Chapter 31: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Xiaochao stood beside the freezer, looking up at the appliance that was several times taller than himself, and then looking down at Ji Cha, who was rummaging at his feet.

Both Xiaochao’s parents work outside and he was raised by his grandparents. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. After he witnessed the corpse of his grandparents, he became silent. Because Zhang Qinqin has been taking care of him, now Xiaochao is relying on her wholeheartedly.

As for the other people in the factory, Xiaochao is obviously more accepting of women who are kind and gentle, but he was still very reticent about Ji Cha. Ji Cha himself likes children very much, especially Xiaochao, who is only three years old but unexpectedly sensible.

Ji Cha did not stock up on things like popsicles. After all, he was busy purchasing other necessities at that time, so there was no time to think about it. It took him a long time to find a two-section gourd-shaped popsicle from the freezer.

Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief when he finally found it.

He closed the freezer, bowed his head and broke the popsicle in half, and with a crisp sound, Xiaochao’s eyes followed.

“Want to eat?” Ji Cha smiled at him and handed half of it to Xiao Chao.

Xiaochao looked at him, the white tender face and the slightly pursed lips moved with his nodding movement, revealing a small dimple.

Zhang Qinqin didn’t let him eat such cold desserts. Xiaochao still remembered that only when the weather was very hot in the kindergarten would the teachers serve refrigerated mung bean soup to drink, and even grandparents at home would not let him.

He was happy in his heart, and even whispered to Ji Cha before leaving, “Thank you, brother.”

After Xiaochao finished speaking, he ran away, afraid that Zhang Qinqin would see it.

Ji Cha thought Xiaochao, this young child is very cute, and even made him forget a lot of troubles. He walked out with the remaining half of the popsicle in his mouth. He went upstairs to check the situation on the second floor. Afterwards, he went to the bathroom and was about to take a bath before bed, he heard a sudden exclamation from the living room.

He subconsciously jolted, he touched the wall with his hand and fiddled back, and rushed over like a paddle, “What’s wrong?”

A few elders and Zhang Qinqin were still sitting in the living room downstairs, watching TV. Zhang Xing and Wang Qinxue went upstairs to tinker with the computer after dinner.

“The TV’s gone.” Zhang Qinqin turned her head, her face a little solemn. “In the afternoon, several major TV stations lost their signals, and now even CCTV is gone.”

Ji Cha took advantage of the situation to look at it, and there was only flickering and jumping snowflake on the TV screen. Translated on ho lo lo novels. Please read on the original translation site. He then walked around the sofa, bent down, took out a USB flash drive from the drawer under the TV, and threw it to Zhang Qinqin, “Maybe there is some signal failure, you play the TV series here first, I’ll go upstairs a bit.”

After Ji Cha finished speaking, he continued chewing the popsicle into his mouth, turned around in three steps, and flew to the second floor in two steps.

There was only a faint light from Zhang Xing’s room on the second floor. Ji Cha walked over and knocked on the door. Before he knocked a second time, there was an answer from inside, “Come in.”

He turned the doorknob, opened half of the door and leaned his upper body in, “Do you still have internet?”

Zhang Xing shook his head with a serious look, Wang Xueqin was holding the mobile phone, and there was a vague broadcast sound, “The phone signal is gone, now only satellite broadcasting can be used.”

“We originally thought the situation would get better and we’d be rescued by the government in no time, but now, a couple of days have passed and even the internet is gone without any sign of rescue or improvement!”

Zhang Xing cursed in a low voice, and frantically scratched his scalp with both hands.

It was at this moment that Wang Qinxue’s mobile phone, which was originally receiving broadcast signals, suddenly only had a large amount of noise.

Ji Cha held the doorknob tightly, and the last trace of connectivity in modern society seemed to have disappeared from their lives at this moment.

Xiaochao stood in the dark courtyard. In the daytime, he was bored alone and had already circled the entire factory area several times, not even forgetting to go to the pig house.

The chickens, ducks and piglets who occasionally called twice during the day were quiet as it got dark. Xiaochao tilted his head and listened carefully to the occasional insect chirping, and then everything was silent again. There has never been the thought of ghosts in his mind, and of course he will not be afraid of the dark.

He had been holding the popsicle packaging with one hand, and now he felt a little cold, so he was about to change his hand while sucking in his mouth, when he suddenly heard very light footsteps.

This kind of lightness is not the lightness of the footsteps made on purpose, but the sound of footsteps heard at a distance. Xiaochao thought it was a little strange. He slowly walked around to the gate, half-kneeled, and looked out from the gap about one centimeter wide.

