Ch 68: TGCIR

Li Weilan panted as he landed on the ground, facing a mutant giant cockroach with a severed head and body. The green slime was splattered everywhere, and his arm had some burning marks that still hurt.

This huge cockroach had evolved to have a huge jaw, densely packed teeth, and countless compound eyes compared to its pre-apocalyptic peers, and its slime seemed to be a toxic and corrosive liquid. The first time he encountered it, he suffered a major loss, and a spatial rift opened up, allowing the cockroach to escape with a broken leg, but the green slime “splashed” onto his arm and instantly burned a huge blister.

The cockroach’s vitality was terrifying. When it realized it might not be able to defeat the person in front of it, it even deliberately broke its own foot almost “zero distance” from Li Weilan. Fortunately, Li Weilan had been prepared for this move and kept a safe distance.

Its foot almost immediately grew back.

Li Weilan had been carefully observing its every move: after breaking its leg, the cockroach was protecting the broken side very carefully, and the color of the foot on its dark brown body was slightly lighter.

Li Weilan recalled his time in the research institute.

Although the healed wounds had been healed, after being treated with healing abilities, the body had to rest for a period of time before researchers could continue studying it. Otherwise, people with weaker physiques would not be able to endure it.

Healing ability can only treat surface wounds that are still bleeding, but it can’t heal internal organ damage or internal vitality!

This cockroach broke off its leg to use its corrosive bodily fluid to injure him, but its internal vitality couldn’t immediately recover.

Li Weilan immediately realized what was happening. In the midst of his attacks, he discreetly mixed in several attacks aimed at the cockroach’s side. As expected, the cockroach was particularly vigilant towards the spot where its leg had been severed.

Its body was covered with a smooth, hard shell that was slippery and almost impossible to attack, making it difficult to find a place to start.

But now, it had a vulnerability.

Li Weilan repeatedly attacked its weak spot until finally, the giant cockroach let out a sharp scream, and its severed leg did not immediately grow back.

It lost its balance with a snap and fell to the ground, and Li Weilan dealt a heavy blow. A spatial rift slashed between its head and body, and when the giant cockroach fell to the ground, large amounts of green blood spattered out. Li Weilan inevitably got some on himself.

He was unharmed, but the uncovered part of his arm was heavily scarred and burned. With the battle over, Li Weilan only now felt the sudden onset of pain. He looked down apathetically and took a deep breath, feeling a bit sorry as he saw that his clothes were riddled with holes and were no longer wearable.

This is the first set of clothes she gave him. The lollipop is still in his pocket, but the first battle he went through destroyed one of the pieces of clothing.

Li Weilan felt a sudden pain in his heart, but the pain in his arm was not as intense in comparison.

He took a deep breath and stood up.

The area where the giant cockroach was located was probably a former landfill site. It emitted a foul smell when it drilled in and out. Li Weilan looked closely and found some human remains that the cockroach had left behind in the garbage pile.

Li Weilan struggled to light a fire and watched the flames rise, illuminating the dark sky over the landfill site.

The firelight illuminated his face, which showed no excitement despite his hard-won victory. His heroic face also showed a hint of fatigue.

Throughout his journey, he challenged himself, explored the boundaries of his abilities in battle, but Li Weilan suddenly realized that his desire for her was greater than the joy of his depleted abilities, physical exhaustion, and seemingly touching the indescribable boundary.

She hasn’t shown up so far.

He looked at his arm: this time, no one wrapped and medicated him.

This time, there was no gentle care from her.

Just as he rubbed his forehead wearily, a package suddenly fell from the sky, and a white pigeon flew from somewhere and “cuckooed” twice above his head, making a mocking, mother hen-like sound. It flapped its snow-white wings, then flew into the darkness in the distance.


The package in front of him didn’t look particularly large, but just looking at it made his heart start pounding.

Li Weilan reached out and opened it: inside lay a plain gray shirt and a box of well-sealed medicine.

The wrapping paper instantly turned into a mist and dissipated, leaving behind her gentle voice, its lingering notes drifting through the air: “Take good care of yourself, Lan Lan!”

Li Weilan’s lips twitched slightly, and although her voice was very soft, one could still discern her care – “You too.”


Shen Cheng looked at the newly produced “special medicine” and “comfortable sportswear” being manufactured in the base, and the first thing that came to her mind was to send the first finished product to cub who knows where.

If she wasn’t looking at the game chart, she would have thought she was playing Travel Frog.

Shen Cheng really couldn’t believe that after the previous plot ended, the main character’s profile only showed “Main character is out exploring”, and she couldn’t interact with or even say hello to him.

She said “Hello, Li Weilan” into the air a few times, but unfortunately, it really did turn into “talking to thin air,” with no response.

Cub packed his backpack and went out to explore, and as a mother, Shen Cheng was really worried!

Shen Cheng searched the internet to see how others raised their frog sons, and she took some notes: it seems that all she can do is prepare medicine, clothes, food, and a stable home for cub!

She hoped that when the cub returned home, the family would be thriving, stable, and making progress; what he would see was a stable base, not a mess that still needed his help to straighten out.

After the base had enough population, the control console was upgraded to a second-tier base.

The second-tier base had many more buildings available for purchase, such as entertainment facilities. However, the first thing Shen Cheng bought was a medicinal herb field.

