Ch 69: TGCIR

【During the battle…】

【Li Weilan killed the mutant giant cockroach. Slight injury. HP-30.】

【Li Weilan bandaged herself.】

【HP slowly recovers. Slight injury debuff disappears.】

【The main character sent you a photo. Would you like to view it? Y/N】

Shen Cheng went online and checked the main character’s status, which still showed that Li Weilan was “out.” She scrolled through the battle records and saw a long list of entries, making her worry about whether Li Weilan had been hungry, cold, or poor outside.

But if she could bandage herself, does that mean the medicine she sent over was useful?

Shen Cheng suddenly realized: no wonder Li Weilan’s mood changed to happy at that time. It turns out that the gift she sent just met his needs!

It was like given a pillow when you’re sleepy, the gift was just what cub needed!

As she thought, Shen Cheng clicked on the “photo”. To her surprise, the photo was not a cute Q version of cub, but a full-body portrait!

He faced the light of the garbage mountain and took a picture of his exceptionally bright handsome face. He even made a V gesture to the camera, full of spirit. There was not a hint of gloom in his smile, and his sharp eyes looked straight at the camera, as if he were looking at her.

Ah ah ah, cub is so handsome!

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but inhale a breath, and almost licked the screen. When she regained her sanity and thought back to the last time she chatted with the real version of cub on video, she regained her senses.

Shen Cheng snapped a screenshot, saved the picture, and carefully examined the background and details, only to discover that something was off: some background details were faintly visible in the garbage mountain. If she didn’t look closely, she might not have noticed. Mixed in with the garbage were pieces of human bones!

Bones that had been gnawed clean were casually thrown into the garbage mountain, and only a corner of the giant beetle behind him was visible. But just by looking at the sharp carapace and the densely packed compound eyes, Shen Cheng’s stomach churned with nausea. The “minor injury” that appeared on cub in the game was not visible in the photo, but a minor injury… doesn’t mean cub isn’t in danger!

No, mother can’t allow cub to go out and take risks and be bullied by small monsters!

Shen Cheng quickly switched to the base page: since she had tried before that “giving gifts” could send medicine and clothes to cub, then if the base had new weapons and equipment, could cub receive them too?

She remembered that the armory of the Level 2 base could also be upgraded.

Shen Cheng switched to the “Base” page. She had intended to switch to the Base view to do some construction and upgrading tasks, but unexpectedly, when she switched to the Base view, she saw a group of small figures gathered in the hall, apparently excitedly arguing about something, and Fu Yanzhou was surrounded by them, saying nothing.

Shen Cheng observed their actions.

Raising hands, clenching fists, shouting… were they protesting?

And shoving, pointing and poking… were they directed towards the girls in the base at the beginning?

Those excited protesters seemed to be mostly ability users, and the base personnel they were targeting were mostly non-ability users. Shen Cheng was only angry at the men’s actions: you have food and shelter because of me, and now that you don’t listen to me, you are causing trouble while my cub is not at home!

Shen Cheng was so angry she could explode.

[Task 1 of the Base Betrayers: Please find the true mastermind among the demonstrators. Complete the task for 100G]

The game almost seamlessly released a new series of tasks, and Shen Cheng took a deep breath, puffing up like a pufferfish as she observed the crowd.

Actually, if you look closely, the God’s-eye view can indeed reveal something wrong.

Although the crowd was chaotic, when Shen Cheng opened them one by one, she found that there were always people in the crowd who were stirring up trouble by inciting people with phrases like “The base is unfair to us ability users” and “The base leader looks down on us.”

It was a man’s voice!

The camera turned in the direction of the voice, following the sound. Despite the many ambient noises in the headphones, Shen Cheng could still vaguely hear the direction the sound was coming from. She slowly made her way towards it and finally found an inconspicuous middle-aged man in the crowd. He had an ordinary face, and even looked a bit simple-minded. He was slightly short, with thick lips, and looked like a small Q version character. But this person was actually causing trouble in the crowd!

