Ch 57: TGCIR

The poison ability is also considered a very rare type of ability.

However, the woman named Su Yun who was confirmed to have awakened the poison ability was not very happy. First, she tested her own ability: the newly awakened ability was very weak, unlike those who were among the first to awaken their abilities after the meteorite impact, such as Li Weilan, who generally had at least second or third level abilities. Su Yun, whose ability was triggered by a drug, had a relatively weak ability and could barely demonstrate even first level ability during her first test.

So, what can a first level poison ability do?

It can probably just cause mild diarrhea or slight stomach pain in someone’s food.

After the initial excitement of awakening her ability faded, Su Yun became somewhat gloomy.

There are not many ability users in the base. Xi Bei happened to pass by and saw her sitting on the experimental bed, lost in thought. She lightly knocked on the door and walked over to ask her with a smile, “Congratulations, Sister Su, on awakening your ability.”

Su Yun smiled, but Xi Bei could see that there was still a hint of worry behind her smile.

Xi Bei was astute and immediately guessed the possible reason.

She calmly talked about her own experience with Xi Nan when they were bullied and how she was “pursued” and almost caused an ability outbreak. Seeing the look of emotion on Su Yun’s face, Xi Bei whispered, “Sister Su, my ability is just planting flowers and vegetables. It’s nothing special. Your ability is much more useful than mine. I envy you.”

“What’s the use of it…” Su Yun sighed, “If I awakened a plant or healing ability, it would be more useful for the base. Poison ability… Am I supposed to throw poison at the zombies outside?”

“Of course, it’s useless against zombies,” Xi Bei smiled, “But what about humans? Our base is not peaceful. With your ability being developed by a drug, our base will become a target. Just think about it, when that time comes, you can easily take down a large group of people. Isn’t that impressive?”

Su Yun was shocked and looked at the face of the young girl in front of her, who was sweet and smiled. She had a more thoughtful expression.

At first, she thought about the poison-type ability and believed it wouldn’t contribute much to the base, nor would it be useful for fighting mutants and zombies.

But she was not entirely correct. In this wasteland, the most poisonous thing is human nature!

She had always wanted to be a knife for the base, a dagger that would pierce the heart of the enemy and a hidden assassin who guarded from the shadows!

Then… isn’t this ability the most suitable for her?

Su Yun’s face showed a faint understanding, and Xi Bei quietly smiled. When Fu Yanzhou sneaked in, he saw someone wanting to escape, and Xi Bei winked at him and mouthed, “You owe me one.”


When Shen Cheng joined the game, a new mission popped up:

[The residents of the base seem to have new wishes. Please check and fulfill their desires to increase their loyalty! Current progress: 0/5. Reward: 200G upon completion.]

Shen Cheng saw many exclamation marks above the heads of the little characters walking around the base.

She first clicked on Su Yun, who was still sitting in Fu Yanzhou’s lab. At that time, the little character was looking at her palm, and her wish appeared next to her:

[I want to control my own destiny. Please help me improve my ability. Current base training facilities: 0.]

Su Yun wanted to train her ability!

Shen Cheng thought this was entirely logical: her newly awakened ability was only first-tier, and compared to Li Weilan, who was already at level 4 and had even advanced once, her ability was indeed weak. Girls didn’t want to rely on others for protection, but to become stronger themselves. Such a desire was very positive!

She looked through the base facilities and found a building called “Ability Simulation Training Grounds,” but it was a bit expensive at 200G. After impulsively spending a lot of money last time, Shen Cheng hesitated and didn’t immediately buy the training grounds. Instead, she chose to continue looking at other characters.

There were other girls in the base, and their wishes were basically “to awaken their ability abilities.” And basically… every girl who didn’t have ability abilities had made this choice!

Shen Cheng’s heart felt heavy: She hadn’t forgotten that the primary ability awakening potion had a 10% mortality rate, which meant that out of ten girls who tried to take the risk, one would die!

Fu Yanzhou had only made 20 bottles of the potion, and Shen Cheng had looked at the synthesis materials in the system and found that two of them, “High-Grade Strange Beast Blood” and “Life and Death Flower,” were relatively scarce. Although “High-Grade Strange Beast Blood” might be obtained by extracting blood from a high-grade strange beast like the octopus, “Life and Death Flower” was located in an extremely dangerous area on the map, which obviously couldn’t be conquered by them for the time being.

In other words, this batch of potions might be the last one before they went to gather raw materials.

Shen Cheng checked the physical fitness, psychological conditions, and loyalty of those girls and finally selected the five best candidates and sent them to the laboratory. After informing them of the danger again, the little people drank the “Primary Ability Potion.” It was unknown if it was because of their physical fitness, but none of the girls in this batch died, and two of them successfully activated abilities, gaining fire and strength abilities respectively.

