Ch 56: TGCIR

Cub hasn’t paid attention to her for two days.

Shen Cheng was simply unable to eat or sleep well. Cub was like he was possessed, completely out of his mind.

She knew it wasn’t right, but her cub, whom she had spent money to raise, was angry and giving her the silent treatment. It was only natural for her to worry!

That day, when she told him she was his “mother,” he immediately threw a tantrum.

Shen Cheng knew it was wrong the moment the words slipped out of her mouth. After all, the command she usually used to activate them in the game was “Hello, Li Weilan”. She guessed that this requirement was probably because the AI might become violent when it heard other names. But now, she accidentally called him “cub,” and now everything was wrong.

It’s all my fault for being too quick with my mouth!

She had been observing him carefully for two days, and strangely, cub had not shown any anger or unhappiness. He was just cold and unresponsive, playing by himself. If she had to say something, it was like he had turned into a plastic pet. On the surface, he was all smiles, but deep down, it was like there was a volcano waiting to erupt.

Even when he looked at her, Shen Cheng felt like she was being questioned and observed.

But she didn’t know how to explain it.

How could she explain why she called herself “mother”?

The first time she said “mother,” he didn’t ask much about it. The second time she said “mother,” she made up an excuse to get around it. But this time, she called him “cub” and then called herself “mother.” How could she make this sound right? It’s impossible to come up with a logical explanation for this!

Shen Cheng was extremely sad.

She was quick to speak, and now she was caught up in an explanation that couldn’t be made clear. She caused this problem herself, and now she had to deal with it herself. She had angered her cub, and she could only comfort him herself.

Actually, Li Weilan didn’t want to make things difficult for her.

He wasn’t as emotional as he appeared to be.

Her calling him “cub” and referring to herself as “mother” had already given Li Weilan a clue about their relationship.

With the information he had previously received and this new address, he already knew how she saw him: probably as a cartoonish, cute, and soft creature. No wonder she always wanted to rub his own head, which is not normal towards a person who was somewhat an oppressive adult male. She obviously thought of him as a soft, little animal!

And the reason was not that she was a giant monster. In the eyes of a giant monster, he would only be a different kind of creature, and how could he mistake her for his mother?

It was more likely that he was living in a two-dimensional world for her!

Not in the same dimension, not in the same world, and even unable to see the reality here.

Li Weilan’s mind was in chaos, and he couldn’t face her at all.

Especially since he knew in his heart that his dependence on her was more like a bond and a budding concern.

But what could he do?

Not in the same world, how could he cross this chasm?

Even as a giant monster, one that could swallow a city or even a whole landmass in one gulp, it was still possible to touch and feel things, but to her, he was more distant than the distance between heaven and earth.

Li Weilan spent three whole days sorting out his emotions.

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but poke his face carefully: “Yin yin yin, Li Weilan, don’t be angry, I promise not to call you ‘cub ‘ again, okay?”

(Note: yin yin yin is crying sound).

When she poked him, Li Weilan was actually calm.

But from her tone, Li Weilan felt her concern. He was moved, but on the surface, he calmly asked, “What about the experiment? Do you still plan to be the test subject?”

Of course, the experiment had to be done.

Shen Cheng was a bit hesitant and reluctant to tell the truth: it was just a projection clone she bought through recharging, not her real self. Without any feeling, it was like creating a paper doll out of thin air for Fu Yanzhou to experiment on. And since completing the mission would benefit the base, what was the problem? Shen Cheng didn’t quite understand.

Her hesitation was actually the answer.

Li Weilan sighed, “Me asking Fu Yanzhou to stay was already the biggest challenge to my bottom line. But if you expect me to keep conceding, to the point where I allow him to experiment on a part of your body that you don’t care about, then you don’t understand me at all.”

“… ” Shen Cheng could only remain silent.

“I have a fantasy,” his voice was gentle, as if any more weight would shatter this dream, “that one day you will open your eyes in this body, smile at me, and say ‘good morning’ face to face. That’s my biggest dream right now.”