What was even stranger was that even though he was causing trouble, Shen Cheng noticed that his friendliness level hadn’t changed. She noted down his name: Chai Yi.

She clicked on “Confirm Submission as Mastermind” and the system beeped, confirming the name and depositing 100G into her account. Obviously, she had found the right person.

The previous mission was updated once again:

[Base Betrayer Mission 2: Complete the first appearance and subdue the mastermind within 1 minute. Mission completed: 100G.]

“What does the first appearance mean?” Shen Cheng wondered.

Suddenly, she realized that this damn game was trying to force her to spend money!

After Fu Yanzhou’s avatar had completed the research on the primary ability-stimulating potion, Shen Cheng had not renewed the use of her avatar. Using the avatar required purchasing either a weekly or monthly card, which cost 30 yuan and 120 yuan, respectively. Basically, the weekly card for this game cost the same as the monthly card for other games.

The avatar could only follow them on “specific missions,” and if it was damaged or killed, she would have to spend money to repair it. It was basically a waste of money if she didn’t use it for missions. Shen Cheng had no intention of being online 24/7 to manage her “body,” so she did not choose to renew her weekly or monthly card.

Does it seem like the game company is unhappy with her non-paying behavior and is forcing her to spend money?

Alright, alright, I’ll buy!

Shen Cheng gritted her teeth and bought a weekly card. Her body suddenly appeared outside the Noah Base.

“Welcome, owner of the base: Cheng returns to the base.”

Just as the noisy atmosphere on the square reached its climax and Fu Yanzhou’s drooping eyes finally received the “confirmed the identity of the traitor” OK signal from Xi Bei, the flat-panel system in the base made a sound.

Chai Yi immediately knew something was wrong.

But once the bow is drawn, the arrow must be released. Even if it was the owner of the base, since they had come this far, they had already gathered all the dissatisfied ability users together, so they could only continue on this path to the end!

He gestured to the others to continue and took two steps back to consider continuing to hide.

The gate opened.

A woman holding a wand, wearing a floral crown, and shimmering with green all over her body walked in.

Her natural ability was so powerful that when she approached, the plant-based ability holder Xi Bei keenly felt that a power of life was constantly circulating in the base, making her tremble.

Then she heard the low exclamations of the people around her, “Look at her feet!”

Shen Cheng activated the “Nature Affinity” skill of the Druid, and she could see that with every step she took, small wildflowers and green grass sprouted from the ground, playfully touching her body like nature’s elves.

Her face was like a mist, and the scent of flowers permeated her body. However, no one could see her ethereal appearance shrouded in mist, nor could they see her lifeless eyes.

But no one doubted her power.

Chai Yi took a deep breath, feeling a very bad premonition.

He slowly started to run backwards. Who knew that Shen Cheng in front of the screen had already fixed her gaze on him. With a wave of her staff, Chai Yi immediately felt long tree roots sprouting from all over his body, entangling him and trying to bind him.

The people around him saw only the woman waving her wand, and countless tree roots wriggled like snakes. They didn’t dare to question her and quickly backed away, leaving a large circle around Chai Yi.

Chai Yi didn’t dare to fight back.

He didn’t expect this person to come straight at him. But he considered himself a discreet person and had no evidence. So he dodged and shouted, “The base is oppressing us ability users! The base leaders are bullying us!”

“…” Acting like a child?

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment.

Her game had begun its countdown, showing that she only had one minute left.

Shen Cheng didn’t bother to argue with him and directly transformed into a bear, rushing forward and slapping him in the face.

With a ‘whoosh’, Chai Yi fell to the ground directly, his eyes filled with stars.

Shen Cheng watched as her own image sat down on the ground, humanely patting her own palm and couldn’t help but laugh.

She transformed back.

But this time, no one dared to think of her as a delicate fairy.

Looking at the woman who still seemed to exude a soft light and fairy aura, people quickly made way for her.

[The Traitor of the Base 2: Mission completed.]

