Ch 55: TGCIR

Cub didn’t respond immediately.

The dark room was not lit, with only faint light coming in from the corridor outside, creating a dark and blurry silhouette.

He remained silent in the dark for a long time, and it was only after a while that his hoarse voice was heard: “No need.”

After saying this, cub seemed to gradually recover.

He repeated, “There’s no need for that. Fu Yanzhou’s ability is very useful for the base… um…”

His mouth was gently covered, with the touch as gentle as the wind, leaving a lingering warmth.

Shen Cheng fingertips pressed against his lips through the screen. In the darkness, she couldn’t see the faint blush on his face, but she earnestly told him, “What matters is not the base, but you.”

What matters is your happiness, your ability to live like a human.

The base exists for you, it’s built for you, and mother even spent money on it for you.

Cub lowered his head.

He coughed lightly, and his voice seemed to finally have a bit of vitality: “We won’t expel him, but I won’t cooperate with his experiment, is that okay?”

Meeting his flickering eyes, Shen Cheng almost wanted to agree without hesitation.

At this moment, a new task prompt appeared on the screen:

[Do you want the protagonist to cooperate with the experiment? Y/N Please note: the experiment result is extremely important for the base.]

Without hesitation, Shen Cheng clicked “N”. This was a rubbish game with a crappy plot. Did they really need to include such an option? Was cub important to the base? She played this game not to become a dragon among men in the apocalypse, nor to dominate the world. She only hoped that, at least in the game, cub could live happily.

The scene after choosing “Y” is something that Shen Cheng cannot even bear to think about. Whenever she imagines the possibility of her little cub being bound to the experimental table again, a feeling of resentment fills her chest: not only towards the people who have hurt him before, but also towards the game planner.

But she immediately becomes fearful: she chose “NO,” but what if there are many, many players who choose “YES” for the sake of their bases? How much harm will her cub have to endure?

Li Weilan let out a long sigh of relief.

Yes, what importance do those other people have?

Isn’t it enough that it’s only her?

Shen Cheng was just thinking about how to express her concern for him, but her cub had already stood up from the bed.

He turned on the light, with no hint of sadness or anger on his face. Instead, there was complete calmness. However, in his eyes, which were looking into the void, there seemed to be a particularly fervent light: “I think we need to talk to Fu Yanzhou again. There are still many doubts in what he said.”

Shen Cheng hesitated.

Li Weilan went back to the next room.

Fu Yanzhou was still standing in the corner of the room, with his back against the wall. His toes lightly tapped the ground as he hung his head, expressionless.

When he saw Li Weilan come in, he raised his face slightly, seeming to squeeze out a faint smile with some effort: “Have you figured it out?”

There was a loud bang.

Before Fu Yanzhou could finish his sentence, he was pushed to the ground by a huge force. He felt an irresistible force on his head and groaned before being pinned to the ground. After struggling for a few times, he failed to get up. Fu Yanzhou sat on the ground with an expressionless face, looking at the dust, dirt, and grime on his white clothes with disgust.

Li Weilan watched the scene and slightly curved his lips. In this smile, there was finally no shadow. Yes, why be angry? When he hadn’t had the chance to be angry, someone had already been angry for him, someone had taken action for him with true feelings. Wasn’t that enough?

“Watch your words,” Li Weilan smiled lightly and pointed his finger at the void, saying to Fu Yanzhou, “After all, she is on my side.”

Fu Yanzhou felt an unknown force on his head and suddenly realized that he seemed to know nothing about the reality of this world.

A rare hint of confusion floated in his eyes, and he nodded somewhat dazedly.

“You said that experiment was proposed by you…” Li Weilan asked the first question, “but why have I never seen you or heard of you?” He had been to four laboratories and had stayed in each laboratory for about three months during each repeated torture. He remembered the face of every enemy clearly in the darkness, and those faces became clearer and clearer, and every name was shocking. But not him.

Li Weilan knew clearly that Fu Yanzhou was not among them.

“Because I was exiled for opposing their experimental plan from the beginning of the experiment,” Fu Yanzhou said. “I did propose to monitor and test the first contactees of the meteorite, because the reactions on your bodies are the initial form of abilities. Especially you, I suspect that you are the first person to obtain abilities, and the spatial ability is particularly special. So the abilities on your body may be the reason for the emergence of other abilities. But…” He frowned slightly, “they hoped that you could upgrade your abilities as soon as possible, and their testing method was through pain. However, I believe that evolution is not just through pain and the brink of death.”

Although he was pressed to the ground, his gaze was still calm and cold, just like he didn’t care about his safety and life and death: “I found you by following that tree. That tree was one of our test subjects, and it had a tracker on it that would record some reaction data and footage.” Looking at Li Weilan’s slightly anxious expression for a moment, Fu Yanzhou shook his head lightly, “I have destroyed the data on the tree. Don’t worry, they won’t find you.”

Fu Yanzhou rarely spoke so much. His social anxiety made him reluctant to reveal too much even if he sat on the ground with his back against the wall. In fact, Fu Yanzhou rarely thought about whether he should feel guilty towards his former experimental subjects. However, looking at him standing in front of him alive and with a completely different look from before, he suddenly remembered his previous proposal: it was he who had the laboratory place them all under supervision and provided the initial direction for the experiment. Although it was ultimately those people who stole his experimental plan, he was the first to propose the idea.

Li Weilan breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at Fu Yanzhou sitting on the ground, he said coldly, “I won’t cooperate with your research.”