His gaze turned sharply towards her direction, as if he could see the operator sitting behind the screen. “Even though I know it’s just a dream, I can’t bear to see your body broken and shattered in front of me, and this dream being torn apart. Promise me, don’t shatter it, okay?”

Even with a cartoonish appearance, his expression still made it difficult for anyone to refuse.

For some reason, Shen Cheng sensed a strong sense of plea in his tone, as if in his heart, at least at this moment, he was focused and unwavering.

Although the mission probably couldn’t be completed anymore, since this was what he wished for, and he had already said so much…

Alright then.

She obediently, a bit regretfully, agreed: “Okay.”

Li Weilan smiled slightly and reached out to touch the screen on his end. For some reason, Shen Cheng felt as though his gaze was piercing through the barrier of the screen and focusing on her face. “Thank you, Cheng.”

It seemed like offering her body was not an option anymore. Previously, Shen Cheng had only briefly extended the usage time of her body, but the most frustrating thing was that the extension had to be purchased with RMB through a weekly card and couldn’t be substituted with gold coins. Since the body was not needed for the task at hand, she decided not to spend any more money on it for now.

There were too many places in the base that required money, between spending on the body and spending on infrastructure, mother really couldn’t keep up.

As the two seemed to have come to an agreement, a thin, weak voice suddenly came from the side, sounding timid: “What does ‘broken and shattered’ mean? What do you guys think my experiment is about?”

“???” Li Weilan turned around, and Shen Cheng changed her point of view.

Both of them looked over to the corner, where they saw a figure crouched on the ground. Fu Yanzhou bravely stood up–he had felt that something was off that day and had originally wanted to clarify something, but his social anxiety made it difficult to figure out what to say. It wasn’t until he heard Li Weilan’s conversation with Shen Cheng this time that he realized he had been completely deceived, so he gathered his courage to come out and explain: “My experiment doesn’t require fragmentation. I’m just testing the system and route of ability operation, and all I have to do is use up the energy every day…”

“???!!!” Li Weilan and Shen Cheng were both shocked.

Okay, social anxiety Fu, you’ve killed someone with your deception!

When they heard the word “scientist” and thought about previous experiments, both of them imagined scenes of crazy scientists in white coats cutting up strong men and weak women. Who knew that he was talking about this?

What’s there to argue about? If Shen Cheng is needed, she can just work a little harder and use up more blue energy!

It’s so simple!

“……” Li Weilan was silent for a while, then looked at Fu Yanzhou wordlessly and said, “Do you know that you almost died?”

“???” Fu Yanzhou’s face showed obvious confusion.

He immediately thought of something and stammered, “I won’t reveal your bedroom secrets, I promise! I have no interest in other people’s private sexual preferences! Whether you call each other mother and son or something else is your personal preference, I promise not to discriminate, spread, or object!” He was full of survival instincts! Full of survival instincts!

“…” Fu Yanzhou, you’re dead!


Shen Cheng handed her projection over to Fu Yanzhou for research.

She could check the progress of the research at any time, and Fu Yanzhou’s research progress was completely open to her. So even though Li Weilan was initially not at ease and basically squatting in Fu Yanzhou’s laboratory, she gradually saw that Fu Yanzhou was not doing anything strange to her ‘body’. He was indeed just examining her use of the energy circuit and other things, so she put her mind at ease.

Every day when Shen Cheng logged on, she could see that the progress of the experiment was moving forward. After about twenty days, the progress bar of the “Primary Energy Stimulant” in Fu Yanzhou’s hands finally reached full.

The first person in the base to drink the unstable solvent that was still in Fu Yanzhou’s mouth as an “experimental product” was one of the women rescued by Yan Hongyu and the others.

On the way to escape, her husband became an ability user, and soon after he left her because she didn’t have any abilities and would only hold him back.

