Ch 62 (Part 1): TGCIR

As soon as Li Weilan gave the command to quickly leave the building, Chen Feng didn’t even understand its meaning yet, but people from other bases had already begun to execute it.

Before Li Weilan’s words had even finished, there was a loud “bang” as a huge fireball burst out of a window above them, sparks flying and the ground shaking violently. After a violent shaking, the floor began to tilt and crack, making creaking noises as if it couldn’t bear the weight anymore. This building was about to collapse!

Almost at the moment of hearing the explosion, Sun Yifei already knew what had happened. His face turned pale and he murmured a few words: “It’s too late. We are all going to be buried here…”

As soon as the building collapsed, everything was turned upside down, and with the structure already unstable, the explosion caused the main beam to break, and they were all going to die here!

In the midst of the fear of being shrouded by the shadow of death, the building suddenly stopped in mid-air in a way that was completely contrary to physics, which was terrifying! The woman’s voice, which had been laughing sinisterly and cursing before, abruptly stopped, replaced by the creaking of the main beam. However, the entire building seemed to be suspended by a mysterious force in silence! Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the ground outside the angled window and the setting sun, and then, without anyone giving any commands or shouting, they all scattered towards the exit, worried that they might not be fast enough to escape.

They thought that the hovering of the building was a miracle!

Li Weilan heard her soft voice, tinged with some sadness and hesitation, ringing in her ear: “There’s still a survivor on the 10th floor. Save him and run quickly. I… I can’t hold on for too long. The explosion point is on the 4th floor, and Lin Yuqi is still on the 4th floor.”

Can’t hold on for too long!

Li Weilan’s heart sank: did she have to spend money again?

He didn’t want her to spend too much money anymore.

Li Weilan’s heart was in a hurry, he ran straight up the stairs without any pause, and kicked open the scorching-hot door on the fourth floor, which was still spewing flames outward. He pulled the crazy woman towards Chen Feng and said to him in anger, “Keep an eye on her! If she gets lost again, you’ll be the one to answer for it. You guys go down first, go!”

“Brother Li…” Chen Feng felt guilty in his heart. Just now, because of his pity and contempt for this woman, he didn’t pay attention to her, and almost caused a big accident with just one mistake. Fortunately, the collapse of this building inexplicably stopped, but no matter what, it was all his negligence!

Li Weilan didn’t have time to look at him and hurriedly ran to the tenth floor. Halfway there, he met a man running down from the tenth floor, followed by several second-order zombies.

The man was holding a doll covered in clothes in his arms. When he saw Li Weilan, he didn’t have time to say hello and the two of them quickly ran out.

Shen Cheng’s sweat gently dripped down from her forehead.

On the screen, her fingertips began to feel slightly sticky, as she maintained the grip on the joystick. This caused a slight tingling sensation in her fingers.

If she loosened her grip, the force holding up the high-rise would instantly disappear. It would look like the building had collapsed halfway, burying everyone still inside, including her cub.

So she couldn’t let go. She even felt a slight tremble in her finger muscles. Focused on the screen, she was afraid that if she accidentally moved her fingers even slightly, what she would see next would be the little people buried in the soil.

Shen Cheng stared at the screen tightly until she saw Cub and the man on the 10th floor run out, leaving the building from another direction of collapse. Only then did she relax and release her fingers slightly.

But the moment she let go, Li Weilan heard a long sigh and then a loud boom. The high-rise that had just seemed to be suspended in mid-air collapsed like a line of dominoes being knocked over.

The man who ran out with Li Weilan looked at him strangely and then looked at the tall building, making a speechless “Ah” sound. Li Weilan heard him muttering to himself, “What kind of god did we worship? It’s too effective.”

Li Weilan didn’t mock him.

His gaze drifted to the sky, knowing clearly that the one standing by his side was not a god, but a woman who was guarding him gently on the other side of the screen, in another world.

“Shen Cheng…” Shen Cheng heard his low and hoarse voice, and was about to ask him what was wrong, but cub seemed to be just savoring and repeating her name, as if the name was spinning around on his tongue, “Shen Cheng…”

“I’m here. I’ve been here all along.” Shen Cheng gently shook her wrist, which was sore and aching, and said with a smile, not mentioning how her hands felt like they had been through a century during those few minutes of persistence. There was no need to show off, as the act of gaming had saved so many lives in the game!

There were a lot of people gathered on the flat ground in front of the building.

Lin Yuqi, who was dragged out, was there, as were the few people from the property management office on the second floor, and the person who had helped them block the zombies before they reached the 10th floor. All three parties were present, and it was time to confront each other.

