Ch 59 (Part 2): TGCIR

The area near the high-rise tower looks empty.

The trees along the road are very tall and dense. They were originally planted by humans for viewing, but they seem to be growing better than humans themselves.

The streets were covered with overgrown weeds, and they had to walk lightly to avoid making noise. The ground was not only muddy but also covered with decaying yellow leaves, and occasionally small animals would scurry out of the bushes.

From several hundred meters away, everyone could see the appearance of the tall tower.

On top of the tower, a dark red sign with the letters ‘SOS’ was written, but it had already lost its bright red color due to the wind and rain, becoming dull and lifeless. It was unclear whether the person who wrote these three letters was still alive or not, but the sign was already tilted halfway, and half of it seemed to have been broken off. The first ‘S’ was missing half of it, looking dejected and obviously the person who wrote it had lost faith.

The ability user who informed them of the situation of the tower was an ice-type ability user. He couldn’t help but sigh softly, saying, “At the beginning, the order wasn’t completely chaotic. When they called for help, we all thought that the government or some violent agency would come to rescue them, but later we found out that the world was completely chaotic. No one had time for anyone else…”

Li Weilan remained silent.

He didn’t feel any emotion but rather waved his hand alertly, instructing the ability users in the team to spread out and survey the surroundings, clearing some lone zombies that happened to be on the path. Only then did he let the earth-type ability users clean up the debris and steel bars blocking the first floor’s door.

The noise at the bottom of the first floor alarmed the zombies on the upper floors.

Gradually, the zombies that had been wandering on various floors seemed to suddenly wake up and rushed towards the entrance of the first floor. Some of them were so dability userate to get to the front that they made “heh heh” noises, drool dripping from their mouths, their arms stretching out in front of them.

The number of zombies in the corridors on the upper floors gradually decreased.

In a household on the upper floors, the man looked out through the door, alert until he saw that the zombies that had been lingering at his door and refusing to leave was suddenly gone. He became excited and went to pull the dried skeleton on the bed, saying, “Baby, we can leave… we can finally leave…”

Naturally, the skeleton didn’t respond to him.

Only the sound of the wind passed through its hollow eyes, emitting a wailing sound like crying.

The man knelt down on one knee and cried softly.

The newly recruited ability users in the base have basically filled the gaps in various fields. Two earth-type ability users in the team stepped forward and pressed their hands on what was originally a door. With a series of “swish” sounds, the tightly packed sand and stones began to tremble.

One of them frowned slightly and turned to Li Weilan, saying, “Brother Li, there are still steel bars inside. We need a metal-type ability user to help.”

Li Weilan nodded to the metal-type ability user in the team.

Six hands pressed together on the sand and stones, and the largest piece of sand and stones, together with the internal steel bars, slowly pulled out. The top of the structure soon began to tremble, as if the tower was about to collapse.

The metal-type and earth-type ability users hesitated for a moment and almost looked up at the sky together, their faces showing a little fear: could this huge collapsing pillar actually be the load-bearing wall of the first floor of the tower? The entire tower was shaking when they pulled it out. Would it collapse as soon as they pulled it out?

Fortunately, Sun Yifei was also present. He tried his best to expand the area of ​​his ability and exerted a little force.

“I’ve checked the situation inside – no, this is not a load-bearing pillar in the tower,” he said firmly. “I’m a student of architecture, and I know the structure. This pillar can be removed without the tower collapsing. Don’t worry.”

The other two people looked at the unstable top of the tower with a sense of panic – they didn’t know if what Sun Yifei said was true or not. If the tower really collapsed, wouldn’t they all be trapped and die here?

Shen Cheng remained calm on the surface, but on her phone, she typed out three exclamation marks in surprise.

“Wait, let me take a look!” She lightly patted Li Weilan’s back, indicating him not to rush. She opened the camera and took a look, and suddenly she was shocked: the pillar was indeed not a load-bearing one, but inside it was a huge zombie, with half of its face rotten and eroded away, holding a metal stick and banging hard against the internal wall!

The zombie was so huge that it was nearly two meters tall. It might have been a giant before mutation, or a mutated power-type ability user. The building was shaking because of its repeated banging against the steel bars inside the pillar!

Removing this huge pillar would not make the tower collapse, but once they did, the three people at the entrance would immediately face such a huge zombie. Were they ready for that?

Obviously, these three people were not prepared.

