Ch 60 (Part 2): TGCIR

The two stood in the corridor and talked quietly for a while, feeling warm and comfortable in each other’s hearts. Shen Cheng rubbed her hands and wanted to touch cub’s head, but then she saw a zombie coming from the other end of the corridor – probably one that was missed during cleaning.

Before she could do anything, Li Weilan had already noticed it. He threw a spatial rift, cutting the slow-moving zombie’s head open like slicing cheese, and it fell to the ground silently.

Li Weilan’s smile on his face slightly faded.

Damn it! He had just spoken to her for a few words, and these things had come to disturb them!

Even if it was just an ordinary zombie that had slipped through the net, the ambiguous atmosphere just now disappeared after he was interrupted!

Li Weilan was so angry that he wanted to beat the ground, while Shen Cheng on the screen saw his expression suddenly become serious, and a bunch of black tangled lines appeared on his head: obviously, he was angry.

What was he angry about? Was it because the zombies on this floor weren’t completely cleared?

But it shouldn’t be that bad.

Shen Cheng couldn’t figure it out, and was about to ask, but suddenly heard a “bang” sound from the closed door just now, probably the sound of furniture being pushed over at the door. Then there was a slight, crisp sound from inside the door, and the door was pulled open.

The woman who didn’t respond to the door just now quietly poked her head out, looked at Li Weilan, and whispered, “I’m sorry, I heard all of you were men just now, and I was afraid to open the door. Are you the team of ability users? Can you take me with you? I’m very familiar with the situation in this building, I know which houses still have survivors, which rooms have supplies, and I also know who are good and who are bad…”

Shen Cheng leaned on her chin slightly in front of the screen, and Li Weilan frowned slightly when he saw the dirty-faced young woman. Seeing that Chen Feng and the others had also come upstairs, he waved to Chen Feng and said, “There’s a survivor over here, you take her with you.”

Chen Feng is the most patient person in their base, especially towards the elderly, children, and women. Although this personality may seem a bit too empathetic to Li Weilan, it can be understood from his background.

Chen Feng nodded and walked over. The woman lowered her head and whispered, “Please wait a few minutes for me, I’ll grab my package.”

She went inside to get her things.

Chen Feng rubbed his chin and said to Li Weilan, “Brother Li, this girl looks quite attractive. Do you think she’s interested in you? I don’t think she wants me to take her.”

Shen Cheng was stunned by this joking remark: Interested?

What? Interested in my cub?

No, Mom doesn’t allow my cub to date!

My cub’s career hasn’t started yet!

How can we talk about family when the base hasn’t been established yet!

The base needs the next generation, and there are still many other men and women who voluntarily want to have children. Besides, there are already 10 suites for families, so my cub doesn’t need one.

Cub… well, before the main plot of the game is over, he will be with his mother alone!

While she was still in a daze, Li Weilan gave Chen Feng a cold look, meaning clearly: Shut up.

Chen Feng shrugged his shoulders, but from his teasing expression, it was clear that he didn’t completely believe that he had no interest in women.

Li Weilan’s gaze slowly turned cold. Chen Feng realized that he was not pretending, but really was the rare leader on the wasteland who had no desire for women.

But this is also good. Chen Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief: a leader of the base who has no interest in women also means that there will be much less trouble.

The woman who was organizing things inside came out with a large backpack on her back. She still kept her head low, and Chen Feng smiled at her and said, “Didn’t you say you knew the situation in this building? Tell us about it.”

The woman whispered, “I’m the only one left on this floor. All other family members have died. There are still two households alive upstairs, with room numbers 304 and 309, both of which are men.”

“By the way,” Chen Feng suddenly remembered the fight they had just had at the door and asked the woman, “What’s the matter with that pair of zombies downstairs? They look pitiful.”

The woman sighed and her eyes suddenly flashed with a deep hatred: “Do you want to know? Do you really want to know?”

Her gaze flickered, obviously still undecided. Chen Feng knew that there was still something going on here and said with a smile, “Go ahead and tell us. If there really is someone with a bad heart in this building, you don’t want to live with them in the same base in the future, do you?”

The woman’s nervousness trembled, and finally she made up her mind and said, “My name is Lin Yu Zhi, and I had just moved here when the apocalypse happened.”

Judging from her words, there were probably some troubles in this building. Chen Feng gave a subtle eye signal to Li Wei Lian, who nodded, indicating that he should continue listening. Recruitment for the base was not open to just anyone. If there were people with bad character in this building, they could not be allowed to bring harm to the base.

The woman’s voice was low and hoarse. “The pair you mentioned are a father and son. It’s quite pitiful. When the child caught a cold and got sick, people were saying that it was either a high fever or a sign of a virus outbreak. The building’s property management committee insisted on kicking him out, fearing that he would hurt others in the building.”

