Ch 20: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Hot Pot

So, just fifteen minutes after they had filled their stomachs, the hungry group of people covered their growling stomachs and rushed into the kitchen to ask Mother Su for food. This left Su Mu’s triumphant laughter echoing behind.

The scattered sunlight filtered through the grape leaves, casting dappled spots of light on her. These little points of light made her look beautiful and vibrant, and her smile broke through her striking appearance, adding a touch of innocence.

Gu Shi couldn’t help but be infected by her laughter. His lips curled slightly, and his fingers playfully tapped the warm stone table under the sun’s rays.

Perhaps this place was his Eden.

As Su Mu laughed, a sudden realization struck her. Oh no, how could she laugh so freely in front of Gu Shi! Her façade of a beautiful young girl had fallen apart and was now scattered on the ground, impossible to pick back up.

She stole a glance at him, cleared her throat, and cautiously said, “Um, you didn’t see anything just now, right? You didn’t hear anything, right?”

Su Mu’s version of “cover your ears and steal the bell”: As long as I have thick skin, that laughter from just now has nothing to do with me.

With a hint of amusement in his eyes, Gu Shi nodded nonchalantly, “Hmm, didn’t see, didn’t hear.”

His response instantly pleased her. Her eyes curved into crescent moons, and she stood up cheerfully, patting his shoulder. “Let’s go, it looks like lunch needs to start a bit early.”

Everyone was quite hungry, and Mother Su had no time to prepare a proper lunch.

In the end, they decided to have a hot pot!

The kitchen was bustling by now. In order to eat sooner, Wei Liu and He Fu rolled up their sleeves and got to work: one washing vegetables, the other cleaning the pots.

Just as Su Mu and Gu Shi reached the kitchen door, Su Mu’s busy mother assigned them a task: to pick vegetables from the vegetable garden!

The vegetable yield in the garden was quite high, and with just three people in the family, they couldn’t finish eating it all. As a result, many of the vegetables had become old. However, the top portions remained fresh and tender. A gentle squeeze would yield droplets of water.

A couple of days ago, Su Mu had taken a portion to make pickled vegetables and filled several large jars.

“Chinese cabbage, water spinach, pumpkin sprouts… Gu Shi, pick whatever you like. Don’t be shy! I’ll go dig up some ginger.” Su Mu handed him a small bamboo basket before going to dig up some ginger. Today’s hot pot was a yin-yang pot, and the clear soup was mainly made from old hen, mushrooms, and ginger to remove any strong smells.

Gu Shi looked at the lush and tender vegetables in a bit of a dilemma. He wasn’t quite sure what to pick. His fingers brushed against the vegetables, and a faint aroma of plants filled the air. Without realizing it, he had broken off a piece of Chinese cabbage.

With a smile, he realized that while he might not be skilled at this, he stood firmly in the narrow vegetable patch, picking earnestly. He brushed away withered leaves and tossed them aside, leaving only fresh and neatly arranged vegetables in his little basket.

Su Mu finished digging up some ginger and returned to see him looking so focused. He wore black slacks and a white undershirt, contrasting with the garden’s scenery. He looked like a heavenly being who had descended to the mortal realm, picking up a touch of the world’s hustle and bustle.

However, his movements were a bit slower. Su Mu put the ginger in the basket and then swiftly picked a bunch of vegetables. Of course, she wasn’t as neat as he was.

The variety of vegetables in the garden was abundant, and with each type she picked, the small bamboo basket filled up quickly.

There were a few specks of mud on Gu Shi’s trousers, and his white undershirt had unintentionally gotten splashed with vegetable juices. He looked a bit disheveled, but it didn’t affect his demeanor. Every movement he made exuded the grace of a noble gentleman.

Su Mu was frustrated. “I should have had you wait outside. Your clothes…”

Though she wasn’t well-versed in clothing brands, she could tell that his outfit was expensive. The trousers weren’t too bad, but the undershirt was ruined – it’s challenging to remove vegetable juice stains.

Suddenly, Gu Shi stopped, and Su Mu, still lost in her self-blame, walked right into his back. Her nose took the brunt of the collision, and tears welled up immediately.

Hearing her sharp intake of breath behind him, Gu Shi turned around and saw her teary-eyed, pinching her nose and furrowing her brows. He asked, “Why weren’t you looking where you were going, hmm?”

“You were the one who stopped first!” Su Mu, her nose now red, resembled a puffed-up kitten, ready to defend herself with her sharp claws.

Gu Shi was a bit helpless. He said faintly, “It’s just a set of clothes.”

After a pause, he added, “I’m sorry, I hurt your nose. Does it hurt?”

The pain had been fleeting, and Su Mu rubbed her nose and recovered quickly. Being born and raised in the countryside, a bump here or there didn’t faze her.

Her eyes blinked, and she looked up pitifully. “It hurts a lot. Can you check if my nose is broken?”

Gu Shi looked at her for a few seconds before responding. Bathed in sunlight, her petite face was as translucent as jade. He pursed his lips slightly, “Nonsense.” Yet, his steps as he turned away were somewhat disarrayed.

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Being caught didn’t provoke Su Mu. With a childish bounce, she followed him, gleefully stepping on his shadow.

