Ch 66: TGCIR

【The probing mission 2 of the laboratory has been completed. Please inform the main character about this matter.】

Shen Cheng felt a sinking feeling in her heart: this matter was definitely related to cub!

She had previously suspected that the “senior brother” mentioned by the spy might be the person who had disagreed with Fu Yanzhou and had been ruthless towards cub in order to obtain results.

If missions 1 and 2 failed, it was obvious that the subsequent task line of the laboratory would be cut off. She remembered that when Fu Yanzhou wanted cub to cooperate with him in the experiment, he promised to help Li Weilan find the location of the laboratory. It seemed that this line should be pursued here.

Shen Cheng opened the main character page.

“I have something to tell you,” Shen Cheng said directly. “Fu Yanzhou’s ‘senior brother’ seems to be in the camp above our base.”

On the screen, cub froze like his whole body had been frozen, and his smile disappeared: the people from the laboratory had come to the base? What did they want to do?

Did they discover something?

Li Weilan’s heartbeat accelerated.

On the phone screen, although cub tried to remain calm, three exclamation marks instantly appeared above his head, indicating that he was clearly not calm.”

When cub’s clear gaze forcibly looked at her calmly, it almost made Shen Cheng’s heart break.

“Hey, cub, don’t worry! Mother can handle it!” Shen Cheng hurriedly explained, “It’s nothing, they came because of the low pollution level of the vegetables. But they ran into Fu Yanzhou on the way, and he managed to fool them without arousing any suspicion.”

Hearing her anxious tone of explanation, Li Weilan breathed a sigh of relief instead.

He felt a bit embarrassed inwardly: he thought he had concealed his thoughts quite well, but in front of her, it seemed like he was completely transparent, and she could see everything clearly.

In front of her, it seemed like he didn’t have any secrets at all.

However, since she said that Fu Yanzhou had “fooled” them, then there shouldn’t be any problem. When he wasn’t looking, she had already helped the base resolve a huge crisis.

But after this incident, there seemed to be an invisible thread and hidden worry: could it be that something had attracted the lab to track down Noah so quickly?

Noah’s current strength was not enough to contend with the lab and the several major bases they controlled. Li Weilan felt somewhat guilty: if it weren’t for her, Noah might have fallen into a crisis this time.

Li Weilan asked, “Cheng Cheng, is he alone?”

Shen Cheng didn’t want to lie to him.

She answered seriously, “No, he’s not alone.”

“Can we kill him without any harm?” Li Weilan asked.

Shen Cheng looked at the store.

The “artifacts” in the store worth tens of thousands of yuan, such as nuclear bombs, could guarantee the destruction of the opponent with just one hit.

But unfortunately, she couldn’t afford it. She couldn’t even afford to borrow money to spend on it.

She honestly replied, feeling a bit helpless, “No, I’m sorry.” It’s because I’m too poor.

“Don’t say that, Cheng Cheng,” Li Weilan stood up and anxiously looked towards the screen. His heart ached when she said that, almost extinguishing his urge to fight. He knew that if he fought desperately, she wouldn’t sit idly by – and when that happens, her own life rhythm will definitely be disrupted. She cares about him, and isn’t he the same! He couldn’t bear to let her spend her hard-earned money on his life. “We still have a lot of time to take it slow.”

Wait until Noah becomes powerful enough, wait until Noah can kill them all without any harm…

On this side, Li Weilan made up his mind, and Shen Cheng’s mission was updated in real time:

[Fu Yanzhou seems to have something to say. Please listen to Li Weilan’s conversation with him and wait for further mission instructions.]


As soon as the man left, Fu Yanzhou quickly released Xi Bei’s hand.

A faint redness flashed across his pale cheeks. Xi Bei looked at him curiously and giggled, “Fu Yanzhou, since you said it was for me, shouldn’t you be responsible for my reputation?”

Fu Yanzhou quickly stepped back.

His gaze flickered, but he dared not look at Xi Bei. He only looked at the dark cake in her hand and said in a trembling voice, “I’m…I’m sorry?”

“Fu Yanzhou,” Xi Bei’s eyes spun around. She had noticed before that Fu Yanzhou was actually in a position of neither high nor low in the base. He had merits, but when it came to reliable relationships, closeness, and position, he might not even be as good as her silly brother. “Who was that person just now? And what’s the matter with what he said?”

Fu Yanzhou’s lips trembled slightly.

He didn’t speak immediately. His psychic ability had already sensed the approach of another powerful ability user outside the door–it should be Li Weilan.

Fu Yanzhou pushed Xi Bei away.

He straightened his body and carefully moved away from Xi Bei. Just as he had done all this, he heard the door being pushed open from the outside.

Li Weilan walked in.

He felt that the atmosphere in the room was not right. Although there was still a bit of distance between the two, Li Weilan keenly sensed the silent ambiguous atmosphere between them.

Xi Bei saw him come in and knew he had business to attend to. She winked at Fu Yanzhou and turned to look at Li Weilan, nodding obediently and saying, “Brother Li, I’m leaving first.”

As soon as she left, Fu Yanzhou’s expression returned to his usual coldness. He pressed his nose bridge and when he looked up again, his expression was calm, appearing normal again. “Someone came to the lab just now.”

“I already know,” Li Weilan calmly spoke and nodded. He found a chair and sat down, his scrutinizing gaze passing over Fu Yanzhou’s face, “They found us very quickly.”

Fu Yanzhou was stunned for a moment and instinctively explained, “It’s not me…” His quick response implied that he might have been the one who leaked information.