It was pitch-dark outside, Xiaochao focused his eyes with great effort, tried to look out, and could vaguely see the soft grass outside.

He prickly sucked on the melted popsicle, his ear half pressed to the ground. The turf at night was a little cold, and Xiaochao couldn’t help rubbing his ears. The dull footsteps outside were getting closer.

The last bite in the popsicle was finished by him, and he sipped it in his mouth.

Xiaochao became more and more curious about the approaching sounds from outside, and frowned slightly. What the hell is out there?

“Xiaochao, what are you doing here?” A hand suddenly hugged Xiaochao, blocking his sight through the crack of the door.

Xiaochao turned around and covered Zhang Qinqin’s mouth, cautiously extended a finger towards the outside, and waved it gently.

Zhang Qinqin held her breath unconsciously, the grass outside was trampled, and the hoarse and dull mechanical sighing sound from the human throat was densely transmitted into the ears of the two.

Zhang Qinqin put Xiaochao on the ground, drooped down like him, and the two of them barely saw with their right eyes through the crack of the door. Across the two layers of doors, in a short distance, countless pairs of shoes swayed by their eyes, wandering back and forth aimlessly.

Xiaochao’s mouth loosened, and the empty popsicle bag fell silently on the grass.

Zhang Qinqin responded quickly, she hugged Xiaochao and ran into the house quickly.

The elders in the house were still watching TV, but the TV was barely audible, at least it couldn’t be heard from outside the house. Zhang Qinqin put Xiaochao in the room and touched his face, “Don’t be afraid, Xiaochao, I’ll go and lock the door. You stay here, don’t cry and don’t make trouble, okay?”

Xiaochao nodded, “I won’t cry.”

The two thick doors outside had already been locked early. Zhang Qinqin returned to the door of the factory building, locked it carefully, and checked the curtains of the entire first floor again, only afterwards she exhaled a sigh of relief, turn around and run upstairs.

Liang Jincheng was sweating like rain on some simple fitness equipment that Ji Cha had placed on the top floor. He had been exercising for almost two hours. Apart from dripping with sweat, he didn’t feel any tiredness.

The unexpected hug with Ji Cha today made Liang Jincheng’s blood boil just thinking about it. He was afraid that if he saw Ji Cha more or spent more time with him, he would lose all his self-control and do unexpected things. Therefore, not long after dinner, he avoided the crowd and came to the top floor.

With his eyes half closed, he could see a little bit of dim starlight along with his undulating figure.

Ji Cha’s clothes are usually very loose T-shirts. When he occasionally bends or runs, he will unconsciously reveal a small piece of his flexible waist. Liang Jincheng noticed that his complexion was a little darker than the previous days, but the skin looked softer.

Liang Jincheng let out a deep breath, trying his best to restrain himself from imagining the picture of Ji Cha’s waist rising and falling on his body.Oh, he’s going to explode just thinking about it.

Imaginative thoughts blocked Liang Jincheng’s attention and alertness, so that after a while, when he heard the sound of the door downstairs being locked, Liang Jincheng noticed that there was a lot of chaotic noise outside.

He stood up, shaking off the sweat from his eyes, and looked carefully. Around the factory building and on the long road, there are almost thousands of zombies that gathered here and there.

There was a rush of footsteps on the stairs, and Ji Cha and Zhang Qinqin ran up one after the other.

Seeing Liang Jincheng, Ji Cha immediately said, “Senior, there seem to be zombies outside.”

He ran in a hurry, gasping for a while, Liang Jincheng stroked his back, “Yes, but it shouldn’t be a big problem. They are driven by sound, and now they are just passing by.”

Zhang Qinqin had already taken the binoculars and looked down. Translated on ho lo lo novels. The darkness limits her line of sight, but she could still see the densely packed lifeless living dead, moving forward at a very slow pace. The factory is an inflection point that they must pass through.

“My God…” She couldn’t help sighing softly, “I have to go downstairs and tell them, they have to keep quiet together!”

With such a large group of zombies passing by, once there is a problem, it does not mean that there will be no casualties, and the combat power of Liang Jincheng may not be able to let them escape the situation unscathed.

In other words, if the zombie group discovered their existence at this time, it would almost be tantamount to suicide.

Zhang Qinqin put down the binoculars, turned around and ran downstairs quickly.

Ji Cha took the binoculars and looked around, his face also ugly. The sense of survival pressure that the apocalypse once brought him is making a comeback at this moment.

“Don’t be afraid.” Liang Jincheng’s hand held Ji Cha’s hand holding the telescope, “Everything will pass smoothly.”



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