Ch 1: Rebirth of the Tool Man in a Pampered Protagonist Novel

“Fang Ziyang, you’ve gone too far. How can you, as a student of our No. 1 High School, engage in such severe campus bullying? Our school’s century-old reputation is about to be ruined because of you!”

“Do you know that your video has gone viral? The whole country knows you now. There are crowds of people gathering at the school gate every day, and parents argue in the WeChat group every day.”

“For the sake of President Fang’s face, the school will give you a severe punishment instead of expelling you. But you must come forward and apologize. You need to make public statements on Weibo and at school assemblies to restore the school’s image…”

“If you still refuse to repent, not even President Fang himself will be able to resolve this matter. I believe President Fang is reasonable and should understand the school’s actions…”

Fang Ziyang looked expressionless, silently observing the middle-aged woman in front of him, who was berating him with spit flying.

He remembered this person. She was his high school homeroom teacher, a woman who appeared righteous on the surface but was actually greedy and corrupt… Of course, he only discovered this much later.

For a full half hour, during the time he was scolded by Mrs. He, he finally accepted the fact that he had been reborn.

His gaze passed over the excited woman in front of him and fell on the faintly visible figure of a teenager reflected in the window opposite.

Youthful and delicate, with a straight posture, brimming with the vitality of youth…

It was worlds apart from the disheveled and gloomy image he had in his memory.

How long had it been since he last saw himself like this? It seemed to have started with this campus bullying incident.

As the young master of the Fang family in Jiang City, with assets totaling over billions, a father who frequented financial magazines, an older brother who was an outstanding successor in high society, an uncle who was a superstar in the entertainment industry, and even a multi-billion inheritance waiting for him from his grandfather after he turned 25…

In the eyes of others, he was the epitome of an enviable and jealous lucky person. Life didn’t require any effort from him; he was already a winner who could spend his days without worries.

He used to think that way too.

But ever since his high school classmate Yan Tong appeared, his life gradually became extremely miserable, heading towards the abyss.

He couldn’t remember the exact details of how he had become enemies with Yan Tong.

In his memory, shortly after the start of high school, he began experiencing a series of misfortunes, and every time, Yan Tong was the cause.

Naturally, he couldn’t like someone who brought him misfortune.

Because of his dislike and his identity, the entourage following him tried to please him by bullying Yan Tong, who came from an ordinary and poor family.

He tried to stop them, but it was futile.

Yan Tong had a beautiful face that immediately attracted the attention and affection of many boys as soon as he entered school, including several popular school heartthrobs. Among the male students, Yan Tong was like a charming idol.

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Even if no one tried to please him, other jealous girls and boys wouldn’t just stand by.

In No. 1 High School, he wasn’t the only student with a privileged background. There were plenty of spoiled young masters and misses. After all, No. 1 High School was the best school in Jiang City and the first choice for children from the upper-class society to study.

Many people have bullied Yan Tong, but he is undoubtedly the most famous among them.

The whole process was a blur to him. By the time he realized it, he had become an arrogant and domineering young master in the eyes of everyone, someone who used his power to bully others and had malicious tactics. Meanwhile, Yan Tong became the pitiful victim of his relentless bullying.

However, in reality… he had only spoken a few harsh words to the other person because of a few unfortunate incidents.

But the result was that those classmates who engaged in relentless chasing, beating, and oppressing others were not as guilty as him!

He was disliked, feared, and avoided by everyone.

Until the senior year of high school, when a video of him bullying Yan Tong went viral on Weibo, his malicious image was displayed not only within the school but also in front of the entire nation. His “vicious deeds” became widely known.

He didn’t know who maliciously edited and selectively uploaded the video, and no one was willing to believe his explanation. After all, he had too many “previous convictions” of being malicious. Not only outsiders, even his father, brother, and fiancé were unwilling to believe him.

No matter how much he resisted, how loudly he protested, the final result was:

The matter became settled, and he was forced to apologize on Weibo and at the school assembly, destroying his future… The tremendous pressure of public opinion caused him to perform poorly in the college entrance examination, missing out on the major he wanted to study. Instead, he had to enter the art major through his father’s connections.

But little did he know, his true nightmare had only just begun.

He attended the same university as Yan Tong, becoming classmates once again, and he continued to relive his high school experience. Due to various unfortunate incidents and misunderstandings in the new environment, he was hated by people, and every misfortune seemed to be connected to Yan Tong.

What’s even more ridiculous was that his father, brother, uncle, and even his fiancé, all fell in love with Yan Tong!

Later, there were too many painful and unbearable memories.

In short, because of Yan Tong, his life became as miserable as a quagmire.

… He was set up to sleep with a stranger, got pregnant, and the scandal led to the cancellation of his engagement.

… His brother deceived him and took away his shares and the inheritance from their grandfather. Overwhelmed by emotions, he gave birth prematurely, and the child died shortly after being born.

… His uncle, who had previously bullied Yan Tong so maliciously, turned a blind eye to his misfortune.

… His own relatives teamed up and sent him to prison.

And… so much more.

Yan Tong was like his nemesis. Ever since Yan Tong appeared, his life had never gone smoothly.

