Ch 18: Daily Farm Life After Returning from Interstellar

Guests Arrive

In the morning, the thin mist had not yet dissipated, drifting and shrouding Huayuan Village, making the entire village appear unreal. Farmers were accustomed to waking up before the first ray of sunlight. Every household was bustling with activity, with the clatter of pots and pans, the crowing of roosters, and the barking of dogs, bringing liveliness to the village.

At the Su family, the two little fairies had left the flowers where they had stayed overnight and were now together searching for the purest and sweetest dewdrops. This was their most important task every morning.

As for the Big Orange, after being fed breakfast by Mother Su, it ate to its heart’s content and then chased butterflies all over the mountain. The morning dew soaked its fur, and it even picked up some green ear grass on itself. Perhaps the thorns of the grass were uncomfortable, as it struggled to get rid of them but couldn’t. It could only go to its owner for help, which, as expected, led to a scolding from the female owner.

Su Mu woke up amidst her mother’s loud scolding downstairs. She yawned and walked out onto the balcony with her messy hair, looking down below in a daze and asking, “Mom, who are you scolding?”

“Big Orange! It went up the mountain and brought back countless green ear grass.” While scolding, Mother Su helped remove the grass, pulling out a pile of dog fur.

Knowing it had caused trouble, Big Orange was now extremely well-behaved, far from its usual lively self.

“Mu Mu, quickly tidy up yourself and come down for breakfast. You young people don’t take care of your health. You’ll regret it when you’re older…” Mother Su was rambling on about health, not caring whether her daughter was listening or not.

Su Mu hurriedly escaped; menopausal women were quite frightening.

Breakfast was meat congee with vegetables, plus a boiled egg, healthy and filling.

After finishing the meal, Su Mu grabbed her phone, took her car keys, and just before leaving, she told her father and mother, “Dad, Mom, you don’t need to go out to work today. Brother and sister-in-law should be back soon. The house can’t be left unattended. I’m going to the county to buy some daily necessities and also meat.”

“Alright, drive safely.”

“I know.”

As Su Mu drove past the village entrance, she rolled down the car window, took a look at the situation in the vegetable garden. There were no weeds robbing nutrients, and she had applied homemade fertilizer. All kinds of vegetables were growing well, with sturdy stems and vibrant green leaves, a scene of thriving vitality.

With modern mechanization, agricultural machinery had significantly improved efficiency. Plows had replaced oxen, and collecting farmyard manure was indeed quite a bit of work. The chicken and duck manure from villagers’ homes had been used in their own fields, leaving little for her. With her abilities, fertilization wasn’t necessary, but putting on a full performance was important to avoid arousing suspicion from those with ulterior motives.

Finally, it was Father Su’s idea. In a neighboring village, there was a livestock farm where pig and cow manure was abundant. Since not many people in the village were farming anymore, these materials were piled up with no takers. Su Mu negotiated with the farm’s manager. She paid 100 yuan per month, and all the manure would belong to her. They would even deliver it to her doorstep.

This manure had been piled up for a year or two and had already decomposed. It was undoubtedly excellent fertilizer and could be spread directly on the fields.

Indeed, the fertilizer worked in less than two days. The growth was impressive, and the farmyard manure had played a pivotal role.

However, since Fu Da took away the wild vegetables, she hadn’t received any news. She wasn’t sure if the agreement they had discussed earlier was still valid. Su Mu’s expression became somewhat solemn. If she didn’t receive a clear answer in the next two days, she would have to find alternative ways to sell her produce.

Perhaps due to the holiday, the county town was livelier than usual.

Su Mu had been here a few times before to buy things. With familiar sellers, she was quick in her shopping. This time, as many people were coming over to her house, she bought a larger quantity. The owner of the meat stall even thought she was running a restaurant.

After buying some household items from the daily goods store, she didn’t linger in the county town and immediately headed back home.

On the other side, Wei Liu had already met up with He Fu and Gu Shi early on. He played the role of a guide, and the two cars set off from Mu Yun City in succession, heading towards Huayuan Village.

Seeing the heavy dark circles under Gu Shi’s eyes, He Fu helplessly remarked, “Are you having trouble sleeping again recently?”

Gu Shi leaned back in his seat, tilting his head back with his eyes closed, and softly replied, “Mm.”

Ever since consuming all the ingredients from Su’s family, he had hardly had a good night’s sleep. His appetite had also worsened. After barely recovering his health, it was now deteriorating even further.

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He had never told anyone that his ears were constantly filled with various sounds – not the normal sounds of people speaking, but rather ethereal voices or even ghosts. They followed him constantly, crying and laughing in his ear without speaking.

When he was young, he had almost been driven insane. His insomnia and anorexia were problems he had suffered from since childhood. The family had consulted many highly respected masters, used countless talismans, but to no avail.

