Ch 2: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

After sending out the provocative Weibo post, Fang Ziyang finally felt a lot more relieved.

He hadn’t felt happy for a long time. Ever since Yan Tong appeared, he had been living in a state of restlessness, anger, frustration, and sadness.

Especially after losing the child, he lived in agonizing pain every day.

The happier those people laughed, the more miserable he felt. He woke up from nightmares every night, to the point where he had to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep.

Although the arrival of that child brought him a lot of misfortune, Fang Ziyang was well aware that he couldn’t blame his misfortune on the child. Even without that child, the people plotting against him wouldn’t have shown any mercy.

He wasn’t Fang Yandong, unable to be so heartless towards his own flesh and blood. Despite the circumstances surrounding the child’s arrival being less than ideal, he still looked forward to the birth of his child.

When everyone betrayed and abandoned him, that child was more than just a child to him. It was his only hope and redemption at the time.

But even that last glimmer of hope was shattered.

It sent a chilling sensation to his core.

Since then, he had been consumed by a frenzy of revenge, resorting to any means necessary, plotting and calculating. He had become a cunning and deceitful person, despising himself in the process… but ultimately, he still failed.

Every memory was vividly etched in his mind. During those days, happiness was an emotion too extravagant for him.

However, now, he had returned.

Fang Ziyang left the teacher’s office with a smile. Outside, the sun was warm, and the weather was perfect, making one feel delighted.

However, this pleasant mood was quickly shattered. Just as he turned the corner of the corridor, he immediately encountered a sunny male student wearing a basketball jersey.

The other person had clearly been waiting for him, and as soon as he saw Fang Ziyang, he hurriedly ran over with a concerned and anxious expression.

“Ziyang, what’s the situation? Is that old witch going to expel us or something? We only surrounded and yelled at that Yan Tong for a bit. We didn’t actually hit anyone. How did it become associated with bullying?”

“It’s over, it’s over. If we get expelled, I’ll be in big trouble when I go back. Ziyang, why don’t we apologize? After all, nothing major happened. As long as we sincerely apologize and show a good attitude, considering we are still students, everyone won’t keep harping on it. Netizens have short memories. After some time, it will surely fade away…”

The guy in the basketball jersey seemed flustered, speaking rapidly and anxiously.

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With the mentality of a hero who wouldn’t suffer immediate losses and the desire to downplay the situation, after all, he was also one of the characters in the bullying video, playing the role of a follower and accomplice. It was normal for him to worry and bear certain responsibilities.


Fang Ziyang felt an icy coldness in his heart.

Back then, as a young boy, he couldn’t perceive it, but now, looking at the people around him, it seemed that everyone had their own issues.

This number one follower, Xu Jiaqing, was notorious in the school for being rebellious. He had the temperament of a little tyrant, and his family background was decent. Regardless of right or wrong, he never had to lower his head. Even when he was in the wrong, he acted arrogantly. He had an air of superiority, as if he believed he was unrivaled in the world.

And yet, this person was now suggesting that they should apologize and lower their heads? Apologize for a baseless accusation?

Fang Ziyang’s gaze fell on the red string bracelet in Xu Jiaqing’s hand…

Suddenly, Fang Ziyang smiled, exuding the audacity of his youth.

“Why should we apologize? We didn’t do anything. Why should we apologize? Apologizing would only confirm the accusations. I, Fang Ziyang, dare to face the consequences of my actions, but I will never bear false accusations. If they want to expel us, so be it. After all, my father is wealthy and influential. Am I afraid of not being able to continue my education?”

Upon hearing this, Xu Jiaqing’s expression stiffened, but he continued with a bitter face, “It’s easy for you because you have connections, but I’ll be in trouble. Buddy, you can’t abandon your brother, right?”

“Who said I’m abandoning you? I’ll talk to your family, and if we get expelled, I’ll find a solution for you. The same goes for everyone else. I’ll have their backs. What’s the big deal about changing schools? And if all else fails, after the college entrance examination, we can study abroad. Didn’t you say netizens have short memories? We can have a few years of fun abroad and come back as heroes.”

Fang Ziyang’s attitude was indifferent.

Xu Jiaqing felt anxious in his heart and wanted to say something more.

But Fang Ziyang didn’t give him another chance. He impatiently waved his hand, “Alright, alright, I’ll handle the situation. As for you, since when did you start wearing that red string bracelet? Isn’t that something girly? It doesn’t suit your taste, does it?”

He asked with a casual tone of curiosity.

However, Xu Jiaqing’s body stiffened upon hearing that, a flicker of guilt flashed in his eyes. He quickly took off the red string bracelet, pretended to be nonchalant, and casually stuffed it into his pocket, awkwardly explaining, “You noticed such a small thing. Well, it’s just something girly. It’s my little sister’s doing. Those little girls like these things, saying they have a special meaning. I… I couldn’t refuse her, so I had to wear it for a few days to appease her…”

“Oh, is that so? You and your sister have a great relationship. Alright then, I’ll leave now. Next time, bring your sister along, and we can all hang out together.”

Fang Ziyang smiled, not probing further, as if he had casually asked the question.

Then he turned around, hands in his pockets, and left.

However, Xu Jiaqing was destined to not see the expression on Fang Ziyang’s face after he turned around, as if it were an icy coldness, with his gaze swirling.

He remembered in his past life when Yan Tong moved into his house, there was a red string bracelet stained with blood in his luggage, carefully preserved.

According to Yan Tong, that red string bracelet belonged to his childhood playmate, who had an unfortunate fate and died in a car accident when they were very young. To commemorate their friendship, he kept the bracelet.

