Ch 71 (Part 1): TGCIR

Li Weilan opened today’s package.

He sat in a deserted wilderness, with a sparkling starry sky above his head.

After the apocalypse, air pollution disappeared, and humans could finally see the stars clearly again. However, humans were no longer the masters of this planet.

Li Weilan traveled alone with a blade and on the road, he inevitably encountered thugs who thought he was an easy target. He also fell into the midst of zombies.

But compared to the anxiety, panic, and worry he felt when the apocalypse first happened, Li Weilan was now clear in his heart that his confidence came from: even if he chose to retreat, when he looked at the starry sky above his head, he seemed to still see her gaze and smile.

The girl he had only seen once. The girl who was not in the same world.

This girl deeply imprinted in his heart.

As long as he thought of her watching his back, he had infinite courage.

Li Weilan lit a fire with the flint he carried with him and was about to take out some food to roast when suddenly the sound of flapping wings came from the sky.

Was it today’s mail?

Li Weilan faintly hooked his lips, with a hint of expectation in his eyes.

What could it be?

Today’s package was still small, but inside was a hard square object. Li Weilan smiled as he gently untied the knot, revealing a stainless steel box.

He just opened the package and heard a slight “click”. Along with the box he took out, there was a thin piece of paper stuck to the bottom of the box. As he moved, it fell out. Li Weilan picked it up and his eyes froze: the person smiling brightly and making a V sign towards the camera in the photo was none other than Shen Cheng herself!

Although her big eyes lacked any spirit and only her face was present without her soul, all in all, it was still Shen Cheng smiling at him!

Li Weilan stared at her intensely, carefully examining her smile. His eyes burned as if he wanted to carve her into his heart.

A warm current surged through his body, sweeping away the exhaustion from the day’s battles as if it were nothing, all in her smile.

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Li Weilan stared at her for a while before reaching out to open the insulated box.

As he lifted the lid, a tantalizing aroma rushed into his nostrils.

The fragrance of butter, the tantalizing taste of meat… several fragrances mixed together, making his mouth water involuntarily. It was fried chicken.

The golden oil was so thick that it seemed like it would still be juicy even after he took a bite. Touching it even felt like it was still piping hot!

“I haven’t had a bite of junk food since the end of the world!”

Li Weilan felt the oil in his hand. He silently took a bite, and a crispy and fragrant taste suddenly rushed to his tongue. As he bit down, the soft and crispy chicken skin broke, and the juice splashed out, massaging his taste buds with the crunchy meat, making him feel relaxed.

What’s even more annoying is that the box is full of these chicken legs!

Li Weilan couldn’t help but laugh and cry: Did he look like a big eater in her heart? There are at least a dozen chicken legs here, if not more.

Where did she get so many chickens? Was the chicken meat free?

The taste of fried chicken is extremely pure. Li Weilan knew it as soon as he took a bite. It was the taste of free-range chicken before the end of the world, but definitely not the taste of mutant beasts. Could it be that the base has already opened a breeding system?

Li Weilan quietly nibbled on the chicken while thinking.

Suddenly, there was a roar of a vehicle engine coming from the wilderness ahead. Li Weilan immediately closed the box and grabbed Thunder that he always carried with him.

The car seemed to have seen the fire and stopped briefly. Several people got out of the car.

It was not very clear in the dark, but from afar, a soft and gentle voice came from the cold wind: “Brother Tang, it seems that there is someone here… Oh, what a delicious smell?”

Li Weilan quickly put away the fried chicken into his space.

He’s stingy even with a glance for others to see.

Those people approached.

When he could see the face of the woman who was speaking clearly in the light of the fire, Li Weilan’s pupils shrank slightly: it was really a coincidence, she turned out to be an old acquaintance!

It seems that there is no place in life where people cannot meet!

When he recognized the woman, she also recognized him.

Her originally gentle voice instantly became sharp, and she pulled the sleeve of the man next to her, “Brother Tang! It’s him! The person who killed all my companions!”

She gnashed her teeth and her anger was written all over her face. The man she called carefully scrutinized Li Weilan, lingering for a moment on the blade of the knife in his hand, but did not immediately turn hostile. Instead, he stretched out his hand, smiled gracefully and said, “Friend, meeting like this is also fate. Why don’t we forget our grievances with a smile?”

Should he shake hands or not?

Li Weilan did not hesitate and simply extended his hand.

A tingling sensation spread, Li Weilan’s facial muscles only moved slightly, he shook hands and then let go.

After this brief confrontation, the man confirmed that his ability did not work on Li Weilan for some reason. His smile became more sincere, and he reassuredly touched the angry cheek of the woman in his arms, and said to Li Weilan, “Welcome to visit the J City base in the future.”

Li Weilan’s pupils shrank slightly.

Just now, during the brief moment when their hands clasped, a current flowed through his hand, and if it weren’t for his blade’s thunder ability absorbing the entire force of the current, he would have been paralyzed for a moment.

Thunder and lightning ability, able to easily overwhelm him, and able to mention the words “J City” and “guests”, could this person be Tang Lu from the J City base?

It is said that he was the second generation of J City before the end of the world, and quickly awakened his thunder and lightning ability after the end of the world, and he had the support of the entire J City base, from resources to manpower at his disposal.

If someone else heard him say “welcome to come as a guest”, they would probably be ecstatic, as this directly means that the person who receives these words has obtained the qualification to enter the J City base!

However, Li Weilan just nodded lightly and said, “Thank you for your invitation, Brother Tang. If I have the chance in the future, I will definitely come.”

“Then I will wait for good news.” Tang Lu smiled, and the woman in his arms seemed to want to say something, but suddenly felt a slight pain in her waist that was being held, and her words were cut off by a soft electric shock. She made a soft whimper and was almost half supported and half embraced by Tang Lu as they left.

It wasn’t until the sound of the car engine faded away that Li Weilan squinted his eyes and sat back by the bonfire, munching on the fried chicken.

It was the fried chicken given by Cheng Cheng.

That was the only important thing. As for the people just now and the J City base that he would eventually go to collect debts from? At this moment, the fried chicken in his hand was more important.

As soon as they left that place, Bai Su in the car began to shed tears.

Large drop of tears rolled down from her eyes, dropping one by one onto her fair arms. Her soundless expression of crying looked especially pitiful.

Tang Lu sighed, knowing that it was his fault that Bai Su blamed him for not seeking revenge immediately and stopping her from speaking out.

To be honest, although she was a rare healing-type ability user in the apocalypse, her ability to grasp the big picture and judge the situation was not very good.

What was their current situation? What was the situation in the base now?



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