Li Weilan calmly asked Lin Yuqi, “The building has already been destroyed. If you want revenge, there is only one way, tell the truth.” Lin Yuqi’s expression was like that of a madwoman. Compared to the previous calm and polite person, she was a completely different person now. Her face no longer had the calmness and composure of before, only the obsession that was like a crazed tiger and the pain that burned like fire, both consuming herself and others.

Upon hearing Li Weilan’s words, her eyes flickered slightly and tears immediately streamed down her face. “They killed my husband and son first. What’s wrong with me seeking revenge for myself? Why should you save these insane people? Are you also unable to distinguish right from wrong?”

As soon as the woman’s heartbreaking cry sounded, Chen Feng’s face showed some sympathy.

Most of the ability users had no expression on their faces. Apparently, most people had no such kindness to offer to this woman who almost caused them all to die if it weren’t for “God’s” intervention.

To sympathize with someone who almost caused you to die, it takes such an open mind to do it.

A man from the property management department on the ground suddenly raised his head upon hearing this, looking incredulously at Lin Yuqi.

He roared, “How dare you say it was us who killed them? Clearly, it was you, you femme fatale…”

Lin Yuqi’s eyes shot out flames of anger, hoarsely saying: “If it weren’t for you forcibly taking Xiao Feng away, how could his father have abandoned me and died so early! If it weren’t for you… if it weren’t for you… how could our family have been ruined! Now you still have the face to say that I… am reversing black and white!” She spoke, turned angrily towards the man who was quietly holding the child in his arms on the side, “Lou Kai, you are the only survivor in our building, you say! Are the property management people really the ones causing harm!”

Lou Kai remained silent.

His gaze, for some reason, made Lin Yuqi a little uneasy. Her heart pounded as if… something had already slipped out of her control.

No, impossible.

She dared to speak and act boldly because she knew that whether she succeeded or failed, she had sufficient reasons to escape.

Lou Kai also had a grudge against the property management, he wouldn’t…

However, Lou Kai just remained silent, then suddenly lifted the clothing covering the head of the child in his arms with a “swish”.

The other people standing beside him took two steps back, their eyes showing some surprise: no one expected that the child Lou Kai was holding was actually a skeleton with only bones left!

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Staring into the empty eye sockets, the man holding the skeleton turned to look at Lin Yuqi. “My little brother died. The day you were hiding, he died on his way to find you. Don’t you have nightmares, Lin Yuqi?”

Lin Yuqi looked at the small skeleton in his hand, her eyes widening in horror. She had dared to ask Lou Kai because she was confident in her certainty. But the child had died?

This was the first time she felt everything was out of control, like losing all her energy and slipping slowly to the ground.

Lou Kai’s expression was indifferent. His younger brother and Lin Yuqi’s son Xiao Feng were best friends. When Lin Yuqi was finally reduced to her current state, his brother, who had always been empathetic, not only took his best friend’s mother in for a night when the group of people from the property management office were searching for her, but also took the risk of delivering food and water to her after she went into hiding.

But she had changed location without telling Lou Kai’s brother, and that day he went to deliver supplies as usual, only to be tackled by a zombie. When Lou Kai returned home, all he saw was his younger brother’s small skeleton, which had been gnawed to nothing.

“Xiao Feng was taken away by the property management office, that’s true,” Lou Kai said slowly. “But it was his mother who reported that there was a person with a fever at home and asked the property management office to take her away.”

Everyone around them was stunned.

Although it is known that after the apocalypse, spouses turn against each other and even resort to cannibalism, but based on their previous understanding, the social order had not completely collapsed when Xiao Feng had a fever.

At that early stage, did this mother really decide to abandon her child just because of a fever?

Several burly men from the property management also spoke up one after another, “We didn’t want to be the bad guys either. Her husband was a policeman, although a traffic policeman, he was still a public servant. We didn’t want to offend him if we could avoid it. But then this woman said… that if her son turned into one of those monsters and bit her, she would immediately open the door and let him out to wreak havoc on our entire building, so we had to take decisive action.”

“Yes, her husband went crazy when he couldn’t find his son. She had promised to calm him down, so we thought it was an unfortunate incident!”

At this moment, Lin Yuqi suddenly chuckled, and with a rustle, she tore open her clothes, revealing her thin and pale skin.

But everyone present could see clearly that her snow-white skin was covered with blue and purple bruises, handprints, whip marks, and other miscellaneous bruises.

Adults know what kind of violence leaves these kinds of marks.

Lin Yuqi hoarsely said, “Can you believe these beasts? They are all men who have been bullying a weak woman like me…”

Seeing some people in the team starting to waver, Shen Cheng quietly said to Li Weilan, “I think what she said is a bit fake.”

Li Weilan’s lips curled up a bit, knowingly asked, “Why do you say that, Cheng?”

She always felt that his voice contained a bit of indulgence. What a obedient cub!


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