After fulfilling their wishes to awaken their ability abilities, Shen Cheng clicked “Complete Mission” and used the 200G to buy an “Ability Simulation Training Ground,” which she placed in the base.

Watching the little people run in one by one and come out covered in sweat, Shen Cheng inexplicably felt satisfied and moved in her heart: It felt so good to be able to exchange her efforts for a better future!

The base has introduced an extremely high-tech “Ability Simulation Training Ground,” and Li Weilan naturally went to try it out.

The equipment in the Ability Simulation Training Ground is very simple: something similar to VR before the end of the world, but once you put it on, you can immediately enter a simulated area full of zombies.

In this area, Ability users will be stripped of their abilities and can only rely on their bare hands and the lowest level of ability to fight against the zombies that are all around.

The first wave of zombie monsters are also first-tier, but there are only three of them. However, by the second tier, there are nine of them, and then it increases to 21. Li Weilan only made it to the third level, but when he took off the helmet, he was surprised to find that the Ability he used in the virtual space seemed to also be consumed in reality, not just running out of it, but he also felt that the upper limit of his Ability had been slightly exceeded. More importantly, he had cut so many zombies in the mission space without the help of props and weapons. It was obvious that both the accuracy and proficiency of his space cutting ability had greatly improved.

Li Weilan immediately realized what was going on: by training like this, his Ability could be further upgraded!

No wonder the several newly awakened Abilities users who had trained before all had smiles on their faces!

If Li Weilan didn’t know that this might just be a game for her, he would have been ecstatic too.

But now, a faint haze has enveloped his joy.

Looking at the small person on the screen with sweat on his forehead and lost in thought, Shen Cheng was about to reach out and pinch his small face to say something when he suddenly heard the soft voice of cub, “You’re here!”

“Good evening!” Shen Cheng greeted him with a smile.

“How was your day today?” Cub suddenly changed his opening.

Oh, could it be that because the mission in the base has progressed, the relationship between cub and me has changed too?

Shen Cheng happily thought to herself and said to Li Weilan with a smile, “Thanks to you, my life has improved recently.” It was true that her life had improved. Her roommate was afraid of her like a tiger, and setting up a stall outside had increased her income. At least, if she continued at this pace, she would have no problem moving to a better place or having more money on hand.

“Really?” Cub murmured, his face showing a hint of sadness. “But one day, you will leave me, won’t you?”

“What?” Why was cub so worried again?

Before Shen Cheng could say anything, a barrage suddenly popped up in the game:

[Li Weilan wants to have a video call with you: accept or decline? Y/N]

“What?” Shen Cheng widened her eyes in this instant. A video call? A video call?

She hastily looked at herself and the small boxes piled up in the room and exclaimed, diving into her pillow.

Although…although she knew that cub was probably just a paper cutout, he could see her messy room, even if it was just virtual ‘seeing’. Thinking about his possible reaction, she felt so embarrassed!

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What Shen Cheng didn’t know was that while she was hesitating whether to say yes or no, a huge screen appeared in front of Li Weilan. It also showed this line of words:

[Cheng is considering whether to have a video call with you], and below it, he could see the soft, white, tender little girl biting her lips, rolling up her nightdress at the base of her thigh, her fingers scratching the blanket unnaturally, and a faint blush appeared on her face. Perhaps she was hesitating!

Li Weilan trembled all over, his eyes widened, but he didn’t dare to make a sound, afraid that if he breathed too hard, the transparent screen from who knows where would disappear the next second.

What he saw…was Cheng, right?

Yes! It’s Cheng, isn’t it!

Originally, she lived in the same world as him!

But… her life is so difficult!

Li Weilan’s gaze swept over her cramped room and the boxes piled up inside with a heart full of pity. He felt a heavy weight on his chest just from breathing: for someone who was so kind to everyone, what kind of life did she lead on a daily basis!

But even so, her attitude towards life remained optimistic and positive. In such an environment, flowers still bloomed in her heart.

Even towards the paper people in her heart, she treated them with patience and tenderness, rather than with disdain and self-determination.

Li Weilan greedily reached out to lightly touch her cheek, which still had small hairs, but when he just raised his hand and saw her stunned expression, he immediately realized something and put his hand back: no, he couldn’t let her realize he was a real person.

Otherwise, she would definitely be scared away.

It’s true. If it wasn’t for the fact that even a fantasy world like the Apocalypse has come to reality, he might not be able to accept the possibility that his world is just a game.

Don’t scare her.

Li Weilan tried his best to appear calm, only slightly tilting his head and looking at the screen with hopeful eyes. But deep down, he silently prayed to all the gods and buddhas, hoping that whichever deity was in charge of this matter would kindly let her agree.


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