Ch 67: TGCIR

Noah base now has a relatively complete sweeping mechanism, and the psyches of the ability users to go out sweeping and exploring are very active.

However, when Shen Cheng carefully examined the base, she discovered a problem: there were injured and sick ability users in the base.

And, it’s not a small number.

This is really annoying.

In the wasteland, it is generally difficult for injured people to receive very fast treatment, and usually the ability users team of large bases will be equipped with healing-type ability users to avoid casualties caused by the healing-type ability not keeping up.

But Shen Cheng searched the entire base and couldn’t find any healing-type abilities.

She suddenly remembered the woman with the mutant beast that they encountered in the villa area before, and now Shen Cheng realized belatedly how scarce healing-type abilities were. She was so worried that she couldn’t help but grumble to cub.

If they had brought that person back as a healing tool, it would have been great! Even if they locked her up and let her treat people, it would still be a punishment, right? Letting her go was such a waste of her talent!

And now the worst part is, she is particularly worried that cub will go ‘challenge himself’ and seek a breakthrough. What if he gets injured or gets sick on the way? Although the special-effect medicine used to treat his arm before is omnipotent, it is expensive and not cost-effective. Moreover, it’s okay to have cub spend money alone, but if they have to spend money on all the injured and sick people in the base, her wallet won’t be able to handle it!

They still have to find a one-time solution.

Without a healing ability user, the “clinic” under the functional room is useless even if bought. But another building caught Shen Cheng’s eye and brightened it up: the pharmacy, which can only be purchased with a second-tier base upgrade, is perfect for Noah now.

【Pharmacy: Produces 10 doses of special medicine per day. Production requires a prerequisite condition: Chinese medicine field.】

But both the Chinese medicine field and the pharmacy require upgrading the main base first.

To upgrade from Tier 1 to Tier 2, there must be at least 400 ordinary people and 100 ability users in the base, as well as enough resources for 500 people to use: water, food, and electricity.

Currently, there aren’t enough people.

Shen Cheng used the money she saved before to buy the room and then pulled a bunch of people from the waiting area.

The population of the base quickly reached 500 people.

The original inhabitants of the base listened to the system’s announcement of new arrivals all day, almost numb to it.

In just one day, the base screened a bunch of new people. After this group moved in, the base became much more lively.

But others didn’t feel much, and Xi Bei walked around the base, feeling a little worried: as the population grew, things in the base began to get more complicated.

When there were fewer people, friction between individuals wasn’t so severe, but as soon as there were more people, especially in times of scarce resources, various problems would arise.

For example, one of the biggest problems in Noah now is the “distance” between ability users and non-ability users… Yes, the “distance” isn’t so clear.

Xi Bei and some of the core members in the base naturally know that there is a “power catalyst” in Noah Base.

This is the hope for ordinary people’s future, although it cannot be mass-produced at present and there is said to be a certain risk of death, but considering the probability of success, those who know the news are firmly united under the leadership of the base and cannot possibly have any dissident thoughts.

However, this is not the case for newcomers, especially those with abilities. After the initial novelty wears off and their awe of the base decreases, they begin to complain about why Noah’s level of attention to them as people with abilities is far less than that of other major bases in the end times.

For example, major bases like Tenglong treat people with abilities and non-abilities almost as if they are from different worlds. Even if a person with abilities kills a commoner on the street, they can still escape calmly and sometimes even get away with it “legally and reasonably.”

But this is not the case in Noah.

Noah’s regulations are very strict, so strict that they begin to doubt if they are still living in a peaceful era instead of the post-apocalyptic wasteland of survival of the fittest!

For people with abilities, this is undoubtedly uncomfortable.

Those who are used to being above the law naturally feel very dissatisfied with the loss of their privileges, and this dissatisfaction…Shen Cheng is worried that it will definitely have an outlet.

Although Li Weilan went to “train,” Shen Cheng still pays attention to the “satisfaction level” within the base.

In her view, the situation in the digitalized base is more intuitive and clear.

She also noticed that although this group of newcomers in the tent area all seem “friendly,” their satisfaction level decreases when they arrive at Noah.

She zoomed in on one of the small figures and curiously selected “camera follow.”

This is a male figure.

Beside his head, it says “metal-type ability”. It seems like he is an ability user.

Despite being an ability user, he can only choose to live in the most common dormitory since he has not contributed enough to the base. When he gets up from bed, he looks grumpy, and the word “lost” appears beside his head.

He sits on the edge of the bed for a while, feeling lost.

