wronged in the viral video incident, but he doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m making excuses and acting foolish. It’s infuriating! Since he doesn’t care about me, I’ll handle it myself.”

Young Master Fang had a willful and capricious temperament, so it was normal for him to be rebellious and cause trouble with his father. The logic behind it was clear.


Li Zhiren had a puzzled look on his face. “What does selling shares have to do with all this?”

Apparently, his mind hadn’t connected the dots yet.

Although Li Zhiren was indeed Fang Yandong’s rival, he didn’t possess the corresponding level of intelligence. Their rivalry was nothing more than engaging in verbal battles within the company, relying on their shares as leverage.

While verbal battles didn’t cause any real harm, they could become tiresome when they happened frequently, affecting one’s mental well-being. So Li Zhiren was rather proud of his title as Fang Yandong’s arch-nemesis.

Fang Ziyang didn’t mind Li Zhiren’s slow-wittedness. After all, no one could have predicted that he would be so willful and reckless to the extent he was now.

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“How is it not related? Selling shares obviously requires money. I told you, I didn’t bully anyone. The video online was taken out of context, someone deliberately framed me. My dad doesn’t believe me, so I have to figure it out myself…”

Fang Ziyang made a resentful expression. “Conventional methods won’t work, so I’m going to hire hackers to recover the complete video and then have the legal team send cease-and-desist letters to those who defamed me. I refuse to believe that money can’t solve this! If my dad won’t help me, then I’ll sell my shares!”

He truly seemed like a prodigal son.

Li Zhiren listened in shock. He knew that Fang Ziyang was a spendthrift, but he never imagined that he would reach such an extreme level.

Just to vent his anger and cause trouble, he would sell his shares, and to his father’s rival at that?

Li Zhiren:…

Suddenly, he found his own son, who changed cars and yachts every month, more pleasant.

“This is a good idea. If it hasn’t been done yet, finding a hacker to recover the complete video would easily resolve the viral trend. It’s better than issuing a public apology. By then, our company’s image won’t be damaged, and we might even gain positive popularity.”

Li Zhiren nodded, agreeing with Fang Ziyang’s words. Regardless of his spendthrift behavior, this was the fundamental way to solve the problem.

Although the viral video was a result of personal grievances, due to the buzz around the “young master of Fang Corporation,” the company was also affected, and its stock was impacted. Especially today, when Fang Ziyang had posted a provocative tweet, it pushed the company to the forefront of the storm.

So no matter how we apologize and try to resolve the situation, there’s no better explanation than it being a misunderstanding!

Since Fang Ziyang himself has expressed the intention to hire hackers to recover the complete surveillance video, Li Zhiren’s inner inclination to believe Fang Ziyang’s claim of being framed has grown. This move is incredibly resolute.


Li Zhiren suddenly realized something and slammed the table.

“Why didn’t Fang Yandong think of recovering the surveillance footage earlier to address the public relations issue? When did his brain become so dull?!”

Indeed, they had been anxiously caught up in this dilemma for the past couple of days, and they had all overlooked the most crucial point: retrieving and watching the complete surveillance footage. Regardless of whether Fang Ziyang actually bullied someone, the correct approach to solving the problem was to first understand the truth.

Finally, the old man’s mind arrived at the right track.

Fang Ziyang felt happy in his heart but showed a puzzled expression on his face.

Then he thought of something else, and his expression turned sour. “Uncle Li, what do you mean by that? Are you implying that my dad deliberately ignored this matter and harmed me?”

Despite being willful and a spendthrift, at the core, Fang Baobao was still a good son who defended his father.

Li Zhiren:…

Initially, he hadn’t thought this deeply, but now, after hearing these words, it was like his mind had suddenly been enlightened. It felt as if floodgates had opened, and waves of realization surged through his heart.

Although he didn’t like Fang Yandong, he admired Fang Yandong’s ability to get things done. Under Fang Yandong’s leadership, the company had thrived in recent years, and everyone knew about his methods. It was impossible to be dissatisfied.

Since Fang Yandong is so capable, why did Fang Ziyang’s bullying video suddenly end up being handled so poorly?

Humans are strange creatures. The same thing, when spoken by others, may be met with doubt, but when speculated and imagined by oneself… it feels like the truth!

Why would Fang Yandong do this? Why would he let the situation escalate so badly? What benefit does Fang Yandong gain from doing this?

Li Zhiren couldn’t figure it out for the time being.

But he couldn’t deny that he suddenly discovered an interesting secret. There might be something wrong with Fang Yandong’s affection for his youngest son.

When it came to implementing company strategies, Li Zhiren was the last one to lag behind, but when it came to making trouble and playing tricks behind the scenes, he was definitely among the top few.

“Oh, nephew, what are you talking about? I just said it casually. How did you interpret it like that?” Li Zhiren quickly laughed it off.

“I never said your dad deliberately ignored this matter and harmed you. I just think it’s a bit too much that your dad, at a critical moment, doesn’t believe in you and instead believes in outsiders…” Li Zhiren explained.

Upon hearing this, Fang Ziyang’s expression improved slightly.

A good son who loves and protects his father can’t tolerate others speaking ill of his dad.

However, Uncle Li’s words were so reasonable that even a well-behaved child like him couldn’t help but mutter a few words.

Fang Ziyang agreed.

“You’re right, Uncle Li. Even though I’m always causing trouble, he’s my biological father. How can he not believe in me and believe in outsiders? My brother always makes trouble too, hanging out with those playboys, but in my father’s eyes, his reputation is better than mine. No matter what mistakes he makes, my father covers for him and trusts him. But when it comes to me, he doesn’t believe in me.”

“Uncle Li, my brother and I are both his biological sons and his children. Why is he so biased? Even if I have to get married, it’s still an arranged marriage set up by him… If it wasn’t for the DNA test proving I’m his biological son, I would seriously doubt if he picked me up somewhere.”

From childhood to adulthood, it seems like Fang Yandong doted on him, but compared to his brother, there is still quite a gap.

The speaker may be unaware, but the listener takes notice.

Both are his own children, with the same father and mother, so why the difference in favoritism?

Even if there is favoritism, it shouldn’t be so dismissive when it comes to handling the viral video incident, right? It could ruin his future if not handled properly.

There’s definitely a problem in all of this.

Li Zhiren’s mind was bubbling with curiosity, eager to dig up gossip secrets about Fang Yandong. That’s what he liked the most.

“Alright, alright, you little child, stop thinking too much. Let’s first resolve the viral video issue and then worry about other things. I’ll inform the company’s legal team later, and you can contact them directly.”

“Take this card for now, and I’ll have the share agreement prepared for you to sign when I get back. First of all, make sure you don’t tell your father about the share issue. Keep it hidden for as long as possible, or else I’ll definitely face a lot of trouble!”

If he really went against Fang Yandong, he would be very timid. He just wanted to hold onto the shares and get more money.

“Okay, I understand, Uncle Li. I won’t tell my father about it for the time being.”

Fang Ziyang agreed satisfactorily.

Talking too much now wouldn’t be fun. It would be more satisfying to sell off the shares and make Fang Yandong furious until he vomits blood.

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