Chapter 32: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down immediately. He turned the binoculars towards the direction of the zombies, and in the dim light, he could see the long line extending back.

According to the pace of the zombies, it may take several hours for them to reach the factory building, and in the middle, if there is any movement that attracts the attention of the zombies, it will cause a lot of trouble.

“If we keep quiet, nothing should happen.” Ji Cha whispered, he put down the binoculars, “I’m going downstairs to have a look.”

Zhang Qinqin had explained the situation outside to the elders downstairs and Zhang Xing, and the atmosphere suddenly became solemn. Translated on hololonovels dot com. No one spoke for a long time until Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng came downstairs one after the other. Wang Qinxue stood up and asked, “What should we do now?”

“The outer wall is very high and thickened, so zombies can’t get in, but if there are too many close of them, it will still cause great danger,” Ji Cha said, “What we can do now is to keep quiet and wait for them to leave on their own, or find a way to lead them away from this place on their own initiative.”

“That’s the only way.” Zhang Xing raised his hand to turn off the TV and the lights in the living room, leaving only one dim lamp. Originally, it was time for everyone to sleep, but under the circumstances, no one could go back to their respective rooms and fall asleep.

“Go to the living room on the second floor, everyone bring out your own bedding and sleep together tonight, let’s do it this way first.” Liang Jincheng suggested. Everyone thought about it and nodded in agreement.

Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

At this moment, it is indeed safer for everyone to be together.

Xiaochao is young and doesn’t know much about these things, and he doesn’t even understand the concept of fear. He nestled in Zhang Qinqin’s arms and fell asleep because he was tired. The rest were either sitting or lying down, unable to sleep.

The men slept on one side, the women slept on the other side, Liang Jincheng blocked Ji Cha between himself and the wall.

Ji Cha turned his head and met Liang Jincheng’s big eyes.

Liang Jincheng’s eyes were bright, falling on Ji Cha’s body inexplicably, he felt burning hot. Ji Cha already had a vaguely weird feeling, and at this time, he turned and looked at Liang Jincheng because he felt a thorn in his back. Since he already turned around, it’s too deliberate to turn back to face the wall now. He could only twitch the corners of his mouth at Liang Jincheng in embarrassment, and then pretended to have a big heart and closed his eyes to sleep.

A silent smile flickered in Liang Jincheng’s eyes. The cold wind from the air conditioner made the room temperature a little cold, and Ji Cha had a thin layer of goose bumps on his arms.

“Are you cold?” Liang Jincheng asked in a low voice.

Zhang Qinqin and the others were also talking to grandmother in a low voice, so Liang Jincheng speaking at this time was not abrupt in the darkness. His voice was originally mellow and pleasant, but now that he deliberately lowered it, every word seemed to be fiddling with people’s hearts on purpose.

Ji Cha’s heart was pounding. He had spent ten years in a place where women were scarce at the end of the world. He was no longer as straight anymore. In the middle of the night, there was a handsome man who was acting like a good boyfriend caring for him; it is inevitable to develop some inexplicable feelings.

Embarrassed, he simply closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Although he was asked by Liang Jincheng, he did feel like shivering from the wind from the air conditioner.

Fortunately, Liang Jincheng didn’t ask any further questions and fell silent. Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to continue pretending to be asleep, a hand suddenly stroked his arm gently.

God, he was so frightened that he almost jumped up, he forgot that he was pretending to be asleep and turned to look at Liang Jincheng with wide eyes, “What, what’s wrong?”

Liang Jincheng did not withdraw his hand because of this, as if he felt the temperature on Ji Cha’s body, “It’s cold, you need to cover up.”

As he said, he pulled the quilt from his body onto Ji Cha’s body and covered his exposed skin.

“I’m fine,” Ji Cha whispered, “Senior, you are under the air vent, you should cover with the quilt.”

Why is he so stupid? After he finished saying this, he thought that there were not many quilts in the room, having to take someone else’s quilt like this.

“You can use this quilt. I’ll go back to the room and take one back. I didn’t bring it with me just now because of the coolness,” Ji Cha gestured to get up and pressed Liang Jincheng back.

“You cover, I’m very hot.” Liang Jincheng said.

Although he really wanted to turn into a quilt and hold Ji Cha in his arms, Liang Jincheng still knew the step-by-step principle, and he didn’t want to scare Ji Cha all at once. In addition, taking back the quilt that covered Ji Cha seems to be a good choice.

“How is that possible,” Ji Cha mumbled, not believing that Liang Jincheng would still be very hot under the direct blow of the air conditioner.

I’m so hot that I’m about to burn when I see you, Liang Jincheng said to himself. But he still couldn’t say that out loud so, “It might be a little hot to cover with the whole quilt alone, but it might be just right for two people to use,” Liang Jincheng suggested, “Why don’t we share? Give me some of the quilt?”

