Ch 63: TGCIR

I don’t know how to adjust my mindset to face cub, especially when I think about how the game will have “video calls” at certain specific times.

On one hand, Shen Cheng doesn’t want to waste the opportunity and just hang up on cub, but on the other hand, she doesn’t know how to face cub who she dreamed about and seemed to have fantasized about. She hasn’t logged into the game for three days in a row.

Li Weilan didn’t know that this had happened to her, nor did he know about her complex and unbalanced mindset. He just realized that this was the first time she hadn’t come to see him for so long since their first five days without contact.

He realized that his world was a game, and of course, her real-life was more important than the game. So his concern became: could something have happened in her life that made her too busy to even play the game?

For him, her daily visit was the best scenario, but no matter what, he wished for her happiness and well-being in her life.

He remembered clearly that she lived in a rental house and appeared to be single. From her appearance, she looked to be in her early twenties. If a girl her age hasn’t been on the game for so many days, could it be… that she’s in love?

If she’s in love…

Li Weilan didn’t dare to think about this possibility too deeply.

But a sense of helplessness gradually overwhelmed him as time passed by. Whether it’s voice chat or video, or even the game that allowed them to connect, everything was beyond his control.

He had very few options.

Li Weilan knew that the more he thought about it, the more his mentality would become unbalanced. He walked to the control room, intending to check the current status of the rooms and personnel in the base. However, he suddenly saw a line of small characters on the console screen:

“Do you want to know the truth? Y/N”

Li Weilan heard his heartbeat pounding like a drum.

Only he and Cheng had access to the control room.

This obviously wasn’t her doing, and it was even less likely that anyone else would be fooling around with him in this matter.

Li Weilan stared at this line of text, his gaze fixed for a long time.

He hesitated for a long time. At this moment, what he was thinking about was not the truth, but… If he clicked “YES”, would it have any harm to her?

If she found out that his world and he were more than just a game, would she be scared, afraid, or want to quit the game and be controlled and hurt by it?

If his momentary curiosity brought her deep harm, then he would rather not have this truth.

But on the other hand… Is it really good to be kept in the dark?

Li Weilan hesitated for a long time, and finally hesitantly extended his finger towards “YES”.

The screen flashed.

A smiley face appeared on it.

Then, a new line of text appeared:

【If you make Noah the number one base, you will be granted access to the truth. If the mission fails, the link will be broken. Please note that this mission has no S/L.】

“…” Li Weilan looked at the S/L and felt it was extremely mocking.

This was their life, how could there be save and load?

But this message also indirectly indicated the direction of his efforts, as if a ray of light suddenly appeared in the darkness.

Li Weilan repeatedly looked at the four words “access” and “link” and carefully pondered their meaning.

Access… if knowing the truth is the highest access, then could their video, audio, and images be considered access?

And this kind of access is unlocked step by step.

Link… since it is a link, it means there is a channel between worlds. But this word seems to contain a strong sense of unease, making Li Weilan feel fearful even just thinking about it.

Shen Cheng world is peaceful and stable now, but what if the things happening in this world eventually happen in her world too?

With this in mind, Li Weilan’s mind was filled with worries and doubts.

He stepped forward and asked resolutely, “What will happen to her if the link is broken?”

[Access denied]

A new word popped up on the screen.

“Very good, it seems they can also hear me,” he thought for a moment and asked a different question, “What permissions do I have?”

“The host has the following permissions: Noah Base operation permissions. Base construction rights: available,” a new line of text appeared on the screen.

Next, the main screen flickered and jumped to the operational map of the Noah Base.

If Li Weilan could see Shen Cheng’s phone, he would be shocked to find that the map on the screen was exactly the same as the one on Shen Cheng’s phone!

Both could see all the rooms in the base and the rooms that could be upgraded and added.

The only thing missing on his end was the option to spend real money.

Li Weilan saw the number of rooms and gold coins on the screen – the amount of gold coins was pitifully small. He thought about it for a moment and finally figured out what was going on. His lips curved into a faint smile – she had finally been obedient lately and hadn’t spent any real money.

That’s good, as long as she takes care of herself, it’s enough.

Li Weilan wanted to ask the “unknown person” on the main screen more questions, but he found that all the words and conversations he had just seen, felt like a dream – there was no trace or button.

But Li Weilan knew clearly that all of this was not an illusion.

Why could he operate the base construction?

He quickly realized why: it was set up by her.

It was because Cheng had given him permission at the beginning that he was able to manage the construction of the base.

So, Cheng and he now shared the same space. If one day the permission was upgraded, would he be able to go to her space or would she be able to enter his space?