“A father and son? How could the father agree?” Chen Feng thought to himself, immediately deducing the possible outcome: this sounds like it’s going to lead to a conflict. And what is the property management committee? The pre-apocalypse property management committee was generally in charge of maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the corridors. How could they have the power of life and death now? At a time when the outside world was in such chaos, kicking a child out of the building would be tantamount to a death sentence for someone else!

“Of course, the father wouldn’t agree,” the woman sighed. “Whose child isn’t a treasure in their own family? How could a father bear to do that? The father is a traffic police officer who is usually out in the wind and sun and hardly ever at home. Before he left that day, he had a good talk with the property management committee, telling them that he had locked his child at home and wouldn’t let him run around, and then he added two more locks before he left.”

“… ” Chen Feng held his breath as he listened.

Perhaps because he had raised so many orphans, Chen Feng was particularly sympathetic to children. Hearing these cases of children, he felt even more distressed and uneasy.

Thinking of the final scene of the big zombie and the little zombie, Chen Feng’s heart felt heavy, and he felt even more regretful and sighed at the tragedy described by this woman.

“As soon as he left, the property management committee took an axe and chopped open their door,” the woman sighed heavily as she spoke.

Chen Feng asked, “So, no one tried to stop them?”

“How is it possible that no one stopped them?” the woman shook her head and said, “But the committee members were all a group of men back then, and there was no such thing as abilities. Who could have stopped them?”

Chen Feng frowned as he realized the flaw in the woman’s words.

To say that it was impossible to stop them was not true.

With such a tall building and hundreds of households, the committee members represented at most one-tenth of the population. Even if the rest of the people really tried to stop them, first, they would not be unable to do so, and second, the committee members would surely hesitate.

Perhaps more people would turn a blind eye to the matter.

This was also something that happened in many places when the apocalypse just began.

However, once the residents’ mentality was revealed, the committee’s power would begin to expand. And once people’s hearts were inflated, the following events would become more and more magical and unbelievable. As time passed and the external social order became more chaotic, the committee could do anything.

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“The committee forcibly dragged Xiao Feng out of bed and took him away. He was burning up and delirious at the time, and we all heard him muttering ‘Dad’ all the way…” The woman lowered her head. “Later, his father really came back. When he saw that his son was gone, he went crazy on the spot. He took a fire axe and went door-to-door to chop down the doors of the committee members. But those people were united, and he couldn’t beat them alone, so they beat him up instead… It was then that we all saw that Xiao Feng had turned.”

The woman shuddered. “When his father saw Xiao Feng like that, he didn’t even run away. He just stood there, crying and saying he was sorry to his son. We all heard the creaking sound. The next day, the two of them blocked the entrance.”

“… This is really a suffocating story,” Chen Feng trembled, realizing that he had held his breath for the events that had happened to the pair of zombie father and son.

He was indignant and said, “The committee is too much! Xiao Feng might have awakened his abilities when he had a fever! How could they just throw him out like that!”

A woman glanced at him with a smile that wasn’t really a smile and sneered, “Who knew at that time? The residential density in the building was high, and if the zombies really injured someone, one bite would lead to ten, and ten bites would lead to hundreds. The building would soon become a hell on earth, engulfed in a sea of zombies. At that time, everyone in the building was only concerned about whether they could survive. How many people would think about whether others had lost their homes and loved ones?”

“Then it seems like you didn’t do anything during that process either,” Chen Feng retorted immediately.

“Yeah,” the woman replied, lowering her head in silence. “How many of us who have survived until today can really say that we’re good people?”

Li Weilan glanced at them with a smile that wasn’t really a smile and put an end to the pointless conversation. “We don’t need to discuss that. Show us which members are on the residents’ committee first.”

There was a hint of joy in the woman’s eyes, and she nodded heavily. “Okay.”

Shen Cheng had listened to the story almost entirely.

At this moment, a line of text appeared on her phone screen:

[You have listened to Lin Yu’s statement. Please choose whether to believe Lin Yu’s testimony and expel the members of the residents’ committee. Y/N/Not making a choice for now.]

Shen Cheng was stunned. This task had an option called “Not making a choice.”

This was actually a common technique used in many simulation games.

Simulation games usually have high degrees of freedom and often have options like this that affect the subsequent storyline. However, this time it seemed more like a game of murder mystery or something – she had only heard one aspect of the testimony, and it was not enough. Far from enough.

Shen Cheng thought for a moment, didn’t immediately choose to believe or not, but clicked “Not making a choice” first, and then asked Li Weilan in a small voice, “Do you think what she said is true?”


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