Ch 21: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Price Quote

The elegance of Fairy Lips is truly admirable, but the fragrance of the flower serves a greater purpose, particularly in institutions like sanatoriums where many anorexia patients are in greater need.

Su Mu could tell that Gu Shi was also troubled by this aspect.

In the eyes of anorexia patients, food becomes as difficult to swallow as sawdust. When food enters their mouths and passes their throats, it’s accompanied by feelings of nausea and disgust.

While the incidence of anorexia is not high, the mortality rate can reach 5% to 15%. Early detection and psychological intervention could lead to recovery, but the treatment period is quite lengthy.

In this regard, she would prefer Fairy Lips to be used to treat those unfortunate anorexia patients.

Everyone present was not unintelligent; with just a little thought, they understood these intricate details. He Fu looked at Gu Shi and tentatively asked, “Xiaoshi, what’s your opinion?” If he wasn’t interested, he would buy this pot of flowers. There were indeed several severe anorexia patients in the sanatorium who were barely surviving on nutrient drips.

Gu Shi tapped his fingers on the table, the sound echoing in He Fu’s ears, tightening his heart.

The Gu family had been a prominent family in the capital for a hundred years, controlling one-third of the country’s economic lifelines. They were powerful, and even the He family’s status was slightly inferior to the Gu family’s. Although they had grown up as childhood friends, if Gu Shi had any intentions regarding this Fairy Lips, He Fu could only regretfully step back.

“It’s yours.”

Gu Shi looked into the distance, his thin lips parting slightly. He Fu was his nutritionist, and whoever bought Fairy Lips didn’t matter. In the end, he could make use of it himself.

He Fu grinned and gave Gu Shi a thumbs up. “Brother, you’re generous!”

Then he turned his head to Su Mu to inquire about the price. “Mu Mu, what’s your price?”

Having been robbed of the orchid he liked, Wei Liu didn’t mind and urged Su Mu with an idea. “Mu Mu, this guy is wealthy. Fairy Lips have an elegant posture and powerful additional effects. Asking for tens of millions is not excessive.”

Su Chen and Chen Mengzhi also held their breath, waiting for Su Mu’s decision. Today had been so exciting! First, they learned that the vegetables their sister grew were so expensive and had even formed a connection with the top supermarket, Ruishang. Then there was the elegance of Fairy Lips and the appetizing floral fragrance. Finally, the sky-high price had left them dumbfounded.

Was it really worth so much money?

“80 million yuan.” It wasn’t Su Mu who said this, but Gu Shi.

Everyone gasped in unison.

Even Wei Liu was surprised. “That’s 30 million more than what I had in mind.”

Indeed, even if Fairy Lips had additional effects, it wasn’t worth so much money. However, the price wasn’t actually high. For the He family, it could expand their social connections. For this reason alone, bidding a hundred million wasn’t excessive.

These wealthy families that had developed over several generations now considered money less important. Social connections were something that money couldn’t buy.

Clearly, He Fu also understood the implications. Without further ado, he made the decision. “80 million yuan, I’ll take it.”

All eyes turned to Su Mu simultaneously.

Actually, at this moment, Su Mu was feeling a bit embarrassed. Her mental price was only 30 million yuan…

Gu Shi directly multiplied the price by nearly three times for her. Fortunately, she had managed to hold back her words earlier, otherwise, she would have suffered a huge loss.

Seeing that she still hadn’t spoken, He Fu thought she wasn’t satisfied with the price and raised it by another ten million, instantly pushing the price up to 90 million yuan.

Su Mu pretended to frown and said, “This price is acceptable. For Big Brother Wei’s sake, let’s make the deal.”

This statement gave Wei Liu a great deal of face. He patted He Fu on the shoulder and said with pride, “See, my influence still works at crucial moments.”

“Yes, yes, next time I’ll treat you to a meal.” He Fu said half-heartedly. However, when facing Su Mu, his attitude was incredibly serious. “Mu Mu, give me your account number so I can arrange for the payment.”

Wealthy people are capricious; they don’t even blink an eye when spending 90 million yuan.

It was the first time Su Mu had encountered a buyer so straightforward. She asked, “Big Brother He, don’t you need to inspect the goods again?”

People say that businessmen are shrewd, so how come Big Brother He had decided on the flower just based on a single close encounter? Wasn’t he going to observe it for a few more days?

He Fu casually sipped a cup of sweet tea and waved his hand. “I trust you. Besides, I have your home address. If you deceive me, I’ll come to collect the debt in person.”

The way he made this threat sounded just like children playing house. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

With the buyer speaking so confidently, Su Mu, as the seller, felt much more at ease. She obediently sent her account number to the Wechat they had just added. In no time, her phone received a notification of a significant amount of money being transferred.

Pointing at Fairy Lips, she smiled and said, “Big Brother He, it’s yours now.”

The after-sales service was quite impressive too. She explained the care instructions for nurturing the plant to He Fu one by one. “Although it belongs to the delicate Orchidaceae family, it’s actually easy to care for. It thrives at temperatures between 15-25 degrees Celsius, and for watering, it’s best to water it every two days, adjusting based on the day’s weather conditions. Big Brother He, you’ve experienced its aromatic power, so it’s best to cultivate it outdoors. Its fragrance is non-toxic, so you can inhale it with peace of mind.”

Its flowering period is quite long, lasting for up to ten months. It withers in the coldest months of December and January but continues to bloom in spring. However, she didn’t say this part out loud, as being too detailed might reveal her intentions.

“This is the planting method I’ve summarized over this period of time. It might not be perfect, but you’ll need to explore further on your own in the future.”

After He Fu earnestly took note of what she had said, he smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll make sure to take good care of it.”