However, when he saw that smiling girl last time, she seemed to possess some miraculous power. The voices that had troubled Gu Shi for over twenty years miraculously disappeared.

This left him a bit bewildered and unsure. He was accustomed to being in control of everything, including them. The feeling of tranquility in his ears was just too wonderful, addicting even.

He Fu was driving the car and disagreed, saying, “With your elder brother in charge of the Gu Corporation now, you don’t need to worry.”

The Gu family had two brothers. As the younger one, and with his poor health, Gu Shi received more care from his family. He was barely allowed to do anything, spoiled and pampered.

However, from a young age, Gu Shi had displayed extraordinary business acumen. One brother took care of the overarching direction, while the other was responsible for execution. The development of the Gu Corporation had much to do with Gu Shi’s keen intuition.

He Fu continued, “This time, just stay at the Su family for a while. Maybe the countryside is more suitable for recuperation.”

Even He Fu himself didn’t believe this. As Gu Shi’s nutritionist, he had spent some time in the countryside with him, but there was hardly any improvement.

Gu Shi didn’t respond, and the car fell silent.

The two luxury cars entered Huayuan Village, drawing the attention of the villagers. They only began discussing the situation in louder voices once the cars were out of sight.

“Where are these people going? Those cars are so shiny, they must be worth a lot.”

“Judging by the direction, are they going to the Su family?”

“Since Su Mu came back, the Su family has had several waves of guests. Despite her young age, her methods are quite impressive,” Grandma Wang’s words immediately drew angry stares from several elderly people.

Grandma Li was even more furious. “You shameless old woman, you’re so old but still fabricating stories about children.”

Others chimed in, “That’s right, Mu Mu has always been well-behaved since childhood. How could she do such messy things?”

“Su Tang’s upbringing is good. Every time Su Chen and Su Mu see me on the road, they always greet me politely.”

“Old lady Wang, you shouldn’t casually tarnish the reputation of someone’s young girl.”

Accused by everyone, Grandma Wang’s face couldn’t be maintained, and she angrily retorted, “Did I say something wrong? Which serious college student would come back to the countryside to farm? Who knows what unsightly things she’s been doing outside!”

A few elderly ladies exchanged glances, speechless.

Seeing everyone silenced by her, Grandma Wang became smug.

Su Mu didn’t know the dispute between the elderly ladies. At this moment, she was guiding the vehicles to park.

Su’s courtyard wasn’t small, and one car was manageable for her. But with a few more, it would be a different story. Fortunately, there was a large open space outside the courtyard for parking.

Su Chen arrived ahead of them. Originally, he had planned to arrive later, but since the boss was also coming, as a subordinate and since he was coming to his own family’s place, what was the harm in arriving later than them?

After parking, everyone got out of their cars.

Su Mu had been closely watching behind Wei Liu. Her brows only relaxed when she saw that tall man. She greeted him with a smile, “Welcome.”

Wei Liu pushed a large suitcase and praised, “Mu Mu, your environment here has improved even more.”

His feeling was correct. The faint spiritual energy from the plants that Su Mu had purified before had gradually spread throughout the village, infusing the atmosphere with vitality.

But she couldn’t admit it. “The air in the countryside is always like this, and besides, my home is at the foot of the mountain.”

Wei Liu casually nodded, then introduced him, “This is He Fu, Gu Shi’s nutritionist. The three of us grew up together since childhood, our relationship is special. Big Brother He, this is Su Mu, Su Chen’s younger sister.”

He Fu had seen many beautiful women, but Su Mu’s grace and beauty still brightened his eyes, making him inadvertently dazzled.

Gu Shi suddenly kicked him, causing He Fu to come back to his senses. He extended his hand with a smile, “Hello, Miss Su, thank you for your help these past few days.”

Gu Shi’s actions were all within Su Mu’s sight. Her smile deepened, “No trouble at all, let’s not stand on ceremony. You can call me Mu Mu or Xiao Mu.”

He Fu replied, “Alright, Mu Mu.”

Su Mu walked up to Gu Shi. He was tall, and she had to tilt her head to see his expression. He remained as aloof as ever.

She smiled enchantingly, “Long time no see, Mr. Gu.”

Gu Shi looked at her deeply for a moment. His every move and gesture made Su Mu slightly dazed. “Long time no see, Miss Su, or perhaps I should call you Mu Mu?” His tone lingered, with a touch of tenderness.

Su Mu felt half of her body go numb.

Everyone entered the courtyard together. Su Chen took them to their rooms for settling in.

Su Mu patted her rosy cheeks, prepared some fruits and snacks, and placed them on the stone table under the grape trellis. After they finished tidying up a bit, they could enjoy a sweet treat.


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