[The Traitor of the Base 3: Do you think in the base, abilities are more important or ordinary people are more important? A. Abilities are important, B. Ordinary people are important. C. Equally important.]

Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment.

So far, all the tasks that required her to make a choice had subsequent effects, and sometimes a storyline choice would affect many tasks later on.

She already knew the nature of this game. If she chose A… she was sure Noah would eventually become like Tenglong.

Ordinary people would become captive slaves, inferior to others. But choosing B was not realistic in this world, so Shen Cheng thought for a moment and finally chose C.

[You chose C.]

The screen flickered, and a new mission requirement appeared:

[Promise to provide job opportunities for all residents of the base and complete this task within the next week. If the task is completed, the residents will never betray and all the main base buildings will be level 1.]

“!!” All buildings in the base are level 1? This is definitely a huge investment!

Shen Cheng’s eyes widened as she looked at the reward.

Do I even need to say it?

Of course, grind missions!

She glanced at her clone’s skills and didn’t want to waste any time. She checked the map and saw that there was a “chicken farm” in the base that required a lot of labor to operate, but it was currently inactive due to a lack of animals. With a chicken farm, they could build a canning factory and a meatpacking plant. She climbed up onto a platform and called out for people to follow her to clean up the “breeding farm” outside of H City.

According to the map, there were still mutant chickens alive there, supposedly ruling over that place.

The unrest in the base was resolved with just one glance from her. She said that everyone would have a suitable job and a place to live, and they would all eventually be able to return to the surface alive. These words were deeply engraved in Fu Yanzhou’s heart. Senior Brother once said that his goal was to end the apocalypse. He was indeed becoming stronger and stronger, but Fu Yanzhou felt that his humanity was gradually disappearing.

But why did he feel that this woman who could turn into a bear was so sincere when she spoke? It was as if every word she said hit his heart.

He seemed to be able to see the day when the apocalypse would end, and the world would return to how it was before.

That was once his hope too.

Xi Bei quietly ran up behind him and gently patted his shoulder, whispering, “Zhou Zhou, don’t space out!”

Fu Yanzhou has gradually become accustomed to her closeness. He no longer feels uncomfortable and shivers like before.

He turned his head and made a sound of “hmm,” habitually drooping his eyes.

Xi Bei breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

They had agreed to take down this group of people who wanted to use Fu Yanzhou to cause trouble. Her brother had already prepared for it downstairs. But she didn’t expect the one who rarely appeared in the base to come in person and make such a promise.

What kind of trump card did she have?

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If she couldn’t do it, the base would become a big joke!

Xi Bei originally wanted to clean up those dissidents and kill one to warn a hundred. Then, others naturally wouldn’t dare to cause trouble.

But now, she felt a little uneasy because they had only dealt with the ringleader.

Fu Yanzhou’s bright eyes looked over, “Xi Bei, since we’re going to the chicken farm in the outskirts, let’s go together!”


The way Shen Cheng led the team was very different from Li Weilan’s.

Of course, this was because the game system had opened “cheats”.

She could see the enemy’s location in advance and even reminded everyone in the team where the opponent was hiding and from which direction they would attack.

In short, there was no such thing as a surprise attack on the way.

This type of leadership style caused everyone who went on this mission with her to mentally label this cute-sounding “Cheng” as “absolutely untouchable”, even if they didn’t say it out loud. Anyone who participated in the mission was sincerely pleased and had no reservations.

Of course, Shen Cheng was not aware of this. For her, it was just a matter of looking down at her phone screen and reporting it.

But why… did the team members’ eyes towards her become increasingly fervent? It was like they had seen some kind of savior. Shen Cheng was actually quite confused, but as she arrived at the chicken farm, she saw the entire grassy field on her screen filled with tender yellow chicks!


It seems like this chicken ancestor is very good at reproducing!

This is simply, an endless supply of chickens!

This chicken is really amazing! Catch it and bring it back to breed more!

Shen Cheng’s eyes lit up as she looked at the screen, causing the mutant chicken that was laying eggs somewhere in the farm to shake.



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