Ch 61: TGCIR

Li Weilan paused for a moment and didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he patiently asked her, “What does Cheng think about it?”

Hey! Cub is asking me!

Shen Cheng usually played games and knew that the language bubbles were all fast-forwarded. She rarely paid attention to the details, but perhaps because every aspect of this game was so meticulous, she was focused when she looked at the text bubbles just now. She was also thinking while following the plot, “Well, if we only listen to what she said, then the committee is indeed despicable. But if we think from the perspective of other residents, what the committee did seems to make sense. The residential density is so high. If they condone and tolerate parents leaving their sick children at home while they are not there, and if something really happens, who can afford the responsibility? If the rules were established at the beginning, it seems that… requiring everyone to follow the rules is not wrong?”

Li Weilan nodded slightly.

In fact, from the perspective of a leader, the core of this matter is not about the committee expelling the children, but about which party violated the rules.

Order is the foundation of a small community.

Li Weilan stood from the perspective of a manager and did not fully believe what the woman said. He just calmly nodded his head, and the small character on the screen made a serious and solemn gesture. The slightly round face nodded seriously and said, “Let’s see. We must listen to what the others have to say.”

One-sided words cannot be fully trusted.

Suddenly, Shen Cheng asked a question, “What if this happened to you…”

“If you were that traffic officer, what would you do? Would you stay at home with your son who might get sick and be thrown out, or would you go out to patrol and ensure social order, but risking the chance of losing your son forever?”

Li Weilan understood her unfinished question.

He paused for a moment and said, “Master, if you are strong enough, then this question is not a question at all.”

If there is anything in this world that can truly make people feel safe, it’s only their own strength.

If that man had the strength of today’s mutant zombie a long time ago, would anyone dare to throw his son out of the apartment?

If that man himself is a member of the homeowners’ committee or even the leader, would such a tragedy occur?

If that man was weak-willed, even if he stayed with his son every step of the way, the homeowners’ committee could just throw him and his son out together!

Sometimes, if you can’t protect your loved ones, it’s just because…you’re not strong enough!

Li Weilan never wants to repeat the same mistakes again, so he sets a goal for himself: he wants to control his own fate. Even if it’s just a game to her, he will one day find a way between two worlds. If he can’t do it, there’s no need to lament the whims of fate, it’s just that Li Weilan is not strong enough!

The capriciousness of fate is just an excuse for weak self-deception.

Li Weilan’s eyes were firm and persistent. The normally gentle black eyes were rarely shining with a firm and persistent light, and Shen Cheng felt a little burnt somewhere in her heart. Yes, in the world of the game, cub is also living hard. She also has to work hard! At least she can’t lose to cub!

Only if everyone faces life actively and bravely, life will gradually improve, right?

In fact, she knew in her heart that since her parents passed away, she herself, lacking bonds in this world, was not brave or optimistic in the face of life.

Perhaps because no matter how well or poorly she did, it was meaningless. As long as she could get by in life, she lost her motivation. Shen Cheng had to admit that her attitude towards life was that of a salted fish.

Complaints about difficulties? Occasionally.

Displeasure with the people around her? Sometimes too.

Have you really made too much effort to improve your situation? It seems not.

Attitude determines the way things are done, and all of this is her own choice.

It’s like a ray of sunshine suddenly shining into a dark room. The corners of her mouth slightly curved with determination in her eyes: don’t be afraid anymore, you can’t be worse than a little cub, right?

In the game, the ability users have already searched this floor almost completely, and have found some usable household items in those homes that have not been completely destroyed by zombies.

The food in this building was already looted long ago – when the order hadn’t completely collapsed yet, there were obviously still many living people in this building.

The city soon lost water and electricity, but people still had to live. Judging from the appearance of many rooms in this apartment building, they had already been searched through. The food and other items were basically not rotten or spoiled, but they were mostly gone.

But for Noah base, other items were also a good supplement – whether it was wooden furniture mass-produced before the apocalypse, pure cotton four-piece sets, warm clothes, or unopened disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste, they were basically only replaced by rough substitutes on the wasteland. Being able to find them in the apartment building made the ability users very happy, even if it might take many trips back and forth to collect all the usable items.

For them, this was a pretty good harvest.

As the joy of the harvested items replaced the death of their companion downstairs, although grief still existed, the people who survived still had to strive to live.

While others were distributing the harvest, Shen Cheng asked cub to stand at the door of the woman’s house, carefully searching and examining the things inside through the door.

The woman had carefully locked and closed the door when she came in and went out. Although it was understandable that she was alert because she lived alone, since she was already going to leave with Noah’s group of survivors, was it necessary to seal the door tightly?

