Ch 62 (Part 2): TGCIR

The corners of Shen Cheng’s mouth curved, even she didn’t notice it. Lin Yuqi, who still had some looks in the eyes of others, was just a flat character in her eyes. Leaving aside this woman’s performance and stirring elements, Shen Cheng quickly drew a conclusion from her behavior, “Where did the bomb come from if she’s really a weak woman? Also… you have no grievances or enmity with her, but she bombed the house and even harmed you. She doesn’t even have a little bit of guilt. She’s not weak, not at all!”

“Cheng is so smart,” Li Weilan said softly, and a small dimple appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Although games always blow rainbow farts at players and sometimes praise them with words like “you are the most adorable girl in the world,” but… when the words came from the cub’s mouth, mother’s heart really felt soft and tender!

Shen Cheng felt like she was about to be blown away by the praise.

Li Weilan turned to the crowd and said, “Lin Yuqi, you hate us, don’t you?”

At this, Lin Yuqi was stunned. She turned to the handsome and upright man dressed in black, the leader of the group, and was about to continue her performance, but when she met his chilly gaze, she knew she was caught.

These types of men are the most difficult to deal with. They are just like her deceased husband, obstinate and unyielding, unable to listen to others.

But at that time…she was really doing it for the good of her husband.

When their child had a fever, her husband insisted on keeping him at home. How could she handle the child alone? She watched as the child weakly thrashed about in bed, his face red from the fever, veins bulging on his tender white face. She was afraid just to look at him, let alone take care of him or get close to him!

As a result, her husband went crazy when he came back and found the child was gone. He only left her with a warning before he left, and she was left without any protection.

That damn bastard had made enemies with a group of people in the property management before he died. He was dead and gone, but all the ill will in the building was poured onto her like a bucket of dirty water.

She couldn’t leave and couldn’t escape, what could she do?

He never thought of her, so why did he make a lifetime promise to her back then? Just because of the child’s death, he hated her so much that she felt like dying every day afterwards, and it was all his fault!

Lin Yuqi’s tears fell drop by drop.

She gritted her teeth and said through tears, “You all deserve to die!”

Lin Yuqi’s voice was both mournful and crazy, “My damn husband deserves to die, all these damn men should have been cut into pieces long ago. They killed my husband and son when they interfered, they deserve to die too!”

“Are you crazy?” Chen Feng took a step back, looking at Lin Yuqi’s face with an uncomprehending expression. Was this woman sick? Since the moment humans turned into zombies, they were no longer living humans. They killed zombies because it was the father and son zombie pair who attacked humans first! What does it mean to kill her husband and son? It was she who threw her potentially gifted son out and caused her husband’s death. How could she blame them?

“You don’t understand,” Lin Yuqi’s eyes were cold, “My husband recognized me and never attacked me! Otherwise, how could I live on the first floor! It was you…it was you who killed him and my son!”

When Li Weilan heard this, his eyes narrowed.

Indeed, he felt something unusual on that zombie pair.

The protection of the little zombie by the big zombie itself is a humanized reflection.

There is only a competitive relationship between zombies, and their common desire is the craving for human brain, bone marrow, and flesh. However, in a critical moment, the little zombie heard the call and wanted to return to the big one. The big zombie turned back to protect the small one, and this action was indeed extraordinary.

But the situation at that time did not allow them to consider this.

No matter how strange the zombies are, research must be based on the safety of team members!

What Lin Yuqi said now…

“They still recognize me!” Lin Yuqi emphasized again, raising her head and coldly saying, “But you killed them, you deserve to die!”

Her eyes were tearful, but her gaze was extremely resentful, causing the other several ability users beside her to step back, not daring to meet her cold eyes.

The mission prompt appeared again on the Shen Cheng phone.

【Now, you have obtained all the clues of Lin Yuqi’s event. Please make a choice:

A. Let her go and execute the personnel of the Property Management Department

B. Execute her and let the personnel of the Property Management Department go

C. Throw them all into the ruins and let them fend for themselves】

After some contemplation, Shen Cheng chose option B.

In fact, nothing else mattered, the key was that Lin Yuzhi’s actions almost caused the death of all the ability users in their team.

If they just let her go like that, it wouldn’t be convincing enough.

As for the members of the property management committee, Li Weilan asked them one by one about what they had done, and in the end, left them in the already ruined apartment.

There were slight sounds of zombies nearby, their fate would be left up to chance.