They slept on a double size mattress, with their own pillows. The quilt was not too big or too small, and it could indeed cover the two of them.

Although Ji Cha felt more and more weird, but Liang Jincheng’s actions and the affirmation of his tone made him unable to refute. Dumbly, he watched Liang Jincheng dragged the pillow over, put the two pillows together, and covered them with the quilt side by side.

Ji Cha’s body was stiff and straight, his hands were placed at his sides and he dared not move.

Under the quilt, one hand slowly held Ji Cha’s wrist, Liang Jincheng turned his head halfway, as if to comfort him, “Don’t be afraid, everything will be alright.”

Strangely, Ji Cha really settled down a lot because of this sentence. Although from the wrist held by Liang Jincheng still made him anxiously feel that he might be about to bend. But as the saying goes, when the sky falls, there is a tall person on it, and with people like Liang Jincheng around, it is easy to make people feel safe.

Probably because of this, Ji Cha slowly fell asleep until he was woken up by a forceful shaking of both hands.

“Cousin, cousin! Something is wrong outside.” Zhang Qinqin hurriedly woke Ji Cha up.

Ji Cha stood up agitatedly when he heard the words, he looked around, everyone was also just waking up, only Liang Jincheng was not here.

“Where’s senior?” He asked while following Zhang Qinqin downstairs.

“It was Brother Liang who heard the sound from outside just now,” Zhang Qinqin said, “I couldn’t actually hear it, but when I went outside and heard it, the voices of the zombies sounded indeed quite agitated, and the piglets downstairs were screaming, probably the zombies outside heard their cries.”

Pigs usually make a lot of noise, Ji Cha and Zhang Qinqin walked out of the building quickly.

It was that not long ago that the piglets were disturbed by the movement outside, and after a cry or two, the zombies wandering outside were alarmed. They became more restless, and the piglets kept humming under this negative cycle.

If someone wanted Ji Cha to slaughter all the piglets at the moment, he would be reluctant. If he doesn’t raise pigs later, he would have nowhere to find meat. What’s even more unsafe is that the pig’s cry now is just a hum, but when the pig is killed, the cry can penetrate the roof. If it can’t be slaughtered with one knife, let alone ten pigs, even the movement of one pig can kill all the people here.

He immediately made a decision, “Bring the piglets inside the building.”

The factory building is very large, and there are many rooms inside. The room in the middle cannot hear the sound from the outside, and vice versa, the sound cannot be transmitted to the outside.

Soon, Wang Qinxue and Zhang Xing also ran out. After hearing Ji Cha’s plan, they didn’t say much, and only picked up the piglets in a muffled voice. The piglets now weigh more than 90 kilograms, and they are quite heavy to hold.

The four of them, together with Wang Qinxue’s parents who ran out from behind, took all the piglets to a storage room in the center of the first floor in two trips.

Fortunately, the piglets quickly calmed down after they arrived in a quiet environment and saw their owner who usually feeds them.

Liang Jincheng, who was observing from the top floor, also came down from the upstairs at this time. “The surrounding wall is already surrounded by zombies. The large army of zombies has already left, and there are probably several hundred left. They were attracted by the sound of the piglets and were reluctant to leave,” Liang Jincheng said, “It’s not good to keep piglets at home. The long-term solution is to find a way to get rid of them. If I can get rid of the zombies at the gate, I can drive out and lead them to a place where no one lives. Is there such a place?”

“Yes.” Grandma said, “A dozen miles to the west from here is the mountainous area. People there have moved away a few years ago, and now several hilltops are empty with no on around.”

“No,” Ji Cha frowned, “If we keep quiet, even if it lasts a little longer, they will eventually leave. There are hundreds of zombies outside, not a few dozens. It’s too risky, I don’t agree.”

“But if we don’t move now, in more than an hour, the rooster at home will crow,” Zhang Qinqin said calmly, “it will be even more difficult to clean up then, this is the tail of the zombie army. Are you sure there are no other zombies behind?” She turned her head and asked Liang Jincheng.

Liang Jincheng nodded, “No, it’s not too much of a risk, just how to divert the zombies’ attention so that they don’t notice that the front door has been opened.”

The rooster’s crowing is really difficult to deal with. Translated on hololonovels dot com. If you kill the chicken directly, their future supply chain of eggs and chicken meat might be disrupted, but compared with human life, of course, human life should be put first.

“Kill all the roosters then,” Ji Cha gritted his teeth.

“Even if they are killed, the zombies still won’t leave.” Liang Jincheng looked at him seriously, “Don’t worry, no one will have any accident.”

The rest took sides, some thought it was too risky, others thought it was necessary.

“I know how to lead them away from the gate,” Ji Cha said after being defeated.


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