This raised Shen Cheng’s suspicion.

After all, everyone had left, and the things in the room were still empty. She brought a backpack, but the remaining items couldn’t be taken away. Was it necessary to close the room so tightly?

Who was she guarding against?

Li Weilan stood at the door, bowing his head slightly. The other passing teammates thought he was thinking about something and didn’t dare to disturb him. No one knew that he was actually listening quietly through the door to the faint sounds coming from inside the room. He imagined that if they were really just separated by a door, she would be checking inside while he kept watch at the door. Even if it was just a virtual scene in his mind, it made the corners of his mouth lift slightly.

At first glance, there was nothing special in the room. The Cheng light flickered on the screens, and it was hard to figure out where to start.

Shen Cheng’s camera wandered around the room, but she didn’t see anything unusual except for the men’s shoes sitting on the shoe rack by the door. Based on their size, they seemed to belong to a tall man.

Was the woman not living alone? Did she have a long-term roommate in the building?

Shen Cheng tapped on the pair of shoes lying quietly in the shoe rack, and the specific status displayed was “Shoes covered in dust.”

It seemed like no one had worn them in a long time.

The apocalypse had occurred over a year ago in this world, and it was more likely that these were the shoes of the male owner of the house.

But where was the owner of the shoes?

Shen Cheng carefully searched every nook and cranny of the house with this question in mind, and found more clues under the bottom of the closet, under the bed, and beneath the tatami mats in the small room.

She found men’s uniforms and underwear, as well as children’s clothing and shoes.

As she searched, a doubt suddenly arose in Shen Cheng’s mind: Could the story the woman had told be her own story?

In that case, could the child zombie be her own child, and the giant zombie traffic police officer be her former husband? If that’s the case, then isn’t she the victim? But the tone of the woman’s story just now didn’t mention her as the party involved at all. Is there something to hide? Unless… there is more to the story!

This thrilling speculation made Shen Cheng’s heart beat faster, feeling that something might happen.

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She switched the camera to the protagonist’s side. Li Weilan felt her arrival and looked up, asking, “Did you find anything?”

Shen Cheng told him about the clothes and shoes, and Li Weilan thought for a moment, his face slightly changed, and hurriedly went upstairs: “Let’s go quickly!”

Li Weilan rushed upstairs and just arrived at the staircase on the upper floor, only to see that the floor was already in chaos.

Three male residents, presumably the ones mentioned by the woman as living in rooms 304 and 309, were held down on the ground with their hands twisted, and the door was wide open with a puddle of blood next to it.

Seeing Li Weilan coming up, one of the survivors of the base held his injured arm and angrily pointed at one of the men holding a fire axe, saying, “Brother Li, we just knocked on the door to see if anyone was there, and they actually ambushed us!”

One of the men held down on the ground struggled and shouted, “Who asked you to come? We were living peacefully in our tower. Why did you come and disturb the peace? Get out of our tower!”

Hearing this, even Chen Feng was a little angry.

There were two high-level zombies guarding downstairs. If they hadn’t killed those two big monsters, these people would have been trapped and killed in the tower sooner or later.

They can’t produce anything in the tower. Sitting and eating away the mountain will eventually lead to starvation. Besides, Noah’s people only broke in after knocking and receiving no response. If they didn’t want to be disturbed, they could have just shouted, couldn’t they? They attacked and injured people, and now they still have the nerve to speak so arrogantly?

“Brother Li…” These people were so rude and unreasonable that Chen Feng now basically believed what Lin Yuqi had said downstairs. He had completely lost his favor towards the former managers in the tower, and made a “click” gesture on his neck with a frown, asking Li Weilan with his eyes if he should take action.

However, Li Weilan did not rush to kill anyone.

His sharp gaze swept over the crowd, but he did not see the woman with the bag from earlier. He first asked Chen Feng, “Where is Lin Yuqi?”

Chen Feng only realized that the woman had disappeared.

Yeah, where did Lin Yuqi go? How could she disappear in the blink of an eye?

The man kneeling on the ground, who was kicked down, heard their conversation and exclaimed in shock, “You saw Lin Yuqi?”

As if they shouldn’t have seen Lin Yuqi from his words.

Chen Feng felt that there was something strange in his words, and Li Weilan realized in an instant that his worst fears had come true when he noticed Lin Yuqi’s disappearance. He urgently said to all the other ability users around him, “Signal and retreat!”

Chen Feng didn’t understand what he meant.


Sandy: but isn’t she just an ordinary without abilities? Even if she had abilities, could she really do so much damage tho?

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