Then he realizes he is living next to a family. He looks over and sees the neighbor’s child crying softly. The word “annoyed” appears beside his head. He looks up at the ceiling, pounds the bed for a while, then the part of the bed he hit becomes thick metal. He seems surprised and quickly pulls back his hand. Looking around and seeing that no one noticed, he stands up.

As a metal-type ability user, his first thought after getting up is to find a job in the base. He tries the weapon room first.

However, there are already people working in the weapon room.

The weapon room in the base is currently only level one, and they can only produce a limited number of weapons. The male figure stands at the door and looks inside. He makes a disgusted expression and mutters “whatever”. He thinks there’s no challenge here, but he still walks over and asks if they need any help. He finds out they are already full.

“…” In other bases, metal-type ability users might be able to help reinforce walls or do construction, but all of Noah’s outer defenses are underground and don’t require that.

Since the weapon room is already full, the male figure loses the chance to work inside the base. He walks around the “sweeping team” locations, but he finds out that the teams are all full and not looking for level one members. Feeling lost, he does some hard labor and quietly returns to his dormitory.

Hmm, I just want to sleep as soon as I lay down.

He was awoken miserably by the noise from next door.

The little guy jumped up in anger and almost got into a fight with the boy next door who had woken him up. He probably realized that he was an adult with special abilities while the other was just a kid living in a base with strict rules. He hesitated for a long time but ultimately decided to let it go.

However, the little guy next to him still said a few things. Seeing himself standing alone, he sighed silently and looked down at his feet, feeling pathetic.

Even Shen Cheng felt a little pity for these ability users in the base who couldn’t find a fixed team and had no “fixed job”.

This little guy was just a representative of the batch of people who were not very satisfied with the base.

Metal ability users…

Shen Cheng looked at the building and smiled evilly.

On the research and development side, Fu Yanzhou’s “ability charging car prototype” progress bar was almost full. Building a superpower prototype car required a large amount of copper, and refined copper cost 10G per unit. However, raw copper ore only cost 1G! This was an extremely profitable deal.

Although refining required the purchase of a refining room, the purchase price of 100G was still worth it. A metal ability user could refine 10 units of copper ore a day, which was enough to buy a house after rounding up.

The little person quickly received a notice from the base:

[Message: You have been admitted to the “Ore Refining Room”. Please report for duty.]

With stable employment, the little person’s satisfaction visibly increased.

Besides the ability users, there were also some women with low satisfaction levels.

Looking at the situation, Shen Cheng began to worry. There were some women with particularly low satisfaction levels, and yet, they were still pretty!

Opening a brothel in the base was impossible. She would never allow such a sinful thing to appear in the Noah base. Even if she wanted to, the game manufacturer would not agree.

This kind of thing would definitely be harmonized.

Apart from the brothel, what else needed a large number of ordinary female workers?

Shen Cheng thought for a moment and added textile factories and taverns to her waiting list for purchase.

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The textile factory required a large number of female workers. After the reed planting was successful, the ability users would need to extract the fiber strands and then weave them into fabric.

At least 20 female workers were needed to start a textile factory, and it could accommodate up to 40 female workers working together.

But after she purchased the textile factory, the base’s “uniform” began to become popular among the base.

It became one of the “luxury goods” that ability users most liked to exchange for after a day of killing and cleaning.

Wearing the uniform not only represents a sense of belonging to the base, but also, only those who have worn it know that there is too much high-tech in the uniform!

When Fu Yanzhou received the seed for research, he felt that the fiber in the seed had been improved. The extracted fiber has similar advantages to the pre-apocalyptic Tian Silk, with both breathability and smoothness, and most importantly, it even fixed the problem of Tian Silk, possessing unmatched durability and wear resistance compared to other fabrics.

As a major contributor, he was naturally willing to exchange contribution points for things.

After trying it on, even he was stunned: Is this a uniform?

In some small bases, this could be issued as combat gear!

Some of the ability users wore it out and came back after crawling and rolling, only to find that their cotton underwear had ripped, but the outer layer of the uniform was still intact.

In addition, the “Noah” logo on the chest became even more vibrant.

This is not a product that consumes points, but a welfare given by the base, right?

And for the female workers in the textile factory, this welfare is equivalent to their monthly salary!

The female workers in the textile factory, who were once looked down upon, gradually found that they could stand tall and proud.

The textile factory has become one of the most popular workplaces in the base.

After a series of stable measures and purchases, the hearts of the people in the base gradually stabilized.


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