On the way back, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but ask Li Weilan – she was also terrified by Lin Yuqi’s repeated claims of “they still recognize me”: “Are zombies gaining consciousness?”

“It’s evolution,” Li Weilan said, “the zombies are evolving.”

“???” Cub, can you explain?

Shen Cheng noticed that they didn’t kill many zombies on the wasteland, and there were particularly few high-level zombies. Most of the time, the biggest threat to apocalypse survivors came from mutant beasts and other survivors, unless they were surrounded by a large number of zombies.

So Shen Cheng was a little intimidated by Lin Yuqi’s words. Although she chose to kill one to warn a hundred, she still had doubts in her heart and felt that there was something wrong with the whole thing.

Li Weilan asked her, “Do you remember when she blocked the door?”

“Yeah.” Shen Cheng nodded.

“If those two zombies still recognize her, what is she afraid of?”

“Ah!” Shen Cheng exclaimed suddenly and immediately understood the hidden meaning behind Li Weilan’s words.

If those zombies really recognized her, she could easily bring the two zombies to sweep through the whole building and leave only their family “loving each other”. But the fact that the two zombies did not kill her did not necessarily mean that they really remembered “her”.

When a zombie dies, it dies. However, if you think about it carefully, this “humanization” evolution is a very bad trend. Zombies have “use”, “tricks”, “ideas” … coupled with a huge number of them, the difficulty of human survival is increasing little by little!

If zombies continue to evolve in the current trend, the zombie siege a month later will be even harder than previously thought.

Shen Cheng’s mind couldn’t help but think for the millionth time: Cub is really smart…

Thinking of this, the real face of cub she had seen appeared in her mind, and she suddenly felt embarrassed calling him Cub!

If cub was too handsome, there would be a sense of distance. Shen Cheng looked at the cute cub on the screen and felt that it was good the way it was now.

The Q-version Li Weilan would obviously be more intimate. At least, when poking his cheeks and patting his head, she wouldn’t feel like she was flirting with a mature man.

Shen Cheng watched as Li Weilan and the others set off on their way back to the base, and then went offline to prepare for sleep.


Shen Cheng woke up abruptly from her dream, not knowing how much time had passed. There was still a hint of shock in Shen Cheng’s eyes as she looked at the sky that had yet to light up. She rubbed her slightly swollen forehead with a hint of frustration.

So embarrassing!

In her dream, she was touching a man with Cub’s face and forcing him to call her master.

At first, he looked at her in confusion, but then he actually called her master, his face wet with sweat.

She felt weak in the knees and leaned against the wall.

After calling her master, the man didn’t stop there. He seemed to wake up and raised his eyebrows, smiling as he asked her, “What reward does my master want to give me?”

His eyebrows and eyes were overflowing with a wickedness that couldn’t be seen on his Q version face. Watching him, Shen Cheng felt her throat tighten and couldn’t say anything.

This couldn’t possibly be her cub!

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Only his mouth was clever, his behavior was not at all clever!

He sells himself as obedient with his mouth, but in behavior, he doesn’t treat me as his master at all!

But she didn’t have the strength to push him away, so she weakly glared at him and said in a low voice, “What reward do you want? I’ve already given you the money!”

She didn’t think she said anything wrong: isn’t all the small amount of money used to raise this wild man!

Hmph, she could tolerate spending all the money on raising a wild man, but he actually asked for a reward?

What other reward could she give you!

Who knows, the man approached her and got closer and closer. His handsome face became clearer and his low voice said in her ear, “I don’t want money.”

She felt like he was about to say something vulgar.

Shen Cheng shrank back in fear, and the next thing she knew, she woke up, startled.

When she realized what kind of dream she had just had, she felt disgusted with herself.

Shen Cheng felt like she had become dirty.

She really didn’t have any inappropriate thoughts about cub, so why did she have this kind of dream? Could it be because spring has arrived or because the actor who plays cub is just too compatible with her preference for male appearances, combined with cub’s unintentional teasing of her sometimes?

But no matter what, it’s really embarrassing to fantasize about a game character in her dream, especially a character that she never had such thoughts about before.

But it’s not cub’s fault, nor is it mother’s fault. It’s the game’s fault for unexpectedly showing her 3D images. Normally, as long as everything is in Q-version three-head proportions, she thinks that this kind of tragedy could never happen!

Now what should she do to adjust her mindset to face cub tomorrow?

She hugged her blanket heavily and let out a deep sigh.


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