Ch 70: TGCIR

Seeing the small chickens running around on the screen, Shen Cheng’s heart was filled with joy, and she immediately thought of countless recipes that could be made with chicken: Kung Pao chicken, braised chicken, spicy chicken, boiled chicken with ginger and scallion, and of course, fried chicken!

Just by looking at these little chickens, she could imagine how much she could improve the living standards of the people in the base in the future!

These chickens running around everywhere were clearly not just chickens, but ingredients for countless dishes!

Shen Cheng signaled to the other ability users who had followed her, “Let’s go!” Fu Yanzhou, who was following behind her, was shocked: Is she really going to be so reckless?

Shen Cheng couldn’t find the mutated monsters on the breeding farm anywhere. She suspected that the mutated monster would only come out of its lair after they had caught the little chickens.

Since that was the case, wouldn’t they have to catch the little chickens before they could even fight the monster?

The ability users present received her instructions. Although some of them were still hesitant, most of them blindly believed in her after her previous performance and scattered to quietly follow behind the little chickens.

Although the adjectives used to describe the chickens on the screen were “little chickens”, in reality, these “little chickens” were not little at all! On the contrary, one person who had just approached was startled by the cunning look in the chickens’ green eyes.

When the little chickens noticed someone approaching, one of them, which was at most a little over half a month old with soft, pale yellow feathers, let out a “cluck cluck” and signaled the other little chickens to flap their wings and fly away together.

Its wings don’t look big, but when it flaps them, it creates a small gust of wind. The person who tried to grab it was blown away by the gust and fell to the ground. “Spit, spit, spit,” they coughed up dirt before realizing, “this chicken has wind-type abilities!”

Without him saying anything, Shen Cheng had already noticed.

No wonder the boss of this farm was sleeping somewhere in a corner. It turns out that most of its descendants are wind-type ability chickens!

Even the newly hatched chicks with their downy feathers still intact have a faint wind-type ability. The adult guard chickens that rushed out from the dark corners of the farm, cackling and clucking, are probably not something that just anyone can handle.

As she was pondering what skill to use, the little chick had already let out a loud “cackle.”

With that one call, a group of mother hens and roosters flew out of the farm one after another, paying no attention to the swarm of creatures as they charged towards Shen Cheng and her group!

Shen Cheng felt her phone vibrate.

She heard a loud “cackle,” which sounded like the battle cry of the chickens!

With that roar, led by a giant mother hen that charged out of the farm, the battle chickens fiercely charged towards the people with abilities.

Their beaks were like iron, their feet had sharp claws that shone in the light, and they all had wind-type ability bonuses. This group of flying creatures was towering over them, with a tremendous momentum and a stunning aura.

Many of the people with abilities present had never seen such a group of mutated beasts launching an attack, and some were intimidated and felt like retreating–mutated beasts are delicious, but is it worth risking their lives?

After that loud noise, Shen Cheng saw that many of her teammates had a new debuff above their heads: the pressure of intimidation. She waved her wand and cast a group-wide calm spell.

The ability users calmed down and realized that their previous thoughts were not quite right. Where did their cowardly thoughts come from? It’s not reasonable to be afraid of a group of chickens like this!

The ability users who usually trained in formation quickly formed a formation, with several ability users with complementary abilities forming a formation. Several people surrounded a few chickens and began to divide the formation.

This time, Shen Cheng did not transform into a bear.

Although bears are tough and sturdy, they are no match for the morale boost from being in the back line, providing healing.

Nursing is particularly useful in team battles. Shen Cheng provided healing and barkskin spells from the back, and if there were any chickens that couldn’t be defeated, she would throw a few plant products to entangle them. Soon, half of the chickens on the field were gone.

The other half were tied up by the ability users and thrown to the side.

Watching its descendants and cubs being killed off, the mutant chicken boss, who had originally planned to stay inside and not come out, let out an angry scream. The ability users outside heard a loud bang, and the roof of the breeding farm was suddenly lifted off!

A mutated chicken that was about three to four meters tall jumped onto the roof with one foot. If it weren’t for its weight causing the roof to collapse and almost falling down, its entrance would have been quite impressive.

Now…someone below actually laughed out loud with a “pu chi” sound.

What’s with being a little stupid and cute, not calculating the weight and stomping through the roof?

The chicken flapped its wings and made a “ge ge” sound, screaming with its mouth open and closed. But although it looked angry, almost no one in the field could understand what it was protesting.

Except for Shen Cheng, who had already learned the “animal communication” skill.

After listening for a while, she laughed out loud, “hahaha.”

“Stealing chickens and touching dogs, you humans who do these despicable things!…” The chicken ancestor was repeatedly brushing these words and Shen Cheng thought about how to teach this chicken how to curse properly.

They didn’t steal chickens, they were clearly robbing them openly.

Shen Cheng smiled, but she didn’t immediately use the “soothe animal” skill. As an “animal protection activist” and “friend of animals,” she knew the importance of respecting their autonomy. After she used the skill, the chicken that was jumping and cursing just a moment ago immediately calmed down.

It blinked its green bean eyes, looked around, and made a curious sound: “Who? Who? Come out? Who?”

After thinking for a while, Shen Cheng transformed into a bear and walked over. The chubby bear sat down on the ground and looked at the chicken, scratching its head.

