Ch 60 (Part 1): TGCIR

Li Weilan moved quietly towards the back of the team with his space-type ability already at the third level. Except for Xi Bei, who also had a third-level wood-type ability, he was the only one in the team who could remain unscathed even if caught by a speed-type zombie.

As Li Weilan popped his head up slightly behind the team, the monkey-like small zombie seemed to immediately realize that he was a formidable opponent. It squeaked twice, jumped twice, and disappeared into the long grass around them.

The thick bushes provided perfect cover, and the small zombie could be seen darting and weaving through the grass with its head down and its movements completely hidden by the long grass. Only the rustling of the leaves and occasional noise of the grass being trampled could be heard, but its actions could not be clearly captured by the naked eye. All that could be sensed was that it was preparing to attack.

The back of the team was momentarily in a deadlock, while the front had already entered a state of intense combat. The giant zombie held a steel bar in its hand, which could kill or seriously injure anyone with just one swing of its arm due to its immense strength.

Xi Bei and Xi Nan employed a tactic of delay, attrition, and slow kiting in the front. Xi Bei planted numerous seeds on the ground, which slowly entangled the zombie’s footsteps, while Xi Nan’s water-type ability stimulated the growth of plants and simultaneously attacked the zombie with a powerful water jet, confusing its direction and hindering its attack.

Earth-type and metal-type ability users set up barriers one by one, slowing down the monster’s movements, while fire-type and lightning-type ability users threw fireballs from the back. During this process, Chen Feng suddenly realized that the water-type ability and lightning-type ability could complement each other.

Every time he threw an electric current over, if it was just a direct electric ball, sometimes the zombie could avoid it by turning its head. However, if it was well-coordinated with Xi Nan’s water-type ability, which could conduct electricity, the damage would be doubled!

Although he and Xi Nan were not in the same group, the two of them almost simultaneously discovered this point. Xi Nan gestured to him with his mouth, counted down from three to two to one, and with the zombie already charging at them and raising the steel bar in its hand, the two of them had an incredibly tacit moment and simultaneously released their skills.

Water electric light flickers – the target of the giant zombie was already big, it could dodge a spherical lightning ball, but it could never avoid the water electric ball that penetrates everywhere!

After this attack, it roared and emitted a slightly burnt smell.

In addition to the paralysis effect of electricity, the effect of this attack completely reached 1 to 3.

Chen Feng and Xi Nan were speechless and silently put the practice of cooperation mechanism on the agenda.

The giant zombie, after receiving this blow, immediately maxed out its anger value.

The zombie suddenly roared to the sky, and emitted waves of sound waves from its mouth spreading outwards. The small zombie that was still lurking on the periphery immediately stood up upon hearing this, and without hesitation ran towards it from the direction of the bushes, circling halfway around.

Li Weilan could clearly see that the target of the small zombie was to meet up with the giant zombie immediately!

He predicted the trajectory of the small zombie’s movement, and quickly raised his hand to perform a space cut in front of it. The small zombie was caught off guard, and half of its body stepped into the cut and fell down with a “clatter”, but it didn’t feel any pain. It just stepped back, looking puzzled at the exposed expression on its face.

The giant zombie suffered a big loss after just one confrontation, and couldn’t bear it anymore. It took big strides towards the small zombie, and its steel bar in hand extended over the location of the space cut. It scooped up the small zombie and put it on its shoulder. Although its speed was slightly slower, its tall and sturdy figure could keep up with the small zombie in a few steps. It was only then that it felt relieved.

Before Li Weilan could say anything, Fu Yanzhou, who had been standing next to them observing attentively but had been biting his lips due to his social anxiety, said to the other ability users around him in a pale face, “Attack the smaller one with all you have.”

He saw clearly that the small zombie was only agile in speed, but had no special defenses or strength. The giant zombie was protecting it with half of its hand all along, this was the bond between them, and also the weakest point to attack!

By attacking the small zombie that had just been cut off half of its body, the bigger one would be immediately tied up!

Although Fu Yanzhou spoke less, as a spiritual ability user and a genius scientist who had developed a large amount of high-tech in the base, his words were still very credible.

At this moment, with just one sentence from him, the spirits of the ability users were lifted. A barrage of skills bombarded the giant zombie, causing more wounds to appear on its body the more it tried to protect itself.

The smaller one, realizing that it was a burden, wanted to leave. It had just climbed down from the shoulder of the big zombie and was staring intently at the ability user who had been injured and grabbed. Then, in a gesture of mutual destruction, it charged towards the injured ability user. The people next to him were stunned!

The injured ability user had a grenade in his hand at some point. The man took a glance at Li Weilan and only managed to say, “Take care of my wife.” He saw that the big zombie had already swung a club at him as he threw the grenade, firmly pressing it onto the zombie’s body with his fire ability.

There was a loud bang and a large hole exploded in the belly of the giant zombie. A large amount of black pus flowed out, and black water dripped from the corners of its mouth, but it didn’t fall.