“Okay, that’s your choice.” Fu Yanzhou didn’t try to persuade him, he just sighed slightly disappointed. Although he was a research maniac, he knew very well that today’s Li Weilan was not the same as Li Weilan who had just obtained his abilities.

[Congratulations to the player for triggering the follow-up task of Fu Yanzhou’s research. Please provide enough research materials for Fu Yanzhou without using Li Weilan as a test subject. Upon completion of the research, you will receive: Ability Excitation Room (Primary), which will open up a skill excitation room for ordinary people.]

Shen Cheng frowned slightly.

The task was triggered, but she hadn’t decided whether to do it or not.

The Ability Excitation Room sounded great, but… can Fu Yanzhou’s responsibility in this matter just be overlooked?

Regardless, he caused such a miserable situation for the experimental subjects!

Even if he now says that he was not involved in the bloody experiment from beginning to end, he did not strongly oppose it either!

Can he escape from any responsibility?

Li Weilan sensed her dissatisfaction.

“Tell me,” he looked into Fu Yanzhou’s eyes and said each word slowly, “what is the name of the person who started this plan?”

“Chi Ning.” Fu Yanzhou lowered his eyelids. “His name is Chi Ning.”

He wasn’t lying. Li Weilan had heard this name vaguely and painfully before. At that time, he even wondered why this gentle name had a pair of hands stained with blood behind it.

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Some experimental subjects had been drained of all their blood. On him, they drew blood, healed, drew again, and healed again. But the healing depended on overusing the body’s potential. During the bleeding process, Li Weilan gradually went from pain to numbness. Later, it seemed that he could feel a pair of slender eyes watching him behind the two-sided mirror, looking at his painful appearance.

Hatred took root and sprouted in his heart, but his ability upgraded in pain. Li Weilan even thought, why, even though he was mentally suffering, his ability did not die out, but instead had a greater space.

He wished his ability was a combat one.

If so, he would bury everyone in this research institute.

“Chi Ning…” Li Weilan chewed on this name twice and nodded.

Fu Yanzhou suddenly said softly, “Your spatial ability has upgraded, right? What I need is a high-level ability user as a research subject to study the cause and way of the body’s ability activation and upgrade. If you can cooperate with my research, and once my research produces results, I will take you back to the research institute. I still have the authority of the research institute, and I have connections there. As long as my research produces results, I can die without any regrets. If you still have hatred and anger towards me at that time, I can find a place to die on my own, and you don’t have to do it yourself.”

Li Weilan’s pupils contracted.

At this moment, her voice rang in his ear: “You don’t need to cooperate with him, I have a way.”

Shen Cheng didn’t understand why the game prompted her to “provide enough experimental props for Fu Yanzhou” at first, but when she heard their conversation saying “abilities are triggered from Li Weilan,” “the more powerful the ability, the more research value it has,” she knew the hidden meaning of the game: hey, you have to spend money!

She guessed what this task was for, but she wasn’t sure yet. She ordered Li Weilan to go outside.

Li Weilan was pushed out by her.

Shen Cheng silently took out the projection body, which she previously used to appear in front of Li Weilan, and slowly placed it in front of Fu Yanzhou. Fu Yanzhou was stunned for a moment, before he could say anything, he heard a “bang” from the door. The door, which had been closed properly, was suddenly pushed open. Li Weilan looked at the woman who had her eyes closed and was pale, he felt trembling all over.

He took two steps forward and knelt in front of the projection body. He looked at the void with a trembling voice: “Are you going to rip out my heart?”

He guessed her possible choice, but he was not at ease at all.

How could this be possible!

Li Weilan almost instantly drew out Thunder and held it to Fu Yanzhou’s neck, who still had a puzzled look on his face. He sneered, “If you choose to do that, I would rather shed blood today.”

??? Cub? That’s just a projection! Mother won’t feel any pain or anything!

Shen Cheng didn’t dare to provoke him. She looked at him holding the blade with lightning flashing on it, knowing he was not joking. She hurriedly stopped him: “That’s not my real body! I don’t feel anything! Besides, I don’t even know if it works…” She only guessed that the skills of this body were also very powerful, and the price of using this projection could be calculated by “week,” and the weekly price was not too expensive. She had previously thought that the game was preparing to let her control another character, but now it seemed that this projection was designed by the game for Fu Yanzhou to research.

However, she didn’t dare to say this to cub.

“Don’t lie to me!” Li Weilan said excitedly, not believing her at all.

Even if it wasn’t her body, there would still be a cost to creating it.

He already knew that her condition was not good. How could he let her pay the price for him?

Even if Fu Yan Zhou’s research was for the public, what did it have to do with them? Why should she pay the price for him?

She and them weren’t even from the same world!

“Cub,” Shen Cheng spoke with a heavy heart, exceptionally painful. She didn’t even notice that she was using an endearing term or that Li Weilan’s expression had almost cracked for a moment. “How could your mother lie to you!” Your mother will always be your mother. Why would a mother lie to her own cub?

Li Weilan froze.

Fu Yanzhou, who had been able to hear their conversation since the clone appeared, also froze. He sneakily glanced at Li Weilan and felt like he had heard something he shouldn’t have. This time, he might really be in danger of being silenced.

Oh no, what should I do if I heard my boss and his girlfriend using the endearing terms “mother” and “cub” for each other?

Urgent, online waiting!

Will playing dead work?


Fu Yanzhou: What kind of sick game this couple playing? What mother and cub? Freaky!!!!


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