After arranging manpower for the medicinal herb field, the base’s pharmaceutical factory could begin producing basic medicines.

The first-tier pharmaceutical factory could only produce “Universal Trauma Medicine,” which was mainly used for trauma.

It was not useful for colds, diarrhea, and other illnesses, but it was effective for some injuries caused by fighting or exploration.

Shen Cheng was worried about the cub’s safety while he was out “adventuring” and wanted to let him know that everything in the base was normal, so she used the “message delivery” function in the game to send a message, instead of leaving it in the space, in case he missed it.

“Ding Dong!” The game showed “Delivered,” and a line of text popped up: “Li Weilan is very happy.”

Wow, cub was easily satisfied!

Shen Cheng was surprised at how easily cub could be pleased!

She looked inside the base, and most of the injured little people were coming out of the medical cabin on their way to the pharmaceutical factory after treatment, and their wounds were completely healed. It was so much more comfortable to see them no longer in tatters.

She nodded satisfactorily.


“The medical cabin in the base…” Jin Hong hesitated to speak, and he secretly showed the man his wound, his face full of the word “conflicted”.

Chai Yi knew what he was talking about.

The healing effect like this was something they couldn’t even dare to imagine before the apocalypse!

And after the apocalypse, technology was supposed to be less advanced. But somehow, in this Noah’s base, everything seemed to have been turned upside down. Everything they saw with their naked eyes was simply like two different worlds compared to the outside.

“Big brother…” Jin Hong glanced at Chai Yi and saw hesitation on his face.

When they entered Noah, they did come prepared with the idea that they would not cause any trouble once they entered. But who could have thought that Noah’s treatment of ability users would be the way it is now?

No privileges, no value, and even assigning ability users to live in the same quarters as ordinary people. Even though Jin Hong and his big brother had the ability to build their own small survival base outside, they still didn’t receive special treatment from the leaders here.

No women to play with – the women in Noah’s base were also very important labor force. And these ability users even ate worse than some of the logistical personnel in the base. After entering, they immediately felt uncomfortable and gradually began to have ulterior motives.

But they still haven’t figured out the bottom of the Noah’s base. Whether it was Jin Hong or Chai Yi, they dare not act directly. They had been observing for these past few days, looking for any loopholes they could use.

“Is this medicine also from the laboratory?” Chai Yi suddenly thought of something and squinted his eyes to ask Jin Hong.

“Big brother, are you saying…” Jin Hong had been partnering with him in doing bad things for a long time, and now he fully understood what Chai Yi meant by asking this question. “We’re going to mess with the people in the laboratory?”

They haven’t been in the base for long, but they’ve already figured out the structure of the base.

Although the various departments are supposed to be parallel, since this base relies so much on technology, the research department should have been the center and brain of all resource mobilization, but the resources that the research department can mobilize seem to be not the most abundant in the entire base.

Judging others by oneself, both Jin Hong and Chai Yi were thinking about whether they should go and stir up this sensitive nerve.

They didn’t believe that anyone could be indifferent to fame, fortune, and power.

After all, for them, these three things plus women were the driving force behind their struggle.

Chai Yi narrowed his slender eyes and said, “Let’s get to know the situation first. After all, we’re not local to the base, and no matter what we want to do, it’s better to follow the will of the people.”

Jin Hong laughed.

The boss is always so eloquent.

He nodded vigorously and said, “Okay.”


Fu Yanzhou passed by a man in the corridor.

He suddenly muttered to himself, “Huh” – his spiritual ability told him that there seemed to be something extra in his pocket.

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Fu Yanzhou felt uncomfortable, he felt that the touched part was sticky and disgusting, making him nauseous.

He was going to call the person back, but he didn’t expect the person to run away so fast that his back disappeared behind the corridor in an instant.

Reaching into his pocket, Fu Yanzhou pulled out a folded paper that looked like dried tofu. He saw only a few words written on it: “The base treats you unfairly. We want to stand up for justice for you.”

“…???” Fu Yanzhou felt his mind filled with question marks.

He could understand each character separately, but why couldn’t he quite understand these two sentences when they were put together?

Justice? What is justice?

Unfair? Where did they see the unfairness?

Fu Yanzhou was at a loss. He suddenly recalled that in his previous research institute, there were also people whispering to him about “the mentor being biased towards senior brothers” and the like.

At that time, he didn’t understand either.

Biased? What is biased? Why are they saying this? Why don’t they go to the senior brother themselves?

Fu Yanzhou was now just as clueless. He stood in place, feeling restless and uneasy. It was at this moment that Xi Bei happened to pass by.

Seeing him standing alone in the corridor, Xi Bei smiled and lightly tapped Fu Yanzhou’s shoulder, saying, “Fu Yanzhou!”

Fu Yanzhou was startled.

When he saw that it was Xi Bei, he breathed a sigh of relief and nervously said, “It’s you.”

“Is it me?” This question was strange, and Xi Bei looked at his expression, puzzled, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Fu Yanzhou hesitated for a moment and handed her the paper. He vaguely fidgeted with the ground and said, “…I don’t know who put it in my pocket.”

Upon seeing the paper, Xi Bei’s face changed.

These people were trying to roast her little Zhou Zhou on the fire!


She hesitated for a moment, and the words she was about to say were swallowed back down. She just turned her head and asked, “What do you think?”


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