Li Weilan felt his heart skip a beat.

He pursed his dry lips and looked at the screen seriously. Unlike playing games with Shen Cheng, when Li Weilan saw the upgrades of the base construction and layout, he was very clear about what was most important for the base at the moment.

He didn’t have most of the functions on Shen Cheng’s phone. But when he saw the layout of the base, he immediately understood the limiting conditions for the base’s upgrade and further development: resources.

The housing satisfaction was currently the highest, but the variety of food was too small, and the most lacking was seeds to grow food on a large scale.

Li Weilan immediately thought of his own space.

If he used the rice seeds in his own space for planting, would they be able to grow in the base?

Currently, most of the plants in the world have mutated, which means that even with the help of plant-type ability users, the base is unable to grow a variety of plants. Therefore, the only edible vegetable in the base is the breadfruit tree, which is already present in the hydroponic room.

Looking at the current situation of the base, the hydroponic room is currently at Level 1, and can only grow Level 1 plants, which correspond to the ordinary rice in his space.

If the hydroponic room is upgraded to Level 2, vegetables can be grown, which correspond to seeds priced between 4G and 10G in his space. However, purchasing seeds requires coins…

Immediately, Li Weilan understood how to play this snowball game: plant rice, sell rice, earn coins, buy new seeds, keep half of the seeds for continued planting to earn more money, and only leave a small portion of seeds to grow in the base before selling them…

Once this snowball is rolling, his space can serve as a perpetual motion machine, providing the base with a continuous supply of high-quality seeds and quickly enabling large-scale cultivation of new plants and development of new ingredients.

However, there is one unique loophole in this chain structure that needs to be filled by a person: Fu Yanzhou.

He needs Fu Yanzhou to take on all the “results,” so that people in the base will not consider the rationality of the process too much.

Fu Yanzhou…

Li Weilan looked at the ripe and red apples and oranges hanging on the branches in his space, picked one gently, and expressionlessly peeled a yellow-orange. He took a light bite, and the sweet juice slowly flowed into his throat, like Cheng whispering in his ear, “I will always be with you.”

Yes, that’s what she promised.

His mood slowly calmed down.

He harvested all the grains in his space, but when it was time to sell them, Li Weilan realized that things weren’t that simple?

He had seen Cheng sell her harvest, and the grains disappeared instantly.

But he tried and tested in the warehouse, and found…

No response at all.

“…” Li Weilan sighed silently at the warehouse full of grains.

He knew it now: Shen Cheng only gave him control over the base, but not the buying and selling of grains or the use of coins!

Therefore, for him, he could only harvest seeds, and all operations that required the use of coins could not be performed.

He could only wait for her to come online.


It took Shen Cheng three whole days before she logged into the game again.

She had to admit, she felt ashamed.

It was one thing to daydream about others, like male celebrities or characters from stories she liked. Those were common subjects for daydreams.

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But to daydream about herself as a game character, and especially about wearing clothes that made him happy, that was something she had never done before. She never thought she had any impure thoughts about him, but after having that kind of dream, and dreaming about those embarrassing poses and actions, she couldn’t help but wonder if she actually wanted him to be a domineering CEO type who said things like “woman, you have caught my attention” to her.

But that wasn’t it!

She felt that her feelings towards him were just like those of a doting mother, hoping that he was well-fed, well-clothed, and free from suffering. Could it be that…

She suddenly realized something. Was it when she went out with him to sweep monsters, that the idea of him being able to fall in love made her heart beat faster?


Shen Cheng analyzed her feelings for a moment and couldn’t help but sigh. Even if it was just a game, after such a long time spent with him, she couldn’t bear the thought of watching him get married, have children, or even do things like setting up a harem after he reached the pinnacle of his life, like in some emperor-themed games. She just couldn’t do it.

If he actually did something like that, she might even quit the game.

Just thinking about that possibility made Shen Cheng feel suffocated.

She also felt that her attitude towards cub seemed to have changed a bit.

Originally, she may not have been aware of it, but this dream completely shattered her self-deception.

Even dreaming about him, if she denied having any messy thoughts about cub, then she was just deceiving herself!

But being infatuated with a game character whom she had only seen his face, it was doomed to be fruitless…

She could even imagine herself being heartbroken one day in the future, so Shen Cheng angrily thought: It’s all because the actor is too handsome!

She couldn’t bear to uninstall the game, but she was also indecisive about playing it. So for the next three days, Shen Cheng continued to deceive herself by not playing the game. However, every time she saw the game’s interface on her screen during those three days, she felt extremely tormented internally.


Sandy: it’s not because the actor is too handsome, it’s because cub is just too cute ahhhhhh


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