Its speed was visibly slower.

Shen Cheng saw that it had finally broken through the defense.

Originally, the ability users had some affectionate feelings towards the giant zombie that seemed to be licking its calf, thinking about the fact that these zombies were once humans. But the death of their companion and the spur of blood had aroused their anger. They not only attacked without reservation, but also threw precise, fierce and numerous attacks towards the skills of the smaller zombies. The giant zombie couldn’t look after both sides and had to use its own arms to resist several times. In the end, its movements became slower and slower, and the ability users’ skills became more and more accurate.

The dazzling skills, like fireworks, were smashing one after another on this pair of zombies.

Twenty minutes later, the larger one finally fell.

As it fell, the smaller one refused to leave and was ultimately pressed to death beside the larger one.

Li Weilan watched as the smaller one’s ears and nostrils twitched and moved, and Thunder in his hand fell. The chest of the smaller zombie exploded, and it finally stopped moving.

On the ground lay a stinky slime and debris, and the team’s ability users finally felt exhausted after their abilities had been drained. Li Weilan sighed and looked at the motionless bodies of the two zombies on the ground, saying to the remaining people, “After the mission is over, burn them.”

He bypassed the corpses of the two zombies lying quietly on the ground and walked into the dark door, saying, “There should still be some survivors in the building. Before you check each room, call out first. If someone doesn’t want to come out, don’t force them and leave them for now.” He didn’t want to disturb the remaining survivors’ peaceful lives, as they might be wary of them. Li Weilan planned to clean up the tower and collect some abandoned resources.

“Okay,” the others in the team responded.

The hallway was dark, but they could see some survivors on some floors with the help of Shen Cheng.

Li Weilan and his team searched floor by floor, cleaning as they went. Fortunately, there were no more monsters like the giant zombie at the entrance of the first floor, and the zombies they encountered were mostly first or zero level, giving the team members a chance to practice their cooperation.

At each level, Li Weilan knocked on the doors and waited for a response before breaking in. Some rooms still seemed to be occupied, and the knocking produced some noise, but if no one answered, Li Weilan and his team understood and did not force their way in.

Shen Cheng’s help allowed them to see the conditions inside the rooms: the conditions of those who chose to stay put were not good. The building had been without water for a long time, and the unbroken rooms were also covered in stains and broken things. Various containers were placed on the balcony, obviously used for storing water on rainy days. The things in the rooms were all prefixed with “dirty,” indicating that the people living there were unable to clean up.

The woman in the room was emaciated, but when she heard Li Weilan and his team knocking at the door, her eyes were extremely alert, and her whole body trembled behind the door, using furniture to keep it closed on each level.

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Shen Cheng whispered to Li Weilan in a low voice, “There are people inside but they don’t want to come out.”

Li Weilan understood and said, “Let’s go.” The other people in the group curiously looked at the closed door and shook their heads.

Shen Cheng felt heavy-hearted. She could understand why the woman inside chose to stay, after all, she knew nothing about the intentions or morality of the people outside the door. But… being closed off like this for over a year, what about food and supplies? Humans are social animals, wouldn’t this isolation cause psychological problems? How could anyone choose to remain isolated forever?

This incident made her think of cub. Cub now leads a team, but does he really enjoy this life? Does he really trust them?

Could it be that building a base and forming an ability team isn’t what cub truly wants?

Shen Cheng began to reflect on herself, wondering if she had respected cub’s wishes.

“Li Weilan,” Shen Cheng whispered his name, “Could a solitary life be more suitable for you than living in the base?”

Li Weilan paused and gestured for the other ability users to go ahead without him. With only Shen Cheng left, his expression softened.

He already knew that she lived in a safe and stable era, sometimes even felt grateful that she saw the world through a beautified and filtered lens.

Why did she suddenly ask this question?

Li Weilan thought carefully and guessed roughly. He asked softly, “Are you worried that I don’t like the people and things at the base?”

“Yeah.” Her voice carried a slight disappointment and a bit of worry. I followed the game’s tasks step by step, but thinking about it carefully, does Cub really like it? Is Cub just going along with it?

“I do like it.” He smiled slightly, but didn’t say the real reason he liked it.

It’s not because he likes living with so many people.

It’s because he holds a vague fantasy, hoping that one day, when he opens his eyes, she will be by his side.

But she lives in a world of stability, so he doesn’t want her to open her eyes one day and see this broken and sinister world.

Li Weilan hopes Shen Cheng will live in warmth and support.

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but laugh when she heard it. Her cub’s voice showed no reluctance at all, and when he said this, a small dimple appeared at the corner of his mouth, as if he had thought of something sweet and happy.

Since cub said so, mother believed it too!

She added seriously, “If I make a decision that you are not satisfied with, tell me, and I will try not to do it.” It’s just giving up two tasks at most.

Li Weilan laughed again, “Okay.” But at the same time, he added in his heart that this moment would probably never happen.


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