Ch 19: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Casual Conversation

The grapevines in the courtyard grew from the grape seeds Su Mu had spat out when she was a child. Father Su felt that the courtyard was empty, so he left it there and allowed it to grow freely.

It was a seedling, not grafted, so in previous years, it didn’t bear many fruits, and the appearance and taste weren’t that great; they were quite sour. However, its leaves now grew vigorously. They had constructed a trellis to provide ample shade from the overhead sun. Because of this, for the sake of summer coolness, Father Su and mother spent time taking care of it, pruning and fertilizing it from time to time.

The situation this year was quite different. The large leaves were still abundant, but the sporadic fruits from previous years now adorned the branches, hanging in bunches. Some had turned from green to beautiful shades of red and purple, emitting the unique fragrance and sweetness of grapes.

Chen Mengzhi sat beneath the grape trellis, leisurely sipping the congee her mother-in-law had personally cooked. The feeling of contentment was beyond words.

She and Su Chen had gotten up particularly early today, rushing back to their hometown. They hadn’t even had a proper breakfast, just a few slices of bread as makeshift snacks.

Her mother-in-law was considerate. As soon as she entered the house, she had Chen Mengzhi sit down and served her a bowl of bone broth and a bowl of small wontons. She left the task of arranging things to her husband.

Seeing Su Mu bringing some snacks over, Chen Mengzhi sighed, “It’s still more comfortable at home. Little sister, sometimes I truly envy you.”

Su Mu casually sat down, propping up her chin, and chuckled, “Come on, sister-in-law, you say that just for a few days. If you had to stay for ten days or half a month, would you be able to handle it?”

If it were in the past, even she wouldn’t be able to endure it. While this small mountain village was where she grew up, after experiencing the prosperity and convenience of the outside world, the village did feel somewhat deserted. The interstellar population reached tens of billions, and similarly, there were numerous planets. With these people spread out across various planets, it was hard to find the hustle and bustle; being secluded was the norm. Her cultivation required vast expanses of land, so she gradually learned to enjoy solitude.

Later, as a recognition of her contributions to interstellar society, the chief official of the interstellar awarded her a planet. At that time, Su Mu missed the liveliness of Earth, so she took a few friends she had met in interstellar space and began cultivating the planet.

From nothing to something, initially, the vast planet only had them, but gradually, it attracted countless people to settle there, and Green Star slowly came to life.

Chen Mengzhi thought about it and realized that it was true. Living in the city was much more convenient indeed. Every aspect of life, such as medical care, education, transportation, logistics, and food delivery, was far superior in the city.

After chatting for a while, the few people who had been settled upstairs came down. Su Mu waved at them, “Come and have a seat here.”

The morning sun wasn’t scorching, and Su’s house was cooler than other places. He Fu sighed as he walked, “Su Chen, your home is truly like a paradise.”

Su Chen waved his hand, “It’s just that there are more trees.” People like the boss, who had a lot of money, often traveled around the world. There wasn’t a kind of beauty they hadn’t seen before, so he regarded this as a polite expression.

Little did he know that He Fu was speaking the truth. As a nutritionist, he could tell the freshness of ingredients at a glance. His appreciation for these plants, flowers, and trees was the same. The plants around Su’s house were more spirited than those at the village entrance and other places. When he had driven near Su’s house just now, the cool air had swept over him, dissipating the summer heat.

This made him feel even more that Su’s family was extraordinary.

After everyone had taken their seats, Mother Su approached with a small pot, inviting, “You must have had a tiring journey this morning and didn’t have a good breakfast, right? These are home-made mustard greens wontons. Why not give them a try?”

It was around ten in the morning now, which was considered quite late for breakfast. Wei Liu was a foodie and was practically immobilized at the sight of the steaming wontons. He smiled sweetly and thanked Mother Su, “Thank you, aunty. Then I won’t stand on ceremony.”

Su Mu helped her mother serve them the wontons. With a bit of ulterior motive, she scooped a few extra into Gu Shi’s bowl. “Mr. Gu, why don’t you give these a try? Do they suit your taste?”

Wei Liu had keen eyesight and teased, “Oh, Mu Mu, why does it look like Gu Shi’s bowl has more?”

Upon hearing this, He Fu couldn’t help but recall the various interactions between Gu Shi and Su Mu since they had met. He, too, detected a hint of something more than casual in those interactions. Combined with Su Mu’s actions, it was clear that her attitude towards Gu Shi was special.

This lovey-dovey atmosphere made him feel a bit frustrated. Just as his budding feelings started, they ended quietly. What could he do? He had come too late.

Su Mu naturally had no idea that someone had developed feelings for her. She gave Wei Liu a playful glare and warned, “Big Brother Wei, if you don’t want these wontons, there’s a bowl of bone broth in the kitchen. Should I go get it for you?”

Little did she expect that Wei Liu would take an unexpected approach. After eating a wonton, he nonchalantly said, “Ah, I’m so embarrassed. In that case, I’ll trouble you, Mu Mu, today. I had breakfast early, and now I’m truly hungry.”

Having the best of both worlds was truly wonderful.

