Ch 71 (Part 2): TGCIR

Currently, the Research Institute was constrained everywhere, even self-righteous people had the intention to contend with him for power. Although he was an lightning-type ability user and had control over the military, all of these were openly exposed.

The cards held by the Research Institute were hidden underwater and were too deep to see through.

They could only vaguely glimpse the huge shadow underwater but couldn’t see the real shape of it.

If he wanted to win the contest with the researchers, he must have some cards that they couldn’t see.

This person had no reaction to his lightening-type ability. According to Bai Su, there was even another team with that man. Wouldn’t they be a good knife to be wielded if he could win them over?

He was now a single wanderer, perhaps it was a good opportunity to win them over. If Bai Su offended him at the first meeting, where could he find such a good knife?

But Tang Lu couldn’t say these things in front of Bai Su.

After all, in her heart, he was the number one person in J City Base and must be omnipotent.

If she saw his calculations, considerations, and compromises, as someone who admires strength, she might have some other ideas.

After all, she has a rare healing ability. Tang Lu smiled and rubbed her head, “You silly girl, I was thinking of using him as a good knife. We’ll watch the show as he kills like my borrowed knife, and then I’ll help you get revenge. Don’t be in a hurry.”

Bai Su gritted her teeth in frustration.

Before, that person had a team with him, and she couldn’t beat them alone, but today they were a team against him, and Tang Lu was still hesitant!

Bai Su had the first thought of whether it was worth following him.


Shen Cheng stared at the several green figures displayed as “detention room,” at a loss. From their status, the small figures had both satisfied and dissatisfied points with the base, but they looked normal, and she couldn’t tell.

She even doubted herself: with the friendliness system not working, and the loyalty of these small figures still above 60, she even wondered if there were any loopholes or if she had wronged some of them.

At this moment, a new task prompt popped up in the system:

    [Fu Yanzhou requests: Review the permissions of Chai Yi and others. Agree? Y/N]

Fu Yanzhou?

The social anxiety guy?

Shen Cheng hesitated. She hadn’t forgotten how these people had surrounded Fu Yanzhou excitedly at the beginning. If Fu Yanzhou came to review…could he be protecting and condoning them?

But she soon thought again: cub never suspected Fu Yanzhou…perhaps she should also have more trust in the people in the base?

Shen Cheng ultimately chose “Y”.

Fu Yanzhou entered the room.

He was holding a plate of fried chicken.

He placed the food in front of the three men, ignoring their angry expressions, and propped up his legs: “Eat. Talk after you’re full.”

The aroma of the fried chicken wafted in, and since being locked in the confinement room since yesterday, they didn’t know that the base had already opened a breeding farm and had a stable supply of chicken meat. However, upon smelling the scent of the meat, all three of them salivated and quickly began to stuff it into their mouths.

Shen Cheng was shocked to see that the loyalty of the three people actually increased as they ate the fried chicken?

“???” Is the friendliness and loyalty system broken?

Fu Yanzhou looked coldly at them after they finished eating, “This is the welfare of everyone in the base. But it will be gone after today.”

No more such delicious chicken? Some people regretted it. They had all seen the hamster room, which was so terrible that it seemed to have no end. As ability users, they could only run in circles like hamsters to generate electricity. What hope was there in life? Wasn’t it worse than death?

Chai Yi knew he was opposing the base’s regulations in the base, but if they didn’t successfully make the base compromise, they would be on a dead end. He gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t think we did anything wrong! The current policy is great for ordinary people, but how many ability users can survive under it? If the base doesn’t change, ability users will eventually be wiped out. Then, you will have to be leaders with no followers!”

Ability users fought and shed tears outside just for the privilege of being in the base! And in Noah, there was not even a little bit of that privilege? Which base did not have that!

Shen Cheng saw this and already understood their demands.

She frowned and opened the blueprint for the construction of the second-level base, finding the “weapon factory” section.

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As Fu Yanzhou was about to speak, a blueprint suddenly fell from the sky.

He was stunned, opened the blueprint and looked at it carefully. His expression suddenly changed, and he didn’t even want to waste time talking to these people anymore. He stood up and turned around to leave.

“Hey! What do you mean, Fu Yanzhou!”

It was then that Fu Yanzhou realized his loss of composure.

On the blueprint, there was a design for human armor that the research institute had considered before. As long as there were enough units in production, even ordinary people could wear them to fight against zombies! Most importantly, according to the data on the blueprint, the armor could completely prevent attacks from zombies of third rank and below!

When combined with thermal weapons, ordinary people could be armed to the teeth. As long as they did not fall into a zombie siege and were not fiercely bitten by a group of zombies, their defensive capabilities would not be inferior to those of ability users before their defenses were breached!

Fu Yanzhou looked at the blueprint and deeply admired the precision of the person who drew it in every detail. At this moment, he had no intention of following Xi Bei’s original suggestion to eliminate these people and their research. He only wanted to go back to the laboratory to make a set of finished products and test if the parameters could reach the same high level as on the blueprint!

This kind of single combat mech was at least 20 years beyond their laboratory’s level!

It was a direction that he had considered before, but it was also a height that he had never reached.

With this, the so-called “they bleed and sweat on the front line, while ordinary people sit back and enjoy their protection” that ability users claimed was non-existent! As long as ordinary people received basic training and had the absolute advantage in numbers, they could at least protect themselves in the wasteland.

All of what these people said was based on the premise that the base did not have this kind of black technology.

Fu Yanzhou’s hands trembled with excitement. It was only at this moment that he suddenly understood what his senior brother had said before. In the face of absolute strength, all other conspiracies and tricks were nothing but insignificant attempts that could be shattered with a single blow.

Chai Yi clearly saw the blueprint falling from the sky and the change in Fu Yanzhou’s expression. He suddenly understood something and trembled as he shouted at Fu Yanzhou, “You’re just a figurehead, right? Everything in the base is not your accomplishment!”

Fu Yanzhou turned back upon hearing the words.

For the first time, a terrifying smile like that of a demon appeared on his handsome and pale face. He slightly parted his lips, revealing his eight internal teeth. “Ah, you figured it out, but now you can never leave.”

After hearing the howls of regret and despair from behind him, Fu Yanzhou left the confinement room and couldn’t help but squat down and laugh for a while. He practiced this expression and decided that the next time Xi Bei came to disturb him at work, he would scare her with the same expression and action until she howled like a ghost and wolf.


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