“Is it you?” The chicken did not expect the troublemaker to be a bear, and it looked so fat and strong. Judging from its graceful posture and the way it swayed its big butt while walking, it was definitely pampered and had a much better life than the chicken!

The anger slowly dissipated, replaced by a sense of indignation.

What’s so great about bears? They don’t have beautiful feathers, they don’t lay eggs, and they can’t even fly!

Since these damn humans raised such useless creatures like bears, they shouldn’t kill chickens to get their eggs, right?

The green bean eyes of the chicken blinked twice and cunningly asked the big bear in front of it, “What do you usually eat?”


Shen Cheng didn’t understand its intention and just answered directly, “Rice, meat, and vegetables.”

“What?” The chicken suddenly became excited. “There’s meat, vegetables, and rice?”

Seeing that the bear didn’t look like it had been mistreated, the chicken pondered for a moment and shouted at the man in the middle of the team who looked the most like a captain with his arms crossed, “Hey, I’ll go with you guys, can you take care of my meals?”

Fu Yanzhou didn’t know why it suddenly picked him out.

But to him, its clucking was just a simple clucking.

He was hesitating, but the task in front of Shen Cheng was updated:

[The mutant chicken wants to make a deal with you: the base is responsible for its three meals a day, grooming, and cleaning the chicken coop. Half of its daily eggs can be used and raised by the base.

Agree or not: Y/N, the successful transaction requires the construction of one chicken coop and one hatching room.]

Shen Cheng was so excited!

At this moment, she had no mood to scold the chicken that couldn’t read people. After the task was completed, all the buildings in the base would be level 1, and the second-tier hydroponic room could provide food for 1000 people. By then, there would be surplus food, and there should be no problem with the mutant chicken’s three meals a day.

The only question left was: how many eggs did it lay each day?

And…those little chickens wouldn’t have intelligence like the big chicken, would they?

If they were intelligent, she wouldn’t be able to eat them.

The mutated chicken listened to the bear’s two questions and humanely stretched out its wings to scratch its head.

It wasn’t good at counting, but it had a general concept: “I can lay about half of the eggs here in a day. As for the eggs, half of them are bad eggs to begin with.”

Listening to the mutated chicken’s incoherent explanation, it took a while for Shen Cheng to understand its meaning.

All the chickens present were indeed its cub, but only the ones directly born from it had the wind-type ability. The next generation down became the most ordinary chickens, which often troubled it. As for the eggs, it could choose whether or not to inject some ability into them to make them hatchable. As for the ones it was willing to contribute, they were naturally the ones that couldn’t hatch and had no abilities.

As for what the chickens in the coop could eat, they were its grandchildren. That generation of chickens was generally very stupid, and the mutated chicken would accidentally step on and kill one or two of them.

As the big chicken spoke, it pointed its wing behind it at the breeding factory building and muttered, “You eat it, then you shit it out, and it makes the whole place full of chicken shit. Disgusting. But just now, I…”

Shen Cheng saw the collapsed roof and was speechless: who knows how many chickens in the factory had died?


After digging out the collapsed building and counting the number of live and dead chickens, the people on the base were as happy as if it was New Year’s Day.

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There were over four or five hundred chickens that were stepped on and killed by the mutated chicken, and almost every two people got one except for those that were frozen and did not participate in the “battle.”

The pots in the base were boiling for three whole days before all the chicken meat was eaten.

Even the children in the base had oil flowing from their mouths, and the delicious taste lingered on their lips for three whole days. Everyone missed the owner who had only appeared once in the base, and whether it was her transformation ability, her ability to communicate with animals, or her appearance itself, all had become legendary in the base.

Shen Cheng didn’t expect that her clone would only appear in the base for one day, but the base loyalty had already exceeded 90. Although most of it was probably due to the chicken feast, Shen Cheng was still happy to see the chicken coop, hatchery, and chicken processing factory built in just one day. “We have more food to eat now! In the future, the base will have fish, meat, and vegetables!” Regardless of how she thought about it, this was a big and gratifying step.

Of course, she had to share this happy news with her cub!

She decided to send the first batch of fried chicken in the base as a gift to her cub today!

It was not very convenient to only be able to send one package a day, but when she thought about her cub being able to eat the first meat produced by the base, Shen Cheng felt that playing this game for so long was worth it!

She was especially mischievous and sent a beautifully arranged chicken feast plate along with the package. Although she couldn’t eat it, she could take a photo of it and show it off. Her cub would definitely be envious!

Shen Cheng imagined that scene and couldn’t help but smirk a few times. She snapped a photo of herself making a “V” gesture at the table in the game, even though she didn’t eat any of the meat and gave it all to others.

After sending out today’s gift, Shen Cheng looked at the skyrocketing loyalty in the base and the busy little people eating, and finally had the time and energy to deal with the troublemakers in the base.

At first, Shen Cheng wanted to simply throw those people into the power plant to be used as hamsters, but she realized that it wasn’t a good idea. These people made her angry, but even until now, they still hadn’t turned into hostile monsters, which was quite strange.

This was why she had been putting off dealing with them before. In general, hostile personnel in the base would turn into hostile monsters directly, but the troublemakers she caught were still friendly and green.

Did the game have a bug or was there something she missed?

This was also the reason why she didn’t rush to deal with them in a simple and rude manner: if she couldn’t figure out why they were causing trouble in the base but not turning red, Shen Cheng had a feeling that this kind of thing might happen again in the future.


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