Ch 72: TGCIR

【Individual Combat Mech Factory has been purchased.】

After Shen Cheng clicked on the purchase of the factory, she placed it in the base. The first-tier factory only had one blueprint, which was for an individual combat mech. She thought she could start production right away after buying it, but then she found out…when she clicked on “start production,” it showed “insufficient base raw materials”?

Shen Cheng looked at the production requirements; the first-tier individual combat mech required a special material called “sulfur ore,” which could be refined and configured by metal-type ability users. However, the base currently lacked a mine, and the closest mine to the base belonged to the M City base, which was heavily guarded according to the map. It seemed like she would have to fight the other party to seize the mine.

Shen Cheng hesitated.

Due to her personality, which was a reason she enjoyed playing management simulation games, she had to admit that if she woke up one day and saw a system notification saying “Your house was robbed by XXX while you were sleeping,” she would have a heart attack. In PVP games, the point of spending money was easier than raising babies; when someone attacked you, you had to fight back, and if you spent money, there was no upper limit.

Shen Cheng’s personality meant that she didn’t want to actively engage in conflict with others.

So instead of directly finding a team of ability users to go explore, she looked through the system mall and buildings to see if there were any alternatives.

After searching for a while, Shen Cheng finally found a special building that could be purchased for one yuan under the “transmission” category:

“[Transdimensional Transport Gate]: This transport orifice can transport a selected type of metal raw material. The transmission speed is 100kg per day. The selected resource type cannot be changed.”

One yuan huh!

Shen Cheng looked at the price and hesitated a bit: after all, according to the nature of this game, when she previously spent one yuan, it was actually several hundred yuan. It didn’t seem like a legitimate game!

Now, she stumbled upon this transdimensional transport gate when she was in need, and it only cost one yuan. Round off, it was basically free, and it was also one of the most important materials for the base’s combat power…metal raw materials.

She felt like there might be some problems if she bought it, what was going on?

But if she didn’t buy it, the base might have to fight with the “heavy troops” of the M City base if it wanted to develop. Unknown risks should be better than direct casualties, right?

She felt like this game was playing with her psychology. One yuan…the price was cheap, but could it be a trap?

Shen Cheng’s hesitation was fully displayed at this moment, and she thought for a long time before finally clicking to complete the purchase with a recharge.

A white light flashed deep in the base, and an arc-shaped gate with a golden shimmer appeared in the warehouse deep inside the base.

After Shen Cheng selected the mineral name, it slowly opened its mouth and spit out today’s quota of raw materials.


Fu Yanzhou immersed himself in the laboratory, neglecting food and sleep, with his eyes bloodshot from looking at the drawings and parameters. But to him, nothing was more exciting than the data and progress obtained from experiments.

He had participated in the research of human mecha before the apocalypse, and at that time, the material technology had been almost completely conquered, but the energy problem had never been solved.

But this mecha…

Looking at the energy charging position and internal structure on the drawing, he knew clearly that as long as he understood the theory in between, all his previous problems would be solved easily!

What was this? This had saved him at least 20-30 years of labor and time!

For a scientist, was there anything more exciting than this?

This had forcibly extended his lifespan by 20 years!

Fu Yanzhou had never been so grateful for the coincidence and chance that led him to Noah Base, nor had he ever been so grateful for the fickleness of fate.

He focused on operating the instrument in his hand, and the laboratory door suddenly opened from the outside.

Xi Bei walked in with a piece of metal ore in her hand.

Fu Yanzhou was so scared that he jumped when she patted his shoulder and asked in a muffled voice, “Is there something wrong?”

Xi Bei glanced at him, handed the ore to him, and said, “The warehouse in the base suddenly had more ore today.”

Fu Yanzhou suddenly realized that he had the drawings, but it seemed that there was still a problem with the production of raw materials in the base. He looked down and his face changed drastically. After carefully examining the ore from all angles, he frowned and asked Xi Bei, “You mean, it appeared out of thin air?”

Xi Bei didn’t understand.

She had brought something that Fu Yanzhou might be interested in, thinking that he had been staying up all night and worrying about his health. But from Fu Yanzhou’s expression, Xi Bei knew that things were probably not as simple as she had thought before. She nodded, “Yes, out of nowhere.”

Fu Yanzhou carefully looked over it under the light.

He frowned, “I see… Leave this ore here. I’ll study it further.”