Sun Yifei had confidence in his knowledge of structural engineering and believed that the building would not collapse. The other two had no knowledge of it. Despite feeling the vibration of the floor, Sun Yifei only had a slight suspicion, but who could have expected a huge zombie banging on the inside of the wall? Even the other two, one an earth-type ability user and the other a metal-type ability user, only thought about holding up the building or finding a way to escape in case of a collapse. Who could have expected that the zombie inside would immediately attack them with its giant stick once the pillar was removed?

The situation is not good!

Upon seeing the danger, Shen Cheng quickly became afraid of unnecessary casualties within the team. Seeing the steel bars moving outwards, she quickly gestured with her hand and pulled the three men outwards with force.

At the moment the steel bars flew outwards, a sudden surge of force pushed the three men, who didn’t even have time to make a sound, and they felt as if they were thrown several meters away from their original location when they landed.

Before they could figure out what was going on, there was a loud “bang,” and the cement floor, which was originally solid, cracked open, sending sand and dust flying. Suddenly, a huge mutated zombie, several times larger than an average person, appeared in front of them.

“Be careful!” Li Weilan’s warning voice rang in everyone’s ears.

At that moment, a solid piece of furniture fell from one of the upper floors and landed heavily on the mutant zombie’s head as it took a step forward from inside. It was only blocked by its arm, and the wooden board shattered with just one punch.

The furniture falling from a height caused the zombie to sway left and right, seemingly suffering some minor injuries, and its movements became slightly sluggish.

Li Weilan looked up and saw a small hand reaching out from a window on one of the upper floors. He immediately deduced that the furniture’s falling was not an accident and that there was a survivor upstairs who had helped them a little.

Whether or not this person needed to be thanked was another matter, but they took a risk in throwing the furniture down. Li Weilan quickly estimated the floor they were on: from the position of the open window, it should be the 10th floor.

The zombie hesitated for a moment, its first move was not very smooth, but at this moment, the earth-type ability users who had all regained their senses were helped by the people above and together raised a huge protective earth wall.

Before they could even breathe a sigh of relief, they heard a loud bang. The zombie slammed its head hard, and its head went straight through the earth wall!

Half of its face stretched out from the earth wall, and it showed a sinister and indifferent smile towards the survivors in front of it, which was extremely terrifying.

It was as if some kind of emotion… at least the emotions of hunger and desire still existed in this body.

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Before its smug smile disappeared, a huge fireball came smashing towards it. Yan Hongyu had already prepared her ability, and now she saw that the zombie’s half body was trapped in the earth wall and unable to move. She immediately used her powerful attack, and with a loud boom, the zombie and the earth wall shook.

Is it dead?

The survivors present more or less knew that it wouldn’t be that simple, but they still held a glimmer of hope.

Shen Cheng could see clearly through the screen that the blood bar of the giant monster was originally long, and at least three-quarters of it was still left. This fireball attack only added a ‘rage’ state next to its head, indicating that it was annoyed by the disturbance!

More importantly, behind it, there was still a vaguely visible enemy monster, gradually becoming clearer on the screen!

“There’s another one!” Shen Cheng whispered anxiously to Li Weilan, clenching her fist nervously, “Be careful!”

Li Weilan could hear everything clearly.

“There’s one more!” Although he couldn’t see the monster, he would never doubt a word she said.

As soon as Li Weilan spoke, a teammate at the back of the team suddenly cried out in pain. Fortunately, he heard Li Weilan’s reminder in time and avoided the fatal blow, but the person next to him cried out in alarm, and when he reached out to touch him, he saw blood all over his hand – the skin on his neck had been torn.

The injured person’s face was pale.

The thing that scratched him hit him with one blow, then gave a triumphant “hehe” and landed with a hunched body, looking like a small monkey with lightning-fast movements and a creepy look in its two black, empty eye sockets.

“Damn thing!” The man knew he had been given a death sentence.

There is no serum or cure for the zombie virus.

Even ability users can only resist zombie viruses below their own level of ability. For example, a third-level ability user can generally resist infections from third-level and below zombies, and second-level ability users can resist second-level zombies, so generally the higher the level of ability, the higher the safety. Even auxiliary abilities are the same.

But at this moment, he already felt his mind becoming sluggish, and his whole body was vaguely feverish. This experience… this little monkey-like zombie must be a third-level!

Shen Cheng could see clearly, and she said to Li Weilan in a low voice, “That’s a third-level speed zombie!”

Both of these zombies are third-level, and the big one, a power-type zombie, can be kited, but the speed-type zombie must be held back by a high-level ability user, otherwise low-level ability users in the team will be infected in large numbers, and the casualties will be heavy.

Li Weilan quickly weighed the options and turned to Xi Nan and Xi Bei beside him, saying, “You guys command the team to kite that one, I’ll be at the back.”


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