Chapter 62: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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However, he didn’t expect that when Liang Jincheng returned, he already knew about what happened to Ji Cha at the supermarket during the day.

Ji Cha was eating dinner and organizing various notes he had taken during the day upstairs. He also thought about the potatoes he had harvested today. Because he was not sure if the preservation method could really keep the potatoes for a long time, Ji Cha divided the 320 kilograms of potatoes into two portions of 120 kg each and one portion of 80 kg. The first 120 were intended to carefully select good potato pieces from them and save them for seed storage. The second 120 were for Ji Cha to store and slowly eat himself.

There are too many ways to cook potatoes, not to mention other various cooking methods. Ji Cha remembered the plate of shredded potatoes he had eaten at night and felt his mouth watering.

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As for the remaining 80 kg, Ji Cha didn’t plan to waste them either. He had a plan.

There are still some bricks stored in the compound, and he had also negotiated with the military to send some building materials. The chicks are growing day by day, and new chicks are hatching. The space in the factory building is definitely not enough.

Ji Cha had planned to build a new breeding farm long ago. After all, the existing breeding farms in the factory compound were only designed to meet the needs of the people in the factory and could not adapt to the eventual expansion of production. However, because most of the ownership of the breeding farms belonged to Ji Cha, although the military provided building materials, they were not willing to reimburse Ji Cha’s workers for their food expenses.

In addition, the treatment provided by the military is not bad now, and there are many projects coming in one after another. Ji Cha may not even be able to attract workers accidentally. Ji Cha had a plan in mind, and these 80 kilograms of potatoes would be distributed as a kind of food provided by himself to the workers. Fresh ingredients are currently the most lacking in the base, and occasionally one pound of vegetables on the black market is almost fried to a sky-high price.

Thinking of this, Ji Cha leaned back on the back of his chair tiredly and stretched his waist. However, his hands were held from behind by Liang Jincheng, and then slid down from his chest all the way down in one breath.

“The door is not closed yet,” Ji Cha pushed away Liang Jincheng’s hand in panic. He exerted too much force and almost lost his balance and fell.

Liang Jincheng easily held his waist with one hand, and without even looking, he kicked the door shut. With a smile on his face, he lowered his head and kissed Ji Cha’s lips hard, to the point where Ji Cha could feel his lips trembling slightly.

“Why are you laughing?” Ji Cha struggled to squeeze out these few words between their lips and teeth, but he couldn’t help but laugh along with Liang Jincheng.

But when his eyes caught the bottle at the head of the bed that had been torn off the label and only had the bottom of the lubricant left, Ji Cha immediately became serious.

“Don’t laugh. Either speak or sleep well.” His hand pushed against Liang Jincheng’s forehead as he spoke seriously.

Liang Jincheng liked to do the most intimate things with Ji Cha and also enjoyed the feeling of holding each other quietly and talking seriously.

“Did you go to the supermarket today?” Liang Jincheng asked.

Ji Cha tilted his head and lay in Liang Jincheng’s arms, using his foot to reach for the table lamp. When he heard the question, he was a little surprised. “Hey, how did you know?”

“I met Zhao Tiankuo before you came back,” Liang Jincheng said. “I helped you bring back the things you wanted to buy and put them in the small warehouse downstairs.”

“Oh, then I’ll go pay for them tomorrow,” Ji Cha thought Liang Jincheng had brought back the things he had reserved.

“No need, I already paid,” Liang Jincheng rubbed Ji Cha’s head, knowing that he had been restless these days and decided to suppress his desire tonight, just holding him to sleep.

Although Ji Cha was still half asleep at midnight, Liang Jincheng had worn him out.

He never expected that the next morning when Ji Cha went downstairs, the small warehouse was piled up full. This wasn’t just the things he had reserved, it was everything he wanted and even double the amount.

Ji Cha ran back upstairs in a hurry, but Liang Jincheng hadn’t left the house today and was currently in the bathroom washing up.

“What’s going on downstairs?” Ji Cha widened his eyes, at first because he was surprised, but then he paused and really stared in shock.

Liang Jincheng was wearing a very ordinary pajama. As the stubble on his cheeks came out, he was shaving, and his eyelids drooped slightly due to drowsiness. He supported himself with one hand on the washstand and heard the sound of Ji Cha behind him. Looking at himself in the mirror, his eyes almost instantly became focused and smiling when he saw Ji Cha.

“What’s wrong?” He put down the razor, splashed some water on his face with his hands, wiped his face casually with a towel, and turned around to face Ji Cha. While he was still stunned, he reached out his thumb to wipe the corner of Ji Cha’s mouth, then lowered his head and quickly kissed Ji Cha’s lips.

“Good morning.”

Ji Cha’s face suddenly turned red, but since there was no one else upstairs now, he wasn’t too flustered. “It’s those things downstairs. How did you manage to get so many of them back? They ignored me when I went over there yesterday.”

“If anything like this happens in the future, you should tell me.” Liang Jincheng didn’t directly answer Ji Cha’s question. “I’ve already talked to them over there. If you need anything, just go over and give them your name. They’ll know what you need and put it on my account.”

Ji Cha was a bit confused, but he suddenly felt Liang Jincheng’s boyfriend power emanating from him.

At this point in time, Liang Jincheng’s words and actions were equivalent to a rich boyfriend telling his girlfriend, “Take my credit card and spend as much as you want!” in the pre-apocalyptic world.

It was from this moment that Ji Cha couldn’t help but reevaluate Liang Jincheng’s position in the base. Although he didn’t have any official position, he was at least on par with many junior officers and even higher than them.

But before Ji Cha could fully understand this, Liang Jincheng hugged him and pressed him against the wall, kissing him until his lips went numb. They almost got caught by Zhang Qinqin, who was coming upstairs midway.

In the end, Ji Cha just gave Liang Jincheng a dark face and treated him as if he was air, following behind him.

Liang Jincheng, as always, followed behind Ji Cha with a good temper. Even a god in the eyes of others will always meet their nemesis.

On the other hand, since the plan to build a new husbandry was put on the agenda, Ji Cha immediately began various preparations.

He first found construction personnel in the military to help design the building blueprints and then referenced architectural styles from many documentaries to determine the internal structure of the chicken coop and pig farm.

Next, he needed to recruit people. There was a place in the base similar to a job market where the positions requiring workers for the next day would be announced in advance every night. People would then use their identity cards and skill certifications to sign up at night, and come the next morning to confirm where they had been assigned.


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