When they returned, the hot pot feast was almost ready, awaiting only their vegetables.

Everyone gathered at the edge of the pond to wash the vegetables. With many hands, it took less than five minutes to prepare everything.

Only they would transition from breakfast straight to a hot pot feast. Everyone laughed.

The “culprit” Su Mu smiled and said, “I’m sorry for not explaining this earlier.”

Chen Mengzhi patted her head. “It’s okay. Thanks to you, we can enjoy such a delicious hot pot. Isn’t that right, everyone?”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Father Su beckoned, “The soup base is ready. Let’s start eating.”

The spicy hot pot base was purchased online by Su Mu and had a good flavor. Compared to a strong and spicy base, Su Mu preferred the clear soup made from old hen and mushrooms, keeping the original taste of the ingredients, which was fresh and flavorful.

But she had a strong appetite, so she focused on the dipping sauce: fresh chili peppers, chili oil, scallions, garlic, cilantro, sesame oil, and a touch of soy sauce. The beef slices wrapped in these sauces looked like they were wearing exquisite clothing, making everyone’s mouths water.

Upon the first bite, the interplay of saltiness, spiciness, and freshness tantalized her taste buds. She found it hard to stop.

Gu Shi hadn’t ingested much flower fragrance, and he wasn’t particularly hungry. He just served himself a bowl of chicken broth and drank it slowly.

Seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much, his appetite also grew. The meat on the table had been strictly selected by Su Mu and tasted good, but for people like He Fu and Gu Shi who were used to eating top-grade imported meat from abroad, these didn’t quite measure up.

What impressed them were the base of the hot pot, made from old hen, and the various fresh vegetables. The old hen broth was flavorful, rich, and nutritious. The vegetables were even more exceptional—fragrant, sweet, crisp, tender, and juicy. When dipped in the chicken broth, the taste was unparalleled.

While eating, Wei Liu commented, “Mu Mu, your family’s vegetables are truly outstanding. How am I going to survive after returning to the city?”

He Fu added, “Exactly, after eating these vegetables, everything else is just not satisfying.” In reality, he had other thoughts as well. He had previously taken samples of the vegetables Su Mu had sent to Gu Shi’s place and had them tested for their nutritional content. Today, he received the results on his phone, indicating that the beneficial components of the Su family’s vegetables were nearly two to three times that of regular vegetables, and there were no pesticide residues.

Now that he had tasted these dishes firsthand and found their quality and taste to be excellent, he could consider incorporating these vegetables into his sanatoriums. It would solve the problem of patients being picky eaters.

Su Mu glanced at them and then said in a soft tone, “Perhaps in the future, you’ll be able to buy vegetables from my family at the supermarket.”

Su Chen became interested upon hearing this, “Mu Mu, have you found a collaboration channel?” He had always been thinking about how to sell their vegetables, but his connections were mostly within the finance and investment circles, which weren’t directly relevant.

“Yes, a preliminary agreement has been drafted. It’s with Rui Shang Supermarket. Is that reliable?” The supermarket owned by Fu Da was named Rui Shang, and she had done her research. In Muyun City and other places, the Rui Shang brand was well-known.

“Not bad,” Chen Mengzhi nodded. Rui Shang Supermarkets mostly dealt with imported goods of top quality and premium prices. It would be quite challenging for local products to enter.

Vegetables and fruits were even more difficult due to Rui Shang’s stringent admission standards. It was said that they had their own criteria, which industry insiders found to be very demanding.

Wei Liu pondered, “Rui Shang is indeed good. I’ve met its owner a few times. He has a good character and even served in the military for a few years. He’s one of the rare honest businessmen.”

“By the way, Mu Mu, how did you establish a connection with him?”

Su Mu briefly recounted the events that had transpired, sighing, “I plan to contact him in a couple of days. If he doesn’t give a clear response, I’ll have to find another way to sell the vegetables.”

Vegetables grow quickly, changing day by day, and there’s no room for delay.

He Fu’s eyes brightened upon hearing this. It seemed like an opportunity had presented itself.

He hesitated before speaking up, “Well, Mu Mu, my family runs dozens of chain sanatoriums. Your vegetables are of great quality. Can we collaborate?”

Su Mu pondered for a moment before answering, “Let me see how Brother Fu responds first. However, if you really want our vegetables, I can consider renting additional land, but we would need to sign a contract.”

She didn’t want to expand too quickly, especially with her flower shop to manage. However, if she secured a contract, she wouldn’t have to worry about sales.

This was the ideal solution for He Fu. He could get what he wanted without offending anyone.

“No problem! As long as you can guarantee the consistent quality of the vegetables, everything will be fine.” His family’s sanatoriums catered to the wealthy, and money was no issue for them. Slightly higher vegetable prices wouldn’t be a burden.

With just a few words, the collaboration was settled. Even Su Chen couldn’t help but sigh at how successful his sister had become. If she could sell her vegetables, she could potentially become richer than him, earning more than his annual salary. It made him a bit envious.

The conversation shifted, but Wei Liu couldn’t forget about that unique orchid.

“To be honest, Mu Mu, are you considering selling that orchid?” If they could buy it, the old master would be delighted.

Su Mu smiled, “Actually, that flower is more suitable for Brother He and Gu Shi.”



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