With the conclusion of Fairy Lips transaction, the hotpot meal that had lasted for nearly three hours was also coming to an end.

Feeling full and satisfied, the heat of the summer day made people drowsy. Su Chen and Su Mu invited everyone to rest in their rooms for a while and then go fishing and catching shrimp by the riverside in the evening.

Gu Shi’s room was right next to Su Mu’s, so she walked beside him, falling behind the others. She said to him, “Thank you for earlier.”

Gu Shi nodded but didn’t say anything.

Su Mu continued, “Consider me owing you a favor. If you need anything in the future, just let me know.” If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have earned this huge sum of money.

“Is that so?”

Su Mu nodded firmly, “Of course.” As long as it wasn’t excessive, she was willing to help.

Gu Shi’s footsteps halted, “I want a piece of land around here. Before the house is built, I’ll be troubling you.”

In this place, the tranquility was captivating to him. He didn’t want to leave anymore. He had made up his mind to rest here for a while. He didn’t like being alone with strangers. He wanted to build a small courtyard for himself, a peaceful place.

Troubling her? Little did he know that this was exactly what Su Mu desired. She immediately smiled and said, “No problem.” There was plenty of land in the village, and as long as the money was there, everything would work out.

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Everyone went back to their rooms to rest, but some were tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Su Chen closed his eyes and spoke in a calm tone, “Rest for a while, don’t overthink things.”

The meaning behind his words was understood by Chen Mengzhi, but she couldn’t help it. It was 90 million yuan! Nearly a hundred million! She was just an ordinary person, and there was no reason for her not to be tempted.

A slight advantage would be enough to make their small family comfortable for several years. She was just a low-ranking government employee, and her salary only covered daily expenses. Her husband’s salary was higher than hers, but they still had car and house loans to repay. Plus, they were currently planning for a child, which was not easy – raising a child required money for medical care, education, and various other aspects.

Su Chen patted his wife’s hand to reassure her, “It’s a good thing that little sister is capable of earning so much money. In the future, if we face difficulties, she’ll definitely help. But we shouldn’t proactively ask for it.” The shock he received today wasn’t any less than what his wife experienced. To say he wasn’t envious would be a lie, but Mu Mu was his own younger sister. The money was earned by her own abilities, and he had no connection to it whatsoever. If he were to ask for it, the bond between siblings would undoubtedly be affected, and it could end up badly.

Su Chen didn’t want to lose his sister over money. She was someone he had cherished since childhood.

Chen Mengzhi turned around, smoothing her husband’s furrowed brow and sighed, “Don’t worry, I just got carried away for a moment.”

Su Chen nodded, gently patting his wife’s back, his tone soft, “Hmm, go to sleep.”

The two of them embraced and fell into a deep sleep, and the Su household instantly quieted down.

The old Su couple didn’t have the habit of taking an afternoon nap. One was weaving baskets, and the other was grooming Big Orange. They occasionally chatted, creating a warm atmosphere.

Since they left the hotpot feast halfway, they still didn’t know that their daughter had brought so much money back home. Otherwise, their thoughts surely wouldn’t be any less than those of Su Chen and his wife.


Amidst the chirping of cicadas, Gu Shi woke up. After a moment of drowsiness, he regained his senses. He looked at the fresh and warm tones on the ceiling, feeling lazy yet content.

It was rare to lie in bed for a few minutes. It was the first time he had felt like being lazy in bed.

Thinking that there would be many days like this in the future, he felt extremely relieved.

After tidying himself up a bit, Gu Shi got out of bed and headed downstairs.

In the yard, he found that no one else had gotten up yet. The elder members of the Su family were sitting under the grape arbor. He went over and greeted them, curiously watching as Father Su’s fingers flew swiftly.

Mother Su patted the head of Big Orange and asked Gu Shi, “Xiao Gu, have you seen this before?”

“Yes,” Gu Shi replied politely, “Uncle’s craftsmanship is excellent.”

Hearing his words, Father Su laughed heartily, “It’s nothing. Country folks know how to weave.”

The three of them started chatting aimlessly, managing to keep a conversation going.

After about half an hour, people began to wake up one by one.

Wei Liu, looking lively, said to Mother Su, “Aunt, your environment is really great. I haven’t slept this well in a long time.”

When he had been sleeping just now, he hadn’t turned on the air conditioning. He relied solely on the cool breeze coming in from the window. It was quiet and comfortable.

Mother Su smiled and said, “Then stay a few more days.”

In the past, it had only been the two of them, and it felt quite desolate. As people grew older, they tended to enjoy lively surroundings.

After Su Mu woke up and saw that everyone was gathered, she went to the warehouse and fetched a few fishing rods. Carrying a small bucket, she confidently led the group towards the riverside.


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  1. Stela says:

    Though i want to say its realistic but isn’t it selfish? I know Su Mu really liked her family. She is nostalgic nd missed her family dearly in another life nd her brother nd sis in law are not bad but should she hide these big transactions from next time?… Now they are just momentary greedy but if the money kept rolling in won’t they get envious nd jealous in the end leading to extreme means to get the money or would be entitled that she should give it to her niece or nephew in the future….i don’t know if im just being overly paranoid after reading so many chinese novels or just nope everything is rainbow nd sunshine

  2. Stela says:

    Though i want to say its realistic but isn’t it selfish? I know Su Mu really liked her family. She is nostalgic nd missed her family dearly in another life nd her brother nd sis in law are not bad but should she hide these big transactions from next time?… Now they are just momentary greedy but if the money kept rolling in won’t they get envious nd jealous in the end leading to extreme means to get the money or would be entitled that she should give it to her niece or nephew in the future….i don’t know if im just being overly paranoid after reading so many chinese novels or just nope everything is rainbow nd sunshine…hmmm

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