What she had hoped for the most before was to eventually become an ability user herself, and to give that man who had cheated on her a slap in the face and tell him how foolish he was. But she had heard that if you didn’t stimulate your energy within two months after the meteorite fell, it would be impossible to do so in this lifetime.

She had long given up on that dream.

The woman’s fingers trembled slightly as she looked at the bottle that was said to be “unstable,” which was not a finished product solvent. “You don’t have to drink it,” Li Weilan reiterated, “Fu Yanzhou said that the reagent may still be adjusted for proportion and efficacy. Waiting for a while will be more secure.”

The woman said “thank you” but asked, “What is the likelihood of triggering an ability?”

Fu Yanzhou had been silent with his head down all along, and now he said, “The probability of successful stimulation is 35%, the probability of death is 10%, and the probability of no effect is 55%. Further adjustments are possible, but it will take at least several months. This is already the best state that the remaining materials I have on hand can achieve.”

The woman nodded. She didn’t hesitate anymore, tilted her neck and drank all the light blue liquid in the bottle without leaving a drop.

“Why wait,” tears gradually appeared in the woman’s eyes, “thank you for the base. Even if the medicine is unstable, if there is a 1% chance of triggering, I would be willing to take the risk of death to try it before. Moreover, now there is a 35% chance of success.”

The drug began to clash in her body, and the painful feeling twisted and convulsed her facial muscles little by little. The woman groaned softly, but still tried to smile, with her gaze slightly blurred.

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“Terrible!” Fu Yanzhou connected a large number of wires to her body and manipulated the instrument. His face looked a little ugly. “We can’t let her lose consciousness! Once she passes out, the probability of death will soar to 40%…”

Chen Feng, who had been watching silently by the side, spoke up at this moment. “Let me bring Xiao Ai over.” The woman liked children the most, and among the children, she liked Xiao Ai the most.

Maybe letting Xiao Ai call her name could stimulate her will to survive.

Xiao Ai quickly came over.

The soft and gentle girl saw the woman lying on the experimental bed in a half-comatose state, her face flushed red, and she anxiously grabbed Chen Feng’s hand, “Big sister! Big sister, what’s wrong with you!”

She still remembered the scars all over her sister’s body.

The child’s slightly frightened cries reached the woman’s ears.

She moved slightly, and the weight that seemed to be pressing on her body immediately dissipated. The woman struggled to open her eyes and vaguely saw the little child crying by the bed.

“She’s awake…” Fu Yanzhou nodded slightly. “The values are starting to stabilize.”

The woman felt a rush of air flowing through her body, like it was trying to find a way out but couldn’t.

That rush of air was completely unrestrained, like it had gone crazy, wildly rushing around, causing her whole body to sweat profusely, and her skin to turn red as if it had been boiled.

Her eyes gradually turned red, and after a few more minutes, threads of blood began to seep out of her facial features.

Xiao Ai looked at her face, which had twisted but still recognizable, turn into a bloody mess, and cried out, “Waah!” while grabbing Chen Feng’s hand, “Brother, brother, save big sister, her face is covered in blood…”

The crying kept the woman’s mind clear for the last moment.

Suddenly, a “achoo” sound came from the woman’s nose, and a deep black liquid sprayed out, stinking and unpleasant. As soon as the blood flowed out, she immediately felt relaxed.

She vaguely felt that there was something more in her chest.

Fu Yanzhou saw that she had regained consciousness, tested her with an instrument, and nodded with some excitement: “Congratulations, you have awakened the poison ability.”

“Poison ability?” the woman asked weakly.

“Yes, as long as you want, everything you touch in the future will become poisonous,” Fu Yanzhou said flatly. Although his tone was calm, anyone could hear that he was extremely excited at the moment.

Yes, there was finally a hope for the ordinary people in the base.


Sandy: are the abilities reflected on a person’s own mental state? Like the woman’s motivation was to faceslap her ex-husband and probably thought about using poison to kill him or something 🧐


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