And now, Xu Jiaqing’s red string bracelet was exactly the same as the one from his past life, even the same weaving mistakes…

In his past life, Xu Jiaqing died in a car accident before the college entrance examination…

Xu Jiaqing’s sister later became a capable assistant in Yan Tong’s company…

And now, Xu Jiaqing was suddenly acting out of character and asking him to apologize…

All these coincidences.

If he still couldn’t figure out what was going on, then all the scheming, conspiracies, and calculations from his past life would have been in vain.

Many things that were normal in his past life appeared completely different when viewed from a different perspective.

Ignoring the disdainful and resentful gazes of passing classmates, without returning to the classroom for class, after sending off Xu Jiaqing, Fang Ziyang went straight to his student locker, took out his laptop, and found a quiet spot on the rooftop of the teaching building to start typing away.

He didn’t have much time to play guessing games. He wanted to know the truth and break free from the impact of the bullying video, so he had to find evidence.

In this age of information, the internet was the best way to search for things. Unless someone lived like a primitive person in the deep mountains and forests without any electronic devices, everything they did would be recorded in the online world, regardless of what it was, unless they were professionals.

Computers had always been his forte.

Perhaps it was because several generations of talented researchers came from his mother’s side of the family, and he inherited the genes. From a very young age, he showed talent in this area, and by high school, his computer skills were already impressive.

Of course, with his high school level of expertise, it wouldn’t be easy to search for clues on the internet. But now he had been reborn.

He already had a few suspicions about the person behind all this, and now he just needed to follow the direction and investigate. It wasn’t difficult to follow the clues; the difficult part was being blinded by the immediate situation.

Sitting cross-legged on the rooftop of the teaching building, Fang Ziyang stared at the flickering computer screen, his expression calm, showing no emotions.

But only he knew how his emotions were churning inside.

When the screen finally froze on a series of call records, Fang Ziyang couldn’t help but smile, a hint of moisture in his expressionless eyes.

He knew.

He knew he shouldn’t have any expectations anymore, not even the slightest.

He remembered after the bullying incident, when the school teachers and administrators forced him to apologize, he angrily went home and questioned his father why he didn’t use his connections to help him. What did that man say to him?

Oh, right, it was like this…

“What are you saying? Look at your attitude! You cause trouble all day long. When the video went viral, Secretary Yang informed me right away. I made calls everywhere to clean up the mess, but the video spread too quickly, there was no way to contain it. The whole country is paying attention!”

“Dad can’t disregard the company’s image. The stock prices have already started to decline, and the old shareholders of the company are holding on tightly. The only solution now is to apologize. Otherwise, if it goes to court, it will only get worse. We won’t be able to handle it in front of everyone.”

The voice echoed in his ears.

With the power and public relations of the Fang family, could they really not handle a video going viral? No, it was absolutely impossible.

In fact, the whole bullying incident could be easily resolved by retrieving the complete surveillance footage. With the Fang family’s capabilities, it shouldn’t have been a problem at all. But his father didn’t do it, and neither did the school.

His father said he would contact people to resolve the matter once it came out, but the truth was… there were no call records of him contacting anyone.

He insisted on not confessing and demanded that the school investigate the truth, but the reality was… the school never mentioned the complete video.

What is there still not to understand about all this?

If it wasn’t for his father’s consent, would the school have this attitude?

Fang Ziyang clenched his fists tightly, forcing himself to breathe.

He had always thought that his father started to dislike him because of his conflicts with Yan Tong. But now, the truth told him that perhaps he was still too naive.

From beginning to end, his beloved father might have never truly loved and cared for him!

In fact, there were many clues to follow. If his father really loved him, how could he be so ruthless because of an outsider? Even if he was wrong and embarrassing, how many parents who truly loved their children would kick them when they were down?

Just like his older brother, he remembered in his past life when his brother made wrong decisions later on, causing the corporation to face a crisis and almost go bankrupt. It was his father who put forth his entire fortune to save it.

That willingness to help and support was what a real father should be like.

Why were there two different attitudes toward two sons?

He was his father’s biological son, there was no doubt about this blood relationship. His older brother was also his real brother, but why?

Fang Ziyang’s thoughts were in turmoil.

Just then, his phone suddenly rang.

Fang Ziyang took out his phone and answered, and a middle-aged man’s angry roar came from the other end:

“You little brat, where are you? You and your father are both bastards! Complete bastards! I must have been cursed for eight lifetimes to encounter the likes of you. What did you post on Weibo? Do you know how much our company’s shares dropped because of your post?”

“Damn it, apologize publicly right now! Hurry up, or I’ll join other shareholders and force your beloved father to step down! This insignificant matter has turned into such a mess. That dog Fang Yandong doesn’t know what he’s up to. We’ve dropped such a big chain this time…”

Is that voice—Uncle Li?

The one who always opposed his father, and in the end, was tricked by his father into losing all his shares and wealth, being kicked out of the corporation and left destitute on the streets—Uncle Li?

Perfect timing.

Ignoring the unpleasant cursing on the other end of the phone, Fang Ziyang continued typing on his laptop with one hand while his eyes flickered.

“Uncle Li, lend me the company’s legal team for a few days. I’ll sell you 1% of my shares.”


The sound of a cup hitting the ground came from the other end of the phone.

“What did you say about shares?”

Li Zhiren’s voice suddenly rose.

“The shares of the corporation, Fang Corporation’s shares.”

Causing trouble for Fang Yandong was something he found incredibly effortless to do.

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