No matter how he struggled, no matter how he later turned dark and sought revenge, the heavens seemed to have no eyes. Yan Tong always turned misfortune into fortune, while he was always caught in a web of misfortunes. His life resembled a ridiculous and absurd tragedy.

“How can you be so malicious? Xiao Tong said he forgave you for bullying him. Why do you keep holding onto it? Where is the upbringing of the young master of the Fang family? Your father is so disappointed in you.”

“Enough, Fang Ziyang. Having a brother like you is my disgrace. I used to spoil you, but let me tell you, if you bully Xiao Tong again, don’t blame me for being heartless!”

“Cancel the engagement. Fang Ziyang,

how long do you plan to deceive me? If it wasn’t willingly, how could you get pregnant? Do you think I’m a fool? Without taking pregnancy pills, how can a man get pregnant? Since you have someone you love, I’ll let you have him…”

“Look at what you’ve done. I’m not your uncle; I don’t have a nephew like you.”

“Sorry, Mr. Fang, the child was not well-nourished in the womb to begin with. The delay in your arrival at the hospital and the premature birth have made it difficult for us. We have done our best… Please accept our condolences.”

“I have never seen such a malicious person like you, causing trouble all the time… It would be best if you spend the rest of your life in prison, left to your own devices.”

Those indifferent expressions and accusatory words were deeply engraved in his memory, sending chills down his spine whenever he recalled them.

He felt cold all over.

He could tolerate the contempt and ridicule from others, but why were even his blood relatives so heartless towards him? He couldn’t understand what he had done to deserve such treatment from these people.

He never figured it out until his death.

But it didn’t matter anymore. He knew now that he had been reborn, given a second chance before everything became irreparable.

In this new life, he had no other plans. He simply wanted to make all those who had hurt and betrayed him suffer, ensuring that not a single one could escape.

Withdrawing his gaze, he regained his focus.

The teacher in front of him, Mrs. He, was still reprimanding him incessantly, without repeating a single word throughout. Though her character was questionable, as a teacher at No. 1 High School, her educational qualifications were acceptable. She could scold someone into writing an entire essay.

“Are you done talking?”

With an expressionless face, Fang Ziyang spoke in a calm tone, his gaze devoid of any ripples.

This attitude caused Mrs. He’s passionate and agitated emotions to come to a screeching halt, like slamming on the brakes, and her voice abruptly stopped in her throat.

Then came the anger.

“Fang Ziyang, what kind of attitude is this? You claim to be wronged, but do you look like someone who has been wronged? The honor of our century-old prestigious school is about to be ruined because of you! Is it just a simple apology? Do you really think you’re a lofty emperor from ancient times, refusing to lower your head?”

To put it simply, can a bullying incident that has made it to national trending topics be resolved with a mere apology?

What were the consequences of bowing one’s head in apology in the previous life?

A lifetime of blemishes, never to be believed again, subjected to disdain and contempt, becoming the greatest foreshadowing for becoming a public enemy in the future.

“I didn’t do it, and I won’t apologize. If the school thinks there’s a problem, then they can expel me.”

Fang Ziyang said with an expressionless face, then turned around and left.

He had no intention of staying in a school that couldn’t distinguish right from wrong.

In the past, he didn’t understand what was going on and just considered himself unlucky. But after experiencing so much, how could he not understand the hidden agenda?

The bullying video had spread across the internet within two days, making it to the trending topics. In the midst of it all, no one believed a word he said was true.

He was the young master of the Fang family. After the incident, the school failed to promptly handle the public opinion investigation and respond to the true situation. Instead of appeasing the Fang family and safeguarding the school’s reputation, they allowed public opinion to ferment and let him apologize, confirming his guilt. The teachers and leaders of the school really handled the public relations well!

As for who was behind all this, Fang Ziyang didn’t know, but this time he would definitely not let things follow the path of his previous life.

Public enemy of the people?

Does everyone think I’m malicious?

Does everyone think I’m a troublemaker?

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be a waste of my title if I don’t act accordingly?

Ignoring the angry roars coming from the office behind him, Fang Ziyang took out his phone, logged into his account, and first changed his Weibo username from “Fang Ziyang” to “Troublemaker Little Lord” before starting to edit his latest Weibo post.

[Troublemaker Little Lord:

Hello, everyone. I am Fang Ziyang. Of course, you can also call me the protagonist of the bullying incident at No.1 High School. This might be more convenient and visually appealing, making it clear at a glance. I’ve noticed everyone has been talking about me nonstop, cursing me until their heads turn green. Being a kind-hearted person that I am, I’ll give you something to talk about.

-Tomorrow night, 8 PM, Orange Live Stream.

Teacher He, the official representative of No.1 High School, and Yan Tong, the Student Union… You wanted me to apologize publicly, right? Let’s see each other on the live stream.]

Click, send.

Fang Ziyang smiled as he pocketed his phone. Since he wasn’t in a good mood, no one should expect to have a good night’s sleep.

Sandy: Hello dear readers, I’m trying a new novel unlike the usual novels you’ve seen on our website (farming, apocalypse, business management, etc.). This is a heavy face slapping novel. If you like a sharp tongued OP protagonist, this novel might be for you.

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