“I believe you,” Li Weilan interrupted him and nodded, “If it was you, they wouldn’t have left so easily.” His words did not doubt Fu Yanzhou’s intention. He misunderstood.

If Fu Yanzhou leaked the information, then they already have evidence of Noah Base’s black technology, and they wouldn’t need to send spies.

The fact that the person contacted Fu Yanzhou instead showed that he had no ill intentions, at least not at the moment.

Fu Yanzhou hesitated for a moment and then continued with his previous train of thought, “Although I left the laboratory, I know their style. This time, even though I managed to send them away, it will only delay them for a while. My senior brother is very meticulous, and they will come back sooner or later. It won’t be easy to send them away then.”

Li Weilan gave him a deep look. What Fu Yanzhou said was similar to what he was thinking.

There are many things in Noah that are hidden from the public eye. This incident was only a limited exposure, and they could use Fu Yanzhou’s research ability as a pretext to cover it up. But sooner or later, it will be exposed to the world.

Moreover, if Noah wants to grow and expand, they cannot avoid hiring people and expanding their reputation. In the future, they will inevitably face the research institute.

He didn’t ask how long this “delay” could last, but only asked one question, “How can abilities be advanced?”

Fu Yanzhou hesitated for a moment and gave a very direct answer, “Combat.”

He closed his eyes and tentatively contacted Li Weilan’s body with his mental power. He could feel the tight defense around him, and there was no leakage of his breath. “You are now at the peak of Tier 3, right?” Fu Yanzhou confirmed.

“Yes,” Li Weilan replied, unsurprised.

His ability stabilized at the third-order peak after coming out of the mutant wolf pack, but since then he has made no progress.

The upgrade from first to second order happened when he was killing zombies in his early days and suddenly leveled up.

The upgrade from second to third order was done in the laboratory.

For him, these two upgrades were not experiences that could be referenced.

“My senior brother is already at the fifth order,” Fu Yanzhou suddenly said.

Li Weilan’s pupils contracted.

“The method he used to upgrade was extremely cruel,” Fu Yanzhou said, “He made countless modifications to himself. He almost did all the experiments you guys did on himself.”

Li Weilan’s face changed.

It’s terrifying when one person is ruthless towards others, but it’s even more terrifying when they’re ruthless towards themselves.

Those experiments were incredibly painful. Li Weilan couldn’t imagine anyone willing to try them on themselves one by one.

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“My senior brother didn’t have any abilities at first, but he cut out the ability core of others,” Fu Yanzhou’s gaze gradually dimmed, “Since then, we have had disagreements. But my senior brother told me that humans are too weak in the face of nature, and everything we do is to explore a new path to save the remaining humans from extinction.”


This was what Li Weilan and Shen Cheng, who was staring at the screen, thought.

Even if the starting point was truly for the sake of humanity, those who used this insane and ruthless method were either warmongers or lunatics.

“I can’t stop my senior brother, but the fact that he reached the fifth order at least shows that his method of upgrading is correct,” Fu Yanzhou fell silent for a moment, “Fight, consume, replenish abilities, and you can advance quickly. But… what about Noah if you choose that path?”

Observing up to this point, Shen Cheng completely understood why the game was called “spectator”.

She smiled happily and said to Li Weilan, “Noah is mine! You go out and fight, I will defend the base!” This cooperation is very nice!

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Li Weilan and she both thought of this at the same time, his mouth slightly hooked up, his smile was sincere and sweet – that was the confidence she gave him: “Since your master uses this advanced method, then you must have suitable targets, right? You tell me, we’ll take them on one by one.”

The game popped up a new prompt:

[Desolate Map: Updated.]

[Main Character’s Wish: Closed Door Mode. The main character is about to backpack and travel in closed door mode. In this mode, you can view battle records, send items and voice messages. Turn off instant messaging and turn off pay-to-win mode. Agree or not? Y/N]

Shen Cheng was stunned, “You want to go into closed-door cultivation?”

Li Weilan was only thinking in his mind, “I want to train myself well, I don’t want her to worry about me or spend money on me.” But from her tone, it seemed like it would show up as “closed-door cultivation” on her end?

If he closed the door, he would think of her. But he wanted to become stronger and break through the level restrictions with his own power. There was no reason why that person could do it, but he couldn’t.

Longing for love but short on courage, what Li Weilan wants is to be with her day and night. But perhaps this means a temporary separation for now.

He closed his eyes and heard himself say hoarsely, “I want to become stronger on my own.”

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment. She finally realized what it feels like to raise a child who wants to leave the nest.

Wuwuwu, it hurts so much. My cub said he wants to go into closed-door cultivation!

However, as long as baby wants to do it, mom will always support you!

Shen Cheng closed his eyes and clicked on “Agree to enter seclusion mode.”


On the other side, the senior brother was surprised when he heard the news of Fu Yanzhou’s presence in the Noah Base.

Fu Yanzhou was soft-hearted, but in the end, although the two had different opinions and did not cooperate, they did not have any major conflicts.

If he wanted power, Fu Yanzhou would retreat.

If he wanted the laboratory, Fu Yanzhou would leave.

To put it nicely, he had social anxiety, to put it bluntly, he was weak.

A weak person can be shaken in his determination and suppressed in his will, and then used at will. So he wasn’t worried that Fu Yanzhou would become a threat to him.

But Fu Yanzhou’s ability was obvious to all, and such a person…

There was no need to push him into a corner.

“Since it’s my junior brother’s masterpiece,” he paused, “let’s forget it. Let’s look for other clues.”


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