Since entering the Su family, the cacophony in Gu Shi’s ears had disappeared. The pleasant air made him feel a bit drowsy. Listening to the crisp sounds of Su Mu and Wei Liu bickering, he felt that this summer, which used to be annoyingly stuffy, wasn’t as detestable as before.

He lowered his head to look at the wontons in his porcelain bowl. The thin skin wrapped around the pale green filling floated gently in the clear broth, emitting a rich aroma.

When he bit into one, the filling burst with firm yet springy texture. The mustard greens were just right, not overpowering the meat and impossible to ignore.

Initially, Gu Shi thought there were a few too many wontons in his bowl. His appetite was small, and he was worried he couldn’t finish them. Now, he had finished both the wontons and the broth, feeling satisfied without any discomfort. In fact, he felt like he could have eaten more.

With their stomachs filled, everyone became more familiar with each other, and the conversation became lively. Most of the talking was done by Wei Liu, with He Fu and Su Chen chiming in.

Su Mu found the discussion boring. She didn’t understand business matters. Terms like “hedging” and “locking in orders” sounded like gibberish to her.

Gu Shi sat quietly on the side without speaking. Su Mu sat beside him and tugged at his sleeve, whispering softly, “Gu Shi, aren’t you bored too?”

Gu Shi raised an eyebrow slightly. This young girl seemed to know how to take liberties. She had addressed him as “Mr. Gu” earlier and now she was boldly using his name.

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Seeing the empathetic look on her face, he chuckled softly and said, “Yeah.”

Suddenly, his attention was drawn to the plants behind her.

Looking at the leaves, they were of good quality, likely orchids, but the flowers were so distinct in style. One was red, the other white – one ordinary, the other ethereal. Looking at them for a while created a unique harmony, much like the yin and yang symbol. They seemed like natural companions, as if it was meant to be.

They say that mutated orchids are a pursuit for orchid growers. Once the flower shape and color mutate, it greatly increases the ornamental value of the orchid.

The orchid in front of them, whether it was the plant’s appearance, flower shape, or fragrance, had all reached the highest level. If it were to be put on the market, it would surely attract the attention of orchid enthusiasts and possibly break the value record set by the “Crowned Lotus”. Yet, here it was, casually placed under the grapevine trellis, without any protective measures.

Following his gaze, Su Mu looked back and saw Fairy lips swaying in the wind, and she understood immediately.

Her parents had seen this unique orchid earlier in the morning. They had admired it together for a long time and found it quite strange.

Leisurely, she asked, “Gu Shi, can you guess its name?”

Gu Shi furrowed his brows. He didn’t know much about orchids, and he was terrible at naming things, so he couldn’t figure out a logical name.

Seeing his serious expression as if pondering a matter of national importance, Su Mu couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Playfully, she said, “Fairy lips. Its name is Fairy lips.”

“Little Fairy and Big Red Lips?” Gu Shi chimed in.

Su Mu snapped her fingers. “Bingo! You got it right. I personally named it. Doesn’t it perfectly match its temperament?”

With a smug and mischievous look on her face, her eyes sparkling like a kindergarten child wanting praise from the teacher, Su Mu seemed to shine.

Gu Shi’s thoughts stirred slightly, and he quickly looked away. His voice wasn’t as icy as before. “It does.”

The two of them weren’t exactly quiet, and they were both sitting at the same stone table. Chen Mengzhi was curious, “Little sister, what are you two talking about?”

The others’ gazes turned to them instantly.

Su Mu didn’t bother to hide it and gestured toward the Fairy lips orchid behind her, answering, “We’re talking about it.”

The placement of Fairy lips was beneath the grapevine trunk, its back turned to them. It was no wonder they hadn’t noticed it at first glance. Gu Shi’s eyes were sharp.

He Fu was fine, but as soon as the others saw the posture of Fairy lips, they all got up and approached to take a closer look.

Especially Wei Liu. Having grown up by his grandfather’s side, he had learned a lot about orchids. As a discerning person, he could tell that this orchid was exceptional. He was even estimating its value in his mind.

The white flower was even more beautiful than Crowned Lotus, and the red flower had a unique charm. Its price would definitely be higher than Crowned Lotus.

This kind of bicolored orchid was quite rare, and it opened everyone’s eyes to its beauty.

“Mu Mu, where did this orchid come from?”

“So unique, so impressive.”

“Mu Mu, are you considering selling it?”

“So beautiful!”

“Gurgle, gurgle.”

Wei Liu’s stomach suddenly let out a sound, like an empty city trick. Even he was surprised. He had just finished a bowl of wontons and a bowl of porridge, so why was he hungry again?

Su Mu’s eyes were full of amusement as she spoke unhurriedly, “Last time, Big Brother Wei gave me the chance to get up close to orchids. I got interested and bought a few online. But they are quite delicate, and this one survived.”

“If the price is right, selling it isn’t out of the question.”

“Oh, by the way, its fragrance can stimulate the appetite. You all got so close just now and smelled a lot of the fragrance. Feeling hungry is only natural.”

After this explanation, everyone exchanged glances. They were not well-educated about plants, and the idea of such a magical plant existing seemed unbelievable.

However, actions speak louder than words. One by one, their stomachs started to growl. Now they truly had no choice but to believe.


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