Xi Bei didn’t know what he was up to and was pushed out of the room by him. She muttered in her heart, “What’s wrong with this straight man?” and couldn’t understand his attitude.

After Xi Bei left, Fu Yanzhou put the ore in his hand on the elemental analyzer.

As soon as the composition and ratio of the elements were revealed, his brows furrowed even tighter.

Where could there be a natural ore with a ratio almost identical to the previous ore they had experimented with in the lab?

Even if it were a natural ore, it would not necessarily have the same ratio as the one in his hand, which was composed of five or six elements.

Could this be the same piece of ore?

But if it was the same ore, how could it appear out of nowhere in the base?

Fu Yanzhou was baffled, but when he thought of the many mysteries of the Noah Base, he said nothing and gently placed the ore on the research table, making a mental note of the matter.

At the same time, in the warehouse of the research institute, a corner of the once towering pile of ore quietly disappeared.

However, compared to the huge total amount, this small piece that was lost was like a small bite that had been taken, and it did not attract anyone’s attention.


With the ore, the production of the human-body mecha in the base quickly entered normal operation after being refined by the metal-type ability users.

On the day the first armor was produced, an ordinary person in the base finally exchanged his accumulated contribution points with his wife for a suit of armor. He put on the armor, and a large group of people crowded around him.

His wife was a strength-type ability user herself, and the two of them had a good relationship. If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t have agreed to give him her contribution points.

But with this exchange, both of their contribution points were completely depleted.

Although the people around them were envious, they couldn’t come up with so many contribution points, and they couldn’t be sure whether the current technology level of the base was sufficient to support the use of human-body mecha. Someone on the side sneered, “This mecha is said to be able to withstand the attacks of first-level ability users and zombie bites. Why don’t you try it out and show us what the effect is?”

The man and his wife glanced at each other–they both had confident in the base. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have put all their contribution points into buying the mecha.

Since he had confidence in the base, the man felt that he could dispel doubts by demonstrating it on the spot. He glanced at his wife, and then led a group of people to the simulation training ground.

When they arrived at the training ground, he closed his eyes and tremblingly said to his wife, “Hit me…”

As a real couple, his wife didn’t use her full strength when she swung her hammer. She probably only used 60-70% of her strength, but even that much force from a power-type ability user is definitely not something an ordinary person can handle. However, when his wife swung her hammer and hit him, he just opened his eyes and smiled at her absent-mindedly, “Wife…are you done hitting me?”

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from around them!

Even though she had already reduced her strength, the power of that one punch was still very real. The ground under his feet even trembled slightly – it was worth noting that the strength of the foundation materials in Noah Base was already very high, so this slight tremble itself meant a very scary force!

Everyone present could see it clearly.

Some ability users nearby looked on with envy and walked up to him, asking, “Can I try to cut you with a knife?”

He hesitated a bit.

Although the instructions said that it could withstand general knife and heat weapon attacks, but… he cherished his own life!

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After being hit by his wife, he already felt that it was enough to verify the strength of the armor. Wasn’t it a bit exaggerated to use a knife to cut it?

However, his wife had more confidence in the mecha.

Moreover, in the future, when wearing this mecha suit out of the base, they will face the danger of being bitten by zombies. Only if the armor is truly as solid as described in its introduction, can she feel safe about her husband facing the zombies in the future!

The woman nodded, indicating for the other person to try.

The ability user picked up a knife from the side and, with a flash of light, the sharp blade was aimed at the uncovered face of the protective suit!

His wife was surprised, she never expected this person to be so ruthless. But before she could stop him, the armor suddenly changed and a blue transparent net-like structure enveloped the man’s cheek. There was a clang, and the thunderous strike of the knife was deflected!

The knife lay quietly on the ground.

The room was silent for a moment.

After a while, there was a buzzing sound and a few people rushed to the registration office, competing with the receptionist to place their order for the next day’s production. They were determined to reserve a suit even if they had to sell their possessions!

With the introduction of the first suit of armor, the people of the Noah base were enthusiastic about earning contribution points. Everyone wanted a suit of armor, as it was a symbol of high-tech romance!

From the moment the first suit of armor was produced, even non-ability users from the Noah base joined the ranks of zombie hunters. They were no longer weak civilians who had to be protected at the rear, but residents who could earn contribution points.


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